Peak at my Desk

I’m taking you to a very personal place where I spend a lot of my time.  I usually blog here, I draw here, I write here, and I live here.  This place is one of the few places I decorate (why decorate???) and so, I thought I’d show it to you.


Here is a quick overview of my desk.  I have my cup of green tea, my note paper, and my drawings and important stuff.  I made the decoration over the window, and it’s rather simple.  I had a lot of scraps from making doll clothes, so what do you do?  Just rip them up, and tie them on some string.  Then get some photos developed, and use clips to put them up there.  I have a lot of pictures of my pen-pals and stuff, too.


Here’s a side view of the decoration.  I love the bright colors I chose, and, of course, I love the memories that are shown by the pictures.  (I just love pictures.)


All right, here we have a sign Olivia made me for my birthday, and a sign Laura made me just because.  The pictures are of my darling bunny, Snowball, and Megan’s rabbit, Basil.  The five leaf clover was sent to me by Jordan, and the little sprig of wildflowers was from Megan.  (I love this part of my desk. <3)


The Amie was made by K, and the verse was written by Megan.  The picture is of me on my friend’s horse, Cody.  (This pictures drives me insane, because I have my heels up.  GRRR!)


The sign was made by Laura, and the little hat ornament was given to me by my aunt.  It was hand-made in Guatemala, or one of those small countries stuck in the middle of Central America.  The picture was one I took last summer of two zinnias.


My sweet pen-pals don’t forget me on Valentines day, and this is the leftover heart from how I decorated.  It was given to me by K.  ❤


I have a lot of my artwork around my desk, so here’s a quick sketch of an eye I did with pastel pencils.  I’m in love with pastel/pastel pencils at the moment, so comment down below if you want another post with the art I’ve been doing lately.


Over on the right side I have my video camera, fondly called Pee-wee, and my instrument tuner, a box for memory cards, and my tape dispenser.  Everyone needs tape, right??  And, you can barely see my thumb pick if you look hard enough.


My pen-pals are so sweet!  I love all their sweet messages.  If you’re my pen-pal reading this, thank you so much for bringing some sunshine into my life!  If you don’t have a pen-pal, you have no idea how much joy it brings to open your mailbox to see a sweetly handwritten (or computer typed) letter.  I would highly recommend finding someone to be your pen-pal.  😉


In the middle of my desk I have my cup of tea.  Usually I drink black tea, but this morning I was really wanting green tea, so I made myself some green tea.  And, now for the background…


I’ve been working on this painting, and so far I’m not half satisfied, so I’m not done, but I wanted to ask everyone what color they think the girl’s shirt should be.  (Yikes, the grass, the one tree, and the girl need so much work.  LOL!) But, I need a color, and I’m not sure what color it should be.  And should she have long or short sleeves?  Probably short because there are leaves on the trees.


This might be my favorite corner of my desk.  We have my letters I need to respond to, my pens and pencils, my junk, my candle, my much-needed chapstick, my Washi tape, my horse and unicorn, and the picture of me that Laura drew.


I really like my candle.  I mean, look at the holder.  Again, thanks so much, Grace, for sending it to me!  I’ve used like, four candles up, and I just keep putting new ones in the holder.


And here is another piece of artwork that I’m trying to figure out what to do with.  I just randomly started doodling, and this is the dreamy girl who kinda came out of that doodle.  You should see some of the people I doodle with.  The most fun is to take a highlighter, or some other kind of pen, and try to make them look real.  My siblings are often like, “Who’s that dude?”  Me: “Doesn’t he look just like Joe?”

“Joe who?

“This dude, Joe.”  XD

And that, folks, is what my desk looks like.  Not too clean, and yet, not too dirty.

What does your desk look like?  Should I do a post about my art?  What color should the girl’s shirt be?  Do you enjoy doodling?