Fifteen Giveaway Winner

Hello, ladies, gents, and otherwise unidentified objects.

I’m dropping in quickly to let you know 1. the giveaway winner. 2. About the scavenger hunt. and 3. randomness.

If any of you were at the launch party, thank you so much for coming! I hope you enjoyed it and were entertained by the various games, poems, and fangirling that happened. I honestly haven’t done something that fun since the pandemic shut everything down, so thank you. Thank you all for being there, for helping bring about Fifteen and for the fun moments in-between.

The giveaway winner has been chosen, and I’m so glad to announce that Eliana D. is the winner! I’ll be contacting you, Eliana, as soon as I post this. I can’t wait for you to receive all of your lovely goodies.

So far, one person has completed the scavenger hunt, but they didn’t get the sentence correct. So, if any of you have a free thirty minutes, you can run through all of the blog tour stops, searching for the words. (*whispers* Just look for italicized words. Or some people give you the word at the very end of the post.)

October 10th 

Amie @ – intro post

October 11th 

Kyra @ – Review

Olivia @ – Review 

October 13th 

Malaya @ – Interview

Hailey @ – Interview

October 14th 

Ryan Elizabeth @ – Interview

Liesl @ – Interview

October 15th 

Carolyn @ – Review

Esmeralda @ – Spotlight

October 16th – 

Faith @ – Interview

Bella @ – Review 

October 17th 

Maya @ – Review

Sarah @ (UNKNOWN) – Interview

Breanne @ ( – Interview

Marie @ – Spotlight

Fe @ (UNKNOWN) – Reveiw

October 18th 

Emeline @ – Interview

October 19th 

Coralie @ – review

October 20th 

Juliet @ – Spotlight

October 21st 

Hannah @ – Interview

Kaelyn @ – Interview 

October 22nd 

Abigail @ – Interview

October 23rd

Amie @ – wrap up post


This week I’m going to be working on putting my life back in order. (Scheduling, yay!) So, hopefully in the upcoming weeks you’ll have some higher quality posts. HOWEVER, I want to you what YOU want to hear about. So if you have any post ideas, drop them in the comments below, or questions that you would like a whole post about, just comment.

I shall certainly try to do what you suggest.


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