Photography Contest #6

Today is the last photo for this contest!  Can you believe that?!  I’m feeling a little sad, because this BIBPC has been so much fun, and so challenging.  So, before I explain my photo, please put your hands together for Megan!  Thank you so much, Megan, for all the time you put into this contest.  It was a ton of fun. 😉

So, the photo was supposed to be of something invincible.  Wow, that’s easy.  *rolls eyes* No, it wasn’t all that easy, after all.  I thought, and thought some more, and almost forgot about it.  (Yep.  Terrible, I know.)  And then I went with my second idea.  Behold, my father!  (And yes, he is praying, since prayer is the thing that is invincible.)



Photography Contest #5

Hello!  Today I am showing you another photo.  I feel like it’ll be rather flat after the last masterpiece, but hey.  That’s all right.

The word was Epiphany!  And what in the world does that mean?  Welp, Megan took it for the third definition, which is, “a moment of sudden revelation or insight.”  And so?  Let’s look at the picture.


Ergh, terrible, but it’ll do.  Yours truly does have cute hair in the picture, though. 😂  Megan also said that I could take a picture of something that makes me happy, and give the points to another team, and from the goodness of my heart, I hope this picture makes both Megan and Team Rabbit happy. 😀


Because, guys, it’s a DONKEY!


Photography Contest #4

And today the theme was disguise.  The problem was that none of my photogenic pets agreed to being dressed up.  The cat ran away in terror, and Snowball wriggled out of the doll clothes I put him in.  And so?  I went to the board of blogging ideas.

After many ideas were set on the table (many good, and some not so very swell), Board Member Mother said, “I have the best idea ever!”  And it appeared she did.  And so, without further ado, I enlisted my Little Sis and decorated her for the picture.  Enjoy. 😉


Photography Contest #2


So, for the next topic of photography, it was tradition.  My family has a tradition of breaking traditions, but I couldn’t think of a good way to photograph that.  So?  The only tradition we’ve done for over three years was Christmas lights.  My older brother has been in charge of them since he was eleven, and puts them up with the help of all of us.


Photography Contest #1

Hey y’all.  Just dropping in to post this picture.   The theme was Candle, Candy Cane, Card, Carols, Celebrate, Chestnuts, and Chill.  I tried to get all seven in my picture.