Guest Post by Melani

Today I’m honored to be having a guest post on my blog.  And if you go over here, you’ll see the guest post I wrote for Melani.  Anyway, Melani from Reflections from the Heart is an amazing blogger.  I know her younger sister, Maddy, and so I set my mind to bugging Melani into a guest post.

About a month later, and she’s finally written it. XD I won’t chatter anymore, I’ll just let you read Melani’s post.


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Standing Strong in Modesty

when you’re back to school

Hey guys! Melani here from Reflections of the Heart. I want to thank Amie for allowing me to guest post on her blog! I’m excited to share a little about myself and dive into this post about modesty and back-to-school.

Because y’all. It’s September. Almost time for fall! (My favorite season. Boots, sweaters, pumpkin spice, you name it.)

I’ve been blogging for a little over 4 years, and my blog is about modesty, gender, feminism, beauty, pop culture, info on abortion and the occult, and pretty much debunking lies from our raunch culture. Feel free to stop by and visit!

Now on to this post! Back to school, modesty, and a whole lot of talk on how the two can go together.


Let’s create a mental scene.

This girl is a homeschool graduate, but if you’re in public (or private… do they always have a strict dress code? I don’t know, moving on.) school, I’m sure you’ve come across this scene.

A lot of outfits that leave very little to the imagination. Maybe it’s the “cool thing,” maybe it’s “what’s in,” but if you’re striving for modesty, it can be tough!

I’m assuming that you, my friend, are reading this post because you want to stand strong with modesty. So you’re taking modesty into consideration, you know that you’re dressed decently for school, but still… it’s hard when you just want to jump on the bandwagon and go with the flow!

Is this girl you?

Girl, you are not alone.

I know one blogger, I believe, that wore skirts everyday for her entire high school career. Maybe this is or isn’t you, but still, props to her! (She’s a very awesome person, by the way. I’ll link her blog!

I wanted to write this post to share some points on how to make going against the flow a little easier, and who knows, maybe inspire some of your future school outfits! : )

1. Whose opinion matters most?

This is tough. I am totally speaking to myself here. It is really hard to care more about what God thinks over what our peers around us think. Which put like that, it sounds ridiculous! God or His fallen, sinful creation. Hmm…..

I’ll make a confession here, I really like to write fiction for fun. But I am SO nervous to let anyone read it. I know it’s kind of quirky, but it’s true! But if God has given me a desire (and possible purpose) for writing fiction, why am I letting fear stand in the way?

Same goes for you, girlfriend. If God above is pleased, that’s what matters!

2. As crazy as it may seem, everyone is not always focused on what you’re wearing.

I think the middle school years are the most difficult with peers and preteen attitudes, but maybe I’m wrong. XD But however old you are, it is easy to wonder:

“What do they think about me?”

“Am I coming across okay?”

“I hope they like me.”

I want to reassure you of this, my friend, everyone does NOT care as much as you think they do.

Everyone feels insecure from time to time, but I can promise you this: no one in your school is better or worse than you. So don’t have the mindset that they are!

3. Modesty and fashion can totally go hand in hand!

Take a quick look at Pinterest and you will find a LOT of outfit inspiration! Or go follow some modesty bloggers or Instagram accounts. ❤️

Modest fashion is completely possible. Maybe it takes a little more work, but you are totally capable of combining modesty and style this school year.

Many blessings and here’s to a great year of learning!


2018 Summer in Review

Anyone else agree that it is still summer? Because, I mean, waiting for me in the garden is at least 14 quarts of beans to pick.  But, regardless, I am here to show you what I have done with my summer.  I’ve never done a review post before.  Like, never, and I know a lot of bloggers do one every month, but that’s just not my kind of thing.

I thought you would be interested in how I spend my life, and hopefully you won’t be disappointed.  I’m a rather boring blogger in real life.


Surprise surprise!  I’ve spent part of my summer blogging!  Not only blogging, but editing, graphic design, and writing.  I think I’ve spent maybe too much time on my laptop??  That reminds me…I still have more of all the above to do.  😀

There isn’t much to say about all that, because I mean, I write, edit, blog, and mess around with graphic design all the time, and it isn’t a strictly summer thing to do.


Canning/helping my mom can has taken up so much of my time!  I lost count of how many quarts of beans I’ve canned, but it was 21 last month…And we’ve canned 14 quarts at least every week this August.  We’ve made onion relish, pickled okra, cantaloupe jam, plum butter, plum jam, strawberry jam, Scuppernong jam, black berry jam, and a few more. Oh, peach.  Don’t forget peach.  And we’ve canned asparagus, too.  Whew!  We’ve been busy, and we’re probably going to can more, so see?  Summer is so not over yet.  Plus the weather is still in the 90s.  😐


Gardening is a never-ending struggle with weeds.  It’s been too hot for tomatoes, but my corn was amazing…But now, my darling plants have died.  And the beans are taking all my time.  XD We got five meals out of my corn, which means we had roughly 45 ears of corn.  I’ve had nightmares since picking corn that I had a whole field of corn, and there were worms as big as the ears in the corn.  😂  Organic corn sometimes isn’t the prettiest, but it sure tastes good!

My whole family is plagued with food fatigue.  It’s getting pretty bad with the cantaloupe.  We have roughly a dozen in our basement, and even more in our garden.  We haven’t even touched our 25+ acorn squash.  Guess what I’m eating this winter?  But, the Lord has been kind to give us this food, and I’ve enjoyed learning about chiggers, and how the best way to squish certain bugs, and…Can I tell you how exciting it is to actually BUY a watermelon?  It’s those simple things, y’all, that keep you happy.  🙂


Between music and books, I have no time at all!  LOL!  Violin has taken a lot of my time, but I’m in love with it!  😍 Honestly, violin is my love, piano my inspiration, guitar is a way to reach people, and banjo?  Hehe, banjo has been neglected somewhat this summer.  (I’m so sorry, banjo!)

I’ve read…(Goes to count) 21 fiction books so far!  Well, I have read a few books that I didn’t write down.  Oh, well! 21 books it is!


I’ve worked on my art skills that I didn’t know existed.  Allison has been the best in encouraging me, as a few of my other friends.  I doubt I’ll ever be another Monet, but I love the feel of a paint brush, and the sound of charcoal is invigorating!  It’s just another way to express personality and creativity. 🙂

Sometimes I’m afraid I have too much creativity, but I guess that’s a blessing in disguise.


And here is one of the biggest projects I’ve done this summer.  I wrote and illustrated a children’s book for a contest.  Of course, I don’t know the winner until November, but I feel proud of my work, and that makes me a winner, right?  At least I’m not ashamed of it because I know I did my very best.  (Plus, Snowball loved me sitting next to him as he modeled for me.  😉 )


I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with my friends, too.  My DLFs (Shh, I know, I know.  Prince Caspian reference.) are the most amazing people ever, and all my big friends are awesome, too.  My family has been a huge part of my summer as well, but all my siblings are labeled my DLFs, so they’re covered in this.  😉

And that is how I spent my summer, excepting school and chores, of course.

How did you spend your summer?  Have you started school?  Are you sad summer is over?