Sixteen is launched


And I could just laugh at the way my life is a ball of chaos. For those of you with me when Fifteen launched, you remember that the book wasn’t available on Amazon on the launch day. For this launch, I SWORE that if it was the last thing I did, I would have it up on Amazon on launch day. 

The world is laughing at me. For those of you in beautiful Australia, you should be able to buy the ebook. For the rest of you? If you want to buy the book, you’ll still have to buy it off Etsy. 

I could be mad. Or frustrated. Not only is the book NOT on Amazon, but the beautiful @ had to step down from joining our launch party tonight. But it’s okay. 

Sixteen is still out there. The launch party will still happen. I have still reached a milestone in my writing career, and it is good. 

Because I choose today to be a good and beautiful day. 

Happy Launch day, beautiful Sixteen. Touch people’s lives and create a change. 

If you want to order Sixteen today, you can do so through Etsy. If you order today through Etsy, you’ll still be able to get the pre-order goodies. (Which include some coffee, an eye shadow palette, an extra poem, and a sheet of stickers.) Hurry, though, because there’s only 12 preorder goodie packages left! 

I hope you all have a lovely May 6th, and I hope you choose for today to be good and beautiful as well. ❤


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