Top Books of 2019


*leans back in my chair and takes an extra long sip of coffee ’cause dramaticness is awesome*

What’s up, fellow humans? I feel like my eyes are on fire, and my brain has turned to jello. Also, I planned to write this post on…what, Thursday? But somehow being an official procrastinator meant I’m writing it right now. No biggy, it just mean you get a more rambley post.

I just came back from the theater, after seeing Little Woman for the second time. Apparently everyone thinks I will really like this movie, and have been asking me to see it with them. Not that I’m complain because GUYS. THE MOVIE IS BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE. MORE INSPIRATIONAL THAN IMPRESSIONIST PAINTINGS. AND guys. It made me eyes tear up just slightly.

I think I have become too emotional for my own good. The tears were just under the surface, and they didn’t receive that wave to wash them out, but still, they were there. They were there. *pats the tears on the back*

But that’s not what I wanted to talk to y’all about. ‘Cause I like, never talk about movies on my blogs. Because movies are eh.

Today I’m going to be giving you my top reads of 2019. In 2019 I barely read at all, due to…nothing, but I barely read at all. 😂 So you shall just have to stay put as I give you the most meaningful read in 2019, in no particular order.

1. Unwritten Melody by Tessa Emily Hall

Does breaking free require breaking the rules?

This has become one of my all-time favorite books. Just, please, I so relate with James Russo, and even Cassie. I’ve read the book four times this year, since I got it in June, and wow. Just so inspiring, and thought provoking, and inspiring.

I always come up with some kind of poetry or art work or song after I finish reading the book, because it’s just steeped with art. And ah, the truth written in this book! Tessa Emily Hall does an amazing job with the character arcs, the message, and just endearing you to the characters.

Each time I finish the book, I jump up and do a victory dance, because they’ve conquered the obstacles, they understand each other and those that mean something to them, AND they’re dating. So. XD

2. 27 Days Left by Alison Gervais

“If you knew you had to do the right thing, but that something bad may happen to you because of it, would you do it anyway?”

Wow. This book…I read it twice in a row, because I just needed to get everything out of it. The premise is that one of Hadley’s classmates commits suicide, and when she attends the funeral, she’s offered a contract with death. She has the opportunity to go back in time 27 days to convince her classmate not to give in to his suicidal thoughts.

*leans back and cracks my knuckles* Wow, folks. This book was so good. So good. Hadley was kinda annoying, tbh, but I think that’s because I related with Archer more than I related with Hadley.

She was just so inexperienced in everything to do with hurt, pain, and the nasty side of life. But she was willing to learn, and that made all the difference. AH I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. 😍

3. Coral by Sara Ella

“There is more than one way to drown.”

AHHHHHHHHH. This is a book to scream over, folks. IF THERE EVER WAS A SCREAM WORTHY BOOK.

Here’s an Amie secret. I am a sucker for fairy tales, and especially fairy tale retellings. I know, I know, I but up that anti-girly front, and wear cowgirl boots everywhere, and all that nonsense, but the little girl that used to wear a tutu, ballet slippers, and a feather boa hasn’t totally died in me yet. 😂

But the spin she took on this story is just… 🤯

Following Coral, Brooke, and Merrick battle through their lives, figuring out their emotions…it just. Hit home. Sara Ella described everything exactly as I’ve experienced it. Depression, anxiety, just that hopelessly lost feeling that just doesn’t want to go on. And Hope?

*sad emotions* *nothing else because spoilers*

4. Fallen Leaves by Tessa Emily Hall

“There is a time right for everything”

“Purple Moon”, which “Fallen Leaves” sequels, is an awesome book, but I personally liked “Fallen Leaves” better. But honestly, they kinda just went together, and I can’t for the life of me remember why I thought “Fallen Leaves” was one of the best reads of this past year. XD So just take my word for it, it’s really good.

5. Romanov by Nadine Brandes

My name is Anastasia . . . The history books say I died . . . They don’t know the half of it.

EEEEEEP *shrieks* *flops*

This was one of my most anticipated books of 2019, and it surpassed all my expectations! I also read “Fawkes” this year, and eh. It didn’t give me the same happiness that Romanov delivered.  Ahhhhh, Nadine Brandes knows how to combine the right amount of fact and fiction, and now I want to go read as many historical books about Anastasia Romanov as possible. XD

And those are my top favorite books of 2019. Some honorable mentions are “Jane Eyre,” “Wuthering Heights,” “To Best the Boys,” and “Spark.”

Series I enjoyed include: “The Penderwicks,” “Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott,” and the Shallows trilogy.

So. Here is the end.

I need to go and spend time with my family, and then drink more coffee and go to bed. I need sleep. XD Hopefully I awake refreshed.



Interview with Angela

Today I have an amazing treat for all of you. One of the most amazing weirdos on the planet has agreed to join me in the Crazy A studio today, and do a interview. Isn’t it superb when things like that happen?
The best fact is that SHE’S STARTING A BLOG. *cue fanfare and screaming* Since she’s so cool, you all should go follow her.
After you read the interview, of course. XD So let’s get on with it, and see what Angela says. 😀
1. I know it’s hard to say what your favorite book is, so I’ll be generous. What are your top five favorite books?

Why thank you for your generosity. It’s much appreciated. Kisses from Katie, by Katie Davis; Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen; Mark of Athena from Rick Rhiordan’s Hero’s of Olympus series; IQ, by Roland Smith; and any book from John Flanagan’s series Ranger’s Apprentice

2. When you feel the need to write but you don’t have a book you’re currently working on or a good idea for one, what do you do?

I usually write a flash fiction, or poetry, or just type away whatever comes to mind on a blank piece of virtual paper

3. Do you have any tips on good writing habits? (i.e., writing regularly)

My best tip would just be- Write.
Even if you can only get a couple words on paper, write. For me, this sometimes means waking up earlier than the rest of my family so I can get some writing in before everyone gets up and about.
Setting aside a specific time for writing is definitely key. 

4. Some books suck us in and drown out the real world; other books (even though they might be interesting) don’t seem to do that quite as effectively. How do you “pull” your readers in? 

I like to write stories that keep the reader guessing and in suspsence. I like crafting relatable characters who will draw in the reader. Writing cliffhangers is my especial favourite. It makes the reader want to know “What happens next”.

5. Is there a writer whose style you find yourself frequently trying to emulate?

I jump around a lot actually. There isn’t a specific writer, or writers, who I often find myself “emulating”

6. Any advice for people who are interested in NaNo but don’t have the courage to commit? What advice would you give to first time campers? (if you’ve done NaNo. XD)

I just say- GO FOR IT. It’s totally worth your time. It really helped me with consistency, and it’s what caused me to finish my first ever novel.
My advice would be to not let NaNo suck you in. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of trying to get 50K in a month, but it’s not worth it if you end up breaking relationships in “real” life.

7. What do you do when you’re bored with a book? 

It depends. If it’s a classic, there’s usually a movie of it. So if I’ve read over half the book, I don’t mind watching the movie to keep me going.
Otherwise I just push on. I have a thing about finishing things I start, so I’ll usually just force myself to finish it.

8.What subjects are you taking this year, and which one is your favorite?

State history, English Grammar & Comp II, Chemistry, Trig & Algebra 3, Photography, Psychology, and foreign languages.
I’m really enjoying Psychology. It’s from a Christian perspective, and I love the way the teacher is teaching it.
Angela Dawne is a homeschooled dreamer, thinker and writer who often finds herself lost in the labyrinth of her mind.

She blogs at

Honestly, I can’t get over how awesome her picture is. XD I really need to take lessons from Angela. XD
BUT! If you go over to her blog, comment, “AMIE SAYS YOU’RE AMAZING.” Let’s get a lot of comment on Angela’s blog, so we can spam her. XD (She loves spam, in case you were wondering. Everyone does.)
And comment down below if you did that.

And Here I Ramble

Aloha, peoples.

*comes in sipping coffee* *shakes head*

Coffee and aloha shouldn’t go together, but what can I say? Everything gets mixed up in this head, which basically is the reason I say so many things because there’s like, two people living in me brain, named me and me.

Make sense? Didn’t think so. 😂 Anyway, that has nothing to do with today’s post. Basically, I’m just in here to update you on my life, my mental health, my music…anything that really comes to my mind, because I haven’t done one of these posts in ages, and over half of you didn’t follow my other blog, and I doubt any of you follow my YouTube, so yeah. XD

The past two weeks have been amazingly busy, and even though they contained quite a few spells of depression, and more crying fits than I would like to admit (Yes, I used to say I never cried. The past month has ruined my perfect record, but y’all, I needed to cry, so it’s all good) but those weeks have also brought joy and laughter I haven’t had in months.

First up, I cut off all of my beautiful, lovely hair. *cries because YES I’M A LIAR AND YES I MISS IT DREADFULLY, ESPECIALLY THE PAST FEW DAYS BUT I DID IT SO NO, I’M NOT SORRY*

The pile of my wet hair.

I honestly liked it for a month or so, just because I can roll out of bed and do nothing to my hair, but in the past month, I’ve just missed it. so. very. much. I had to do it, though, because

1. my hair was giving me serious headaches and pain. I was so sick of it.

2. My whole life I’ve wanted to grow my hair out to my waist, I had dreams and plans, it was what little Amie wanted. But NEWS FLASH. I ain’t little Amie no more, and I needed to do it.

3. I was terrified. My hair has always been what I considered “my chief beauty” and I was as vain as Anne Shirley about these locks. So goodbye, they needed to go.

Yes, it was drastic.

Thankfully, for my sake, it’s growing out faster than I expected, so I’m hoping by May it’ll be just past my shoulders.

Another very exciting thing that happened in my life was that I ordered prints of the four books that I’ve completed. It’s so very strange to hold my books in my hands, and just look at them, because like…WHAT? After all those days and nights I labored over them, THEY’RE IN MY HANDS. *mind blown*

Of course, they aren’t published, but Lord Willing, someday they will be, and I’ll be screaming. XD


*is tempted to go work on them, but forces myself to finish this post*

My siblings were absolutely thrilled to be able to read all four of the books, and each one has their favorite. XD My older brother loved my Historical Fiction, “I Must Write” and has plans for me to write an entire Historical Fiction series. (Not that I’m against that. XD)

Rose likes “Across the Border”, which is a Dystopian, and I don’t remember Jay and Little Sis’ favorite books. XD

We entered things into the County fair again! *grins* And I won all first I forgot that I won a second place with one of my pictures. XD So I got four first place ribbons, and a second place. Yes, I’m just a bit proud. XD


I entered my Abraham Lincoln portrait, three pictures in the three different categories, and a poem. 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot more art, finding that painting/drawing calms me when I’m upset/stressed. Destressers are very important folks, or you’ll resort to medicine or unhealthy habits. I just finished a painting, and I have one half finished, and I’m planning another secret painting project. 😏

Thanksgiving was very different than our usual Thanksgiving, and I would be lying if I said I had a good day, but I survived, and by the time dinner rolled around, it was better. *nods* Thanksgiving is a hard day for many reasons, and yeah. *shakes head* I missed me friends. *wipes away tear as I look at the pictures from last year* My, how we’ve grown.


This year we sang at the Nursing Home, and put up a Christmas tree at the Hospital, and just spent time at home. *smiles* But I missed those three girls so much, and hopefully next year, Thanksgiving will be spent with them. ❤

The day after Thanksgiving, I started Vlogmas. And what, pray tell, is vlogmas? Well, me friends, it is where you vlog everyday until Christmas, and I’ve only missed two days, so please, go check out my YouTube here, and comment/watch my videos. 😀 #shamelessselfpromo

Also, for my siblings Christmas presents, I’ve been taking them on experience type gifts, and so you shall see pictures from these events when I do a photography dump, sooner than later. XD

AND NOW FOR THE MOST EXCITING NEWS OF ALL. *cue squealing and running around in circles, and trying not to die from cuteness*

No, I didn’t get a new pet. 😂


I’M AN AUNT. My older sister had her baby, and Little K is DE SWEETEST little thing ever. 😍 I might think she’s the best thing that happened in 2019, but then again…she’s the most exciting RECENT thing. But babies are better than ‘most everything, so I’m probably safe in saying it. XD

And that’s caught you up to me at the moment. I’m so excited to be an aunt, I’m looking forward to my hair growing out, and celebrating Christmas, and guys. THREE WEEKS UNTIL 2020.

I leave you with that momentous thought.


Birthday Haul ~2019~

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM

In my last post, I inquired if y’all would enjoy a birthday haul, and the votes were unanimously in favor of that venture, and so today I’m here with that post.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not putting this up to show how much I was blessed with.  I typically enjoy these kinds of posts, and I thought you would as well.  I’m not trying to brag.

So, let’s dive into this post!


To start with, my older brother gave me a knife, which I REALLY wanted, and was very happy to receive.  Honestly, it’s a very handy tool, especially when you’re gardening or something like that.


My two really good friends bought me this book for my birthday.  As you can see, it’s already been well loved.  *coughs* I wasn’t the one that did that, though.  My siblings borrowed the book, and it came back looking like we’d had it for two years.  😐


My other really good friend got me this book, and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  THE FEELS.  *tries to keep from sniffling* It’s SO GOOD.  I spent a whole day out of our vacation reading it.  It was one of those books that was so good that I had to put it down or else I would start crying.  Totally recommend it. 😉



The same friend also gave me these nail things, which I haven’t used yet.  They kinda confuse me, you know?  But I’ll figure out the there’s eight fingers, and how they work soon enough.


My sweet friend Allison sent me this package full of bunny stuff!  I was thrilled to see the envelopes, which have literally been in my Etsy cart since they were released, and bunny Washi tape!  Also, Snowball enjoys his little crackers greatly, though the rice puffs he doesn’t like.  I gave one to Star, and she ate it…So they might be her treats.  😂


Because I love the Washi tape so much, I had to do a close up picture of it all by itself.  It’s even cuter on an envelope.  AH!!! and the bunnies hopping on it are ADORABLE.  It’s so cute.  ❤


And then my friend Megan gave me one of her penpal kits, some hello Washi tape, and cow socks!  THE SOCK ARE SO CUTE.  I was beyond happy to see them, as well as the penpal kit.  I’ve also had one of the kits in my cart for awhile.  😂


Because Megan’s penpal kits are so amazing, I decided to spread it all out and take a picture of every included in the kit.  It’s SO worth the money, so you should check out her Etsy shop here.


And my brother also gave me this book, since I love poems and songs, and I love the Civil war.  I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll read it soon.


My little sister gave me this book, and again, I haven’t read it, so I don’t have much to say on it. 😉


I received this sketch book from one of my younger sisters, and I can’t wait to start using it!  I don’t have a sketch book at the moment, so it was wonderful to receive one.


My other sisters gave me a lot of stationary and cards to color, which I use and I enjoy doing.  Dayspring has the best cards and stuff EVER.  (In my humble opinion.)


And then my dear friend Elizabeth sent me this really neat coloring book, full of horses!  It’s very neat, and it’s color by numbers. (Wow, the title actually said that, Amie.)


And then my really sweet friend, Hannah, sent me these AWESOME gel pens, LOTS AND LOTS of tea, and then she also gave me one of Erin Paine’s album.


*rubs hands together in excitement* And this beauty is what Aria sent me for my birthday.  It’s full of makeup, which was exciting and surprising for this person here.  I’ve never ever dabbled with makeup, but for awhile I’ve wanted to, so yeah.


IT’S SO PWETTY!  I just like staring at the colors of the bottles, honestly.  I’m still figuring it out on my face, but yeah.  It’s lots of fun, and I’m so thankful for it!


And then my friend, Laura, sent me an awesome coffee cup that says, “I write, what’s your super power?” The funny story behind it is that it came straight from the company, and so I didn’t know who it was from.  It’s kinda neat to get mysterious packages, you know?  But I asked Laura, and it turned out to be from her. ❤

I did receive a few other things, but I didn’t feel like taking pictures of them.  😂 Wow, I just clicked emojis, and I didn’t have to choose which one I wanted!  The one that I always use came up first.

ANYWAY, thanks for sticking around and looking at this stuff.  And thanks to everyone that sent me birthday wishes!


People You Admire (+more)

Well, now.  Isn’t it wonderful to be back in the studio of Crazy A with nothing to talk about, except what I decide to talk about.  *smacks myself on my forehead* Ugh, I forgot about taking that picture for the contest.  Well, I’ll do that.  Wait, I’m publishing this Saturday…So perhaps future Amie will delete this intro.  That is probably for the best.

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM

AH HMM.  Welcome, one and all, to the spectacular post where Amie tries to be a writer and fails succeeds.  For the last week Amie has been procrastinating writing very diligently on her work in progress, and has been very happy with her growing word count.

Okay, and now I’m going to be me.  Just plain Amie, and ramble and try not to be professional, because at times we all need to unwind and ramp and rave, and so that’s what I’m doing.  (I only do this after I’ve been taken from my natural habitat for the day.  In other words, my house.)

How many of you writers just hit this dry spot after NaNo?  Only me?  Oh.  Well, I thought it was a pretty normal thing to have problems with.  Anyway, since it’s normal for me, I’m just going to bore everyone to death by talking about it.  Really, the only thing that helps me become inspired after the creativity lapse I get after NaNo is a week of sleep and a few friends.  (Not to mention other creative outlets.  Like, music and art, anyone?)

So, I feel sorry for you if you don’t have any writer friends.  Wow, I’m really rambling.  Maybe I should stop talking about writing.  I always feel like a writer/author should let their writing talk for themselves.  And then you have Kellyn Roth, and I just read her blog to read about her writing adventures, because, guys.  That’s what I wish my writing life looks like.

I had an idea for this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM.jpeg

So, in life we all admire people.  Kellyn Roth is the person I totally admire when it comes to writing.  I often look at her posts, and her books, and I’m like, “Man, why can’t I be so put together?”  I compare myself to her (and it’s no fault of Kellyn.  Guys, Kellyn is amazing, and she’s awesome.  Like, really.) and then I begin to feel really bad because, um.  I just named my novel…After finishing it in September, and editing it and letting people read it.  She always has her novels named, AND COVERS MADE FOR THEM before she really starts writing them.  Guys, only one of my books has a cover done.

So?  I curl up in my bed with my chocolate and coffee, and wish I was a better writer.  (These feelings really help for melodramatic scenes I have to write, but otherwise…Hehehe.)  And then I don’t write for a few days because I look at my book, and I keep hearing my mind say that I’m a complete failure.

Now, before I get any farther, I must tell y’all.  This isn’t Kellyn’s fault.  It’s mine.  It’s my fault that I feel bad about my writing, or my art, or my music because I compare them to other people.  And it doesn’t help I’m one of the most competitive people I know.

Growing up, my mom would always tell me, “It’s not a competition, Amie.”

Smart Alec me would say, “I know, but it’s a competition to me.”  That’s (Sadly) my mindset.  And so?  I get discouraged.  But if you’re the same as I am in this area, I want to tell you something.

Just because you don’t (fill in the blank) like the person you admire, doesn’t mean you’re a failure, or that you’re doing things wrong.  My writing works for me.  I know in my head (well, half of it) that Kellyn’s way of writing would never work for independent Amie.  In fact, it would drive me crazy.  God has made each of us very unique, with unique ways to (fill in the blank).

And so?  I’m going to tell you to be the best self you can be, and find the way that works for you.  Don’t compare yourself to others, because you aren’t supposed to be like others. You’re supposed to be the unique you. ❤

(Okay, future Amie here)


Rambling again, I shall say that the picture for the contest came off without a hitch, thanks to my very obliging father, and the wonderful morning sunlight.  Now, I must tell you what has happened to me.  It has to do with the library.

*coughs* The library and I have a strong relationship.  I love it, truly I do, but then…Oh boy.  It drives me insane as well.  Please, please tell me the sense in having NO Sherlock Holmes books in all my state.  WHY?  And then, I requested Les Miserable to read, and like usual, I picked the oldest copy they had, because usually that’s the best.  It came today, and WHAT?! It was in French.  I’ve been learning French online, but NO WAY am I good enough to read a whole book in French.  Like, what?  Why would an American library have no copies of Sir Arthur Canon Doyles books, but have a French copy of Les Miserable that was published in 1930?  *shakes head* And that ’tis life.

The other day I was at work, and at my work there’s this long, winding hallway where you can’t see beyond the corner.  I was walking down it and when I turned a corner, I was face to face with a person that said, “Hello!” rather loudly.  I didn’t have time to prepare myself for a hello.  Because, seriously, there’s this whole mental process in order to produce a courageous hello.  Instead, I let out a mousy speak that somehow sounded a little like “hi.”  Yeah…The person just looked at me. 😞


Okay, and since this is future me, I had initiative from writing my own post, and I actually made myself another cover for one of my books.  But I’m not showing it to y’all, because I’ll probably change my mind and redo it.

And now for the Amie Quote of the Year pole.  I’m so behind with this, because I just am.  (I actually keep forgetting about it, but not today, guys!)

(Oh and if you’re reading this in WordPress Reader, you’ll need to go to my actual blog for the pole.)

Even more future Amie *reads post, chuckles, hits publish* 

And this is what my posts usually look like if I don’t edit them.  Hope y’all enjoyed it. 😉


Anna’s New Book

To begin my post today, I have the most exciting news ever.  My friend,  Anna is going to be releasing her fourth book very soon!  I’m so excited, and she has successfully kept it very secret about the book.  She describes it this way…

“Everyone needs a good book at any time of the year.  This short story collection is an enjoyable read with lovely, God-centered stories of hope and faith.”

A Place to Belong: Short Story Collection sounds like it will be an AMAZING book.  I haven’t read it yet, but I have read her other books, and they’re splendid.  The book will be 76 pages, 5×8 size.   She hasn’t published it as of yet, so stay turned for updates when it is available on Amazon at Anna’s blog, Annie Writes.”

And, to make this post a little more fun, I’m doing a book tag Kendra Lynn tagged me for!  I don’t think it has a name, or rules, so I’ll just jump in.


1. how many books are too many books in a book series?

Darling, there’s no such thing as too many books in a serious.  Is there such a thing as too many kids in a family?  I thought not.  At least, that’s my opinion.  The more the merrier, aye?

2. how do you feel about cliffhangers?

Best friends in writing and reading, honestly.  I love cliffhangers, and my mom says I over use them, only because she doesn’t like them.  I think that’s because she doesn’t have time to read a book straight through, and so she wants a good place to set the book down.

3. hardback or paperback?

Some of the best books are paperback, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to become hardback, like immediately!

4. favorite book?

The Wide Wide World by Susan Warner.  Her sister wrote Jesus Loves Me, and Susan writes characters that are lovable, relatable, and…How do I describe this?  You have some characters that experience things that make you know they aren’t real, but Susan Warner’s characters are real, and they experience things that I can relate to.

5. least favorite book?

*Glowers* I’m an all or nothing person, so I either LOVE a book, or HATE a book.  Ugh, I hate G. A. Henty’s books to such an extent that I can’t even finish them.  I also respect Tolkien, but I can’t like his books.  But, one person’s book I read, she had the most compelling writing voice, but I didn’t agree with the characters, and it made me so mad.  But she was an artist of a writer.

6. love triangles, yes or no?

No comprendo, amigo.  So…

7. the most recent book you just couldn’t finish?

Umm…I always finish books, pretty much.  I have a strange hope that they’ll get better as they go on.  Too optimistic, I guess. 😛

8. a book you’re currently reading?

October.  I don’t even know who it’s by.  I just bought it from the big Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale.  Seems pretty good…But I haven’t read much of it.  My iPad died before I got but a few pages into it. XD

9. last book you recommended to someone?

Goodness!  I don’t know.  Probably the last book I read. XD I think it was one of George MacDonald’s books, since they’re SOOOOOOO good.  *sighs happily* I shouldn’t get started on this, or I’ll never end, LOL!


10. oldest book you’ve read? (publication date)

I’m pretty sure 1699 was the oldest book I’ve read.  Believe me, it’s duller than dull.  *sigh* But I may be wrong…

11. newest book you’ve read? (publication date)

Hmm, probably Beyond Her Calling by Kellyn Roth.  I read it before it was even published, LOL.  It’s so good.  😀

12. favorite author?

Well…George MacDonald, L.M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, E.D.E.N. Southworth, C.R. Hedgcock, Parker Hankins, um…That’s all I can think of.  OH!  I also love Kate Willis’ books and Maddie Tucker’s writing.  (Note: Two of those authors aren’t published yet.)

13. buying books or borrowing books?

Books and music related items are about all I buy, but I can’t afford to buy all the books I read.  My mom thinks I buy too many books as it is, but as long as they all stay in my room…Well, they’re staying. 😉  So, probably borrowing books, because I do that more.

14. a book you dislike that everyone else seems to love?

I don’t like Harry Potter, or Jane Austen, and those are really popular, so…*shrugs*

15. bookmarks or dog-ears?

neither, actually.  I have a semi photographic memory, and so I just have to look at the page number once, and I’ll remember it.


16. a book you can always reread?

I reread most of my books, actually.  I’m the kind of person that finds something new every time.  (Probably because I read too fast, LOL.)

17. can you read while hearing music?

I can read while listening to music, while you’re talking to me, during a party, in the car…My reading talents can be used in any environment.  (I take that back.  It’s really hard for me to read outside, because I get distracted.)

18. one POV or multiple POVs?

I love multiple POVs, but if there’s too many, I can’t focus.  I think the more the merrier, though.  It gives stories a different twist, and sometimes helps the reader to understand better what’s going on.

19. do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

As I’ve had more and more to do in my life, reading a book in one sitting is only for sick days.  (Or days I need a creativity boost.) So, I usually take two to three days to read a book.  Unless it’s short.


20. who do you tag?

Best question yet.  I have a few bookish people I thought about tagging, but I’m going to leave it up to the reader.  Do you want to do this tag???

And now, that that’s over, go check out Anna’s blog, and wait for her announcement. 😀


Interview with Characters

Hello!  Today I have Parker’s characters from his book series joining me in the Crazy A studio.  They very kindly agreed to travel on the Imagination transport, and now they’re here at Crazy A.

The Bryder’s are very interesting children, and I’m so happy to have them here.  Before I let them speak, I have to tell you to go check out Parker’s blog, and his interview with my characters from my book.

Now, help me welcome Jared, Jennifer, Jesse, and Joy Bryder.

Thank you, Jared, Jennifer, Jesse, and Joy, for joining me on Crazy A today.  Would you each introduce yourselves?
Sure! I’m Jared Bryder. *extends hand* I’m nineteen.
I’m Joy and I’m nine! *she smiles brightly*
My na–*Jennifer is interrupted.
I’m fourteen-year-old Jesse!
*Jennifer smiles at Jesse* I’m Jennifer. Oh, and I’m sixteen.
As siblings, do you often argue during the adventure?
Jared: Well, I think we’re usually too caught up in it to argue.
*Jennifer nods* True!
I argue with the bad guys! *Jesse pipes up*
*Joy frowns* Won’t that get you killed, Jesse?
Jesse: Nope!
Joy: It won’t?
Jesse: No!
Joy: Oh! I’ve never been taught that.
Who is the most adventuresome?
*everyone says Jesse in unison*
Me! *Jesse beams*
*Joy frowns* But I like adventure. More than Jennifer, at least.
Jared: Yes, but Jesse likes it the most.
Joy: Okay.
Are you all equally close, or do you each have a “closest” sibling?
*Jared furrows brows in thought*
*Jesse grins* I’m closest to Jared.
*Jennifer nods* Yeah, that’s true. I’ll say I’m closest to Jared and Joy. Though, Jesse is
*Jared also nods* Yeah, Jennifer’s right. And Jesse is very close to me.
*Joy looks up at her brother* But, Jared, you take me out for ice cream sometimes. Doesn’t that make us close?
*Jared smiled* Well, I guess.
Jared, is it hard being the oldest, and seeing your younger siblings in danger?
I would say yes and no. Yes, I don’t like to see them going through things like this. I don’t think any brother in his right mind does. But at the same time, it’s a blessing and encouragement to see my siblings living out their faith.
Jennifer, do you tend to be a leader or a follower?
Jennifer: Hmm. I guess it depends. If it’s children, I tend to be a leader. But with other people my age or older, I let them lead. It’s just easiest.
Jesse: I thought it was easier to lead.
Jennifer: I don’t think so.
Jesse: Well, kids wouldn’t go on very many adventures if I didn’t lead them.
Jennifer: Jesse, maybe you just like adventure too much.
*Joy nods* I agree.
*Jesse sighs* I doubt it.
Jesse, what is the dumbest thing you’ve done?
What? This is my question? Why couldn’t it have been given to someone else?
*Jared grins* Because you’re the best one for it.
*Jesse shakes his head* Oh, well. Um…maybe when I jumped from a moving car and got knocked out. Wait, Jared, did you just call me dumb?
Jared: No, but you may have done some of the dumbest things out of all of us.
Jesse: But remember when Jennifer–
*Jennifer raises her hand to stop him* I think it’s time we move on.
Jesse: You just don’t want me to tell.
Jennifer: I want us to move on.
*Jesse shakes head*
Joy, what is it like being the youngest during these missions?
*Looks down in thought* It’s a little good and bad. Since I’m little, they might leave me alone. But sometimes the bad guys try to use me so the others will obey the bad guys. I don’t like that.
What are each of y’alls favorite colors?
Jared: I like lime green.
*Jennifer is silent*
*Jesse frowns* Jennifer, what’s your favorite color?
Jennifer: I was waiting on you.
*Jesse raises an eyebrow* Why?
Jennifer: Because you interrupted me last group question.
Oh! *Jesse blushes* Anyway, I like royal blue.
*Jennifer smiles* Everyone tells me it’s obvious what color I like. Pink!
Joy: I like wild violet!
Do you prefer hills, plains, or mountains?
Jared: Hills.
*Jennifer allows Jesse to go first*
Jesse: I think plains ’cause that’s more cowboyish.
Joy: I thought hills and mountains were too!
Jesse: I don’t think so.
Joy: Well, we know cowboys here in Tennessee.
Jesse: Oh.
*Joy smiles* Anyways, I like hills.
*Jennifer nods* I like mountains. They’re just so scenic.
Jared, what is your greatest fear?
Hmm. I don’t fear too much, but probably my biggest fear would be that my family would be killed or detained forever on one of these adventures. That would just be horrible.
Jennifer, what was your greatest accomplishment?
Jennifer: Hmm, this is a hard question. Maybe learning to play Maple Leaf Rag. It was so hard, and I couldn’t get in the time easy. Plus, I don’t like playing rags or classical too much.
Jesse: I remember when you were trying to play that. It was so out of time.
*Jared gives Jesse a reproving look*
Jesse, what was your most embarrassing moment?
Why do I get these questions?
*Jared grins* Because they’re the best for you.
*Jesse punches him good-naturedly* Hmm. Maybe when I was at Evan’s wedding and I tripped going down the aisle with Karen. It was horrible!
*Jared, Jennnifer, and Joy burst into laughter*
*Jesse shakes head*
Joy, what do you consider your biggest blessing?
The Lord helping me through our latest adventure. Though, I’m scared we might enter another because Jared has been investigating some mysterious stuff with the detective.
What are y’alls favorite kinds of music?
Jared: I really like hymns done with family harmony. It sounds really good when families sing with all the parts.
*Jennifer waits on Jesse*
Jesse: Bluegrass and country!
Jennifer: I like the older hymns. There’s something about them that causes you to meditate.
*Joy shrugs* I really don’t know.
*Jesse leans forward* Just say bluegrass and country.
Joy: Bluegrass and country.
Do you prefer to write on paper or type?
Jared: Type!
*Jennifer is silent*
Jesse: Um…paper? I don’t write hardly.
Joy: Writing is fun! Especially if you write stories. I like paper right now.
Jennifer: Stationary which is paper. I write people letters and love fancy cards and stuff.
What is one of your talents that most people don’t know about?
Jared: I don’t know about me.
Jennifer: Jared, you’re an excellent solo singer.
*Jared looks skeptical* What? How do you know?
Jennifer: I hear you sing to yourself sometimes.
Jared: Oh.
Jesse: I’m a professional tree climber.
Joy: I can draw. Dad is good and he’s taught me some.
Jennifer: I really don’t have much talent.
Jared: You tend to have wise advice and you play piano, which people do know about.
Jennifer: I give wise advice? And I can’t play piano. Valerie Taylor plays way better than me.
*Jared nods* Of course, you have wise advice. Joy told me about what you told her when you two were on a walk through the apple orchard!
Jennifer: Thanks!
Joy: Who’s Valerie Taylor?
Jared: That girl down there in South Carolina.
Jesse: She’s not a girl. She’s eighteen now.
Joy: Oh!
Pepperoni, cheese, or combo pizza?
Jared: Pepperoni!
*Jennifer allows Jesse to go first*
Jesse: Combo!
Jennifer: Pepperoni.
Joy: Cheese
Jesse: That’s really boring, Joy.
Joy: I know. But it’s the best!
Jesse: No, it isn’t.
Joy: Yes, it is.
Jared: Let’s keep going.
What do y’all think of yodeling?
Jared: I hate it!
*Jennifer waits on Jesse*
Jesse: It can be done right and sound good.
Jennifer: I think it’s unique. I don’t like it, but it takes skill which is cool.
Joy: I love it!
Amie: I am ashamed of you, Jared.  It’s a talent that’s lovely.
And finally, what are y’alls favorite books?
Jared: Hmm. Probably Crossroads by Paul Willis. It’s got a lot of action which I like and it’s fast-paced.
*Jennifer waits for Jesse*
Jesse: I don’t really like books.
Joy: I like the Baker Family Adventures series.
*Jennifer looks up dreamily* The Star Under the City by Maggie Joy. It was so awesome! And Lenz was an amazing character! I could talk about him all day And then the Baker Family adventures series by C. R. Hedgcock.
Jesse: Jennifer, it sounds like you think Lenz is real.
*Jennifer blushes* He is to me.
Jesse: So I guess we know what kind of husband you want.
Jennifer: I never said I’d marry him.
Joy: You kind of said that the other day.
*Jennifer looks horrified* What?!
*Jared chuckles* Let’s get this over with.
Amie: Don’t worry, Jennifer, he’s real to me, too. 😉
Thanks for joining me on Crazy A!  
Jared: It was a lot of fun!
*Jennifer smiles brightly* Thanks for having us!
Jesse: I’d do it again. But on one condition: You don’t ask me crazy questions.
Jared: Jesse, would do it again no matter what.
Jesse: No, I wouldn’t. And, please don’t let anyone know some of these questions.
Jared: Jesse, this is on Amie’s blog. People are going to read it.
Jesse: Oh no!
*Joy’s tone is loud and cheerful* Well, bye. Thanks! I really had fun.
Jennifer: And if you visited just to hear about us, please subscribe to this crazy amazing blog. It’s my favorite!
Amie: Aw, thanks, Jennifer, and Jesse, sorry.  You’re doomed.  Thanks guys for reading this, and go check out Parker’s interview.

What’s on my Bookshelf (p. 3)


And welcome to another blog post about my bookshelf.  Today is the last and final shelf.  Before I begin, I wish to apologize if I offended anyone by including the final snip-it on the last blog post.  As an admission, real people do kiss in the real world.

If you haven’t read my last two blog posts about my book shelf, you can find them here and here.  Let’s get started!

Memory with the Meadows by Anna Pustai

Anna is a really good friend of mine, so of course I have her novel.  A sweet story for a younger audience, you can follow the Meadow children as disaster strikes, and the Meadows have to trust God.  This is an excellent book if you’re looking for a story for your 7-9 year old.

The Princess Adelina

Oh, this book was published be Vision Form.  Bringing me back to the old days.  Lol!  Anyway, this story takes place early in history (I don’t know the date.), and it is about a poor, Christian girl living in a Heathen land.  Adelina is a fair girl, and one day Prince Hedan sees her, and falls desperately in love with her.  He commands that she becomes his wife, and that begins the struggles of a Christian girl in her pagan husband’s court.

Knowing Scripture by R.C. Sproul

My dad is a huge Sproul fan, though I must admit I am not.  To me, it is rather too simple.  I mean, so simple that it’s boring.  After reading Augustine, Athanasius, and A’Kempis*, Sproul is like a picnic on a summer after noon.  Anyway, this is a needed Christian classic about the importance of knowing the Word of God, ’cause even the Devil knows the Word of God.  How can we fight if we don’t even know our own sword?

*I did not read those willingly.  Thanks, Mr. Swanson, for an amazing school course.

Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper

Someone in our church really admires Mr. Piper.  I’m not much of a fan of him, though. If you want a really good book on this subject, read Do Hard Things by the Brett brothers.  But, anyway, about this book.  Piper warns all people never to waste their lives.  If you feel you are wasting your life, this might be the book for you.

Life Lesson from a Horse Whisperer by Lew Sterrett

If I ever met an amazing man, it would be Mr. Sterrett.  I was privileged to be able to eat dinner with him, and talk to him.  He is a man burning with a passion for the Lord, and this shows in his book.  He weaves his life story into what he knows best, horses.  If you’re never seen A Sermon On the Mount demonstration, you absolutely have to.  For all horse-lovers like me out there, this is Biblical wisdom placed with horses, in an arena right in front of your eyes.  I can’t even review this book well enough!  It’s one of those books you just HAVE to read yourself.  So what are you waiting there?  Go order yourself a copy!

The Family Daughter by Sarah L. Bryant

Is anyone else in the audience KBR subscribers?  Anyone as DEVASTATED as I am about it ending?  Oh, I’m supposed to be reviewing this, not talking about the *sniff* ending of KBR.  This book is about becoming pillars of strength in our father’s houses.  In this day and age when men aren’t real men, and women are pressured to take the lead, we need to live by the word of God and show the world what true Biblical womanhood looks like. It’s not just for men…Girls, we’re doing this for God.  It will affect the rest of our lives, these decisions we make now.  Will you do the hard thing and live life for God?  Will you submit to your father? Read this book to learn how.

The A-Z of C.S.Lewis by Colin Duriez

Anyone else a fan of C.S.Lewis?  Okay, maybe I’ll fangirl alone.  This book is absolutely necessary for any Lewis’ fan library.  It just makes your library seem so complete.  And it’s so much fun to flip through and read about each thing in this book.

Christy by Catherine Marshall

Oh, do you have that one book where you just absolutely hate the ending?  The story is superb, but the ending?  Oh, the ending!!!!!!  This book is about a sheltered Southern gal in 1912 heading to the rural Smokies in Tennessee.  The cultural shock isn’t the only thing that toughens poor Christy as she begins to minister to these people.  She becomes not only the school teacher, but a nurse, a friend, and a missionary to these people.  This book is NOT for a younger audience.  I’d say 12 is the youngest that this should be read.  To give you a hint at the ending, it’s pretty much she wakes up, and the guy that loves her is there, and he goes, “Christy!” and the joy of a child was in his voice.  THE END!  Oh my, after 501 pages you end with “Christy”?  GRRR! Such an anticlimactic ending!  What a rip off.  What a….I don’t even know the right word.  But this is still an awesome story.

The Original Mildred Classics by Martha Finley

Anyone an Elsie Dinsmore fan?  I AM!  Oh, was that a little too loud?  I practically lived off Elsie when I was younger.  I read all 28 books twice, and my favorites up to four times.  Yes, when I’m obsessed, I’m obsessed.  Well, I found out about the Mildred books by mistake.  You have no clue how many good finds you stumble across at the thrift store.  But these books are so much better than Elsie.  I love her love story, and then her children!  The last book is THE BEST.  And I’m not talking about the Life of Faith Millie, y’all.  I’m talking about the real Mildred.  Anyway, this is a really good book series!

Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry

One of my favorite books.  Who couldn’t love Paul and Maureen?  And their love of horses is certainly contagious.  This is a thrilling story about two children who dream about capturing the “Phantom”.  Phantom is the wildest mare on Assateague island.  One day, the world is in for a surprise when Paul not only brings in the Phantom, but the Phantom’s newborn colt as well.  Can the children actually earn enough money to buy them both?

The Black Stallion Returns by Walter Farley

I have no clue where the other books of this series are.  My brothers probably borrowed them and didn’t put them back.  Anyway, I am a huge fan of Walter Farley’s books.  Who doesn’t love the mysterious Arabian horse that is thrown into Alec Ramsey’s life?  Well, in this book, The Black is back.  Join Alec’s sorrow as The Black is claimed by his real owner, Abu Ja’ Ku ben Ishak. (Try saying that five times fast. :0) Will Alec ever see The Black again?  Has Alec’s life of horses ended?  Will his dreams ever become true?

Millie’s Unsettles Season by A Life of Faith

Sorry to break it to you, Life of Faith fans, but Millie has BROWN hair.  And no, she’s not called Millie AT ALL in the real books.  A lot of the names are changed, and even the story line is changed.  Basically, this is a book where they took the main character of the Mildred Series, and stuck her in this book.

Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

Ahhh!  Anne!  Lol, some people call me Anne of my city.  It’s pretty funny, but I personally don’t think I’m that much like Anne.  Anyway, this book is actually not my favorite book in the eight books Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote about Anne.  My favorite is probably the Seventh and Eighth books.  Anyway, this book is such a charming story that is a true classic!  I love it.  ❤

Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery

Okay, before I review this book, if you’re a true Anne fan, you absolutely HAVE to read “The Chronicles of Avonlea.”  It helps the Anne books make a lot more sense, since Lucy Maud Montgomery talks about the different stories in the various Anne books.  In this Anne book, you continue to hear of my absolute favorite characters, Davy and Dora!  Oh, my!  How I love Davy.  Maybe he’s the reason I like this book so much.  But, you also meet Phillipa, and who doesn’t just love good ole’ Phil.  She’s a hoot.  Anyway, this book is so good, that if I said anything I know I’d give a spoiler.  So, next book!

The Runaway by Patricia St. John*

I have a lot of St. John’s books.  She’s a good writer.  In this book, a young Gentile hears about the teacher in Nazareth.  Maybe, just maybe, that teacher can help his family.  His family home is covered by the cloud of darkness.  Will this teacher be able to help them?

Twice Freed by Patricia St. John*

A slave boy’s thoughts are full of one idea…Freedom.  Finally, he makes a mad dash for freedom, and makes his way to Rome where he meets a man who forever changes his life.  How can you become twice freed?  Who is this man?

The Tanglewood’s Secret by Patricia St. John*

I loved this book when I first read it.  Maybe it was because I liked the characters names…Or maybe just because it’s a magical story.  Ruth is tired of always being the bad child.  Her life is full of do this, do that.  She envies her older brother’s apparent ease with her aunt, and she wants the love that her aunt gives to her brother.  One day, Ruth tell her aunt, “I shan’t go.  I shall run away, and I shan’t come back.”  With that, she runs out the door.  What happens to Ruth?  What is the tanglewood’s secret?  You should find out!

The Secret of the Fourth Candle by Patricia St. John*

I found this book rather boring, but that’s just me.  It’s three short stories about Christmas, and I’m not a fan of short stories, so that’s my review.  Get the book and read them for yourself.

Rainbow Garden by Patricia St. John*

This is my favorite book by St. John.  It’s even better than The Secret Garden!  Elaine has never had a godly example in her life.  When her mother takes a job in France, and decides to leave Elaine in the country, Elaine is selfish, bitter, and afraid.  Elaine often escapes to a secret garden where she discovers some exciting things.

Survey of Historic Costume by Phyllis G. Tortora and Keith Eubank

Oh, this book is one of my favorites!  I’m into history (if you couldn’t tell) and what’s more exciting than the way they dress?  Plus, you need to know if you’re writing a historical fiction.  This book covers from 3000 B.C. to 2003 A.D.  It has so many cool pictures, sketches, fashion plates, and of course, descriptions.  It is an amazing book!

Costume in Detail by Nacy Bradfield

Another book like the one before, except this only covers 1730-1930 A.D.  It has much more sketches.  In fact, it’s only sketches.  This book gives you a better in-depth idea of what the dress looked like, and how sharply the men dressed. 😉

Homesteading by Abigail R. Gehring

My dream is to farm.  But if I can’t grow up and farm, why not grow up and homestead?  So, this is my go-to guide about lots of different things.  It’s a good book.

Compiling of Journal Entries by Amie

Haha!  Lastly we have my old journal that I never consistently wrote in.  I’m not good at journaling at all.  It’s kinda sad, but that’s the point?  Who wants to read my thoughts when I’m dead and buried anyway?  Well, here’s a few snippets.

Ooh, the first page is intimidating.  😂  It says, “Top Secet Amie’s Prayer Diary keep out please Return to Amie.”  Okay, let’s see what I say next.  Ooh, juicy.  This is about my younger sister Rose.  “Rose is 5 today.  (So I would have been 7.) And a bitty baby she is had a little she Ikes unicorn she loves dolls baby dolls.”  Hey, I’m better at spelling than I thought!  But my punctuation? 😬

Here’s a good one!  ” Today we went to wander world and made a new brig.  I’m tired of Rose laughing at me! I went to my room to get you.  I or got that Vi was in there and she scared me.  [In where?  I am making no sense.] Daddy worked late today.”  Well, I guess Rose laughed at me even back then.  Why did I let it bother me, though?

Okay, here’s another one.  “Hi!  Its me again! [Like anyone else would be writing here, young me?] I know I haven’t written in a while.  My life is the same [I’m sorry, but I started dying here.  This was so me!  Oh, my.] but I have to tell you how much I want to be an actor for aventers in odesseay.”  If you made sense of that, I applaud you, and I ask you to please tell me what I was talking about.

Okay, I’m older here…I guess I’d be eleven in this part.  “I don’t know what to tell you.  I mean, If someday you were published, I dought [????] anyone would read you.  Maybe the cover should be “Woman from 2000″!  or something else.  In a hundred years maybe somebody would read it.” Uh, yeah.  Not me.  LOL!

After I turned twelve, it isn’t as funny.  Oh, I just found a song.  Here it is, “Raise in song thanksgiving give, Up to God sing praises.  The world is painted bright, By God’s beauty falling right.  Sing his praises high, Daring this our thanksgiving tide.  Sing his praises, praises sing For ever more eternally!”  Hmm, not too bad.

Oh, LOL!  This is just what I found.  Sounds so much like me. (Well, I guess it should since it was me.) “I’m writing cold facts so you don’t have to put up with me being all emotional…My personality, which you will learn later, is cheerful on the outside, and wild on the in.  I am wild!”  Okay, you’ve heard enough out of this.

Thanks for reading this post!  Let me know what you though about all the different books on my shelf.

Have you read any of these books?  What do you think about them?  Are you good at journaling?


*I was unable to find links.

Snowball’s Opinion

Greetings, all you humans!  It is I, Snowball Rabbit.  I am Crazy A’s official mascot (look on side bar) and I was asked to write this post, since Amie seems to be rather busy at the moment.  Amie is a peculiar human being that decides to take on a lot of stuff, and then realizes some of them she can’t continue doing.  Of course, blogging is not something she will stop.  She just needs a break, and so she begged me to stand in for her today.

To explain a bit about me, you can go to my page here, or I can tell you some about me.  I am a rather handsome specimen of a rabbit, with the nicest ears you have ever seen.  I am an English Spot, and I have only five grey spots, making me a bad show bunny.  If only those judges knew what real English Spots are supposed to look like.  *humph*


Oh, right.  We have to get back on topic.  Well, well, well.  The notes that Amie gave me say that I’m supposed to make you hyper about her book, because a lot of you don’t remember the teasers she gave in November.  Hey, I don’t remember that either.  Oh, yeah, I was only a few weeks old.  That makes sense.

*cough*  Amie’s first book, Operation: Green Serpent is in the middle of hopefully the last extreme edit.  She thinks she is smoothing out all of the hiccups, and is deep in considering different publishing methods.  When she talks to me of it, she sometimes gets really stressed out.  (She says I help reduce stress.  Whatever does that mean?)


Well, she gave me some sneak-peaks to get you hooked.  She also said you can learn more about the characters here.

“Benji, what did you do now?” Cam laughed as she walked over to help Benji.  He was being pecked by three or four chickens, including the one he held in his hand.  Benji grinned sheepishly at his sister.

“Uh, nothing.  I was just trying to do what Dad told me.”

“I don’t think Dad told you to cause mayhem,” Cam responded, picking the birds up and stroking their white feathers.  “Are you labeling them?”  The Adamses bred chickens. Once the chicks were big enough to transport, they would go all over the neighboring states.

“Yes, I was trying to,” Benji sighed.

Uh, disgusting chickens.  Why can’t we have some civilized animals in this book?  Like perhaps a few rabbits?


The girls rode to the graveyard and let their ATV’s idle.  Cassy leaned down to the earth and saw horse prints.

“He’s here somewhere,” she said, brushing the dirt with her fingers.

“Yeah, right behind you,” Cam said as a loud whoosh of air went onto Cassy’s neck.

“What?” she gasped, turning around and grasping Ruther’s halter.  “You naughty boy!  I thought I told you to stay in your pasture,” Cassy remonstrated.  Ruther placidly continued to chew grass.

“Cassy, do you see those lights?” Cam’s voice was suddenly strained and scared.

“Where?” Cassy turned to look.  Cassy wasn’t easily scared.

“Right there,” Cam gasped, pointing toward a bright light.

Why does it always have to be horses?  Over grown lumps of muscle, I say!  Why not small fluffy things with cute ears?  Like me?

“Guys, I’m glad you all came,” Cassy began the meeting.  Jonathan, Cam, Benji, and Lily all sat watching her.  “We have a terrible problem right now, and you are all sitting there relaxed!  We should be facing it head on!  Keep going!  Don’t grow faint hearted.  We must be heroes!  Every one of us, strong and courageous with fortitude and careful thought. 

“We have someone threatening our freedom!  Someone trespassing and doing harm!  They should be punished!”  Cassy banged her fist on her palm.

“Um, Cassy, I think you’re getting a little off topic,” Cam reminded.

“Oh, uh, yeah.  Anyway, I was saying that someone has vandalized our graveyard.  They should restore it to its former life of cheerfulness and vitality.”

“Cassy, a graveyard being cheerful and vital is an oxymoron,” Jonathan objected.

“Oh, never mind then.”

Am I supposed to laugh?  Again, where are the bunnies!  What kind of disgrace is this?  There are supposed to be rabbits all over this book!  Instead there are humans!

The children looked at each other.  Now, it seemed almost silly to ask, but Cassy wasn’t easily daunted. 

“Jonathan was going to ask,” Cassy smiled, looking up at her older brother.

“All right, son, ask away,” Mr. Adams commanded.  Jonathan looked up and said,

“We were wondering if we could sleep near the graveyard.  Then, if we see any lights we’ll know something’s wrong.”

“You know, that’s not a bad idea.  What do you think, Susan?” Mr. Adams turned to his wife.

Mrs. Adams smiled at her children as she said, “I don’t think that’s a bad idea.  Let the children camp outside if they want.”

Mutiny!  Raid Amie’s cabin!  I declare WAR!  How could she be so callous as to not put me  in this book?  I thought I was her favorite creature ever!


Well, there you had it folks.  Some sneak peaks of Amie’s book.  She’s not exactly sure when it will be published, or where, but she is in the middle of processing it all.  Hopefully it will be sooner than it looks at the present.

I remain,

Snowball Rabbit



Snowball Rabbit is the pet of Amie.  He is known for his friendly licks, love of hopping, and devouring apples at frightening rate.  He is a very handsome and patriotic rabbit.  An Uncle Sam in the rabbit world.  (And he wants you!  Just kidding 😂)