Snowball Rabbit

Snowball Rabbit is Amie’s baby, pet, and the animal she gushes over.  Termed by Amie as “Wascely Wabbit,” “Cutie Pie,” and “Bunny Boy,” this rabbit is a year old.  He is known for his lovable personality if he has his chew log, and you don’t put sticks in his cage.  He enjoys baths, walks, and bunny bites, and hates getting his claws cut.  His best friend is our cat, Angel.  They play together, and the game for Snowball is try to jump over the cat before she claws me.  His favorite food is tied between apples, watermelon, and strawberries.

He is known as a very spoiled bunny, and is a writer for his owner’s magazine, Christ’s Ready Writers.


Here is Snowball at three months when he first came home.

My sister’s foot!!!

Here he is in his little vest that he has outgrown.


And here he is lastly, showing his patriotic spirit.