“Do some fun writing.” (Helpful advice)

Don’t you know that my soul can’t handle fun

It’s off limits for my mind and it makes me undone

Trying to find the thing labeled fun.

I write because my fingers twirl

Words rotate and rotate as I swirl

The world is not real and neither am I

Unless words create my alibi.

I never had a childhood, I never knew on moment or two

Where there wasn’t the weight of something on me

A weight that I wouldn’t give up to be free

Write for fun would be sacrilege

I write to let others know I live

I write so my mind doesn’t take control

I write so that others will have the reasons to know

They aren’t alone in this universe

They aren’t unseen in the world’s many seas

Their words will echo inside my writing

Their mind resounding the ink loud and clear.

Write for fun, take a break?

My soul can’t handle the time it wastes

Let me have a pen in hand

Let me show you and make you understand

Let me become the mysterious ease

That fills your soul when you finally see

Words that echo thoughts you never heard,

Words that touch your soul on solid rock

Melting it into a piece of flesh

Something we’ll both love and grow to see

As a miracle that words breathed.

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