Fifteen: Cover Reveal Recap

Tuesday was a day, y’all, let me tell you. My dad asks me every week what my highlight of the week was, and I usually answer that I didn’t have one. Well, this week I did.

Tuesday was the cover reveal for my book, Fifteen, and I couldn’t be happier for how it turned out. I’ll be honest, it was kinda surreal until that moment, scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing all the posts that held my book. Very humbling and encouraging.

Because of all the amazing people, I wanted to take a moment and just share their posts and allow you to smile at the beautiful pictures, because oh. My. GOODNESS were some of the pictures lovely.

Guys. *sniffles* Can we just take a moment to explain that Hailey is an amazingly sweet human who has been really supportive of my writing since I met her? I’m so excited about her own writing journey, and if you’re looking for upcoming writers to follow, definitely go give Hailey a follow.

Cerra is another supportive, amazing human, and she has a BEAUTIFUL bookstagram account. She’s working on this awesome story, so I would follow her if you want updates on it. 😉

If you know of me on this small blogosphere and don’t know about Kellyn Roth . . . I don’t know what to say to you. 😂 Kellyn was one of the first bloggers I started following, and I’m so honored to have her supporting my journey. ❤️

Sarah Grace Grzy has been mentioned before on my blog, and we all agree she’s a queen of Instagram, don’t we? I was touched that she took time out of her busy day to post about my book.

Hope! Another amazing writer I know. I’m so thankful that she joined the tour. ❤

Can I just say that basically all of my favorite bookstagrammers helped me out on Tuesday? I was so thrilled to see this post on one of my favorite Instagram feeds.

*takes a deep breath* Okay, this Instagram post did make me shed a tear. Kara is one of my favorite authors and she’s also my writing mentor, so to see this post . . . Yeah, you can imagine how wonderful it was.

I was honored to take place in Tara’s book release in May (? Correct me if I’m wrong on the month, Tara. 😂 All the Quarantine months are running together.) and it was such an honor to see this beautiful post. ❤

*happiness* I get to talk about the amazing Rebekah. In January of this year (I think, again with the month thing. XD It feels like 2020 has been two years instead of one.) Rebekah was super kinda and gave me some mentoring on the publishing world, agents, and writing in general. I’m so thankful for her and her super sweet spirit. ❤

Here’s another blogging queen who also knows her stuff about Instagram. It was such an honor to be included with back to Hogwarts day celebration!

A beautiful picture done by a beautiful bookstagrammer. I was so happy to have Kate help with the cover reveal. She has a lovely bookstagram page with lots of awesome recommendations.

This girl has an aesthetic going, and I hope she never stops. When I stumbled upon Caroline’s bookstagram, I knew I had found a likeminded book reader, and I was so excited when she agreed to help me with the cover reveal.

Sarah Baran is another amazing blogger turned into an epic Instagrammer. I mean, LOOK AT THE PICTURE.

Another beautiful post! I love the soft pink of the background. ❤️ Alea is a talented book cover designer in her own right, and I was so honored to see my book on her feed.

Ryan is another super sweet writer friend who was kind enough to feature me on her Instagram. It was honestly so amazing to see all the amazing people who mentioned me on their stories and posts.

I was so honored to be spotlighted on Anna’s instagram. She does some amazing blackout poetry on her page, so you should totally check it out.

*is so honored by this post*

I wish I had all the stories from Tuesday, but I only took a screen shot of one, because I as fangirling so hard. (Nadine Brandes, Shannon Dittemoore, and Ashley Townsend all had very beautiful stories as well, and those are the ones I really wish I had pictures of.)

It was such an unbelievable day. People also wrote some blog posts about the cover reveal.

Maya at Maya Joelle did a beautiful post here.

Carolyn at Words that Speak interview me and posted about the cover reveal here.

Kaelyn at Kaelyn’s life has enthusiasm that I definitely need. XD I loved her beautiful post that you can read here.

I was honored to have Jana at Reviews from the Stacks join the tour. You can read her post here.

My sweet friend, Juliet Artman, wrote this very sweet email to her email list, which you can join here.

I have truly been blown away by how much you guys have done to support me in the journey. I never dreamed that the cover reveal day would have so many participants, or that in the days that I followed my little book would be ranking #2 (for a short time, lol) in Young Adult Poetry eBooks, or that it would be ranking #1 in Christian poetry.

I never wanted to release my poems to the world, but God often calls us to do things we don’t want to do. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 says, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”

That basically sums up my feelings about Fifteen.

If you want to pre-order the ebook, you can do so by going here or if you would prefer to pre-order a paperback, you can go here.

IF you pre-order a paperback, you can get pre-order goodies here. And let me tell you, the pre-order goodies are stinking adorable, in my personal opinion. So you don’t want to miss out on those. (Plus, you get an extra poem that’s not in the book with the pre-order goodies!)

Again, thank you guys so much for being here through thick and thin. I definitely wouldn’t be here without my little blog that started out as Crazy A. 😉


15 thoughts on “Fifteen: Cover Reveal Recap

  1. Rosy Marr says:

    Oh wow, Amie, I’m so happy this was a success!! 😀 I’m glad you published this book, even though I wasn’t able to participate in the cover reveal. I’m so proud of you for stepping out and doing this, even though it was hard, and out of your comfort zone! ❤ You're awesome! 😀
    ❤ Love you and miss you ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kendra @ Story Full says:

    Ahhh that is so exciting, Amie!! That cover is gorgeous and all of the Instagram posts are so sweet and kind. Your poetry will touch people’s hearts; I know it. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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