A Voice for the Voiceless

There are 857,475 people who will not be graduating this year.  Why?  Because those children were aborted.  Killed before they even had a voice.  Killed before they could even cry.


People stand for cancer.  People call you heartless if you don’t re-pin a picture of a cancer patient.  I call you heartless if you do not stand for the unborn.  If you do not stand for what you believe in.

How many of you are pro-lifers?  How many of those pro-lifers went to stand at their capitols with other pro-lifers?  How many of you joined in that silent march for those silent children?


Today, my family and I went to stand for what we believe in.  We went to be a voice for the voiceless.

How many of you shudder when you think of what Hitler did in the Holocaust?  How many of you hurt for those Jews?  Today, right now!  We Americans are in a modern-day Holocaust.  We are mercilessly killing unborn children.  For what?  Because we don’t want them?

I will walk alone…If I have too.

Please!  Pray for repentance of our Nation!  Pray that the hearts of the mothers might be turned toward their children.  This week, I hope you joined fellow pro-lifers in standing for what you believe in…for it is only the cowards that stay away.

That wasn’t all that we did (or are doing) today.  Today is Rose’s birthday!  So go wish her happy birthday for me on our blog here.  We also met up with our “cousins” at the March for Life.

Selfie time! Left to right: Me, Miranda, Jaclynn, and Mandalynn

Jaclynn, Mandalynn, and Miranda are some of the most special people in my life.  Go check out their blogs and follow, for my sake if nothing else.  These girls inspire me to serve God to my fullest every time I see them. They are more amazing than I am ❤

Trying to get that dome in!

Remember, we are to be a voice for the voiceless.

Of course, cousin Peter wants a selfie with this famous blogger 😉