Dropping in


So, like. I never pop in here like this, because I’ve become the most scheduled human being in the world who never does anything without scheduling it all three hundred days in advance. (not true, but ya know. Exaggeration adds some flavor to life.) Anyway, I’ve had a pretty major burn out, but I still need to throw out content, right?


I mean, no. XD But I want to instill the love of creating back into my life, so I’m hopping in to announce that I’m going to do a Q&A on my YouTube channel on Saturday, and I need to know what YOU want to know about me. XD

In other, less confusing words, I need questions.

Send ’em at me. I know this is really abrupt and out of place, but hey. Y’all hopefully check your WordPress Reader/inboxes enough to see it before it’s too late.

*looks at you seriously*

Time is of the essence.


P.S. Did I ever tell y’all about Wordcrafting Wednesday? If not, check out the newest video I have from today!

19 thoughts on “Dropping in

      1. jul | banditø10059793 says:

        Oh hahaha honestly I’m with you in that! None of my IRL friends follow the blog but they do on my art IG which is a lil awk when the two collide… 😝
        But here’s some questions:
        How tall are you? (Because I’m 5’10” and I have yet to find another blogger who’s as tall as me)
        What instruments do you play?
        What do you see yourself writing in 10 years?
        :)) power to the local dreamer ||-//

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  1. Esther says:

    1. What piece of advice would you give to a beginner blogger?
    2. Favorite actor/actress?
    3. Favorite restaurant?
    4. Least favorite sport?
    5. Favorite flower?

    Can’t wait for the video!!


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  2. Hannah says:

    Ok..brace yourself. I have way too much time on my hands and came up with a ton of questions XD
    -what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received ?
    -do you ride horses? (haha, I’m a total horse geek so I had to ask)
    -what’s your favorite quote?
    -favorite way to spend an afternoon?
    -what do you do when you feel uninspired?
    -do you like to add romance into the stories you write?
    -favorite hot drink (e.g coffee, apple cider, etc.)
    -current favorite song?
    -a few of your favorite songs ever?
    -favorite Christian singer?
    -dream job (other than something writing-related)?
    -favorite christian author?

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    1. Amie says:

      I wasn’t able to put your questions in my video, so I’ll answer them here. 😀
      1. Probably be a fountain, not a drain.
      2. I used to ride horses all the time, but in the past year, I’ve been too busy/pandemic/I don’t drive yet, and my mom won’t drive me. I miss them so much, though!
      3. My favorite quote? At the moment it’s, “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose” (Jim Elliott) It’s so true, as there is nothing in this world that we can keep, but we can never lose our salvation.
      4. Oh, depends on my mood. Reading, working on art and listening to music, talking to a friend, or working on a craft.
      5. What do I do when I feel uninspired? I usually pray, watch a movie/read a book, or find a journal and write about how I feel and then let the ideas flow.
      6. Well. Everyone loves romance. So I ask myself, would I rather my readers ship the characters, or would I like to ship them myself? I’m torn whether to put romance in my current WIP or not. There might just be slight hints. 😁
      7. COFFEE AND TEA! I drink both every day. XD
      8. I actually answered this one in another comment, but at the moment, anything from JJ Heller or Sleeping At Last. I’m obsessed with those two artists.
      9. Favorite songs? “A Castle On the Hill” (Ed Sheeran) “Human” (Christiana Perri) “Waving Through A Window” (I love this so much, it’s from Dear Evan Hansen) “You Will Be Found” (BYU choir has an amazing cover of this) “Helpless” “Mercy” (By Shawn Mendes), “Stitches” (by the same legend. XD) “I Don’t Know My Name” (Grace Vandarwaal), “Moonlight” (By the same amazing girl), and then “Rescue” and “You Say” by . . . I forget her name. XD
      10. Oh. I really like Lawson Bates and JJ Heller and Rend Collective and Grey Havens and yeah. XD
      11. YouTuber, Broadway performer. *nods*
      12. (living) Nadine Brandes and Sara Ella and Kara Swanson.

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  3. Allison says:

    I feel like I could just copy some questions out of my Pen Pal Questions post, but… I won’t. :’D
    – Do you prefer watching musicals or listening to the soundtracks?
    – If you were an animal, what would you be? XD
    – What was your favorite part of your day today?
    – How often do you paint your nails?
    – What is your least favorite food?

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    1. Amie says:

      EE MORE QUESTIONS! (these didn’t make it into the video, unfortunately. *sniffles*)
      — Definitely listening. I can’t really pay attention to the musical unless I’m there in person. Like, I started Hamilton last week, and after 23 minutes of watching it, I got bored. XD BUT I LOVE the soundtrack.
      — I would . . . I actually don’t know. XD A moody animal.
      — Let’s see. Probably going to the garden. 😀
      — Hardly ever. Because of Quarantine, I’ve painted them three times since March.
      — Celery. *gags*


  4. Laura Baloga says:

    Oops! I guess I’m a little late! XD If you get these too late, that’s totally fine!! Let me ask them anyway! XD

    1. What is your current favorite song?
    2. What is your favorite instrument?
    3. What are you reading in your Bible?

    There ya go! 🙂

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    1. Amie says:

      I’ll answer them here. 😉
      1. My current favorite song? Honestly, anything from JJ Heller or Sleeping at Last. I’ve been listening to those two artists non-stop. XD
      2. Ooh, good question. It’s tied between piano, guitar, and violin. It really depends on my mood, the kind of song, and which one I have in (or under. XD) My hands.
      3. I’ve been studying Genesis 37-50, and I’m about to read through James again. 😀

      Thank you, Laura!

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