For Animal Lovers

I love animals, and I cannot lie.  I love baby animals just a bit more than human babies, and I tend to obsess over cute animals.  I don’t fangirl very often about fandoms, but if you get me started on animals…I may not stop sending you pictures and all caps. 😉

So, today I am going to fulfill my animal loving spirit, and just show you all the pictures I have taken of animals I have seen recently.  Which is a lot.  Anyway, let’s dive into this ramble. 😉


So not long ago we went to the zoo (again) and I got a few adorable pictures.  The sun bear was SO CUTE. 😍 Like, he’s not allowed to be that cute, and so I snuck a few pictures of him.  This one was the best that I got. 😉


Of course, we saw the tiger, too.  I honestly love tigers.  What’s not to love about them?  I WISH MY HAIR WAS THE COLOR OF A TIGER.  That orange, y’all.  It’s to die for.  Anyway, we also saw the pandas.  *smiles for all you panda lovers*


AND DA PANDA WAS ASLEEP.  (Okay, too many caps, but the panda?  Please ❤ ) I just want to hug the little cutie.  Anyway, the zoo was okay, I’m not fond of looking at animals in cages.  Once you’ve seen them, you’ve seen them, and you can move on.  So yeah. 😉


So nearby where I live, there’s a nature preserve which we love going to.  They let you have a golf cart, and I’m allowed to drive it.  (The only thing I’m allowed to drive…)   Anyway, one Wednesday my dad took the little kids out, and my older brother was working, and I said that it was just the day for a hike.

My mom agreed with me, and so we went on an adventure.  (I wish we could go on more spontaneous adventures, but sadly life doesn’t work that way.)


We found this beautiful area that was full of moss.  It was so much fun to take pictures!


Moss is such an interesting thing.  I love how it looks close up.

Of course, after moss, it was time to take pictures of my family.  Moss obviously isn’t as important as they are. 😉


Rose is so much fun that take pictures for!  She’s the best. ❤


Little Sis told me what to do, and so I did it.  I think she wanted pictures to send to her penpals…🤨


And, of course, we need a simply magical picture of my sisters running to attack me.  😂  I was at the go-cart, and I was about to drive away, so apparently they didn’t want to live in the woods forever.


And then we went to an animal rescue, and so if you haven’t noticed a theme, we seem to like animals, LOL.  And nature.  ANYWAY, I saw donkeys, and I knew I needed to take pictures of them. 😉


AHHHHH!  Donkey noses are THE cutest, and they’re so very soft.  Though not as soft as a pony’s mouth.  Anyway, if I had land, I’d have a donkey, because they’re so sweet and cute.


Look at the beautiful cow! Something about red cows just makes me so happy.  (Something about cows period makes me happy.)


Now, I’m not a sheep lover in any sense of the term.  Sheep, chicken, and pigs are about the only animals I don’t have an intense love for.  I like eating them, but my love stops there.  But this brown sheep was absolutely ADORABLE! 😍


Of course, everyone needs a good picture of these not-so-smart birds.  Honestly, to me chickens and sheep are the dumbest, stinkiest, dirtiest animals God created.  Maybe that’s why He gave them to us to eat. 😛


Our friend’s goat just had triplets, and so I had to take pictures.  Kids (baby goats) ARE THE CUTEST things that ever came to earth.  They run around bleating, and they aren’t as scared as lambs.  (Blah.  Lambs.)


Honestly, it is so cute to see the momma goat taking care of her little kids.  AWE!




And then we move on to the cows.  We had just let the cows into a new pasture, and so they were eager to start eating fresh, green, grass.  The calves were so cute!


I mean, what’s not cute about that?  IT’S LICKING IT’S NOSE, Y’ALL!


Jersey’s are honestly the prettiest cows ever.  They’re such a pretty fawn color, and they just look like cows should look.


And they have such diverse colors, and markings.  I love the dark face of this cow. (I think its name is Diana, but I might be wrong.)


And then, of course, we have the horses.  Cannon and Fire-and Ice are two sweeties if horses ever were sweet.


Funny story.  It was muddy one day when I decided to get on Cannon bareback.  I’m terrible at climbing up on horses (And Cannon and Fire aren’t small horses).  A friend boosted me up, but I went a little too far, and fell into the mud underneath Cannon.  😂


Cannon wasn’t as photogenic as Fire.  This was a picture I snapped of him as he indignantly ran away from the strange, clicking box.


And lastly, a beautiful picture of Fire, just because he’s amazing. ❤

Would you consider yourself an animal lover?  What is your favorite kind of animal?  Whose prettier, Fire or Cannon? (Fire’s the Pinto.) (And you better be nice about it. 😛 )


Zoological Garden (and more)

I have just survived two days without WiFi, which weren’t all that bad, to be honest.  Why?  Well, look into the cute face of the culprit.  *glowers*


Yes, my bunny chewed the internet cords and somehow survived?  I’m like, dude, how did you not get shocked?!!?!  And do you know what agony I went through because of you?

And yet, as I look into his adorable face, and watch his “bunny-jumps”, I actually have forgiven him.  Snowball, you’ve stolen my heart even more than coffee.  ❤ 😂

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

But no, that was not what I was going to talk about.  Instead!  I was going to tell you about our trip to the zoo.  My darling younger sister, Emma,  turned a year older, and her wish was to go to the zoo.

Into the car we piled, after having a very early morning, and a very early breakfast.  I hadn’t been to the zoo since my ninth birthday, so it was nice to see how it changed.


First stop were the flamingos!  To be honest, I don’t understand what people like about them.  Look at their heads, they’re just so ugly.  And they stink–bad–even in forty degree weather.  But, that’s a cow-loving, crazy girl’s opinion.  Flamingos do not smell like cows, so they obviously don’t smell good, right?


The elephant.  I really like elephants.  They just look so good natured, don’t they?  You just want to go up and give the big fella a hug, don’t you?  He’s actually cute, in a red, wrinkly, old kinda way.  But, I like elephants.


The lions!  They wouldn’t stop roaring and…Hey!  Mr. Lion, you’re blinking in the middle of MY picture.  *offended humph*  Well, I’ll just remember to blink when you take a picture of me.  We’ll call it even, then, okay?  Haha….Anyway, I was saying.  They wouldn’t stop roaring.  We heard them almost all morning.  But, that’s the feel of a zoo, right?  Wait, how did the word zoo originate anyway?  Probably has to do with zoology.  Let me look it up.

Ahem, in the 19th century, zoo was actually zoological garden, but since we live in an age of shortening EVERYTHING, we changed it to zoo.  Interesting.


Okay, a random picture of a strange bird.  Don’t ask me the name.  I’m into Anatomy and medicine, not zoology.  Especially not zoology


Oh no!  The birthday girl all of a sudden became a lion!  What will we do?  Awe, I’m a partial sister, and I think Emma is one of the cutest little girls on the planet.  ❤


And here is a dinosaur I found that hasn’t died yet.  Just kidding, it’s actually only an alligator snapping turtle.  I’ve seen these in the wild, but not this big.  Y’all, this thing was HUGE!  And then it started swimming…And it was pretty amazing.


Guys, I really thought that rock up there was a real turtle.  Like, no lie.  I was looking at the cage next to it that has turtles that look JUST LIKE THAT, and I turned around and saw it.  My first reaction?  Jump and think in my brain, “The little guy got out!!”  Haha, thankfully it turned out to be just stone.  (How many people are like me and neglect the rule, ‘do not touch’?  I just have to touch all the stone structures just to make sure.)


Look how pretty he is!  (Or she?)  I was taken away how bright the colors are!  I could look at this picture all day.  *contented silence*


Awe!  This is a cute gorilla! (If gorillas are cute.  What nonsense that we are related to them.  I refuse to believe a relative of mine ever looked like….that.). The sad thing was that the gorillas started fighting after this picture, and a school group of seven year olds all started yelling “Fight!  Fight!” in unison.  It was saddening.


Guys!  This red panda was even cuter in person!  You wanted to pick it up and squeeze it!  I want a pet red panda! Anyone with me?


Another cutie!  I love animals!  Isn’t it adorable?  Almost reminds me of the cutest animal on earth–a cow!  Haha!  Okay, to end with my favorite photo I took.  🙂

So, prepare yourself.  Don’t scroll down too quickly.  I want you to take a deep breath, and think about Scotland, and maybe a few thoughts of the heather there, and then compare that to Texas?  Getting a picture in your mind?  And compare North Texas with Southern Arizona.  Getting a picture?  Compare that with Southern Texas.  Ready?


Isn’t he the cutest?  Just kidding.  Imagine meeting that in real life.  I’m liking you in the cage, Mr. Snake, but please do not cross my path in real life.  I have some funny stories about these snakes, though, that I could tell.

And now, before I move on, I’m going to compare a picture of me and my mom.  People tell me I look like her, so let’s have y’alls opinions.  Ready?


What do y’all say?  I look like my mom or not?  A little?  Comment down below!

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

I was told to watch my younger sisters outside, so what did I do?  I decided to have a photoshoot!  All right, here we jump in to it!


I don’t know what she’s doing here.  She wouldn’t look at the camera!  Which was aggravating, but it is what it is.  Don’t you love her curls?  I think she’s the cutest.  ❤


My other sister had to join.  She was a help at getting Little Sis to look at the camera.  Both are cute, and looking at the picture, they definitely look like sisters.  For some reason I don’t feel like I look like them.  Am I missing out?  Obviously!  I want Little Sis’ curls!


This picture makes me want to hug her!  She is the sweetest!  Haha!  I love her curls though.  It was so windy!  She was actually hiding behind me to block the wind a little after this.


This is what happens when my other sister said to look at the little wiggling fingers.  Somehow, the fingers weren’t at camera level, and Little Sis had to show us that she had little wiggling fingers too.  But, she’s cute, so she makes up for it.


And this picture sums it up.  I love baby feet!  And she was going barefoot.  Awe!  And you’re growing up so fast, Little Sis!

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Okay, so I’m not mad at Snowball anymore, and I’m pretty glad to have WiFi back again.  Well, life is what it is, isn’t it?

Do I look like my mom?  What is your opinion on bagpipes?  Do you wish to see Scotland?  Do you enjoy sunshine?


Fall Decor and DIY

Hey guys!  Today I’m here to bring a bit of fall into your life.  This has been an ongoing project to decorate my desk for fall.  Actually, it was a challenge from my little sister and I’m pretty bad a turning down challenges.

Okay, here is an overall look of my humble desk.  Last week, I’m afraid to say it was piled high with papers.  That’s where the challenge came from.


All right, we are starting on the left side of the desk.  I have made a sign to remind me who the Lord of harvest really is.  It’s taken from the hymn, “Come Ye Thankful People, Come,” which is one of my family’s favorites.IMG_9749.JPG

I also have one of my favorite decorations, my most adorable little teapot.  It’s simple cream color and I’ve placed decretive flowers in it.  Next to it I have a crocheted pumpkin (I got tired of real pumpkins rotting on me!) and Sneaky, my little fox friend.  Sneaky is made out of felt.  Isn’t he a cutie?

Sneaky, my little fox friend!
A crocheted pumpkin.  They don’t rot on you!

On the right side of my desk, I have three Ball mason jars, which I painted metallic gold and burgundy.  Next to them I have Nutkins, my squirrel friend and two more crocheted pumpkins.


My little buddy, Nutkin.

Now, for the DIY.

After I made the pumpkins, I wondered what else I could make out of yarn and a needle. After considering other fall stuff, I accidentally stepped on an acorn.  What is better to go with a squirrel than an acorn??  Nothing!

What could be better?

I’m really bad at giving instructions, so I’m hoping you’ve crocheted before if you’re going off this DIY.

First, crochet three.  Than make a ring.  After that, go around once doing a double stitch.  Now, go around twice, alternating doing two and just one double stitch in each hole thing.  After you’ve accomplished that, change yarn.  Go around twice doing two double stitches in each hole.  Then, alternate skipping a hole and doing the normal thingy.  Oh, make sure you’re still doing a double stitch.  Once you have no more holes, you’re done!

Your acorn should look like this.

I hope that made sense.  It makes sense to me, since I made it.  If you try it out, make sure to comment down below!

Okay, now I’m doing a fun extra.  Allison said in her last art lab

“Draw a picture of what nothing would look like if it was something. I… don’t even know if this is possible.”–Allison

I took that as a challenge, and I think I have successfully drawn a picture of Nothing.  I tend to think in words, so when you see this picture, try to imagine words.


Now, let me explain.  Nothing is actually something.  So, if you are into puzzles, look back at the letters inside nothing.


Ah?  Did you find something interesting?  I thought you would.  Now, comment down below if you figured out the puzzle.  I want to see how many people get it.

And now I’m going to announce….A Q&A a week from Saturday!  You can comment down below with your questions and I hope I’ll be able to answer them all.  I’m actually excited about this, so y’all better comment!

Now, I’m off to figure out another puzzle and to read another book.



Today we went to a beautiful lake to fish.  I enjoy fishing, in theory, but nobody’s ever taken the time to teach me.  I know two things that might help if other people weren’t around.  Number one, you HAVE to be quiet which my siblings never are.  Number two, you put a worm on a hook and you throw it into the water.

Anyway, back to what I was saying.  I tried to fish, but I never caught anything.  Instead, my book caught me! (Sorry for the awful pun.)  But before I became involved in the world of mystery, I took quite a few pictures and even bribed my mom to take some of me!

The lake was lovely!  I was super surprised at how awe-inspiring it was.  I’m afraid I use that word too much but how do you describe that feeling you have when you see something and go, “Yeah, you certainly made it ‘very good'”?

There it is with the trees!
Hello, Mr. Egret!


I found this strange fluffy stuff, so I took a picture of it.  In my mind, the stranger the better, right?IMG_9456.JPG

Okay, today I went on a mission to find all the colorful leaves I could, and I think I did pretty well.  I went on and on how green things are and I think I’ve realized its only in our yard XD 😉

Can I consider this orange?
And this is yellow.

I spent a while on this picture of the fern.  I thought it was amazing how the separate leafy things were different colors.  Man, I can’t remember what those are called!  I’m going to have to get my botany book…


The clouds were so fluffy.  I just had to take pictures of them.  Who couldn’t?  I mean, it’s inspiration.  What if somebody wrote a story about living in cloud world?  Uh oh, I’m giving away ideas. 🙂



I had no idea my mom was taking these photos.  So, the lesson is never leave your camera in reach of your mother XD No, not really.  She did take some really good shots with editing.


Trying to improve my cast XD

Is it just me, or does this look like a crocodile smiling?  I saw it and had to take a picture, it was so cute!  Well, I’m not sure I’d call a crocodile cute but this portrayal of one is.fullsizeoutput_5919.jpeg

GUYS!!!! There was a BALD EAGLES nest there!!!!!! AND WE SAY THE EAGLE!!! but, I didn’t get any pictures of it 😦  I mean, the eagle, not the nest.  I even got a shot of a great blue heron on it. (proof down below)

Proof.  See, heron on a bald eagle’s nest.

This is sad, but it seems I always find a sad pile of feathers where ever I go.  These look like duck feathers 😦 (That’s an even sadder face Lol!) 😉IMG_9567.JPG

My brothers and Dad happened to catch fish though!  They were all big mouth bass, so my youngest brother was thrilled.  He’s always wanted to catch one of those big mouths.IMG_9562.JPG

Here are the pictures my mom took of me.  Comment down below which one you like best.  I’m going to use one for my About Me page but I’m not sure which.

Or C?

And finally, proof that I was there.  If you ever find a notebook, book (especially mystery or action and adventure), and camera case, Amie’s bound to be around there somewhere.IMG_9578.JPG


Okay, I have some thing to say.  If I get twenty-five subscribers, I’m going to do something fun.  This is a hint go tell your friends about my blog and get them to subscribe! If you haven’t subscribed and you’re reading this, I’ll give you ten seconds to subscribe.










10… I hope you subscribed!!!  If you did, please comment down below “I did it!!” and we’re now one person closer to twenty-five then we were before.  Stay tuned and keep watching, when I’ve got twenty-five, we’ll have some fun.


My photographic efforts

I’ve been posting photos for the BIBPC but I haven’t been showing you the other pictures I’ve been taking.  I thought you might like to see the other ones.  I really enjoy taking pictures of scenery, so that’s what the pictures are mostly of.  I like cows also, so there’s a few of them and my friend’s horse.fullsizeoutput_580e.jpeg

The swing picture turned out pretty well.  I just so happened to have my brother in the background though.  Well, all pictures can’t be perfect.IMG_9055.JPG

I love the little yellow flowers.  Everyone tells me they’re weeds but if they’re pretty, who cares? IMG_9064.JPG

The moss is so cool!  It always intrigues me how it grows.  Do you enjoy botany?  Comment down below if you do!IMG_9082.JPG

I enjoy gaps between trees.  Can you get through?  Or can you not?  And the beautiful grass is beyond the gap!IMG_9074

The setting sun adding just the right lighting to this picture.  I love how the rainbows happen (That is NOT the right term but I’m trying not to lose my audience!) with the sunlight.IMG_9078

Another picture of the sun ❤IMG_9083

The cows are sharing secrets.  They’re probably complaining about my picture-taking! IMG_9073

A far away picture.  Don’t you just love the lighting?IMG_9045

The darling horse is surrounded by…chickens! LOL XDfullsizeoutput_57ff

The eyes are the window of the soul…or something close to that.

Well, that’s all folks.  I hoped you enjoyed looking at my pictures.  I had fun taking them.  Please comment down below and make sure that the comment honors both God and man.  Thanks–Amie