Look Out Mountain Photography

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PMToday I’m going to be taking you to a place that should be known all over the world for it’s beauty.  Wait, you’re asking me where that is?  Well, my amigo, it ’tis Look Out Mountain.  My family and I went on a delightful trip, and I brought my trusty camera along.  Today I shall bring you along with me and relive my adventures.

In other words, today you shall have to marvel at my photography and grin as I relate adventures.


When we first arrived at the cabin where we stayed, I decided to go exploring.  This was the only time I went trailblazing, because I am not fond of ticks or poison ivy.  They had this lovely bench overlooking the view, and I spent much of my time writing, reading, and thinking here.


I scrambled down this area that I was terribly afraid I would fall and roll down, and ended up coming to this very large rock.  The rock had an even better view than the bench, and so I took a few pictures.


Also, I could not refrain from taking a picture of my trusty boots.  I don’t know where I would be today without them.  😂  Unfortunately, cowboy boots don’t have any traction…So yeah.  But I like them anyway.


It had rained the day before, and this moss was so lush.  In fact, I sat on it, and became rather wet.  😐 But it was pretty, and fun to run my hand over it.


I found this spider, and when I saw the sunshine hitting it’s web, I was pulling out my camera as fast as I could.  It took a few tries, and I’m still not half happy with this little fella, but it is what it is.


I’ve been trying to work on my photography skills, so I made my brother sit for me.  This was before my personality affected him.


For some reason I do this to people.  *shakes head* Anyway, he was pretty good for a few minutes.  Maybe I should learn not to crack jokes when I’m taking pictures. 😉


So then I got my little sister to pose for me.  She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, so of course, it’s only natural that I make her pose for me.  She did so many cute things, like falling into the flowers, dancing, and just saying the sweetest things.


Her eyes kill me every time.  Maybe I’m a bit biased, but still.  ❤ ❤ ❤


And then Star was just sitting there next to me, trying to catch up on all the sleep I’ve deprived her of.  😂 She’s not as high-energy as her owner.  Which is probably good for me, since I sometimes forget about her…


❤ ❤ ❤


There were so many little yellow flowers and daisies blooming, which makes me so happy.  I honestly prefer weeds to orchids and roses.  The idea of picking them and hanging out with my youngest two sisters is what I call happiness.


And we managed to take a family picture!  With most people smiling…Star makes me laugh ever time.  Her face seems to scream, “HELP ME!” 😂


I can never sleep long when I’m away from home.  It isn’t until eleven that I actually drift off, and I’m up by six, wondering where I am.  So?  Take pictures of the sunrise, right?  I was so sleepy (not a morning person, folks!) that I lost my lens cover.  Thankfully, we found it in the bushes later that day.


The haze, y’all.  😍


The color of this picture makes me what to hold my breath.  The sun was just coming over the ridge, and ahhhhhhh!! The beauty!


Next we went to Look Out national park or something, where the mountain overlooks Chattanooga, and ahhhhhh!  AGAIN, THE BEAUTY!


The airplanes ruin some of the best photographs ever. :\


Like usual at Civil War battle fields, they had a lot of model cannons.  They’re so teeny, honestly.  (Well, says the person that has to acknowledge to everyone that she’s tall.)


The Tennessee River is beautiful, and all the trees, and AHHHHHHHH! *my brain can’t handle it*  I was literally gasping every time I turned around.  Rose kept telling me to calm down.  😂


This was before I read a sign that said you aren’t supposed to climb on the rocks.  I made Rose climb up so I could take her picture. 😉


I’m so proud of this picture!  Honestly, everyone is AMAZING.


Here’s the picture Rose took of me on the same rock. 😉


We passed this kind of Sassafras or something, and it smelled out of this word, honestly.  And so I had to take a picture. 😉


I love dandelions.  I picked so many and cast so many wishes. 😉 And I think all of them were more than fulfilled.


I love the color of the cannon. ❤


The dogwoods were blooming, and the lighting made me hyperventilate.  Not really, but I was so close.  I think I jumped up and down.  Without Rose next to me, I would be in trouble.  She’s always like, “Calm down.”  And I’m like, “BUT LOOK AT THE FLOWERS!  THE LIGHTING!  AHH!”




And then the next day we went on a long walk in the early morning, so I could get the morning light.


I’ll be honest.  I feel 100% in love with this mountain, and with everything around it.


Like I said, I love weeds.


There’s something that makes me so happy with old bird houses and blue skies.


And then our trip was over.  The beauty seemed a world away, but I had some of it in my camera, and the rest of it went into my heart.

I hope you enjoyed this photo dump.  Comment below if you want me to do a birthday haul or not.  I’m undecided.

EDIT: I forgot to put this in here before.  Heheh,  Anyway, I have two good friends that have their birthdays coming up, and they’re trying to reach 100 subscribers before then.  First, we have Garrett, who blogs at Sovereign Swag.  (AH, my favorite Christian blog at the moment!) And next we have Noah, who blog at in Kyoto, which is so interesting.  So go follow this two!


Thanksgiving 2018

Whew, is it already over?  I slept late this morning, something I NEVER do, but…I didn’t get up until eight. XD  Yes, I had so much fun that I was worn out.  And no, I actually barely at anything.  I ate was four sugar cookies with frosting because, y’all, I LOVE FROSTING!

*cough* But, that’s beside the point.  For Thanksgiving we went to our awesome friend’s house, who we like to call our cousins.  It was so much fun hanging out with Jaclynn, Mandalynn, and Miranda, and just fellowshipping and laughing.  (We laughed, like, A LOT.) XD

Jaclynn making her famous rolls. 😛

We got to their house about two, and they gave me the rundown on what’s been happening in their busy lives.  I must admit that I loved the car ride there.  I’m the kind of person that loves earphones and music, and the soothing movement of the car.  I tried to write letters on the way, but the road was just a bit too rough.


The girls were busy cooking for some of the time before dinner, so I explored outside and made sure the littles weren’t killing each other.  I thought this was the cutest thing ever. ❤


Rose and Sara had lots of fun talking as well.  They’re best of friends, and suddenly become quiet when I approach them. XD I think secrets of some sort were being shared.


Baby Sis and Little C were so cute together!  Little C loved tackling everyone that came his way, and his smile was so cute!  Yes, he was totally ADORABLE.


We had to take our typical selfie together.  Last year we took a selfie right in front of my family’s van and so we had to again this year.  After dinner we decided to set out for a photoshoot.  Sadly, I don’t have a DSLR at the moment, so we just had to borrow my dad’s phone. 😀


We found some crab apples, and so I was able to try them for the first time.  THEY WERE SO GOOD!  When I have my own house, I’m planting four crab apple trees, because they’re just that good.  The perfect mixture of sour and sweet.


We saw THE CUTEST donkeys on our way, and so we stopped to pet them and some super friendly goats.  The donkeys were so soft, and sweet, and now my heart is totally stolen by donkeys. ❤ Can you guess what pet I want next? XD


I mean, seriously, what can be cuter than that little face?  (Okay, this post seems to be me gushing about cute toddlers and adorable donkeys, LOL.)


For some reason I just think this picture is so pretty.  The lightening and then us?  Yep, Jaclynn did a wonderful job taking this picture.  I wish I could remember ever last thing we said to each other.  We talked and joked so much, that all my thoughts seem to run into each other.


Sometimes, I wish that a day could suddenly become 48 hours, and that I had a memory that would last forever.  Yesterday was one of those awesome days that you’ll forever treasure because you’re with people you love, and that love you.  It was lovely. ❤


We love trees for photo props, for some reason.  They’re really neat, except by the end of the photo shoot we all had dirt and bark in our hair. 😛  The three sisters posing. 😀


We all had to take turns taking the pictures.  Jaclynn and Mandalynn were the chief photographers because they wanted me to be in the pictures. XD  This picture came after a row of pictures of us goofing off.  It’s really hard for me to stay serious in front of the camera.


Who said we had to be serious?  It’s thanksgiving after all, time for us all to be a turkey.


We each took a picture of us by ourselves.  Miranda wanted to climb in the tree for hers.  The evening light was sometimes a bit tricky, but it was still so pretty!


Mandalynn.  She was sniffing the air and saying, “Ah, it smells just so fresh!” XD Yes, the air did certainly smell fresh.  I didn’t realize how cold it was outside until we went back to the house, but it was definitely a brisk and fresh afternoon.


We tried to take a picture of Jaclynn throwing her hair back, but…It didn’t exactly work out. XD So we went with this picture. 😀


Apparently I’m ruining a really good shot. XD Miranda definitely looks the coolest.  I’m afraid the food had gotten to me, and so I could only pose a bit unnaturally. XD


This was one picture that failed.  I was supposed to be doing pull ups while they were looking at me impressed, but the only person that was doing what they were supposed to was me. 😛 Jaclynn looks like she’s scared I’m going to break the branch, while I’m not sure what Mandalynn is looking towards.


The sisters look so sweet together!  I enjoyed taking this picture for them. 🙂


Apparently when I stood my full height, I made them look too short, so I had to shorten myself.  After this picture, we continued our walk.


We found a cow trailer, and thought it would be a very good place to take some more pictures.  But…Well, we kinda goofed off the whole time, so a lot of the pictures didn’t turn out.  XD


Mandalynn and I started talking about short stories we’re writing, which ended with us laughing, and joking.  It was hard to keep our faces straight while we posed.


We came up with funny jokes and phrases.  Somehow they seem to stick with us.  Most of us all have an inside joke about our future, or something along those lines.


We thought it would be a good idea to all jump at the same time and take a picture.  The only problem was that Mandalynn thought we meant jump off the trailer instead of just jump up.  XD So this is what the picture looked like.


We can be serious.  Believe me, we really can.


Or not…

The rest of the night was spent in singing, and listening to stories read or told by their dad.  And then came the cookie decorating, but I didn’t take any pictures of that.  You know my style of cookie decorating.  Who cares if it’s pretty?  The more fluffy icing, the better!


And that’s the end of this post!  We had the best time ever, and it was full of friendship and laughter.  I’m already looking forward to next time…

How was your Thanksgiving? Do you like donkeys?  What is your favorite photo prop?


Birthday Recap


Wow, are you ready for another lifestyle post?  Seems I get into moods and post a lot of similar posts.  Anyway, today we have a fun birthday recap!  Don’t worry, it won’t take all day to read this.  I just have about a hundred photos to show you.  😂

Before I get into the weekend, we’ll start with a story.  I was working on a story for a contest when suddenly I get a FaceTime call.  Who would it be?  Well, my mom who was on the other side of the house.  I love you too, Mom.  🙂


If I look a little annoyed, to be honest, I was.  And yes, I was actually listening to music…At least…I think I was.  But that’s my sweet mom, and my brother’s head is cut off in the picture.  I made sure to take a screen shot.  Now for the Birthday weekend.

My Birthday “weekend” as I’ll call it started Thursday.  What did it start with?  A good breakfast and heading to the gun range.  My older brother, younger sister, and dad went with me and our friend also came.  It was our friend’s guns that we shot.

We look like chipmunks!  Lol!

I have the best little sis ever.  She wanted to come, but at the same time it wasn’t her kind of thing.  I’m the outdoorsy, adventurous one, while she’d rather be painting nails, and reading a book.  (Not that I wouldn’t want to read…)

She shot two different guns and then decided she was done.  But that didn’t wipe the sweet smile from her face.  She was still up to sitting there and encouraging us on.  Love you, sis!


Yikes!  My dad is a dead-shot.  I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of his gun.  My dad jokingly says that he’s going to get a gun to chase guys away from me.  I think if any guy saw that target, they’d be running off.


My brother was a very intent shooter.  He wasn’t too bad himself, but watching him shoot made me laugh.

Thursday was a ton of fun, and I’m ready to go back right now.  It was crazy exciting, and I would recommend going to the range for you birthday too! 😉

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Friday was my actual birthday, and I knew I wanted to go hiking.  Nothing’s better than going hiking.  (Okay, shooting and horseback riding are tied with it.)  I chose a place, and woke everyone up early.  (Well, I didn’t.)

I dressed Snowball up in his happy birthday vest and bow, but he wasn’t too pleased.  He soon shed both, and was doing his happy jumps.  My siblings were very excited for me to open my gifts.  I opened them, and here are a few.  (Sorry about the lighting.)


The Knight Series by Chuck Black!

My younger brother got the Kingdom Series for his birthday, and of course I wanted the Knight Series.  I’m blown away!  I’ve read the first four so far.  Ahh!  This is my new fandom.  Sir Kendrick was amazing, but I enjoyed Sir Bentley better.  Sir Dalton???  Anyone enjoyed it so much that they couldn’t put it down?  Lady Carliss?  AHHH!  The Esca Lizards were amazing…And she was so brave!  And she risked her life, and her love’s life for what she was called to do.

If you don’t have this series on your shelf, you need to get it was fast as you can.  It’s amazing!


My older brother got me this book.  If you haven’t gotten a Lamplighter book, go hurry!  You NEED to!  Mr. Hamby is so nice, and all the books are so encouraging!  I asked Mr. Hamby which book I should read next, and he told me “The Pillar of Fire.”  We have over a hundred Lamplighter books, and I’ve read all of them once, and most of them more than that.  My favorites are “Ned Franks, The One Armed Sailor”, “The Hidden Hand”, “The Wide Wide World”, and many others!  “A Lost Pearle” is amazing too!  Really, you can’t go wrong with them.


My sweet pen-pal, Sam, sent me this book.  I haven’t read it yet, but I’m looking forward to it.  Everyone I’ve asked says it’s a great book.  It might just rank up to “Whatever the Cost,” by Jason and David Benham.  We’ll see. 😉


Can we laugh?  We all know I’m a horrible cook.  But, I love the book “Happy Happy Happy”, so I was thrilled to see this.  I’m deciding what to try first.  Maybe we’ll have a post about cooking in the future.

Those are some of my favorite gifts.  I forgot to take pictures of some, and mostly it was just stationary, pens, thinking puddie, and a necklace.

After a hearty breakfast, we climbed into the car, and rode a delightful 2 1/2 hours to where I chose to hike.  I enjoy long car rides, and guess what we listened to?


If you’ve never listened to the Bontragers, you must!  It’s amazing music, and it’s Godly, and it’s an amazing style.  They have great voices and harmony.  There’s nothing to dislike there.  (Unless you like rap.  They are definitely not rappers.) I’m actually listening to their music right now.  If you like fiddles, you had better get it.  (Y’all!  They even have a dobro!  After mandolin, that’s the next instrument I want to dabble with.). If you like piano playing, they have that too.  It’s jut great wholesome music.

Once we got to our hiking place, we checked out the gift shop, and my parents headed back to the car to get lunch.  I was placed in charge of the littles.  If I’m in charge of the littles, why not pull out the camera and take pictures?


Baby sis…




Little Sis…

After my lunch of ham and turkey, we packed everything up and set off.  We went to a canyon type place.  It was beautiful!  We decided to hike for three miles, and it was above eighty degrees.  Beautiful weather!

But, we had to wait a little bit as my mom and dad got my younger sister into her backpack.  So, what did I do?  Photo time!


I liked the pine bark, and I was also just playing around.  I like how it turned out.  What do you think?


I have this thing for fences.  First, take a picture and then what do you do?  Climb it!  My sister and I have climbed barb wire a few times.  Only, I wouldn’t advise that.  I got my poor sister into trouble.  Who would have guessed the cows were actually in that pasture?


Another birthday gift!  Isn’t it beautiful!? 😍  Yes, I’m in love with this hat.  It fits perfectly, and the colors!  My favorite color ever!  And the embroidery?  Please, guys, tell me this is the prettiest cowgirl hat you’ve ever seen.  It’s the prettiest one I’ve ever seen…For sure.

Plus, it’s a pretty good prop.


So, a little off the trail were some really old cars that were just left to rust.  They were fun to take pictures of.  What do you think of this picture?  I must say, I’m pretty proud of it.


See?  It’s a canyon.  We hiked to the bottom, and then right back up again.  Isn’t it lovely? The colors were brilliant, and striking.  I must say, this was one of the most enjoyable hikes I’ve ever been on.


The sky was so pretty, and everything around the canyon was so green.  It really was a beautiful day!

There was a small church nearby, and so we stopped to look at the graveyard.


This one just pulled at my heartstrings.  Poor S.O and S.J. Lee.  Their son, Eugene, died before he was one.  The inscription at the bottom said, “In Heaven there is one angel more.”  😥


There were many slave graves, making it rather hard to walk.  I kept tripping over them. (I know, it’s terrible.) This always makes me want to cry.  They deserved just as much honor as any other person there.


M.T and M.J. lost four children, each before they were nine.  No, not all at the same time…Just over the years.  Think about the pain in that mother’s heart.  Think about each little lamb that she laid in the sod.  Giving each one back to their Creator.  I can just imagine the happy reunion in heaven when these parents met their “precious little lambs”.


I wonder when he died…Was it during the war?  I almost think he was buried elsewhere…And his family put this marker up.  I wouldn’t doubt he was the son of M.T. and M.J. that had lost those other four children.  What if he died during the war?  Think of the pain of those parents.  *Stifled sob*


Another soldier.  Only a private.  Hmm, he lived roughly thirty years after the war.  What did those thirty years hold?  Where they good?  Or where they full of sorrow?  Maybe you can see why I like visiting graveyards.


Another soldier.  I am beginning to think that maybe these that don’t have the date they were born or died were set up in honor for them.  Maybe by the UDC?


What was Wilburn’s story?  Did he have a happy home?  What did he sacrifice for that bloody war?  Was it his life?  His love?  His home?  His youth?  If only I could know…


That’s it.  Just F.M.Bass Co. G.46.  What else?  What is his story?  Did he go to heaven?  Or to hell?  In what way did he impact people?  What does F stand for?  There’s so much more in a graveyard than stones.  Someone actually bore those names…Someone actually knew them…Loved them…and perhaps prayed for them.


He died…In Griswoldville.  A small battle on November 22, 1864 near Macon, in Georgia.  It was the first battle of Sherman’s March to the sea.  Perhaps this man was protecting his land.  Maybe it wasn’t about slavery anymore.  Maybe he stood to protect his wife and children because his countrymen were standing on his land…Threatening to burn his house.  It wasn’t a war anymore for him…Perhaps…It was only self defense.

And we never hear of Griswoldville, do we?  It was a small skirmish of men standing up to protect their homes…And many of them died for it.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

And on Saturday my younger sister and I went horseback riding.  But that’s another story for a different time, since I just realized the word count is 1744, and I really have to get some dishes washed.

Till next time,



To Nashville! (and beyond!)

November 30, 1864.

Slowly, I pull my bare feet forward.  I hardly have the strength to go on.  We all know that — Hood is going to kill us yet.  I just pray to God that it isna here.  That it isna here.

March 7, 2018

I hug my coat closer and wish I had looked at the weather.  Who knew it would be snowing?  I stomp my feet and wish I hadn’t worn my cowgirl boots.  And yet, it was better than bare feet…and it was better than dying on this field.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Where have I been all week?  In Franklin and Nashville, Tennessee!  Studying about good homeschoolers and battles bravely fought and bravely won.

It was so much fun, and so thrilling to learn about those men in Tennessee, and about the Generals…and to meet new friends.  I wrote about it so I would remember everything.  Before I get started, please realize half of the houses you couldn’t take pictures of the inside.  (I know!  I was totally bummed out.)

Stop #1: Rippavilla


“They got away?  You were supposed to close the road!  You were supposed to stop them!  You were supposed–“

“Sir? Would you like more coffee?”

“Coffee?  When an army just snuck through my grasp?  Well, perhaps.”

In the yard of this stately house, the skirmish of Spring Hill was fought.  General John B. Hood had strategically placed his men to entrap the enemy…But somehow that failed.

To be honest, this house wasn’t my favorite.  The outside was beautiful, but the inside?  Eh, if you like mansions and work, this was your house.  I just like the magnolia trees and the yard.  It even had a gazebo!

Since it wasn’t my favorite spot, we’ll move on.

Stop #2: Observation Hill


Hood stood next to me, irate as ever.  On his long face, his beard seemed to prickle.  “We attack them here.”

The Union army of 2,000 troops walked straight through the Confederate army of the same strength on the night of November 29. It was reported that several Union troops were caught while lighting their pipes in Reb fires.  We are not exactly sure why the Union army wasn’t stopped.  One Reb walked to Hood’s headquarters and informed him of what was going on.  Hood insisted he had told Cheetham take care of the matter–The only problem was that Cheetham was a drunk.

The Union forces ran all the way to Franklin, hoping to cross over the river and into the safety of Nashville.  However, that was not to be.  The bridges had washed out.

Hood chased the Union army to Franklin, where he realized he had to make his move before the bridges were built–before the Union army got to Nashville.  It seemed to be a now or never moment for Hood.  But Hood’s officers disagreed.

Standing in the same place as men like Hood, Forrest, and Cleburne was amazing.  I enjoyed learning about the men while I was there, and seeing the view.

Stop #3: The Carter’s house


I closed my eyes.  That couldn’t be Uncle Todd.  It couldn’t have happened.  The doctor looked up and said, “Please hold that candle steady.”  I will never forget it.  Never, even though I am but eight.

The sad story of the Carter house stands out in my thoughts.  Maybe because the house itself was my favorite…maybe because the family reminded me of my own.

The Carter house was inches away from the Union strongholds.  In fact, the Union lines broke right at their house.  They have a small shed out in the back that is riddled with bullet holes.  There’s a cannon hole in the side of the house.

The family stayed in the cellar during the attack, as they didn’t think that the Rebs would actually attack in Franklin.  Would you attack men that had dug six feet into the ground and made breastworks?

The whole battle, minus forty-five minutes, took place in the dark.  It was hand to hand combat in the smoky darkness.  One survivor said that the smoke was so dense, he couldn’t pry his eyes open.  When he did, it was only to save his own neck.

The saddest part of the battle is that Fountain Carter came out of his cellar to see bodies everywhere…and then a Reb came up to tell him that his son, Todd, was lying injured on the battlefield.  This same son was supposed to be in a Union prison.

They found Todd…and three days later…he died.

Stop #4: Carnton


“Your house will be used as a Confederate hospital.  I’d expect the men to arrive in fifteen to twenty minutes.”  And maybe they won’t ever leave–In fact, they might stay buried in your yard.

I’ve been to Carnton before, so it wasn’t as exciting.  How many have read The Widow of the South?  What?  None of you?  Okay, if you’re over thirteen, go read it immediately.  It’s amazing and it really makes you think.

I’m not going to dwell on Carnton too much.  If you like graveyards, go to Carnton.  If you like looking at dead soldiers names…go to Carnton.  If you like stories of brave women during wartimes…go to Carnton.

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Wait!  I’m not done with my visit, but I’m going to give you some human sides of this.  Like, what I did and thought.  I slept with my little sister, Rose, the whole trip.  She likes to cuddle.  And sleep in the middle of the bed.  Very annoying for me, since I do not like cuddling.

Here’s the quote of the trip.  (Credit to my younger sister)

Did you know the night is so long?  It’s longer here than at home.

My judgement on coffee during this trip.  At the first hotel it was so bad.  It smelled like charcoal.  And it tasted like stevia.  But, the second hotel’s coffee was so good, that I risked my life to go and get it at ten at night.

I enjoyed the tour, but the conference?  Well, I liked the vendor hall and meeting new people and seeing old acquaintances.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Stop #5: Shy’s Hill


IT SNOWED THAT NIGHT!  It had flurries all Wednesday, but Thursday it actually snowed on the ground.  It was a dusting–But still!

Shy’s hill was beautiful.  The story of courage, of fortitude, and of danger is thrilling.  Colonel Shy was told to hold this hill during the battle of Nashville.  When they saw a regiment of Minnesotans rushing up the hill, half of Shy’s men ran for their dear lives.  However, Shy stood firm and fought like a true man.

When shot in the head at point blank range, the hill was taken.  Shy’s body was the only body out of those Tennesseans that died there to be shipped home.  In fact, Shy’s body has a funny story to it.  However, I don’t have time or room to tell.  If you’d like to hear it, comment below.

Stop #6: Tennessee Capital


Well, this is actually stop seven, but I don’t feel like telling you about stop six.  Anyway, we learned about Jackson, Polk, Johnson, and Sam Davis here.  Each man has an interesting story in his own right.

The statue above is of Jackson.

Did I know all this before the trip?  Um, most of it…Only because I read about it in a book about the Army of Tennessee.  You would like to learn more?  Read Company Aytch by Sam Watkins.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Now, ready for the last bit of news?  *Grins really wide*. You won’t guess it.


Did you say bunny?  A new bunny?  Now where did you get that idea?  Well, Snowball got a friend…his own blood brother to be exact…and we’ve named him Hedgcock, after our favorite author.

Sadly, Snowball would run away as soon as I got out the camera, but Hedgcock enjoyed posing for me.

What more history?  Think Hedgcock is cute?  Been to Nashville?  Comment below!


A Voice for the Voiceless

There are 857,475 people who will not be graduating this year.  Why?  Because those children were aborted.  Killed before they even had a voice.  Killed before they could even cry.


People stand for cancer.  People call you heartless if you don’t re-pin a picture of a cancer patient.  I call you heartless if you do not stand for the unborn.  If you do not stand for what you believe in.

How many of you are pro-lifers?  How many of those pro-lifers went to stand at their capitols with other pro-lifers?  How many of you joined in that silent march for those silent children?


Today, my family and I went to stand for what we believe in.  We went to be a voice for the voiceless.

How many of you shudder when you think of what Hitler did in the Holocaust?  How many of you hurt for those Jews?  Today, right now!  We Americans are in a modern-day Holocaust.  We are mercilessly killing unborn children.  For what?  Because we don’t want them?

I will walk alone…If I have too.

Please!  Pray for repentance of our Nation!  Pray that the hearts of the mothers might be turned toward their children.  This week, I hope you joined fellow pro-lifers in standing for what you believe in…for it is only the cowards that stay away.

That wasn’t all that we did (or are doing) today.  Today is Rose’s birthday!  So go wish her happy birthday for me on our blog here.  We also met up with our “cousins” at the March for Life.

Selfie time! Left to right: Me, Miranda, Jaclynn, and Mandalynn

Jaclynn, Mandalynn, and Miranda are some of the most special people in my life.  Go check out their blogs and follow, for my sake if nothing else.  These girls inspire me to serve God to my fullest every time I see them. They are more amazing than I am ❤

Trying to get that dome in!

Remember, we are to be a voice for the voiceless.

Of course, cousin Peter wants a selfie with this famous blogger 😉


Totally Awesomely Eclipsey?

We went to South Carolina this weekend to stay with some friends.  They lived where the eclipse would be in totality.  So, Monday at 2:40ish we all stood in a school yard near there house to watch this amazing work of God.

It was so awe-inspiring.  Nothing can even be compared to it.  I enjoyed taking pictures.  All right, maybe my friend and I got a little carried away with the shadows but you have to say they were really cool.  All the shadows were crescent-shaped because the sun was only a crescent.

So here’s some pictures that are cool.  But remember, they don’t even do it credit.  It was something you really had to see for yourself.


The sun at 1ish in the afternoon.  Aren’t the beams cool?IMG_8745.JPG

All of us kids wearing our glasses.  I’m in the pink shirt on the left corner.fullsizeoutput_56b8.jpeg

Okay, I got a little hungry and there was a scuppernong vine.  Who could resist?IMG_8790.JPG

The sun less than 7 minutes before the total eclipse.IMG_8804.JPG

Yeah!!!! It’s in totality!!!!!!IMG_8799.JPG

Okay, the weird part was the crickets started to sing when it reached totality, and all the lights turned on.  It cooled off (boy, was it hot!) and people set off fireworks.  It was really strange.IMG_8803.JPG

The sunset at 2:40ish!  It was crazy (but that’s kinda why it’s on this blog XD).IMG_8806.JPG

I saved the best for last.  Well, this one’s not the best but the shadows were awesome.  Check out how they’re crescents!IMG_8788.JPG




It was so cool, like SOOOOO cool.  I wish you could have all experienced it.  If you did, please leave a comment below about your experience.  Thanks for looking at my pictures!–Amie