I started blogging when I was thirteen. Something inside of me craved a blog, craved to take my words and put them inlace on the internet. I wanted to find people like me, people who would read my words and understand. Understand the emotions that filtered through my mind. And when I started blogging, there was one thing I swore to myself.

I would never stop blogging.

It’s been years on WordPress now. It’s been about four different designs for my blog, four different ways to present myself. And part of me isn’t disappointed. I haven’t been disappointed with the people I’ve met, with the stories I’ve told. I’ve found myself through poetry, I’ve found who I am as I’ve grown and changed. But this year, I entered a new season of life.

I’ve been working full time, while being a part of a writing conservatory, and trying business ventures. Overall, I’ve just worn myself out. Each moment I have is taken up with some kind of work, whether it’s art, writing, or actual work at the coffee shop. My soul finds itself growing exhausted, my mind doesn’t have enough brain cells to split with everything.

But thankfully, I have five days off work. Five days with nothing to do except heal. Because I’ve had wisdom teeth surgery. Needless to say, surgery is NOT fun, lol. But I’m surviving. I look like a a chipmunk and feel like I’ve been in a fight, but on the positive side, it’s giving me time to write. Time to come back to my blog, the place where I belong.

This past week has been full of amazing things. First off, I started drafting a novella, which I’m so excited about.

Astoria’s existence revolved around her scientific discoveries — no, really. If she didn’t make scientific discoveries, the rulers of the merrealms would euthanize her and her family, turning them into the sea foam that capped each wave. And even though she was a mermaid, she had no experience with humans or luring them into the depths. . . that is, until a siren brought in a half drowned man with the perfect genetic makeup to save their world — and her life — once and for all. 

Weapon of the Deep, concept

I started it on Friday, because besides watch movies, that was about all I could do. I’m afraid reading has had no attraction for me, and sleep has been hard to obtain. So being productive is the only other option. I’m so excited to see how this project turns out.

And talking about writing, I finished writing my last project on Wednesday. It was a fairytale mashup high-concept fantasy story that I had been writing since May. Which means it was the longest it’s ever taken me to write a book, but I don’t think I regret it. Different seasons of life mean that things take different amounts of time. And I’m proud of this book, it definitely caused me to grow as a writer, and that’s what’s important.


I’ve been doing a lot of that, growth. And I don’t know if it’s been fun or if it’s been miserable. Probably a good amount of both, if I’m being truly honest. It’s not fun to have to grow, but it’s what it is.

I also started a new business, called Painted Prose Designs.

It’s a business where I hand paint hardcover books, and I’m so excited about it. The first launch was on Wednesday, so if you’d like to take a look at it, click the button right up there ^

I had so much painting these books, and I hope that you can purchase your favorite book with it’s unique cover. I also have some Christmasy ideas that’ll be launching soon, so make sure to follow the store, or follow Painted Prose Desgin’s Instagram @paintedprosedesigns.

So yeah, to say the least, I’ve been a bit busy this week, lol.

Back in 2017, when I first joined the blogosphere, one of the main questions was why do you blog? And I always struggled with that answer, but I think I know now.

I blogged because I needed it. Now I blog because I know others need it. And I’m so glad to be ale to blog. So thankful to be able to impact other’s lives. It’s something that carries such weight, but also such honor.

Why do you read blogs?


We are Complicated


I am a collapsing star.

The night sky whirls around me as I fall, creating a unique masterpiece behind me, wishing something would stop my breakneck descent. Wishing someone would understand, that underneath all the fiery gas, there’s an ice cold heart that needs some love.

I am a flickering flame.

One moment alive, one moment strong, the next vanished from sight. Oxygen is needed, but also feared. What if I grow? What if there’s nothing to fuel the fire that is my soul? Will I always warm people, and yet keep them at a distance? Is there no way to subdue my soul? Is it’s always all or nothing?

I am a dripping stalactite.

Moist, cold, dangerous. Any moment able to collapse on someone’s head, always reminding them of my presence by a ceaseless drip, an annoying patter. Hidden from the light of the sun, embracing the darkness and living with others of my kind. Yet, solitary and growing, not letting the silence bother my own song.

I am a slice of mica.

Beautiful to those who take the time to dig through the grime to find me, yet not precious to those who look towards what the world says. Thin, fragile, yet strangely resistant. Reflective, showing the world a screwed picture of itself, hoping that someday it’ll see that it’s opinions aren’t always as they should be.

I am a diving eagle.

Swooping, talons reaching. The water skimming beneath my feet, the prey firmly clamped. Food, freedom, and fresh air growing my feathers and my independence. Selecting my certain friends, but still soaring alone, there is no reason for me to be afraid. I am the the top predator.

I am the mole.

Hiding away from the real world, embracing the grime, worms, and darkness of the world in which I live. Squinting when I reach the sunshine, wondering why anyone would want to live in the harsh light. The dirt is so soft, so cool, it is everything that I am used to. And yet the sun still has a certain, burning charm.

I am the rain drop. 

Falling far and fast, landing softly on the parched earth, allowing myself to be totally soaked up. No longer my own person, no longer free to breathe, too busy trying to help heal your pain. Lost, parched in the process, too moldable, too eager to fill your empty cup.

I am the guard dog.

Sniffing out danger, protecting my people. Hating when they don’t listen to my warnings, hurting when they’re hurt. Silly people, if they just trusted my nose, we’d all be happy. My bark is silent, my bite devastating, don’t push, don’t pull. Stay away, no one will be hurt, no one will feel the strength of my jaws.

I am the whispering wind.

All my problems, too shy to tell those around me, so I’ll just move the leaves, whispering through them. Can you hear the plea between my words? The pain beneath my jokes? Are you soothed by my gentle words? How did I find the words to say to ease your pain if I have not been through the pain myself?

And yet, though I am all those things,

I am still


6 Ways to Grow Blog Traffic

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM

Being sick is terrible.  I should know, because I’m sick now.  Since I am sick, it took me a while to figure out what to blog on today.  I have a whole book full of blog post ideas that I want to do in the future…But they all take research and/or photos and time.

And guess what?  I’ve been sick.  And I don’t want to blog at all.  *sniffs and coughs* Here, let me put on a mask to keep from coughing on you.  There, wow.  These things are super uncomfortable.  I think we need to come up with more comfortable papery mask things.  *blinks*   So, stand back (so I don’t cough on you) and stay put.  Today’s post is about different ways to get views.  (Also, excuse my voice…Or the lack of.  The cold’s settled in my chest.)

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM

1. Don’t use one word titles.

Please don’t do what I do, and call your post pictures.  Just don’t.  Also, don’t name the post, “Wildflowers in the hollow with extra green grass photography!”  No one’s going to search wildflowers in hollow green grass photography.  Titles are what’ll pull you up in the search engine, and because of that, you’ll get more blog traffic.  This idea is pretty simple.  Come up with unique, and yet at the same time normal titles to bring traffic.

I’m terrible at this, but I have a few posts that I succeeded on.  (And they also get the most spam comments, LOL.) As an example, take A Voice for the Voiceless.  People find it though searching things like, “how to be a voice for the voiceless.”  You want to have posts that come up when people search.

2. Post regularly

This is so important.  Obviously, it won’t work for everyone, but if you’re serious about having people stick around and having your followers/views continue to climb, you’re probably going to have to have a schedule and keep to it.  (Of course, illness or accidents are worthy reason to skip a day.) My schedule is to post on Tuesday and Saturday, and I try to do everything I can to post on those days.

You could only post once a week on Saturday, or you could post three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  It’s totally up to you because there’s no wrong schedule, but having a schedule and keeping to it is important.  Even though most people don’t think about it this way, but keeping a schedule shows…

  • That blogging is important to you.

By doing something consistently, it shows that it matters, and it’s not something you do because you though it might maybe be a fun or good idea.

  • Your followers are important to you.

When you blog, you blog for an audience.  Not just for yourself, or because your mom said you had to.  You blog for the people who are going to read it, and when you blog regularly it shows you really care for them, and you want to connect with them.

  • You’re able to schedule your time.

Social media (and blogging!) is all about how you convey yourself through the screen.  If you want to continue in the future a blogging/writing/something kind of career, being able to meet your own deadline will show that you’re consistent and scheduled.

Overall, scheduling your blog will be one of the ways to make it successful.  (Of course, there are always exceptions to this, though don’t start this post thinking you are the exception.)


3. Use tags!

How much can I stress this?  Tags are your ticket to invite people to look at your post.  What do I mean by that?  People on WordPress often type in tags, like gluten-free breakfast, when they want to look at that certain type of post.  Searching tags brings up not only posts, but also websites that use those tags.

Tags are super important.  I’ve gotten a lot of traffic for using certain tags, and so I encourage you to take full use of the wonderful opportunity tags present you.  (But don’t get too carried away…I usually use 3-8 tags per post.)

4. Get involved in collabs or blog tours

Collabs were a huge thing that boosted my blogging.  If you’re new to the blogging world (like I was about a year ago), you’re probably wondering what a collab is.  Collab is short for collaboration. (Because in this day and age we have to shorten everything, y’all.) A collab is when two bloggers come together, and decided to switch blogs, or interview each other, or do similar blog posts, and talk about each other on them.  I’ve done a few, like Five Writing Ideas.

Most people enjoy collabing with other bloggers, and so if you want to do a collab, feel free to contact me on my contact page.  Collabing is always so much fun, and a great way to make new friends.

A blog tour is kinda of like a collab, but with A LOT more people.  I just hosted a blog tour, and because I’m an extrovert and think that the more people, the merrier life is, I enjoy blog tours more than collabs.  Blog tours are sometimes for launching a new book, (like mine.  You can read more about my book here. #shamelessselfpromo) or they can be a “blog party,” and like normal parties, you don’t really need a reason.  Blog tours are superb ways for people to find out about your blog.

5. Comment on other people’s blogs

If someone sees you on a blog they really like, and you’re saying how much you like the same thing, they might just click your profile to go to your blog.  (Also, it helps to have a horse/guitar/or something like that in your profile.  I’ve had people click my profile just because I had a guitar in it. 😉 😛 )

Of course, I don’t mean you have to comment on every single post you read.  In fact, that’s not what I mean at all.  And I don’t mean you’re supposed to comment on a post saying how much you liked it, when you really didn’t care/relate to what the blogger was talking about.  I mean, be you, comment on the posts that really hit home, and just let what happens happen.  But don’t be afraid to get out there on the blogsphere and comment.

(Also, I’ve also had new bloggers comment on my blog saying something like this, “Hey, I’m so-and-so, and I just started a new blog, and I’m sure you’ll like it!  Here’s the link.” Not saying that that is a terrible way to introduce yourself, but it sounds like you’re just concerned about your blog, which can be annoying to a blogger who just put their heart and soul into their blog post, and your answer to their post is to simply leave a shameless self promo.  I’m actually less likely to go visit your blog when you do that.)


(BONUS!) 6. Post on lots of different topics

I’m assuming you just started your blog, and if you’re anything like me, you have no idea what you just got yourself into.  I started blogging, and I thought, “hey, if I get just 25 subscribers, I’ll be amazing.  And 50, WOW.” I didn’t know what I wanted to write about, who I wanted to reach, or what style I was going for.  And so?  I just was me, and I’ve tried everything from baking to book reviews on this blog.

And you know what?  That’s what I like about my blog.  You never know what I’m going to post next, and that’s part of my trademark.  I’m the Crazy A, and I’m going to do crazy things on here.  But that’s probably not you, and I don’t expect that, but it is a good way to start.  What are your top three interests?  Bring them to play in your blog, and decide what fits for you.

I’m going to wrap up with this.  Blogging is about finding the right audience, and focusing on them.  You’re there for your audience, and so don’t worry about the million+ people in an audience over there.  Worry about your 50+ subscribers, and focus on reaching them.

Blogging is meant to be fun. (Most of the time…) So make it fun, make it so you’re giving your subscribers something, and just be yourself.  If that means neon pink blog design, and sparkly pink glitter, go for it.  I’m sure you’ll rock it. 😉

What are some things you like about blogging?  Do you have any questions?  Or do you have any tips on blogging?