I’m Not Aiming for Nationals


I’m not aiming for Nationals.

Some of you might have heard of the National Bible Bee. If you haven’t, it’s basically a competition where you memorize Scripture on a certain topic, and it’s kinda like a spelling bee in a very different way. Last year was the first year I did it, and I’m doing it again this year.

Last year, my biggest dream was to get to nationals. When that dream didn’t happen, I promised myself that this year I would work as hard as possible and get there. And get as far as was humanly possible.

If you had told me a year ago that I would not be doing my absolute best in the Bible Bee, if you had told me that I would be okay with not taking the test at the end, I would have told you that you were crazy.

Amie? Not doing her best? Amie, not putting in 110%? Amie, not killing herself to win a competition? Is she still Amie?

My whole life, I’ve been the most competitive, I’ve been the obsessive, workaholic, child who has ten projects all at once. The thought that one day I would decided to let a competition slide without throwing heart and soul into it is out of character for me.

But I’ve slowly been learning that giving 110% of your energy to ten different things gives you less reward than giving 35% of your energy to three important things.

And I’ve just lost my whole audience. 😂

Trying to give all of your energy and attention to everything is the quickest way to burn yourself out, and the best way to do a terrible job at everything. In life, we need to put all and everything into the most important parts. Of course, at times it can seem like everything is important, and that’s when having set goals helps us weed down the important things in life.

Memorizing God’s Word is so important to me. But winning a competition to prove that I’ve stored God’s Word into my heart? Not as important. Would I still love to compete and win? Absolutely.

But through prayer and just evaluating my end goals in life, spending 6+ months preparing and devoting most of my energy to this competition isn’t what I need to do with my time or life. So is that a dream? Yes. Is that a goal? No.

Dreams and goals can look very similar, but in reality, they’re very different. Two dreams of mine are winning the National Bible Bee and playing a certain character in an audio drama. Are they goals? Nope. Are they going to happen? Nope. What are my goals? Some of them are building this blog, publishing books, helping people and ministering to them. Am I working towards this? Yes. Is it going to happen? Lord willing, yes.

Goals are more concrete. They’re the things you should be putting all your time and effort into. They’re more solid, they’re things that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life, doing despite setbacks, pain, and failure. If you simply have random dreams in your head, you most likely will never achieve them.

One of my favorite books is Ishmael by E.D.E.N. Southworth. In this novel, Ishmael is born illegitimately, and spends his childhood shunned by his neighbors and hated by his aunt. That sounds pretty bad, huh? But that didn’t set Ishmael back. He didn’t just pursue whimsical dreams (Oh, maybe someday I’ll be loved. Oh, maybe someday I’ll do something better than starve.) Nope! Ishmael had a clear goal, and he pursued the pathway to reach his goals, despite setbacks, personal emotions, injuries, and at times, discouragement.

Set your goals, and strive for them.

Perhaps you’ll reach your dreams while you do that.


A Medley of Opinions

The Amie Anne Board of Directors™ hard at work

The Amie Anne Board of Directors™ were surfing through the blogsphere as part of the daily job. (Amie is still trying to get more of them to comment on blog posts, so if you haven’t had a comment from Amie on your post in months, pardon the neglect. It’s been hard for the board to keep up on all things in the social media bubble.) As they were surfing, they noticed that there has been a trend going around.

And it has to do with something that we stay far away from on Amie Anne, due to Article Four of Protecting Amie’s Privacy Act. (PAP’s Act for short.) After a very heated and long board meeting, the Amie Anne Board of Directors™ have made an exception for this one post, and today, we will be talking about the trend on music.

Why people have suddenly decided to share playlists, why people actually want to hear other’s opinion on music, and why the world would like to let such a personal cat out of the bag are topics we will be examining in this post.

Please remember, as it says in Article Three of the Amie Anne Public Relations Statement, that all these answers are based on said incorporation’s opinions, instead of solid facts in the way the world works. Without further adieu, let us begin.

Why Have People Started Sharing Playlists?

From my research, playlist sharing is a common thing to do when you have no words for a photoshoot. Such bloggers often release a new playlist at the beginning of a new season.

It appears that blog readers love to see that the person behind the words has the same tastes as them. In a way, this brings the reader a false sense of closeness and familiarity with the blogger, and perhaps strikes up interesting and beautiful discussions in the comment section.

It has been noted by the Amie Anne Board of Directors™ that the comment section of the posts have rather been lacking of late, which ended in a filed complaint at Amie’s management of this here establishment. Regardless, this is us acknowledging that anything that strikes up reader interaction is a valuable and good thing to do.

which may or may not be why we are doing this post.

Why Do People Want Other’s Opinion on Music?

To Amie, music is extremely personal. It’s something that she prefers to keep to herself, which is why she rarely listens to music without earbuds. Creating music is just as personal, and usually discordant, so it is absolutely not allowed to be shared.

But there are other people in the world who enjoy people agreeing with them.

Here Amie took a break to eat pizza and she found this hilarious parody on Bad Guy, called Good Mom. 

Also, if you have never heard a song, and someone who has good taste recommends it, you’re probably more likely to listen to it. The Amie Anne Board of Directors™ recommends all of the VeggieTales songs. The beats are so sick, and the lyrics are deeper than most people realize.

Also 10/10 recommend The Pond’s music. There’s something about Floyd’s voice. It just hits the spot.

Why Let the Personal Cat Out of the Bag?

Here, every human has a different reason to discuss their personal opinion on music. Some might have the desire to show the world amazing artists, some want to fan over an album, others to encourage those around them.

There’s no bad reason to share music. There’s no bad reason to keep it yourself. It’s simply a personal preference and what you feel comfortable with.

So never join a trend unless you feel comfortable. As much as people on social media love likes, followers, and views, what’s most important that you continue staying true to yourself, and that you are always comfortable with what you post.

In behalf of the Amie Anne Board of Directors™,


Weird: Amie Anne


Hi, and welcome back to Amie Anne. Today I am doing something that Enni inspired me to do. I love Wired, seeing celebrates answer questions about themselves is hilarious, because half of the time they have no idea that those questions are even asked.

I, however, am not a celebrity. So I have not been asked to be on Wired, and probably never will. So, for the sake of those poor unfortunate souls who want to do fun things, but can’t because they’re not famous, welcome to Weird!

I’m your host, Amie, and today the lovely Amie Anne will be answering the Google Search suggestions on Amie.

first off, we start with how amie . . .

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 6.47.31 PM

How Amie? 

How to you too, folks.

How Amie Harwick died?

Hmm, not sure that this has anything to do with yours truly, or the next one, so we’ll skip it. XD

How emit works?

Well, this is rather simply. You just let out a sound, and you emit it. It’s rather simple to get it to work. My computer keys are emitting right now as I type.

Amie how many years?

That is a question I ask God every day.

Amie how to apply?

I’m glad you asked. I’m assuming you’re wondering how to apply my blog posts. There’s a slightly different strategy for each post, but here’s a simply strategy that should work for most post. Think over what I say, give it at least five minutes of deep thought, ignore all grammar and punctuation mistakes, and do whatever I tell you in my post.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 6.57.03 PM

What Amie?

I agree. What, Amie? I have no idea what I’m doing or saying, so we’re in the same boat.

What Amie means?

Amie means female friend in French, so basically any time you say my name, you’re calling me your friend. 😉

What Amie exam?

The Amie exam is a tough exam that you must take a long time to study for put on by yours truly. It tests your knowledge of history, YouTube, music, writing, and life. If you’re interested in taking this exam, just let me know in the comments below.

What Amie mean in french?

First off, French has a capital F, and second, I just told you up there.

What’s Amie in French?

It’s simply amie. *shrugs*

What Ameil means?

*nerd moment* Ameil is a variation of the name Ameel, which means “God is my kinsmen” in Hebrew.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 7.08.24 PM

When Amie?

When Amie is a wonderful piece, pathetic and full of mournful qualities.

When Amie result will be declared?

You will be told your result on the Amie exam within 48 hours of the time it is submitted.

When did Amie Harwick die?

When she stopped breathing.

When was the Amiens Cathedral built? 

In 1220, in France.

Aimee Spencer Geordie Shore?

*takes off my sunglasses and looks at you* Bless you.

When was Annie released?

Before I give you the answer, we need to take a moment to let out a deep breath. I know, I know, a quick glance at Amie, it might look like Annie. BUT my name is not Annie. Anyway, Annie was released in 1982.

Thank you so much for joining me on Weird, Amie Anne!

No problem, Amie. It was certainly a pleasure.

That’s it for this issue of Weird, tune again some other time to hear another person answer Googles Suggested Searches.


Write Now


I wrote a post on Wednesday or Tuesday.

I don’t remember because all the days are just running together.

Basically it was an angsty letter, mostly targeted to people or person who know me in real life.

Because of that, I deleted it, and yeah. It’s history. But if you read it, thank you for reading it, and I want to address one thing I mentioned in the post.

My writing.

I don’t usually talk about my writing on here, because I hate being that person who’s like, “So, I’m writing this book and maybe someday you’ll read it, maybe someday you won’t.”

that person is aka younger Amie.

But I thought that it might help my inspiration and excitement to just talk about this topic, and go through what my brain is thinking. So, I started this year with the idea that this might be the year I actually roll up my sleeves and get into the publishing world.

I had a phone calls with different people, and everyone seemed to agree. I had a good story, it seemed as if my writing was pretty good. I mean, sure, I had a lot of rewrites, but that’s okay.

Around February/March, people started piling more critique on my writing. I was telling too much, my characters aren’t sympathetic, my character was too perfect, the dialogue was unrealistic . . .

And I think it was just too much food for my inner critic.

In any world, you need to learn to take critique and shift through it, understand it, acknowledge it, and move on. But instead of doing that, I’ve just kinda let it take over my mind. Every time I sat down to write, I dwelt on it.

Oops, that paragraph told too much. That character is so stupid, no one will relate to him. Man, she’s way too perfect, gotta fix that. That was the cheesiest piece of dialogue. 

And so I would write one paragraph, delete it. Write another paragraph, delete it. Write a third, and give up. So each of my projects have been doubted, hated, disliked, and I’ve started to wonder if I should even write.

Obviously I’m just a disgrace to the name of writing.

That’s not true. No one is a disgrace to the name of the art they pursue. Because every artist begins as a beginner, and the more hours you put into it, the better you will become. So please. Never be discouraged about your art. There’ll always be people better than you, and people worse than you. Your job is to try and get as accomplished as you can.

And that, my dear, will be a life long pursuit.


So what am I writing? I’m glad you asked.

I’m rewriting a novel I’ve been working on since July or August of 2019. It’s a Contemporary Beauty and the Beast retelling, set in sunny California. This book has become my baby. I have so many snippets of before, after, and just silly things that I’ve written about these characters.

Literally everything. I have snippets about them eating chocolate pudding, to a novella I “accidentally” wrote about them having children. XD

My alphas have been the most amazing people in the world when it comes to this project. I was so excited to write it, and now I’m trying to find that excitement again. If you’re interested, you can take a peak at the Pinterest board right here.

I’m writing a short poetry pamphlet at the moment. It’ll hopefully have 15 poems in it, and it’s name will be the strikingly unique name of Fifteen. Because I’m so original. 😂

I’m also writing a stress-relieving project that has no planning whatever, and I’m only doing it to get back into the habit of writing what I think, and to practice the craft. It’s nameless, but it’s about motocross and a musician. I personally think it’s adorable, but that’s just me. XD The main character, Courtney, is just so funny. And the color theme of it is green.

don’t ask me why. but knowing the color theme helps me get into the mood. XD

And lastly I’m outlining/plotting a dystopian novel that has been rethought out a million times because I keep getting more and more critique on it, and I’m trying to make it the best version of itself that I can, which is making me extremely confused about the message of the book, the characters, and the story altogether.



But I’m still really excited about that, and TWO other things!

*throws confetti*

First of all, one of my favorite authors, Sarah Grace Grzy, launched her second book today! I’ve already read it and oh my heart, GO BUY IT IMMEDIATELY. You will never regret it.

(I’m going to be coming out with a review on it soon, so hang tight. 😉 )

Besides, the cover is so beautiful, and Sarah is a master writer, so stop trying to decide if you should or shouldn’t. You should. You really should.

Secondly, I was honored to be a guest on a podcast! I was able to talk about what helps me during my struggles, and how it’s okay to not be okay. (basically everything I say on this blog. XD) As I’ve already said, I was really struggling this past week, and just hearing myself say things I know helped me so much, so I would encourage you all to go listen to that podcast HERE and follow the Precious and Redeemed podcast!

Do you guys like posts like these? Do you want more writing updates/advice/I don’t know what, just something on the theme of writing?

Have an awesome Saturday, and enjoy this May weather.



Creating Coffee

Hello, peoples and random robot reading this.

If you’re anything like me, you love coffee. And regardless of what some people say to you, you refuse to believe that coffee, when had in moderation, can hurt you. So, as soon as a coffee fad appears on the internet, and you have nothing to do but try it, you try it. Because who doesn’t want to try a new coffee recipe?

So, I tried the whipped coffee.

Because I’m unconventional, I put the whipped coffee in coffee, because who wants to be drinking milk? Not me. Live dairy free.

actually, no. drink milk, and support the cows and dairy farmers. It’s important, okay? Okay.


The first thing I did was put some water in a measuring cup, and pop it in the microwave. I put it in there for like, a minute and a half, but I think a minute or less should be fine. You just need it burning hot.

Then, I took one tablespoon of instant expresso, and half a tablespoon-ish of sugar.

Sorry about the bad quality. XD

Once the water was boiling, I put a tablespoon into the bowl, and mixed it with the hand mixer. People say you can do it by hand, but seriously. That would be work, and who has time for that?

Whip it until it’s like, I dunno. Kinda a creamy color, and has the constancy of fluffy slime. (The fluffy part of fluffy slime, not the stringy constancy of fluffy slime. 😂)


During this whole process, I had the coffee maker creating me a delectable cup of coffee, made with fresh ground coffee. (But the beans weren’t fresh, ’cause #socialdistancing.)


I decided I wanted this to look like a Starbucks drink. So how do you create that kind of beauty at home without any of the tools? My friend, you have plastic sandwich bags. Of course, this technique doesn’t encourage the no-waste lifestyle, but during such a dire time in history, we must excuse this one lapse.


I stuck all of the fluffy goodness into the bag, and carefully created this beauty. And to finish it off? Chocolate syrup.


And now I shall go crash, because the caffeine and sugar have worn off.

See ya


Keep ’em Alive


(Stealing Jo’s idea)

Amie’s are a rare breed of creatures. As in, I’ve only heard of one other Amie. So, I can only speak from what I have studied of myself, and not from deep research of the breed. If you know of any other Amie’s (Note: Amy’s and Amie’s are two different breeds, not even in the same classification system.) please let us know, so we can continue our studies.


Dogs and stars in the sky are necessary for an Amies’ utmost happiness. When a dog shares the personality of a star, their absolute bliss is accomplished. They follow Star around the house, and likewise, Star follows them around as well.

Inseparable, and having anxiety when apart, Stars and Amies go hand in hand.


Amies enjoy retreating into caves and shutting out the world and sunshine. But in order to be in their happiest element, you must force your Amie out into the sun. Once an Amie is out in the sun, they will be out there until they are sunburned.

Of course, that also is a small problem, but Amies have high pain tolerance, and tend to hurt themselves and not care. Just make sure they don’t go back in the sun the next day, so the burn has time to heal.

Also, sunshine inside the house isn’t the same for an Amie as sunshine outside. Amies need to be locked out of the house for half an hour at the longest for optimal mind refreshment.

Tea and Coffee

Amies have a chronic addiction to tea and coffee. Amies enjoy both the same, in fact, Amies have a tea for every mood, and a coffee brew for every type of writing. (Though their favorite coffee brew is Starbuck’s decaf house blend.)

If Amies have any kind of stress, they will down 1-4 cups of coffee in one sitting. If Amies are having trouble sleeping, they will drink decaf coffee or Earl Grey tea, and fall asleep mid-cup. (Wasteful, yes, but effective.)

Don’t limit Amies’ coffee and tea consumption. It will end in stressed, sad, and grumpy individuals.


Apples are one of the four core stones in Amies’ diets. They are most happy when you have a full box of apples, and the option of eating 7-8 apples a day, if they so choose. Amies indulge in stress eating apples, and so in order to keep a healthy Amie, keep lots of apples on hand.

Amies will eat 2-4 apples on an average day, if they aren’t stressed. Apples will be their go-to snack. So unless you would like all your snacks raided, keep apples.


Music is a core part of an Amie. They will be really reserved about their music choices, though open to explore yours. If an Amie shares a playlist with you, it means you have won their confidence, and perhaps are on your way to winning their hearts.

Amies also create music. But Amies don’t view their music very highly, and tend to get easily discouraged by the lack of voice and talent. Or by their sad lack of genius. So be very gentle with your Amie when it comes to creating music with them, and never listen to them. They just need more confidence, so push them so they can fly.

At least one human

This is a tricky one. Amies would rather be alone than be with some people, but Amies need human interaction to get the most out of their brains. Preferably through the screen, but they do enjoy sitting silently in a room with a person of their choosing.

Amies find that they are able to operate best when they have at least one human to see, and if they so choose, to bounce ideas off of and rant to. They also enjoy solving other human’s problems.

Alone Time

While Amies love humans, they perish without alone time. Without late hours where the house is silent, or time throughout the day where they can look up and realize that hallelujah, they are truly, absolutely alone.

The Ability to Rant

Amies process everything internally, figuring out their beliefs on a topic. But once their deep thinking has been completed, Amies like to find a victim and hurl their whole brain spiel at them. They will only say the rant once, and then shall act as if they never brain vomited on you, but you must know that this is normal.

Ranting is a quality Amies only possess when the spirit moves. Otherwise, they will be very tight lipped about everything.


Organization is important to Amies, unless they are in the middle of a project, or it’s the kitchen. To them, clean rooms and organized clothing are as important as oxygen. If an Amies’ bed isn’t made, it’s the end of the world. But if an Amie is depressed, stressed, or otherwise mentally or physically unwell, the bed will be unmade, and the mess will cover the whole floor.

Take stock on your Amie’s organization. It’s one of the best keys to see if she’s okay or if she’s lying about her emotions.

Writing about Broken People

It’s necessary for Amies’ sanities to write about broken humans. Ones that have been crushed, smushed, and kinda fit for insane asylums. Why they must write about such sad characters is much debated, but it is necessary.

Tolerate your Amie’s emotions as she falls in love with the broken characters, and spends hours away from you painfully putting together her own Humpty Dumpty. Perhaps all the king’s horses and all the king’s men didn’t care to fix that poor creature, but this girl cares and spends hours at work.

To create a character that everyone cries for.

And you look at your Amie and wonder what happened inside their brain to create a character like the one before you. And believe me, you don’t want to know.

Do you have an Amie? If so, how could you improve your care of them? Are you an Amie?


5 Things I’ve Learned YouTubing


Hi, guys, and welcome back to Amie Anne!

In case y’all didn’t know, I’ve been regularly posting on my YouTube channel for five months, and so I thought it was time to write a post on what I’ve learned from YouTubing.

1. Being on video is wayyyy different than writing a blog post.

I mean, that should go without saying, right? But being comfortable with putting your thoughts and an occasional picture of your face is wayyyy different than being comfortable with putting a video of yourself online. At first, I was so incredibly nervous, as you can tell by some of my expressions in the videos. XD I had no idea how to act during the intros, and it took awhile for me to figure out who I was, and what I wanted my videos to be like.

Even now, it’s still hard. XD I’m still changing, and exploring different ways to video, and edit.

2. It’s hard to be an actor, videographer, and script writer all in one.

I love acting, I love coming up with scripts, and getting the PERFECT shot of a video brings such a rush, and I’m addicted to it. I love the finished project coming together, and just knowing that I had it done before the deadline. (Also known as Saturday. XD) But it isn’t easy, especially when my camera doesn’t self focus. So sometimes I get my siblings to help, but. . .a ten-year-old doesn’t exactly do the job I wanted them to do.

So at times it can be a lot of work, and slightly overwhelming, but like everything. Make yourself a schedule, take it one day at a time, and if it doesn’t work for the week, then hey. No one’s mad. Do a story time or something else that doesn’t take as much work. XD

3. Schedules matter.

I wouldn’t be able to consistently post on this blog or YouTube without a schedule. XD Since I have to write the script, video, edit, upload, I have to schedule for each day, because I also have school, a blog to maintain, people to talk to, books to write, ect.

I mean, you get the idea. XD

4. Editing Software is important.

I *clap* Can *clap* Not *clap* Stress *clap* This *clap* Enough.

Understanding your software, and having quality software is so important. This is what can take a mediocre production to the next level. Bad software can knock a superb video down a few shelves. So work on your editing, and think about how much software means to you. XD

5. Thumbnail Pictures. ‘Nough said.

I don’t know why, but thumbnails are so hard. What will cause people to be interested in your video? And seriously, do you want to put text on it or not? Do you even want to bother? (Some days I don’t so that’s why I don’t always bother. XD)

Thumbnails are an art that I have yet to master. 😦

So there’s five things I’ve learned since I started YouTube! What are some of your favorite YouTube channels?

And since my blog tour is still going on, check out those posting!

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Blog Tour Begins!

*trips in*

Dudes, this week has been something.

I’m trying to stay positive. I mean, I’m an introvert after all, right? But I guess I’ll let you all know what’s happening beyond the screen on Amie’s side.

First of all, WE STARTED THE BLOG TOUR! Down below, I’ll have the giveaway and the schedule, so y’all can follow along. I’m really excited for this tour, and for the fact that my blog is no longer a .wordpress.com blog. We’re back to our own domain! *throws confetti*

So no longer need you type in crazyadotblog.wordpress.com. You can simply type amieanne.blog, and voila! You are here.

The coronavirus didn’t seem like a really huge threat until Saturday of last week. And since then, it’s slowly escalated until on Wednesday, we found out that we have spent time with someone who was exposed to it.

Which of course, means we’re all under self-imposed quarantine. I know to a lot of people ages 15-30ish, COVID-19 doesn’t seem like a big deal, and goodness, it’s effecting so many plans for absolutely no reason.

I disagree. As someone who has bad asthma, I beg you. If you’ve been exposed or if you have symptoms, STAY HOME. As someone who has family members with weakened immune systems, listen to the President, and stay home.

Don’t travel. Don’t go anywhere if you can help it.

And I shall remain safe at home, doing things. Anyway, SO. Who’s participating in this blog tour?

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So many wonderful, amazing people! I’m super excited to see the posts up!

And now for the giveaway.


In this giveaway, I’m giving away three scrunchies, two star hair clips, a handprinted, and a necklace! This giveaway unfortunately isn’t international. *sniffles* But if you live in the US, you’re more than welcome to join!

Enter here. 

I’m super sorry this is a sloppy post. I *might* have speed written six guest blog posts in the past two days, so I’m slightly blogged out today. 😂


Women of History: Marie Curie


Science intrigues me. I get so excited after reading my physics lesson, or chemistry. Strange, I know, but that’s just me.

Most scientist that come to mind are men: Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Louis Pasteur, Isaac Newton, George Washington Carver…But today we’re going to talk about the only person to win the Nobel Prize in two different scientific fields.

Maria Skłodowski was born in Poland in 1867, the youngest of five children. Her mother died when she was ten, and less than three years before that, her oldest sister passed away. Her mother was a devout catholic, but her father was an atheist, so after her mother passed, she became agnostic.

Maria and her older sister both wanted to pursue their educations, but due to lack of funds, they came to an agreement. Maria would work and pay for her sister’s education, and after her sister graduated, the sister would do the same for Maria.

In 1891, Maria (or Marie, as she would be known in France) left Poland for Paris, France, where she studied physics, chemistry, and mathematics. She began her scientific career by investigating the magnetic properties of various steels. That same year Pierre Curie entered her life, and the two bonded over science. It didn’t take long for Pierre to purpose to Marie, but she refused, wanting to return to Poland and pursue her career in her native country.

That dream was quickly destroyed when she was refused a place at a university, due to her gender. She received a letter soon after, from Pierre, that convinced her to pursue her Ph.D. Pierre had already received his doctorate, and was promoted to professor. In 1895, Pierre and Marie were married.

During this time, William Roentgen discover X-rays, which lead Marie to studying uranium. From this study, she discovered polonium and radium. She went on to develop methods of separation of radium from it’s radioactive residues with enough to be able to study its qualities.

In 1903, Pierre and Marie were awarded the Nobel Prize for physics, for their study of radiation. In 1911, she received her second Nobel Prize, this time in chemistry, in recognition of her radioactive work.

At this time, people didn’t understand the dangers of radiation. They encouraged people to use radium to help relieve suffering int WWI, radium was put in toothpaste, and in many other daily products. Due to constant use of radioactive equipment and study, Marie became ill and died in 1934, at the age of sixty six.

I skimmed over a lot of Marie’s life, because I wasn’t sure how much would interest my readers. If you’re intrigued with science, by all means, go do a more detailed search of Marie. Her work is so exciting to learn about and it’s crucial to understand the history of medicine.