Coffee Chats with Amie (E. 4)

As the blog has been inactive for about two months, it means it’s time for another coffee chats with Amie, the place where I sit down and chat with you about what’s been happening in my life. Grab your favorite cup of coffee, and find a comfortable seat. Today I’m drinking a mocha with oak milk, and while I’m not in an extremely comfortable chair, I’m sure I’ll be comfortable enough to chat your ear off.

Let’s start with what’s been happening lately, since I haven’t given a life update in well over . . . well, at least six months. 😅

This year, I chose the word change for my word of the year. I wanted a year full of growth and change, after a year of healing. I wanted to pursue the life that I dreamed of having in whatever way I could. I wanted to take the steps that would lead me towards being who I’ve dreamed to be, doing what I’ve always strived to do.

So I quit my job as a barista, I changed churches, I became a virtual assistant, and I lived life this summer. It was amazing, I went all over. I went to New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Florida, and met so many amazing people. I’ve always dreamed about having a summer where I just lived, without too many responsibilities, and with so many fun and wild adventures. This summer was the summer for me.

As amazing as that was, even the best things come to an end eventually. When I finally got home, and had no more adventures to embark on, I felt as though I was stuck. I wasn’t doing what I’ve dreamed about doing, I wasn’t pursuing my chosen career or any of my dreams, and I started settling into this moment of doubt and anxiety.

I knew God had told me to quit my barista job. I knew God had told me to go on all the adventures this summer. But why hadn’t he revealed any new opportunities through these trips? Why was I just sitting here, looking at an empty calendar and a job where there was no hope for me to move towards my ambitions?

For most of my life, I’ve dreamed about becoming involved in the film industry. I’ve loved acting and movie making since my mom first got a phone with a video camera attached, and most of my childhood was filled with making and editing videos, ranging from a reality series to stop motion to actual scripted shorts.

But I think most of us can agree, getting into the film industry seems . . . overwhelming and close to impossible. This year I wanted to get into the industry, to pursue this dream for a year before reevaluating. And I felt like God had given me a green light to this endeavor, he just wasn’t presenting the open door.

So I battled through these feelings, reminding myself that I believe God’s promises, I just need to be patient, because his timing is always right, even when it isn’t as fast as I think it should be. I calmed my spirit, and gave the rest of 2022 to God, trusting that he knows and cares about my desires, as well as my well being.

And two weeks after I did that, I got a call, being offered a job in the film industry. You can imagine my shock and thankfulness, but I’ll be honest, I also went into it with a lot of fear. I’ve heard so much ill about the film industry, but so far, I’m loving every minute of it. Of course, it isn’t glamorous or always easy, but it’s where I’ve dreamed to be, and where I want to be.

It’s been a bit hard to adjust from having an extremely flexible schedule with tons of free time for connection and hanging out with friends to a rigid work schedule, and lots of things to do after work hours, but I’m trying. I’m not the best at time management, and so a lot of things have slipped through the cracks, but I’m learning to give myself grace, and just keep on keeping on.

Besides all of this, it’s been a time where I’ve kinda stepped back from my writing. My whole high school experience, and even middle school, was full of just pouring myself out into writing, planning what to write, and editing what I actually did write.

Over the summer I had a manuscript edit, and since it came back on August first, I’ve just kinda let writing rest for over two months. Which is insanity for me, the workaholic that spends hours planning new projects all the time.

Granted, I have just recently started getting ready for NaNoWriMo, and planning a new project (Eep!), but For the past two or so months, my writing urges have only encapsulated a poem or two. And I’ve survived. 😂

And since I haven’t been spending hours and hours pouring out, I’ve actually had some really great experiences with God pouring INTO me. I’m sure I’ll write about the lessons he’s been teaching me soon, but at the moment, it’s just been really nice to just live.

To spend time, energy, and emotions on existing.

I have some fun posts coming up, so stay tuned, but until now, I’ll leave you to the rest of your coffee. May your days always have a sliver of light, and your nights never be lonely.

How are you doing? What is your life update, my friend? It’s your turn to chat in the comments. ❤


4 thoughts on “Coffee Chats with Amie (E. 4)

  1. Jana T says:

    I love hearing about what you’ve been learning! It can be so hard sometimes, but it’s nice to be able to see the growth and change happening. I hope you keep enjoying your job, at least until it’s time for the next change 💜 The past few months have had some similar changes for me – I joined a different church congregation, played in a city volleyball league (I had never played indoor volleyball before!), and finished my degree. There was a whole season of life in that one season of, well, summer, if that makes sense 😅

    Looking forward to whatever God brings next, for both of us. Thanks for sharing, and good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lillian-Keith says:

    Congrats on getting into the film industry, Amie! That’s super exciting. I had a few friends who pursued acting several years ago (I lost contact with them over time, but recently I found out they were doing pretty well with theater and short films).

    Liked by 1 person

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