Photography Contest #6

Today is the last photo for this contest!  Can you believe that?!  I’m feeling a little sad, because this BIBPC has been so much fun, and so challenging.  So, before I explain my photo, please put your hands together for Megan!  Thank you so much, Megan, for all the time you put into this contest.  It was a ton of fun. 😉

So, the photo was supposed to be of something invincible.  Wow, that’s easy.  *rolls eyes* No, it wasn’t all that easy, after all.  I thought, and thought some more, and almost forgot about it.  (Yep.  Terrible, I know.)  And then I went with my second idea.  Behold, my father!  (And yes, he is praying, since prayer is the thing that is invincible.)



Photography Contest #5

Hello!  Today I am showing you another photo.  I feel like it’ll be rather flat after the last masterpiece, but hey.  That’s all right.

The word was Epiphany!  And what in the world does that mean?  Welp, Megan took it for the third definition, which is, “a moment of sudden revelation or insight.”  And so?  Let’s look at the picture.


Ergh, terrible, but it’ll do.  Yours truly does have cute hair in the picture, though. 😂  Megan also said that I could take a picture of something that makes me happy, and give the points to another team, and from the goodness of my heart, I hope this picture makes both Megan and Team Rabbit happy. 😀


Because, guys, it’s a DONKEY!


Photography Contest #4

And today the theme was disguise.  The problem was that none of my photogenic pets agreed to being dressed up.  The cat ran away in terror, and Snowball wriggled out of the doll clothes I put him in.  And so?  I went to the board of blogging ideas.

After many ideas were set on the table (many good, and some not so very swell), Board Member Mother said, “I have the best idea ever!”  And it appeared she did.  And so, without further ado, I enlisted my Little Sis and decorated her for the picture.  Enjoy. 😉


Photography Contest #3

And the word is fluffy.  I wanted to get tons of extra points with some obliging donkeys this time around, but…Well, the rain wasn’t so obliging, so I fell back on plan B.



Photography Contest #2


So, for the next topic of photography, it was tradition.  My family has a tradition of breaking traditions, but I couldn’t think of a good way to photograph that.  So?  The only tradition we’ve done for over three years was Christmas lights.  My older brother has been in charge of them since he was eleven, and puts them up with the help of all of us.


Photography Contest #1

Hey y’all.  Just dropping in to post this picture.   The theme was Candle, Candy Cane, Card, Carols, Celebrate, Chestnuts, and Chill.  I tried to get all seven in my picture.



I Got Lost in Hobby Lobby

Hello, guys!  What’s up?  The other day my mom finally agreed to take me to Hobby Lobby.  (And who doesn’t like going to Hobby Lobby?) Rose, my mom, and I all got into the car, and I happened to bring my camera along.


Because, who else thinks that Hobby Lobby has some of the prettiest displays ever?  And so, here are a few pictures I took.


So, I stumbled upon that little guy up there, and I couldn’t help thinking he was adorable!  I mean, who doesn’t like a little owl with glasses, a vest, and a hat?  I took a lot of pictures of him, but sadly only the one above turned out.  *sigh*


I didn’t realize how close we are to Christmas until I entered that store.  I mean, it’s only how many months away? XD  But I suddenly felt like getting out my scarfs and hats.   I guess it’s about time to be Christmas shopping?  But, while I was taking these pictures, I suddenly noticed that my mom and sister had gone missing.


So, I just continued taking pictures. XD


I honestly think that would be the cutest pregnancy announcement.  Haha…Weird, I know?  But still, it is cute…


Really, there isn’t, guys.  Especially if it snows.  *silently prays for snow* Everyone!  Join with me!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…❄️


There’s something about a snowman’s smile that melts your heart. (Haha, pun intended. XD)


So, I was wondering what Santa was looking at so longingly when I took this picture.  He seems rather wishful, doesn’t he?  (At first I just thought he wanted to shave off that itchy beard, and loose a few pounds…)


But Santa’s envious of the nutcracker’s cloaks! 😳😂


I wish I could live in this scene…


So, I stumbled across the best letter in the alphabet.  It kinda just deserved a picture, you know?


Fluffy, big flowers…They were nice, but…


I kinda just liked this better.  (Wonder why, right?)




And even though fake flowers aren’t quite as pretty as real ones, here are a few pictures of them that I took.  I wished I had more time, but my mom and sister were not about to spend the whole day in Hobby Lobby. XD (I was, though.)






I hope you enjoyed this post!  I did get a few weird looks from fellow shoppers.  I mean, how many times to you see a girl snapping pictures at every angle in Hobby Lobby?  My point exactly.

Do you like Hobby Lobby?  Which one was your favorite picture?  Are you ready for winter?  What is your favorite Christmas decoration (if you decorate)?


My Favorite Kinds of Things


Did you guess what today’s post is about?  If you guess my favorite things, you’re right!  Here are the rules.


Thank and link back to the persons blog who tagged you!

Ahem, sorry.  I forgot my manners.  Anna, thank you so much for tagging me!  It was very kind of you.  ❤

♥ Thank and link back to the persons blog who started the tag! (Beth in Boots)
♥ Write about seven of your favorite things in your post!  (add at least one picture of everything!)
♥ Tag seven  people at least! ( If you don’t know seven blogs to tag just tag as many as you can)
♥ Put the seven rules in your blog post!
♥ Include the picture above for the beginning of your post!
♥ Have fun!!!

My favorite things are…

All right!  So, here we go!  (In the order I thought of them.  Please realize they might not be  in the order of my favorite, but it’s just some of them.)



My instruments!  (Sorry, I was not about to drag my piano outside.) For those of you who don’t know instruments, there is a guitar, a violin, and a banjo pictured above.  Comment below if you play any of them! This also includes all music.  I got distracted while I was taking this photo shoot, and just sat there and played violin for a few minutes.


Western apparel and horses.

I couldn’t add a horse, since my horse photos are a little outdated, but this was as close as I got.  Anyone love anything horse related?  Picture above are my Sunday boots (That’s why they’re clean), my cowgirl hat, and my boho tie.  I wish I could have pictured more, but I kinda felt it would loose it’s photogenic qualities, if you know what I mean.  Maybe you don’t.  Either way, those are some of my favorite things!


Books and reading.

Books!  Who doesn’t like books?  I just realized that one of the books are upside down.  Oops.  I guess that photo was a photography fail. 😬  But these books (with the exception of “Caleb in the Country”) are by one of my favorite authors, A.L.O.E.  I just recently read “Exiles in Babylon”.  I’m a collector of stories, whether they are in the published form or not, and that’s part of the reason I’m a writer.


Sending and receiving letters/pen-pals.

Letter writing!  Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I like myself a good, old, handwritten letter.  I send out a letter a day, mostly.  I’d say about twenty letters a month on average.  That’s roughly 240 letters a year, which is $120 in stamps.  And if on average, I write three pages for each letter, that would be 720 hand-written pages per year.  Yep, my signature might be pretty, but I write it over 240 times a year, plus I also practice it.  Did anyone say I’m obsessive?  You said the truth.  🙂



I’ve really gotten into art the last month or so.  I’ve been enjoying some pastel pencils someone gave me, and I’m super excited about trying oil!  I’ve always been into charcoal, and my favorite thing to do is portraits.  Now, I’m not saying I’m good at it…Just that I like it. There is a difference, you know. 😉



Writing.  I enjoy writing more than I can say.  I think everyone that follows this blog can tell that.  Oh, and what do you think of the picture?  I think it’s very dramatic, isn’t it?  I think I like it better than all the other photos.  (Or maybe it’s just because that hand lettering took some effort.)


Hot drinks.

Coffee.  One of my absolute favorite things is coffee.  It’s just so good, and tasty, and the bitterness is addicting.  But, I don’t like it unless it’s black.  Give me it strong and black.  (Oh, someone from the army told me that they have instant coffee, and some guys wouldn’t bother making themselves a cup of Joe.  Instead, they’d just pour the packet of instant coffee down their throat.  Talk about gross!  That’s almost as bad as drinking a raw egg.)

That, my friends, are seven of my favorite things.  Can you relate to them?


I am nominating… (Let me think…)




(Man,why do their names all start with M?)(Anna!  You stole all the good nominators!)





And there you have it folks.  You need to stalk those fella’s blogs for the next few weeks and see if the post their favorite things.  I know I’ll be stalking them.  (Oh, wait, don’t stalk Madi.  She only does tags once a year.  🙂

What are some of your favorite things?  What is your favorite art medium?  Do you enjoy horses?


P.S. HAPPY NATIONAL COW DAY!  *throws confetti* Don’t you all just love our cow friends?  I’m going to celebrate by eating beef!


Photo Dump

Hello!  Today you are privileged to be shown a few examples of my photography.  Honestly, I don’t think I’m that good, but I enjoy it and that keeps me snapping pictures.  We went to a local farm the other day to pick blueberries, blackberries, and peaches.  We had a lot of fun, but I think I took more pictures than picked berries, and of course, the berries I picked were placed into my mouth.  😉  I did pick peaches, but that was only because I was the only one tall enough to grab the biggest and ripest.  I suppose being almost six foot does pay a bit.  😂  I can honestly say I’ve grown to love my height.

Anyway, let’s get started!


This beautiful Calla lily is blooming in our yard at the moment.  I’m rather proud of this picture because I have an extremely hard time at taking pictures of bright colors, and this one turned out!


I love blueberries.  Maybe as much as strawberries.  I’m the person that eats a whole container of blueberries in two minutes.  My family has to take the blueberries away from me if they want any, because blueberries are even better than coffee ice cream.  I just love their taste.  Who else is a blueberry lover?  Who like blueberry crisp?


Me: One ripe blueberry.  Just one…(Three hours later) I think I ate too many blueberries.

Mom: Why?

Me: I dunno.  Three gallons of blueberries just doesn’t agree with my stomach.

Mom:😳 🤭


What isn’t photogenic about a corn field?  Nothing.  There is nothing that isn’t photogenic about a corn field.  It’s just like snow in that way.  I love corn.  I’ve grown up on corn every summer.  It’s a staple in our summer diet, and I absolutely love it.  I’m really hankering to eat it on the cob, but I guess braces don’t allow that.


This corn is taller than me! 😱  Did I tell you how much I love corn?


I love my daddy.  He’s an amazing role model, and a fervent Christian.  He always encourages me, wrestles with me, and tries to show me that I’m not quite able to win a thumb war with him yet.  I love his farmer hat, and I love him.  ❤


45% of the time I’m like this.


And I’m like this the other 45% of the time.  The last 10% of the time I’m like this.


(I think I’m trying to stop my mom from taking this picture, but I’m not sure.)


I have an obsession with taking pictures of our flag.  I suppose I’m a proud American gal. #proudamerican


To me, nothing is better than a peach from the state I live in.  It’s just so good, and so perfect, and I’m a fan.  The warm juice seeping into your mouth from a sun-warmed peach beats nothing.  I sure hope there’s some peaches in heaven.


Thanks, Rose, for holding the peach!  I just think this picture looks so cool, the shade and the sun, and everything about it.  Plus, it’s a peach that I got to enjoy right afterwards.  What could beat that?


Rose and her friend Sara wanted to have pictures together, so I grabbed my camera and took a few.  I like this one.  Rose’s red cheeks are so cute.  😝


This one wasn’t my favorite, but maybe that’s my own fault.  I dunno.  They both look cute, like usual!  I wish I could rock cute like they both do.


This shows both of their personalities.  Rose is more of an introvert, so she’s not going to have the huge demonstration of emotion.  Sara, on the other hand, is very extroverted and fun loving.  They’re both super sweet.


This picture shows the competitiveness of their relationship.  They always fought over who was taller.  For awhile it was Sara, but Rose recently got taller.  I wonder who will end up the taller out of the two…🤔

Well, that about sums up this post, y’all.

Do you enjoy blueberries?  Which picture was your favorite?  Are you American?  What is your favorite berry?