Peek into Amie’s Sketchbook

I have realized I hav never let you peek into my sketchbook (which is probably for the best).  Isn’t that strange?  I mean, I’m the best drawer out there.  My art will ASTOUND you. Actually, I’m the wimpiest artist out there, and I think you’ll cringe at my effort to draw.  Either way, you’re doomed for art and calligraphy, since I (sorta) enjoy both.


For our first page that I’m showing you, we have a quote that I mixed with my passion for horses.  “The eyes are the window of the soul”.  Okay, so I’d give this a four, since this was one of my first attempts at hand lettering.  You can barely tell the “e” at the end of “are” is an “e”!!!  But I am really proud of how I did the contrast of the girl’s eye and the horse’s eye.  So, all in all this isn’t that bad, if you make allowances.


Welcome to my life, folks!  “Writing is an understated art, you are painting colorful images in black and white”.  Guys, take a minute to appreciate the “art”.  Do you know how long that took????  Of course you don’t!  But, I must say I’d give this a seven or lower, since the “and” thingy is messed up and some of the words are crooked.  Since then, I’ve started using a ruler when I do calligraphy.


How many of you know of my ABSOLUTE fandom for Narnia?  Oh, none of you???  What is wrong with this picture???  Any way, this get’s a four, since I messed up that arrow.  But if you cut everything out except “The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe” it would be a nine. Look at the “witch”!  It’s a work of art.  So is the Lion.  Hmm, I’m going to have to keep looking at this one. 🤨


Okay, ignore the phrase underneath the picture.  This was an eleven o’clock inspiration for a friend.  We were trying to write a story, I had three cups of coffee, and was scribbling away in my sketchbook.  For all that, this picture is fairly realistic.  Guys, her eyes look REAL!!!  I first saw the picture and was like, “Hello!  When did I say YOU could come alive, Maddi????”  I think this deserves an eight, since I didn’t do much shading.  Perhaps that’s why it looks so real…


Now for a portrait!  I love drawing portraits!  This is one of my friend.  Okay, ignore the hat.  It looks HORRID!!!  But, admire her face!  And the shading.  Guys, this took me….four hours?  Or five?  I’m not sure, I just know it took a lot of erasing 😂


This is my Christmas picture!  Don’t you love the tree in the background?  Okay, the guitar neck is crooked, and so is the stool leg.  I have horrible eyes.  But you must say her pant legs are nice.  I’m envying her socks, they look comfy.  Wonder if she’s about to die over the “F” chord as well…


Silhouettes of terrible horses.  I have a plan for them though…


I’m in love with this picture.  LOOK AT HER HANDS!!!!!!  THEY ARE ALMOST PERFECT!!!  So, her face could use some work….I know, I know…But look at hands!  And the banjo!  Who plays banjo?  I do!  Comment down below if you play banjo.  Also, her hat isn’t that bad, is it?  I think it’s lovely.  *sighs*


Of course, my bunny doodle page.  Look at the “My”!  Isn’t it amazing??  I love my darling Snowball.

Photo on 1-12-18 at 1.19 PM
Random bunny picture.  ISN”T HE CUTE?????

Sooo, I did have a story to go with a simple doodle, but that will come another time, since I’m going onto 700 words for this post.  You are all warn out and wishing for a break from art 🤔  I’m not sure if I’ll let you take a break yet…

So, what is my drawing skill?  From 1-10?  Who thinks Snowball isn’t cute?? (YOU WILL DIE). Should I make my next blog button with Snowball on it?