Needed: Bloggers!

Calling all bloggers.  This is Snowball Rabbit, and I am here in the stead of Amie.  Why? Because this post is all about me! *cues evil bunny laughter*


No, I’m not that bad, but this post is all about the furry white rabbit with grey ears.  A dog has taken over my natural habitat (also known as my house) and I have been feeling a bit neglected.  Amie thought it would be a good idea to publish a book all about her rabbit to make him happy again.

(Amie might or might not have succeeded there.)

So, not only did she drag me outside to take pictures of me, she commanded me to use all my cuteness to get people to sign up for a blog launch tour for her very first book that she has self published.

Sounds to me like she was scared of people’s reaction.  Hmm, maybe I’m looking too far into this.  Either way, let me tell you, she would be beyond thrilled if she finds people signing up.  (Don’t make her too thrilled, or she’ll pick me up and cover me with kisses.  It’s not comfortable for me, and she usually ends up with bunny fur in her mouth.  But make her a little bit happy because then she’ll give me an apple and carrots, and a bunny rub.)

Are you ready to sign up?  I guess it’ll be fun.  If you interview me, I promise to be nice.  *looks around* Really nice.

You can sign up here.

I also realized that all the photo shoots you’ve seen of me have been told from Amie’s perspective, and that’s just not right.  I’m the main subject of them, so I thought I would show you some photos, and tell you about them from my perspective.


To all the rabbits reading this, when your owner decides to take pictures of you, you need to look regal.  Try to show people that real rabbits are not cute.  We are dignified creatures.


See?  Give your owner the regal look.  If you don’t, people will start telling you how cute you are.  If you’re a girl rabbit, that might be good, but I am a man rabbit, and a manly man at that.  *snorts*


Never be caught eating on camera.  That is disgraceful as well.  We eat in private, and show our wonderfully regal bunny faces in public.

Now, did this post give you enough info for you to help Amie out?  Also, you did chose to interview me, didn’t you?  I mean, I’m obviously the best choice there.

Good day, good humans!

-Snowball Rabbit, detective


100 Subscribers?

(Get ready for a long post)

Guys!  I have a hundred followers!  Like, I can’t believe this.  I actually technically have 106, but you get the point.  Anyway, I’m not going to share crazy stats, ’cause that’s just strange.  I’m also not going to have a giveaway.  (Awe, I know!)  But…

I’m having a competition!

Yes!  It’s a writing competition.  You can join, and have a chance of winning a prize!  I actually haven’t decided on the prize, but the story and a short bio of the winner will be featured on my blog. But don’t worry, I’ll have the prize before it’s time for the completion to end.  I also think you’ll like it.  (I hope!)

Here are the rules for the stories!

  1. No witch craft, black magic, or inappropriate relationships are allowed. (Need a definition of inappropriate?  Look in Ephesians 5.)
  2. No curse words, or taking of God’s name in vain.  (The Lord will not hold you guiltless if you take His Name in vain.)
  3. And lastly, they must be respectful to each other, and God.

All right!  So, you’ve gotten the idea for the story rules?  Well, now you’re going to have to use a prompt.  (Am I making it too hard?).  You have to use a little bit of the following prompt in your story.

We’ve all been wronged in this life; we’ve all been hurt.  But whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional pain, we don’t have to dwell on it.  God sent His Son so that we can conquer pain.  Live a life that models that.

“Of such an one will I glory: yet of myself I will not glory, but in mine infirmities.  For though I would desire to glory, I shall not be a fool; for I will say the truth: but now I forbear, lest any man should think of me above that which he seeth me to be, or that he heareth of me.” (2 Corinthians 12:5-6)

In order for your submission to be qualified you must:

  1. Use part of the prompt above.
  2. Include your name, age, and bio in a separate document as the story.
  3. Send the story in a Word document, New Romans Time font, size 12.

That’s all!  But wait, how do you send it to me?  Well, go up there to the contact form.  Contact me that you would like to join the contest.  I’ll email you back and voila!  It works that way.

You must send in your story by April 30.

Sorry, if it’s later than that, it doesn’t count.  I will release the winners on May fifth.  If you are a winner, you’ll find an email in all caps saying so. 😉

So, on your marks, get set and join the competition!

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Now, for a tag, since I have time. 😉  Today it is the Sunshine Blogger Award!  Yay!  Maybe this means I’m a ray of sunshine?  Am I pushing it too far?  All right, I’ll just get into this tag.


Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog.

Answer the questions the blogger who nominated you provided (11 maximum).

Nominate new bloggers and make up to 11 questions for them to answer.

List the rules and have the Sunshine Blogger logo present in your post.

Ahem, thank you so much, Kaitlyn, for nominating me!  I’m so pleased.  I was surprised when I read that you had, but surprises are always great!  Thanks, Kaitlyn!

The Questions…

If you could meet any fictional character in real life, who would it be?

Oh, oh, oh!!!!! Um, okay, this is a strange combination, but I’d never be able to chose….So… Edmund Pevensie, Capitola Black, Phil Baker, and *all you hear are the clicking of keys as Amie tries to think of another character* Umm…Walter Shirley! (I mean Blythe.)

Why did you decide to start blogging?

Hehehe…For no apparent reason except to do it.  I had no reason, and I just thought, “What if I had a blog?  What would I call it?  Crazy A.  Hmm, that suits.”  Guess what?  The next day a new blog had been born.

What is your favorite type of music and favorite song?

My favorite type of music is country, bluegrass, hymns, and nineteenth century music.  My favorite song?  Well, I’ll take one from each group.  Country?  What Country Means to Me by Lawson Bates.  Bluegrass?  Ah!  Why is this so hard?  Um, any classic, okay?  Hymns?  Leaning on the Everlasting Arms by Anthony Showalter.  At least, that’s my favorite at the present.  It changes every month. 😉  Nineteenth century?  Okay, I get made fun of a lot about this and everyone asks my if I like Goober Peas, but y’all, just listen to these songs!  They’re so full of history.  Stonewall Jackson’s Way or Jin the Cavalry.

(Haha!  I obviously am in love with music!

If you could tell the whole world one thing, what would it be?

Christ, the Son of God who is God, came to earth, suffered, and died.  But Christ didn’t just die.  He rose again and is sitting at the right hand of God the Father Almighty in Heaven as we speak.  He is the only way to Heaven.  Repent from your sins and believe on Him today, and you will be saved from eternal damnation.

What weird food combinations do you like, if any?

Hmm, potato chips and pineapple jam, pickles and sour cream, and coffee and apples.  They’re all good, trust me.

Nominees and Questions…

I nominate…



Hannah. Crafts of all Seasons


Hannah. Mirroring Jesus

All right.  My questions.

As a child, what was the strangest thing you did?

What is the age you look back with fondest memories?

What is something that changed your life?

Do you enjoy writing or reading better?

What are your thoughts on life?  After or before a certain age is it okay to kill someone or yourself?

Am I good at asking profound questions?

What is your least favorite Bible passage?  Why?

And that is it for this tag! On to random life…

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Sadly, we are back to one bunny.  Hedgcock and Snowball got along splendidly until the fifth day together.  Hedgcock decided to show ultimate dominance, and Snowball’s answer was,

“Hello, who are you?  Uh uh, you aren’t boss here.”

Regardless, Hedgcock went back to his former home after a week of staying with us.  I miss him, since he was much cuter (to me!) than Snowball, but life moves on, right?


Haha!  My brothers!

On Saturday we had a piano recital.  So, everyone that came said my siblings and I were amazing, but I know I messed up at least twice in each song.  My two sisters and I sang I Have Been Blessed by C.T. Townsend while my older brother played.  Haha…That was a disaster, sorta.  My poor younger sister!  She was supposed to sing a verse by herself, but she froze on stage and I didn’t know half of her verse.  Well, all things work together for good, right?

But, it was fun and I enjoyed performing.  I always enjoy performing.


Recently my parents went out on a date, and I was requested to babysit.  I’m not all that fond of babysitting, especially since I was working on a masterpiece in the writing sense. But!  I agreed.

When they came home, they had brought me coffee!  I was so happy.  (Coffee is the only thing that can change my mood fast 😂)  What would life be like without coffee?

Do you enjoy performing?  Are you joining the competition?  Have you ever had a pet disaster?  What would the world be like without coffee?




To Nashville! (and beyond!)

November 30, 1864.

Slowly, I pull my bare feet forward.  I hardly have the strength to go on.  We all know that — Hood is going to kill us yet.  I just pray to God that it isna here.  That it isna here.

March 7, 2018

I hug my coat closer and wish I had looked at the weather.  Who knew it would be snowing?  I stomp my feet and wish I hadn’t worn my cowgirl boots.  And yet, it was better than bare feet…and it was better than dying on this field.

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Where have I been all week?  In Franklin and Nashville, Tennessee!  Studying about good homeschoolers and battles bravely fought and bravely won.

It was so much fun, and so thrilling to learn about those men in Tennessee, and about the Generals…and to meet new friends.  I wrote about it so I would remember everything.  Before I get started, please realize half of the houses you couldn’t take pictures of the inside.  (I know!  I was totally bummed out.)

Stop #1: Rippavilla


“They got away?  You were supposed to close the road!  You were supposed to stop them!  You were supposed–“

“Sir? Would you like more coffee?”

“Coffee?  When an army just snuck through my grasp?  Well, perhaps.”

In the yard of this stately house, the skirmish of Spring Hill was fought.  General John B. Hood had strategically placed his men to entrap the enemy…But somehow that failed.

To be honest, this house wasn’t my favorite.  The outside was beautiful, but the inside?  Eh, if you like mansions and work, this was your house.  I just like the magnolia trees and the yard.  It even had a gazebo!

Since it wasn’t my favorite spot, we’ll move on.

Stop #2: Observation Hill


Hood stood next to me, irate as ever.  On his long face, his beard seemed to prickle.  “We attack them here.”

The Union army of 2,000 troops walked straight through the Confederate army of the same strength on the night of November 29. It was reported that several Union troops were caught while lighting their pipes in Reb fires.  We are not exactly sure why the Union army wasn’t stopped.  One Reb walked to Hood’s headquarters and informed him of what was going on.  Hood insisted he had told Cheetham take care of the matter–The only problem was that Cheetham was a drunk.

The Union forces ran all the way to Franklin, hoping to cross over the river and into the safety of Nashville.  However, that was not to be.  The bridges had washed out.

Hood chased the Union army to Franklin, where he realized he had to make his move before the bridges were built–before the Union army got to Nashville.  It seemed to be a now or never moment for Hood.  But Hood’s officers disagreed.

Standing in the same place as men like Hood, Forrest, and Cleburne was amazing.  I enjoyed learning about the men while I was there, and seeing the view.

Stop #3: The Carter’s house


I closed my eyes.  That couldn’t be Uncle Todd.  It couldn’t have happened.  The doctor looked up and said, “Please hold that candle steady.”  I will never forget it.  Never, even though I am but eight.

The sad story of the Carter house stands out in my thoughts.  Maybe because the house itself was my favorite…maybe because the family reminded me of my own.

The Carter house was inches away from the Union strongholds.  In fact, the Union lines broke right at their house.  They have a small shed out in the back that is riddled with bullet holes.  There’s a cannon hole in the side of the house.

The family stayed in the cellar during the attack, as they didn’t think that the Rebs would actually attack in Franklin.  Would you attack men that had dug six feet into the ground and made breastworks?

The whole battle, minus forty-five minutes, took place in the dark.  It was hand to hand combat in the smoky darkness.  One survivor said that the smoke was so dense, he couldn’t pry his eyes open.  When he did, it was only to save his own neck.

The saddest part of the battle is that Fountain Carter came out of his cellar to see bodies everywhere…and then a Reb came up to tell him that his son, Todd, was lying injured on the battlefield.  This same son was supposed to be in a Union prison.

They found Todd…and three days later…he died.

Stop #4: Carnton


“Your house will be used as a Confederate hospital.  I’d expect the men to arrive in fifteen to twenty minutes.”  And maybe they won’t ever leave–In fact, they might stay buried in your yard.

I’ve been to Carnton before, so it wasn’t as exciting.  How many have read The Widow of the South?  What?  None of you?  Okay, if you’re over thirteen, go read it immediately.  It’s amazing and it really makes you think.

I’m not going to dwell on Carnton too much.  If you like graveyards, go to Carnton.  If you like looking at dead soldiers names…go to Carnton.  If you like stories of brave women during wartimes…go to Carnton.

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Wait!  I’m not done with my visit, but I’m going to give you some human sides of this.  Like, what I did and thought.  I slept with my little sister, Rose, the whole trip.  She likes to cuddle.  And sleep in the middle of the bed.  Very annoying for me, since I do not like cuddling.

Here’s the quote of the trip.  (Credit to my younger sister)

Did you know the night is so long?  It’s longer here than at home.

My judgement on coffee during this trip.  At the first hotel it was so bad.  It smelled like charcoal.  And it tasted like stevia.  But, the second hotel’s coffee was so good, that I risked my life to go and get it at ten at night.

I enjoyed the tour, but the conference?  Well, I liked the vendor hall and meeting new people and seeing old acquaintances.

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Stop #5: Shy’s Hill


IT SNOWED THAT NIGHT!  It had flurries all Wednesday, but Thursday it actually snowed on the ground.  It was a dusting–But still!

Shy’s hill was beautiful.  The story of courage, of fortitude, and of danger is thrilling.  Colonel Shy was told to hold this hill during the battle of Nashville.  When they saw a regiment of Minnesotans rushing up the hill, half of Shy’s men ran for their dear lives.  However, Shy stood firm and fought like a true man.

When shot in the head at point blank range, the hill was taken.  Shy’s body was the only body out of those Tennesseans that died there to be shipped home.  In fact, Shy’s body has a funny story to it.  However, I don’t have time or room to tell.  If you’d like to hear it, comment below.

Stop #6: Tennessee Capital


Well, this is actually stop seven, but I don’t feel like telling you about stop six.  Anyway, we learned about Jackson, Polk, Johnson, and Sam Davis here.  Each man has an interesting story in his own right.

The statue above is of Jackson.

Did I know all this before the trip?  Um, most of it…Only because I read about it in a book about the Army of Tennessee.  You would like to learn more?  Read Company Aytch by Sam Watkins.

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Now, ready for the last bit of news?  *Grins really wide*. You won’t guess it.


Did you say bunny?  A new bunny?  Now where did you get that idea?  Well, Snowball got a friend…his own blood brother to be exact…and we’ve named him Hedgcock, after our favorite author.

Sadly, Snowball would run away as soon as I got out the camera, but Hedgcock enjoyed posing for me.

What more history?  Think Hedgcock is cute?  Been to Nashville?  Comment below!