When the Shutter Snaps

Welcome back to Crazy A. I’m your host, Amie, and today we will be viewing some photographic endeavors. You see, this is kinda hard, because for the past three weeks, it has been the usual winter rains, where there’s flooding, and all it does is rain. Rain. Rain.

And that, my dear friends, is not conducive to photography.

But regardless, I have done some photography, and so you get to see my efforts. Rain has made me focus more on indoor photography, which is honestly good for my skills.


So, I was given this beautiful bouquet and after…four weeks? It’s finally perished. *sniffles* Mostly, perished. Only the daisies and the greenery are still alive.

But I love bouquets. My mom is very anti-bouquets, saying that it’s ridiculous to spend money on something that just dies, but to me…I don’t know. They’re beautiful to photograph, and often times they smell good, and I just love them.


This bouquet had all of my favorite flowers. *insert heart eyes* Daisies, lilies, roses, hydrangeas, and little purple flowers that reminded me of lavender. I just loved it.

And I love the people who sent it. ❤


So. Star is one of my favorite things to take pictures of. 😂 She just has so many cute poses. (It’s so cold here today, so at the moment, she’s underneath a blanket.) I’m constantly telling her, “Hang on, let me grab my camera. DON’T MOVE.”

I’m not sure she understands me, but whatever.


See? 😍 SHE’S SO CUTE. I put my jacket around her because she was cold, the poor little pupster. And then she just looked SO VERY CUTE.


So I’ve suddenly had this obsession of taking pictures that don’t look like me, that are technically of me. XD (See this post.)

I created a pretty hilarious YouTube video (In my opinion) and for that video, I dressed up and did my makeup REALLY differently than I’ve ever done before. So it was time for a photoshoot of myself, looking unlike myself. XD


I was so proud of this look, because it looks so different. This is NOT what Amie usually looks like. But it was fun to do, though my sister and I both agreed, this isn’t a smiling look. Regardless, I took a picture of me smiling. 😂


It’s fun to experiment with styles, looks, and different types of lighting. I like how these pictures as slightly backlit. *nods*


I have been spending wayyyyy to much time at our eye doctor, so I finally brought along my camera, and asked to take pictures. They quickly agreed, giving me permission to go all over the shop and get pictures. I didn’t particularly want to go to the back, but I did get some fun pictures!


Glasses are just so pretty.


The displays they have are amazing. The whole shop is this rustic, and yet modern vibe which is so attractive and cozy. in other words, it looks just like I want my future house to look like. 😂


Eep, I love my eye doctor’s place. XD


We shall end this post here. Which one was your favorite photo? What have you done this week? Are you tired of winter?



I haven’t eaten anything except for a sausage today, so pardon if my brain seems scrambled. I’m not a fan of celebrations just because it usually includes me being around screaming people, a headache, food that I can’t eat due to allergies (so I go hungry), and doing things I don’t enjoy doing.

You know. I should eat something. But I don’t want anythinggggg. #problemsofdislikingfood

There. I have made a pizza and it is waiting to be put into the oven. Since I can’t eat gluten or dairy, it’s a very modified pizza, including goat cheese (which stinks) and cauliflower crust. Also, we recently got this stuff called Buchi or something, and it’s kinda like kombucha but SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Dude. It tastes like what I’d imagine flowers taste like. 😍

Anyway, today is the last BIBPC. *sniffles* I enjoy contests so much, because they push me to do things I wouldn’t usually do. So anyway, the topic is colorful.


I’m kinda bummed at my lack of creativity. I really wanted to do candy, but I didn’t get the idea until AFTER I left the candy shop. *sighs* Also, I really don’t need to be eating more candy. Or else inflammation with flare up. *groans* ANYWAY.

Wow, this reminds me of my old rambley posts. 😂 Maybe I should write more posts on an empty stomach. (Jk, Jk, that’s not healthy, I knooooowwww, Mom.)


Gentle BIBPC 7

I could write a poem, but I’m afraid my mom would label it depressing. I could write about change, or about the weather. I could write about history, or something less interesting.

But I’m afraid all of the posts I could write would be labeled as something. depressing. boring. sad. unrelatable 

How can I be real and happy? How can I be myself and interesting? How can I be different and relatable?

I’m not sure, I feel as if you must choose one or the other, and can’t be both. But am I wrong? Would someone please prove me wrong? Instruct me how to be real and happy, show me how to be myself and interesting, teach me to be different and relatable.

Because I don’t know if I’ll be able to figure it out on my own. Perhaps I shouldn’t try to do it in the first place. Maybe I should just be real, myself, and different, instead of happy, interesting, and relatable.

Maybe if I accept the reality, continue to be myself, and allow myself to be different, I’ll discover happiness, I’ll be interesting, and somehow, people will relate with me.

Or maybe not. Maybe not.




BIBPC 7 (Surprise!)

I’ve been chasing.

Some girls might struggle with chasing boys. Some might struggle with chasing self-worth. Some might struggle with chasing their friends.



I struggle with chasing my dreams. I hold onto them with an iron fist, daring anyone to try to loosen my grip.

And God looks at me, and says, “Just watch.”

He doesn’t rip the dreams out harshly, or smash my little hands like He could. He doesn’t hit me when I struggle, like some people would. Instead, He loosen’s my hands slowly, and listens when I pitch a fit like a two-year-old.

He listens as I scream into my pillow late at night. He listens when I let the tears roll, and my rabbit lick them away. He’s there when all the pain has faded, and numbness is in its place.

He’s there.

He watches as I struggle to accept change. He watches as I cross my arms and toss my head, swearing I won’t give in. I won’t allow this to happen, because it’ll change everything.

And He waits, watching me slowly dry my tears and jut out my chin, telling myself that I’ll survive.

I’m tougher than change.

Not because of who I am. But of Who is in me.

Because God’s not only there, He’s sustaining me. He’s the one that whispers in my ear the verses of Scripture, reminding me that regardless of what changes, He never changes. It is He who wipes the tears from our eyes. It’s He that bore our sins and transgressions. Because of Him I won’t grow weary, but instead will soar as if on wings of an eagle.

Stop chasing.

And wait. Wait for it to come to you. And while you wait, deepen your relationship with your Heavenly Father, and you’ll never regret the time you spend resting instead of running.



(My photo for surprise.)

BIBPC 7 + poem

Hello, world, it’s me today,

Wondering what on earth I should say

As everything spins round and round

And I lay by myself on the ground

Thoughts causes me to smile and laugh

Before I realize and grasp

The weight of the sky

And wonder why

Those down below don’t notice

The world as it rotates on it’s axes

In a lopsided way

And so it paves

A path for us to follow, too.

Each time it twirls, round the sun

Marking another year has begun,

We sit silent on time’s feet

Wondering how many years it’ll keep

Turning, swirling, moving, ticking

Time will end for all man kind

But where will we be when it says goodbye?


BIBPC 7, Category 2

I am going to be posting wayyyyy too often this week, but I can’t seem to get everything scheduled properly, and it’s just one of those weeks, y’all. 

Time for the second picture for BIBPC 7, and the topic is fast.

But like typical Amie, I procrastinated, thinking I would find something interesting eventually for fast. Thirty minutes ago I remembered the challenge, and had a mini panic attack, because like, ummmm, I’M FAILING WINTER.

Because it’s raining, I was trying to think up something quick, but something that would also make sense. And so this picture was what I came up with.


What is the weather like where you live? What picture would you have taken for fast?



Be Inspired (BIBPC 7)

I have spent the day, squirreled away practicing music and playing board games with friends, and now I sit at my desk (Aka the end of the kitchen table), and write this post.

Now, it tisn’t to be a very long post, just short, sweet, and to the point. It is the seventh day of January, and we have all had a week to work on ourselves, and whatever else we have decided to improve.

I do find it interesting, that once you start looking for answers, you find so many. In the past seven days, I feel as if I have learned more than in the past month. Good creative impute and sermons can do that for you, can’t they?

I think part of the reason a lot of us loose our creativity is because we don’t do the hard search to find things that will restore it, whether that be an underground coffeeshop, or a Sunday school lesson on forgiveness. So go, search and find things that inspire you to do better things, instead of mediocre inspiration that leaves you content with how you are.


I will show you the picture of something unnoticed. But first, let me set the scene.

In the busy, downtown part of a well-known city in the South, there is an underground coffee shop full of students and professors. As one such girl sat at a couch, she was searching for something unnoticed that started with a d.

Well, on to the picture of something unnoticed!

But first, let me set the stage.

In the downtown of a pretty well-known city in the South, there is an underground coffee shop, where students and professors mill around. A girl was sitting on a couch, and right before she left, she glanced towards the left hand corner, and was stuck by the beauty of a window.


I’m unsure if this counts for d, because it does show a drink…but hey, it was pretty and unique, so I decided to go with it. 😉

I shall be seeing you folks Saturday. *tips hat*


When All Else Fails…

Hi, folks.

Welcome back to my side of the web, and today I am welcoming you to 2020.

Goodness, there have been SO MANY posts about 2020 that I shan’t talk about it too much. I only want to remind you that at the bottom of the post, I shall explain Amie quote of the year again, because goodness, it’s that time of year again!

I do hope you like the title of this post. It was…creative. XD

But today is a photography post, since I have just recently realized that I haven’t shown any of you my photography in months, so here we shall start. Let’s get into the post!


During the fall, I went outside, with the intention to take pictures of the leaves. I personally love photography that has a simple pop of color, and so when I saw this little leaf in a sea of brown, I had to take a picture.


My favorite leaf color is red, so I basically only took pictures of red leaves. 😂 This year, the leaves also stayed green for a really long time, and then it froze, so the leaves just turned…brown and floppy really fast instead of bright colors.


Again, the red popping out from the green. I love holly bushes, and when I was younger, I would pick all the berries, put them out in the sun, “dry” them, and try to keep them in glass jars so I could have them when we played outside.


I’m not sure I’m happy with that picture in the least. But it’s kinda intriguing as well…


ORANGE LEAVES! *throws them up in the air* BLUE SKY! *stares at it in wonder*


I usually dislike taking pictures of yellow flowers because they’re too hard. 😂 But I managed to take a decent picture of these.


We had a bouquet of flowers, and one of my obsessions with bouquets is taking pictures of myself with the flowers. It can be really hard, but that makes the pictures much more satisfying when they turn out right.


Star also had to have a picture with the bouquet. 😉


And one day I walked into the bedroom, and Angel, the cat, was lying on the bed, and I just had to take pictures.


And then I took this dramatic picture of Rose on Thanksgiving. She wouldn’t let me take a picture of her face, so I just snuck up and took this picture. XD


Star can be very lazy at times. 😂 She’s a very scheduled dog, and takes her nap times seriously.


When you go to the city near where you live, and the sky is prettier than the garden you’re visiting. 😂


A few days ago, it was extremely foggy and drizzly, so I decided I wanted to do a photoshoot outside. I hurried to get ready, but AS SOON AS I GOT OUTSIDE, it started pouring on me.

So, I decided to make a very gloomy and creepy photoshoot instead.


The focus really hates me. And  even when my sister came to help, it still just…didn’t. XD


It’s funny how when you manipulate light and facial expressions, it changes how people view your age. At least, that’s what my friend told me. 😂


See? The focus was just not my friend. *scowls at my camera*


But it liked the candle, so… *shrugs*

BUT now we have come to the important part. The Amie Quote of the Year. If you haven’t seen my past two, check out the About Me page, and scroll down. Basically you guys nominate your favorite quote of mine in the comments.

The only rule? It had to be written in 2019.

So please comment down below your favorite quotes! Once they’re nominated, there will be a poll where YOU can choose your favorite. And then I shall reveal the winner. 😉 Sounds fun, right? So comment your quotes down below!



Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM

A friend once said that my greeting is a bit on the odd side.  *thinks about it* Maybe, but I hope that I’m greeting humans.  And I think it looks cool, LOL.  Anyway, today I am going to be doing a photography post.  I haven’t done a real photography haul since October, when my dear Pixie died a slow death.

Since October, I have replaced her with a Nikon. (Yep, went from Canon to Nikon) So, here’s the photos I’ve been saving up for y’all.


If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably already seen this.  I’ve started a bookstagram, and I’ve been having so much fun taking pictures.  (You can follow me here.)


The daffodils have been blooming for quite some time now, so I’ll have a lot of pictures of them.  Last year hardly any daffodils bloomed, and so they’re extra special this year. 😉


I have no idea what kind of flower this is, but isn’t it pretty?  (This post will mostly be flowers, LOL.  All the flowers are blooming! *throws petals in the air*)


Of course, we have to have Star, right?  She likes her hat, and her book. 😂


I think I have more animal pictures than I thought…


And of course, we need pictures of water.  Water is important. *nods*


This flower smelled SO GOOD.  Like, you could be walking a few yards from it, and then the smell hit you, and AH. SO. YUMMY.


I have this thing for camellias.  Camellias are probably my favorite flowers.




I also have this new obsession with flower petals on the ground.  They’re just so pretty.


I like running water, what can I say?




Little teeny flowers.


Aren’t these flowers just awesome?  I seem to think so…


I mean, look at that! They are awesome.


The simplest thing that makes spring so happy are the little, light green leaves you see emerging, eager to begin new life.


Here’s a secret.  Amie love tulips, and where she lives it’s too warm for tulips to bloom without a little help.



Rose doesn’t understand why I like lampposts so much.  😂


Itty bitty crocuses. ❤






I’m running out of comments, LOL.




And now we have another animal!  A little quail!


Now we have moved on to my obsession with water droplets.




More tulips!





YAY! More birds. 😉


And the hawk.


And of course, we must end with the lamppost. 😉

What was your favorite picture?  Do you enjoy photography posts?  What is your favorite song?