It’s Those Little Things



An hour long chat with a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile.

Walking and walking until your legs burn as you push on another mile.

Painting in the evening while listening to moving Classical music and the silence of the house.

Wondering a package’s whereabouts.

A drive in the dark.

Watching the fire and the wind and the sparks

The feel of coffee on my tongue

The chilly morning air in my lungs

The warmth of a fuzzy blanket on a chilly morning

The moment where you stare at the ceiling and truly embrace boring.

Puppy kisses against your face

A moment to breathe in your own space

Baby skin so soft and smooth

The moment before you decide to get up and move

Loose joints after a good stretch

Seeing your improvement and feeling encouraged for the next

Hunger pains after days and days

Of not wanting anything and being afraid

Hot cement underneath raw feet

Chocolate that is so incredibly sweet

Minutes and seconds that aren’t felt

Candles and fragrance that is smelt.

Rain dancing against the roof

Sunshine spilling in as proof

Living, because why not continue

What God has begun?

Living, because each moment is sweeter

Than the drop before

Living, because that’s an opportunity

You won’t let slip through the door.

Easy to over look,

Easy to forget

It’s the little things of life

That makes it worth living.



Close your eyes and notice all the noise around you.

Today is today

Tomorrow hasn’t come.

The future is unknown

But the moment is owned.

So fill it, feel it, live it.

And let it move on.


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