These are a few of the different things I’ve written.  I hope you enjoy them!


The Tifton Mill

This story is a short story I wrote for a contest.  It’s a historical fiction about Annabella Smith and life in a mill town in Georgia.


The Reluctant Reader

Elmira is a poor girl who has an intense thirst for books.  One day she is caught by a rich man’s son reading.  When that son admits he dislikes reading, Elmira takes up a course that will change his life.


Beyond the Glass

Alaina is stuck.  She is a captive to the white-robed figure who will never give her her freedom…Until she realized what she had to do.



A couple has a rather strange taste in names, and they cannot agree what to name their child.  At birth, the parents find out it is not just one child, but two!  What they named the children led to a story full of whatevers.


Snow Nightmare

A scream echoes outside my window. Slowly all the houses’ lights turn off. My house is next.  Fear grips my side as I start shaking my head.  I didn’t think this would actually happen.  I thought the warnings were just pranks.