BIBPC #5 category #5

Hello!  It’s time for another contest entry.  This week’s category is fresh, which is a very broad category.  You could be talking about fresh fruit or freshly ironed clothes.  It took me awhile.  I thought about spider webs, how each one is fresh every morning.  Or of morning dew.  But this morning I found the perfect picture, or it found me.IMG_9089.JPG

The fresh morning sky.  There is nothing more fresh than that blue color.  I liked how the crate myrtles hung into the picture and the steeple stood up there.  I only took one picture, because it only needed one.  It’s just beautiful, in my mind at least.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at it, and remember team coconut, we need to win! (Haha!)–Amie

BIBPC #5 Category #4

So this category is celebration and it took me a long time to decide what to do.  I thought about birthday pictures or Christmas but then I wondered what celebration really meant.  Out came the dictionary and I looked it up.  That didn’t give me much ideas.  So then I thought about what you do when you celebrate.  So here’s what I think about when I think of celebrating.  I think of music, dressing up, eating/drinking, and decorations.  So the first picture is for the BIBPC.


The book is a dictionary, just so you know….IMG_9001.JPG

Another one I didn’t like that much.IMG_9004.JPG

And the last one!  I hope you like my photography efforts!  I like the contrast of colors and I was so happy when I saw the pretty color of my fiddle.

Please comment if you liked them.–Amie


Hello y’all!  I’m doing the “Boring into Beautiful Photography Contest” that Megan at hosts.  I’m in team coconut (Go team coconut!!!!) and this times the category is books.  I love books and so I hope you like my photo.  I also am adding some other photos but the first one is for the contest.IMG_8827

I love the little teapot, don’t you?IMG_8810

The old books just make the picture.  Ones a hymnal and the other’s a catholic bible.IMG_8819

This blue is one of my favorite colors!IMG_8825

Isn’t the bottle cool?

Thanks for looking at these pictures.  I’m not the greatest photographer but I try.  This post isn’t that crazy but….Oh well, we have to be sane sometimes, but you must agree, the best times are when your crazy–Amie