I started blogging when I was thirteen. Something inside of me craved a blog, craved to take my words and put them inlace on the internet. I wanted to find people like me, people who would read my words and understand. Understand the emotions that filtered through my mind. And when I started blogging, there was one thing I swore to myself.

I would never stop blogging.

It’s been years on WordPress now. It’s been about four different designs for my blog, four different ways to present myself. And part of me isn’t disappointed. I haven’t been disappointed with the people I’ve met, with the stories I’ve told. I’ve found myself through poetry, I’ve found who I am as I’ve grown and changed. But this year, I entered a new season of life.

I’ve been working full time, while being a part of a writing conservatory, and trying business ventures. Overall, I’ve just worn myself out. Each moment I have is taken up with some kind of work, whether it’s art, writing, or actual work at the coffee shop. My soul finds itself growing exhausted, my mind doesn’t have enough brain cells to split with everything.

But thankfully, I have five days off work. Five days with nothing to do except heal. Because I’ve had wisdom teeth surgery. Needless to say, surgery is NOT fun, lol. But I’m surviving. I look like a a chipmunk and feel like I’ve been in a fight, but on the positive side, it’s giving me time to write. Time to come back to my blog, the place where I belong.

This past week has been full of amazing things. First off, I started drafting a novella, which I’m so excited about.

Astoria’s existence revolved around her scientific discoveries — no, really. If she didn’t make scientific discoveries, the rulers of the merrealms would euthanize her and her family, turning them into the sea foam that capped each wave. And even though she was a mermaid, she had no experience with humans or luring them into the depths. . . that is, until a siren brought in a half drowned man with the perfect genetic makeup to save their world — and her life — once and for all. 

Weapon of the Deep, concept

I started it on Friday, because besides watch movies, that was about all I could do. I’m afraid reading has had no attraction for me, and sleep has been hard to obtain. So being productive is the only other option. I’m so excited to see how this project turns out.

And talking about writing, I finished writing my last project on Wednesday. It was a fairytale mashup high-concept fantasy story that I had been writing since May. Which means it was the longest it’s ever taken me to write a book, but I don’t think I regret it. Different seasons of life mean that things take different amounts of time. And I’m proud of this book, it definitely caused me to grow as a writer, and that’s what’s important.


I’ve been doing a lot of that, growth. And I don’t know if it’s been fun or if it’s been miserable. Probably a good amount of both, if I’m being truly honest. It’s not fun to have to grow, but it’s what it is.

I also started a new business, called Painted Prose Designs.

It’s a business where I hand paint hardcover books, and I’m so excited about it. The first launch was on Wednesday, so if you’d like to take a look at it, click the button right up there ^

I had so much painting these books, and I hope that you can purchase your favorite book with it’s unique cover. I also have some Christmasy ideas that’ll be launching soon, so make sure to follow the store, or follow Painted Prose Desgin’s Instagram @paintedprosedesigns.

So yeah, to say the least, I’ve been a bit busy this week, lol.

Back in 2017, when I first joined the blogosphere, one of the main questions was why do you blog? And I always struggled with that answer, but I think I know now.

I blogged because I needed it. Now I blog because I know others need it. And I’m so glad to be ale to blog. So thankful to be able to impact other’s lives. It’s something that carries such weight, but also such honor.

Why do you read blogs?


Snowball and the Missing Apple!

Greetings, humans.

It is Snowball Rabbit.

I have been missing in action for a very long time, not because I chose to be, but because Amie outlawed me from her blog, which was very inconsiderate, is it not? I think it is, just like her little brother blaring Veggie Tale’s music from sunup to sun down. Doesn’t he understand my looks of disproval?

Well, if he does understand them, he doesn’t listen to them, and since I am in a safe place, I don’t bother to get up and attack the little rascal. Maybe one day I shall, though…

He is forewarned.

Anywho. I am here to talk to you all about February 6th. You see, on that day Amie published Snowball and the Missing Apple, and in honor of its book birthday, I made a YouTube video.

You see, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. So I wanted this video made, and this post written, so I’m laboring and toiling over it. Amie still needs to learn that less. Regardless, here’s the video.

I’d be really honored if you liked it and left me a comment. Just so I can prove to Amie that people like my videos and posts more.

— Snowball Rabbit, detective

Top Books of 2019


*leans back in my chair and takes an extra long sip of coffee ’cause dramaticness is awesome*

What’s up, fellow humans? I feel like my eyes are on fire, and my brain has turned to jello. Also, I planned to write this post on…what, Thursday? But somehow being an official procrastinator meant I’m writing it right now. No biggy, it just mean you get a more rambley post.

I just came back from the theater, after seeing Little Woman for the second time. Apparently everyone thinks I will really like this movie, and have been asking me to see it with them. Not that I’m complain because GUYS. THE MOVIE IS BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE. MORE INSPIRATIONAL THAN IMPRESSIONIST PAINTINGS. AND guys. It made me eyes tear up just slightly.

I think I have become too emotional for my own good. The tears were just under the surface, and they didn’t receive that wave to wash them out, but still, they were there. They were there. *pats the tears on the back*

But that’s not what I wanted to talk to y’all about. ‘Cause I like, never talk about movies on my blogs. Because movies are eh.

Today I’m going to be giving you my top reads of 2019. In 2019 I barely read at all, due to…nothing, but I barely read at all. 😂 So you shall just have to stay put as I give you the most meaningful read in 2019, in no particular order.

1. Unwritten Melody by Tessa Emily Hall

Does breaking free require breaking the rules?

This has become one of my all-time favorite books. Just, please, I so relate with James Russo, and even Cassie. I’ve read the book four times this year, since I got it in June, and wow. Just so inspiring, and thought provoking, and inspiring.

I always come up with some kind of poetry or art work or song after I finish reading the book, because it’s just steeped with art. And ah, the truth written in this book! Tessa Emily Hall does an amazing job with the character arcs, the message, and just endearing you to the characters.

Each time I finish the book, I jump up and do a victory dance, because they’ve conquered the obstacles, they understand each other and those that mean something to them, AND they’re dating. So. XD

2. 27 Days Left by Alison Gervais

“If you knew you had to do the right thing, but that something bad may happen to you because of it, would you do it anyway?”

Wow. This book…I read it twice in a row, because I just needed to get everything out of it. The premise is that one of Hadley’s classmates commits suicide, and when she attends the funeral, she’s offered a contract with death. She has the opportunity to go back in time 27 days to convince her classmate not to give in to his suicidal thoughts.

*leans back and cracks my knuckles* Wow, folks. This book was so good. So good. Hadley was kinda annoying, tbh, but I think that’s because I related with Archer more than I related with Hadley.

She was just so inexperienced in everything to do with hurt, pain, and the nasty side of life. But she was willing to learn, and that made all the difference. AH I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. 😍

3. Coral by Sara Ella

“There is more than one way to drown.”

AHHHHHHHHH. This is a book to scream over, folks. IF THERE EVER WAS A SCREAM WORTHY BOOK.

Here’s an Amie secret. I am a sucker for fairy tales, and especially fairy tale retellings. I know, I know, I but up that anti-girly front, and wear cowgirl boots everywhere, and all that nonsense, but the little girl that used to wear a tutu, ballet slippers, and a feather boa hasn’t totally died in me yet. 😂

But the spin she took on this story is just… 🤯

Following Coral, Brooke, and Merrick battle through their lives, figuring out their emotions…it just. Hit home. Sara Ella described everything exactly as I’ve experienced it. Depression, anxiety, just that hopelessly lost feeling that just doesn’t want to go on. And Hope?

*sad emotions* *nothing else because spoilers*

4. Fallen Leaves by Tessa Emily Hall

“There is a time right for everything”

“Purple Moon”, which “Fallen Leaves” sequels, is an awesome book, but I personally liked “Fallen Leaves” better. But honestly, they kinda just went together, and I can’t for the life of me remember why I thought “Fallen Leaves” was one of the best reads of this past year. XD So just take my word for it, it’s really good.

5. Romanov by Nadine Brandes

My name is Anastasia . . . The history books say I died . . . They don’t know the half of it.

EEEEEEP *shrieks* *flops*

This was one of my most anticipated books of 2019, and it surpassed all my expectations! I also read “Fawkes” this year, and eh. It didn’t give me the same happiness that Romanov delivered.  Ahhhhh, Nadine Brandes knows how to combine the right amount of fact and fiction, and now I want to go read as many historical books about Anastasia Romanov as possible. XD

And those are my top favorite books of 2019. Some honorable mentions are “Jane Eyre,” “Wuthering Heights,” “To Best the Boys,” and “Spark.”

Series I enjoyed include: “The Penderwicks,” “Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott,” and the Shallows trilogy.

So. Here is the end.

I need to go and spend time with my family, and then drink more coffee and go to bed. I need sleep. XD Hopefully I awake refreshed.



Black Friday Sale

It is I, Snowball Rabbit again, and I have very exciting news.

*cleans his ears*

Snowball Rabbit and the Missing Apple is on sale for Black Friday! And the sale isn’t just for a plain book, it’s for a signed copy of the book, not only signed by Amie, but signed by yours truly.

Have you never heard of my book?!


I am astonished.

But forgive me. I never gave you the price. It’s $12 (+ $2 shipping), when Snowball and the Missing Apple is usually $15 (+shipping). It’s an amazing gift for your younger siblings, your nieces and nephews, or your friend’s younger sibling. (Or your own child, for that matter. If you’re old enough to have children.)

If you want more info about the book, please check out this page, or click up there ^ on “My Book.”

Are you interested? Send Amie money through PayPal right here. And Amie will make sure to contact you about shipping, and if the book is to be addressed to any person. This offer will be open until Sunday, December 1st.

So obviously you should hurry.

I remain,

Snowball Rabbit, Detective

Happy Thanksgiving


Gather around to hear the story

Not of the first Thanksgiving 

But of those who walked the perilous 

Pilgrim’s journey. 

Mighty men, strong women

All just like me and you

Who faced the odds with determination 

And their Heavenly Father knew. 

It wasn’t that they chose the path

Of trouble and of pain

But ordered by God to raise their children 

In honor of His glorious Name

They fought for freedom

Not with blood and sword

But with their lives all the same

For their children and their Lord. 

The story of the first Thanksgiving

Should your blood and zeal quicken 

And your faith thicken

As you hear of hardships long ago. 

Of crosses born, of graves dug

Of generosity and of unfailing love

As we eat our turkey and munch on our pie

Please remember the reason why. 

The reason to write an ode to Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all


Snowball Hasn’t Left


Well, well, well. It appears that Amie has been too busy to take care of her blog, and has informed me that switching blogs doesn’t work, and her email list is a mess, so I should take over and clean up her mess. She’s considerate like that, in case you were wondering.

Oh, who am I?

Snowball Rabbit, detective, obviously.

And I haven’t been on Amie’s blog in months. Not that I’m complaining. It gave me more time to sleep, and eat, and run around being cute. It’s simply hilarious how crazy humans get over my “cuteness.”

Did Amie tell you about her friends visiting? They are dedicated fans of me, though I wouldn’t say they’re dedicated fans of Amie. I mean, what can I say? They have good tastes. 😎

yes, Amie showed me how to insert emojis. I feel as though I am in the 21st century finally.

Anyway, they (the friends, not Amie or the 21st century) gave me the attention deserved of such a famous rabbit. But that reminds me, I made my first acting debut in Amie’s YouTube video, “Organized Writers.” Click those words to be transported to the video. I must say, the best part is me, but I did appreciate how Amie forgot to get her trash, so she had to go back and get it. Usually she doesn’t go back to get her trash. 😒

Sometimes it feels as though I am in a constant movie theatre, watching “The Secret Life of Owners.” It’s very amusing, though sometimes too loud for my sensitive ears. Talking about sensitive, you have no idea how hard it is to take care of my sensitive fur. I grow a lot more in winter to protect me from the chilly blasts that whistle through the house, and goodness. I become a fluff ball that has ears. *sighs*


But thankfully I can behave just as dignified as ever, extra fluff or no extra fluff. Oh, other good news is that Amie has been sharing her bananas with me. It’s very thoughtful of her, though she forgets until I give her the masterful glare.

Masterful glares are very effective, let me tell you. And if you want to get out of your cage, simply chew on it, and people will recognize your distress and let you out of your cage.

Amie also asked me to promote my book. I mean, Christmas is coming up, and people have siblings, friends, nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren that might want a Snowball book. I mean, who wouldn’t want a book about me?

Especially a book about me, an apple, and a mystery! It’s geared towards children who need to be read to. Whatever age that is, and who enjoy colorful pictures of super adorable dignified rabbits like me.

Rabbits are very important animals, just so you know.

You can learn more about my book here. And you can purchase it here. And if you would like to buy a signed copy, contact Amie. It’ll be the same price as buying it from LuLu. ($15)


Now to close this post. Dear me, have I come to the end already? Amie should have done this post since it was so easy. Children, remember to eat your greens, and never forget that popcorn is tasty.

I remain,

Snowball Rabbit, detective.

Souls Astray Blog Tour

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM


Adele has been lost for a long time now …

Adele Collier has sought a carefree lifestyle ever since her tragic childhood. Determined to never allow anyone or anything to control her life or emotions again, she consistently seeks distraction in gaiety. But shaking her ghosts isn’t as easy as she’d like.

Troy Kee has been alone in the world since the Great War took his parents and left him in care of his younger sister. When she marries, he’s left to seek after his goal of a healthy, complete family. But how can he focus on his dream when trouble plagues his family vineyard?

When Adele and Troy meet, a whirlwind romance begins—but can two lost souls have a healthy relationship?

Amazon ~ Goodreads ~ A Special Review Defining the Content Level ~ My Website


Yay!  I’m super excited for todays post.  One of my favorite authors, Kellyn Roth, is publishing a new book!  And it’s not just any book, it’s Adele and Troy’s back story.

(If you aren’t familiar with “The Lady of the Vineyard”, you should probably skip the next paragraph.)

I have an absolute love for Adele and Troy, though I must say my relationship with Adele I more of  a love/hate relationship.  In all honesty, Adele (sadly) reminds me of myself, and I usually can’t stand characters that I can see my reflection in.  But that being said,  Troy is amazing, and that is why I have asked him to join me…After I write a review about the beautiful Souls Astray.

Souls Astray_Internet Use.jpg

Can we first swoon over the cover?!  Please, the colors, the poppies, the beauty?!?!?! I want this book on my bookshelf dreadfully.  It’s just so…so beautiful!

Anyway, on to my review.  I need to fangirl, so this might be fan girlish instead of a normal review.

I would rate it 5 stars, honestly.  It was a Kellyn Roth original that didn’t disappoint me in the least.

When I pick up Kellyn’s books, I expect magic to happen, to love and hate the characters with a passion.  Because Kellyn’s books are passionate, full and just dripping with passion.

But it’s not the bad kind of passion, not the kind of passion that makes an innocent, Christian, homeschooled teenage girl cringe.  It’s the kind that takes you out of the world you’re in, and takes you into the time period she’s writing.  It’s the kind of passion that makes you forget where you are and makes you feel what the characters are feeling.

Souls Astray didn’t disappoint me in the least.

But first I want to say that this was probably the bluntest of Kellyn’s books I’ve read.  It dealt with a very different worldview than her Alice and Ivy series, and I expected that.  It was beautiful, because she showed us two different worldviews, their consequences, and said, “You choose.  But just so you know, this isn’t the end of the story.  There’s a second book.”

So if you’re squeamish with romance, this probably isn’t your book.  It deals with partying, divorce, and love at first sight…But if you’re not, this book is one you must read.

And with the love at first sight…Kellyn did an amazing job making it real.  Of course, I read a part to my mom and asked her if she ever felt that way for my dad, and she answered in the negative.  But I expected that. 😉 I’m not sure if I believe in love at first sight, but Kellyn did a good job making it believable.

Honestly, my heart felt so bad for Adele all throughout the book, and with Kellyn rewriting The Lady of the Vineyard, Adele has become more of “a lost person” instead of “The monster” that I assumed she was when I first read The Lady of the Vineyard.

So?  The plot was engaging, the characters real, their struggles engaging, and the Christian message clear.  This book is amazing, and you should all read it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  And once you do, email me so I can fangirl about it with you.  😂


And now it tis time for me to bring in two people that I’m impatient to interview.  First off, please welcome Mr. Troy Kee!

As a man, what is the hardest part about waiting for a woman to get ready?


Knowing that she was already ready when she got started! You women. You really don’t need makeup or perfect hair or an outfit that matches. Or jewelry. Jewelry is quite distracting. Don’t get me started on perfume! It’s the bane of my existence.

So yes, it’s all unnecessary. You don’t see me putting on lipstick to impress Adele, do you? And you never will! (Although I think she might have me thrown into an asylum if I did that.) (Double standards…)

What is one book (besides the Bible) that has changed your life?


Ahh, tough. Because I don’t like reading! But I loved Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. I know, I know. Saying a silly adventure story changed my life is kind of stupid. But a sense of adventure is important! Life is a bit of a wild ride. And the story talks a lot about heroes and how they tend to disappoint, which is something I can relate to.

What is the most painful thing someone has said to you?


“No, you cannot have chocolate every minute of every day.”

Really, I don’t have words to describe the emotional agony.

Okay, if I’m going to be serious it might be along the lines of (and I quote):

“You may think you’ll be some fantastic father who’ll, I don’t know, teach your son to shoot or ward off scary suitors from your daughter, but in reality, being a father means nothing.”


Would you consider yourself good with children?


Good with children as in children like me, I like children, and we have a good time together … or good with children as in I do what’s best for them all the time and never, for instance, let them have too much chocolate or stay up all night telling them stories?

Because yes if it’s the first and no if it’s the second. Chocolate and late-night stories are important.

What takes place in owning a vineyard?


Lots of frustrated arguing in French.
Okay, really, I spend more time on paperwork and traveling about speaking to restaurant owners and the like than I’d like. I’d rather stay here, overseeing the harvert and making sure all the vines are healthy. But I’m in charge here now, so there ’tis!
What is your favorite verse of Scripture?
“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all Creation will be able to separate us from the love of God who is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39)
What are your thoughts on society?
It’s best avoided at all costs!
Would you ever consider moving to America?
Actually, I have! It sounds like an adventure. I could never leave my vineyard, but I would love to visit some day. Though it would be lonely to travel alone. Still, I’d like to see the world some day!
Thank you, Mr. Kee, for joining us.  Our second guest is Mr. Harrington.

What makes you joyful?



Could you give me a brief story of your life?



Do you prefer grape juice or orange juice?


Neither. Coffee.

What was the worst thing Troy did as a child?



Does Judy look more like Troy or more like Adele in your opinion?


Troy. Unfortunately.

What is your favorite pastime?



Do you think you get enough credit in the books?



What is your middle name, sir?


My full name is Millard None Of Your Business Harrington.
Hehe, thanks, Mr. Millard None Of Your Business Harrington.

The next exciting thing is the giveaway! Enter the giveaway to win a signed paperback copy of Souls Astray and a $20 Amazon gift card. Open to international entries.

And now this is where I go and read another book.  Adios, amigos!


Faith Alone Blog Tour

Disclaimer: I’m not a romance lover, and so this isn’t my kind of book.  If you enjoy Christian romance, this book is for you!





Grace Neunaber has finally found happiness. After struggling for years as a single mother of four, she’s thrilled about her newfound faith and her marriage to a strong Christian man. But as David is added to their family of five, her enthusiasm is quickly dampened by her older children’s open hostility and resentment toward their new father.

For Grace’s daughter, Faith, having a principal for a step-dad is only one of the downsides. Her parents are nosy, restrictive, and most of all embarrassing. But Faith’s issues with her parents are quickly shoved aside when she’s faced with a decision that will change the course of her future.

Each member of the Neunaber family will have to rely on their faith in God if their strained relationships are going to knit them closer together instead of tear their family apart.


My Review

First off, I was semi surprised to find out it was a romance, because for some reason I didn’t think it was when I signed up for this blog tour.  That disappointment was probably my own fault, though.  Should have read everything a bit closer.

Second, it was said to be squeaky clean.  Now, I understand that everyone’s definition of squeaky clean is different.  Mine personally is no kissing in the book.  Well, this book certainly wasn’t squeaky clean.  How can a book dealing with teenage pregnancy be squeaky clean?

Honestly, that alone really bothered me, but other things quickly arouse.  I have no idea what age this book is targeted towards.  The writing style made me think Y/A fiction, but some of it just wasn’t good.  The way the book was structured made it hard to follow, though the writing style was simple, and it was hard to get emotionally attached to the characters.

I was slightly disappointed that I guessed what happened from the first chapter, and then it was just a long read.  The book wasn’t well written, honestly, and the characters didn’t seem to have very real reactions.

Another thing I would like to point out is the fact that the mom and children were new Christians, while the dad had been a Christian for a while, which is fine.  The thing I didn’t understand was the fact that the mom, a new Christian, had such stricter rules on dating than the dad.  It just didn’t make much sense to me.

Also, the character Aaron.  I’m very confused as to how old he is, and quite a few other things.  As a character, he was very confusing.

So how would I rate this book?  I would give it three out of five stars.  The topic was a good topic that needs to be written on more often.  But the execution was just lacking.

*hides* I didn’t want to have a bad review for this author.  And I’m sorry this is what I think about this book.  A friend told me to be honest about it, and so I am.  Would I recommend Faith Alone to anyone?  To people that enjoy romance, and aren’t very familiar with the pro-life stance, yes!

Edit: I also really enjoyed the ending.  The sweetness of it all made up for a lot of the beginning that I didn’t enjoy.  Also, a few quotes from it made me laugh and smile.

That being said, let’s take a look at who authored it.




Ruth Meyer graduated from Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a degree in church music and no plans whatsoever to become an author. But a student of the week project for her son inspired Our Faith from A to Z, a children’s picture book. After that, it was only a matter of time before she tried her hand at fiction. As both the daughter of and the wife of a pastor, Ruth has moved around a lot, and her experiences provide many ideas for her writing. Currently, she resides in rural Texas with her husband, their five children, and two dogs. It is her hope that through her writing, readers are assured of God’s grace through His Son, Jesus.


And now for the blog tour schedule.

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Review & Author Interview // Kaitlyn S. @ Maidens for Modesty

Wrapup Post // Kellyn Roth @ Reveries
Welp, that sums up this post, folks!  I’m off to go pick strawberries with my family. 😉


If You Want to Know how to Write Fainting

Hello, folks!

Today I’m going to be talking about a subject that has been a HUGE annoyance to me.  You may not know this about me, but I love studying anything to do with the human body.  I have seriously thought about going into the medical field, and nothing makes me happier than talking about the latest staff infection in my family, or discussing vaccines.

So, I am here to help all you people who want to know how to write fainting correctly.  What grounds do I have to write on this?


Disclaimer: I have never fainted. (Thank the Lord!)

BUT!  I am allergic to seafood.  Which means, if I eat it, my throat closes up and I die, if it weren’t for medicine.  (Which, ironically comes in vaccine form.). So I have been super close to fainting quite a few times.

Number Uno. 

Fainting is not an “oops, here I go!” experience.

Dudes, it’s painful.  At least, from my experience.  Once, at a hospital, someone walked by me who had eaten fish, causing me to almost faint.  I lost all vision, but it took awhile for that to happen.  I knew something was wrong.  It wasn’t like, “Wow, I’m fainting,” or “What just happened?”

Maybe some people do faint that way, but when I was so close to fainting, I knew it.  I felt the headache coming on, and then I saw the black spots, and felt the world spinning.  I would have collapsed if it weren’t for a bench that I was able to walk to.

Number dos

You are not immediately better once you wake up from a fainting spell.

Once my mother dumped water down my throat and revived me, I was not a-okay.  Y’all, I felt like a truck had just run over me and left me as roadkill without actually killing me.

Let’s look at it this way.  Your body has just had to have an emergency restart.  You don’t just faint because you’re okay, and your body thought it would be cool to just faint.  No, your body is fainting because something is seriously wrong!  Maybe its lack of oxygen, and if that’s the problem, your body is fainting because once you faint, your breathing will automatically go back to normal.  (Unless, of course, your throat has closed.). Or in my case, as an allergic reaction.


Number Tres 

Fainting is not a cool experience.

Guys, once I revived, I was covered in sweat.  Like I said before, your body is panicking! It’s not like, “Hey dude! I just fainted and it was so cool.” *laughs hysterically* YOU DO NOT WANT TO FAINT.

(Can I be any clearer?)

Fainting is not something that you want to do, or that you chose to do.  Once you faint, it’s not something you want to do again.  Fainting is no fun!

Number Cuatro

Fainting can be prevented. 

Wait, what? Yes, I often see black spots, or feel faint.  If you sit down, it often passes.  Like I didn’t full-out pass out on my adventure at the hospital.  I did collapse, lose vision and hearing for I don’t know how long, but I didn’t faint.

Fainting is something that happens rarer than you think, and if you faint, you need to go to the doctor immediately, if possible.  Fainting isn’t something to take lightly, like I said before, it means something is SERIOUSLY wrong with your body.  Our bodies don’t just shut off randomly.  God designed them to keep going even with a lot of pain.


What are some common causes of fainting?

Fainting is when there isn’t enough blood going to the brain.  Since the blood isn’t going to the brain, neither is oxygen.

Common causes are stress, fear, pain, hunger, and the use of alcohol and drugs.

WAIT!  You just said that fainting means that something is seriously wrong with your body.  How then can fear and stress cause you to faint?

When you’re extremely scared, a rush of adrenaline goes through your body.  which increases how much blood goes through your body.  If adrenaline is quickly reduced, your blood will quickly leave your brain, and may cause a fainting fit.  The same thing goes for stress.

I’m obviously not a doctor, so if you want more in-depth information about fainting and how the body works, I would encourage you to ask your doctor, or someone who has gone to medical school.

I hope you’ve had as much fun reading this as I have writing it.  Remember, just keep writing!