Fifteen Blog Tour

*looks at the hours I’ve slept this week* *sips coffee and laughs evilly at the world*

Mood, huh? At least, right now that’s my mood and it probably won’t change until the weekend. Isn’t life an interesting conundrum? And yes. This post will have long words because when I’m tired I don’t have the energy to search for shorter synonyms.

This is week two of a post without a definite topic. Blame it on the fact that all my energy is going into different places. Isn’t it the most aggravating thing that we only have so much energy, so we must pick favorites?

*proceeds to groan as my wet dog runs inside and climbs on top of my computer*

Well. That was a pleasant interruption. Regardless, I shall continue. Because I have limited energy and braincells, most of those braincells are going into publishing my book, Fifteen. It’s less than a month until launch day and yes. I am very much nervous.

But! Never fear, my dears. I shall return my gaze to my blog before the fateful October 23.

*pauses to glare at my dog as she huffs and scratches my chair*

*proceeds to take a break to chase my dog around the room*

Alright, excuse that interruption. Star has been deeply grieved by my lack of attention, and so I couldn’t risk offending her again. Yesterday, if I even looked at her, she would huff and turn her back to me.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Returning my gaze to my blog. Starting October 10th, I will be hosting a blog tour for Fifteen! It’ll go until October 23rd, on Launch day. So I need all of you beautiful bloggers to help me out.

I love blog tours. When I first started blogging, it was literally the thing I looked forward to the most. Not only does it allow to you make awesome connections and friendships, you’re also able to gain a few new followers. (At least, that was always my experience.)

Anyway! If you’re interested in joining the party, you can sign up here. I should be contacting everyone who signs up a week before the tour, so if you don’t hear from me by then . . . I don’t know what you should do. XD

Anyway, thank you all for enjoying this rambley post. I promise, when I have more sleep and energy, these posts will be pulled back together again.


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