Happy Happy Happy!!!!

Today is my birthday!  And, since it’s my birthday, I have permission to post pictures of my past, along with some stories.  Are you ready for a trip down memory lane?


My older brother and I have always been close.  He was my leader, idol, and friend when we were younger, and now we compete a lot.  At least, I compete with him.  Now, I’m taller than him, and may I say prettier?  But, Phil and I will forever be buddies, and I’m still counting on him to build me my house.  (Plans were made when we were younger.)

One of our favorite games for years was to play in the laundry baskets.  We even tried to ride them down our sixteen steps.  Don’t I look like a happy camper?


I’ve always had problems with my eyelids.  As a baby, my tear ducts would get plugged.  Now, I often am plagued with a stye.  Anyway, they never bring me down.  Look at my smile.  *heart melts*  I wish I could meet baby me.  We’d probably get along. 😉


Practicing my all important dinosaur roar.  But, here’s the weird part…

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 3.05.07 PM

I can strangely still make this face.  Yikes.  I don’t even look like the same person.  Some major change has happened since I was seven months old.  What do you say?  Do I even look like the same kid?  But my face…*rolls on the floor laughing*

To explain my dinosaur roar.  My brother and I were major dinosaur fans, and we could name all the dinosaurs ever named.  And, my brother often practiced his “Sue the T-rex” roar.  I admired my older brother to no extent, so I had to roar too.

The second picture is me laughing at a donkey that was rolling in the dirt.  I mean, it was kicking, and rolling, and he-hawing like crazy.


Who doesn’t think this one-year-old is cute?  And my blue eyes?  Awe!  I was one of the cutest bald one-year-olds I’ve ever seen.  But maybe I’m prejudiced.  Anyway, I’m sure I had the best birthday any little kid ever had.  If only I remembered it…


Skip a few years and I’m four!  I just love this picture because it’s all me when I was little.  I’m wearing what was my favorite shirt, carrying my sleeping buddy, and eating strawberries.  I was really into My Little Ponies until I was nine or ten.  It was my fandom.  😂

On this birthday, I was gifted with…My Little Ponies!  Surprise!  😉 But, the funny thing was I took them into the bathroom (for some reason unknown to me now,) and accidentally dropped them into the toilet.  I remember being SO embarrassed.  When I was little, I was really sensitive and easily embarrassed.  I hope I’ve grown out of that…


Ahh, when my love for performing first kicked off.  I remember this.  I dragged my mom up on stage, even though she insisted she didn’t want to get up.  I was just so pumped to actually get to hold a REAL mic.  It’s a good memory, that’s for sure.  I even remember that that dress was scratchy, and I didn’t want to wear it.

But, I also remember that I couldn’t read, and I didn’t know the song.  I was just singing “Ooh,” the whole time.  😬  I was probably way off tune.


Yep, now we move on to my next passion.  Horses.  This was my second?  No, third time riding.  It was a horse named Barnie, and he was probably fourteen hands?  I don’t know exactly, but I’m pretty sure he was small.  Okay, REALLY small.

I remember that they let me ride without much help, and the next time I rode, I was allowed to gallop.  Oh, the joys of childhood!


My first trip without my parents.  I was FURIOUS!  My aunt took my brother and I to some desert in Utah to go canoeing, and I was expected to work.  Oh, I was SO mad the whole trip.  I did NOT bargain for this.  And my very funny (🙄) uncle tried to cheer me up by throwing me into FREEZING mountain water.

But, all that said, I wish I could go back in time and tell little complainer me to plug my mouth.  It really toughened me up, and changed my outlook on life.  If I could go back, I’d have a fun time even if I had to drink bad tasting water, and it was hot, and I got sunburned, and I had to WORK during vacation.

A note to little me.  I wasn’t that bad off, and as you can see in this picture, it didn’t curb my competitive spirit.  I was definitely going to win rock ball.


Happy go lucky me.  That’s who I’ll always be.  Sitting by the pool, using my smile as a tool, to cheer me and you…(Do do da do…)

Okay, forgive my terrible try at a song.  I hope you could hear the music with that.  I am so cute here!  And I look just like my little sister.  Man, we could be identical twins.  (Yikes!  Poor girl, she’ll look just like me.)


This is how I’ll always remember myself.  This was a Father Daughter Retreat my sister and I went on.  I definitely have my own style.  But look at my little sister.  She’s SOOOO beautiful!  And she still is.  #proudsistermoment And Dad’s the same, adding a beard.  That trip was so much fun, and I got to meet a lot of people.  (I think I’m only still friends with one though…)

And later, we met people that were at the same retreat, and I remember seeing them.  (Yes, I’m looking at you, Mandalynn.)


Here I am at my aunt’s again.  I’ve always had this thing for strawberries, and I’m here to show my uncle who is actually the best domino player.  (Everyone knows it’s obviously me, right?)  Alas!  If only my uncle didn’t use Rose to spy on us.


On vacation at Savanah, eating at Paula Dean’s restaurant.  It had the BEST banana pudding I’ve ever had, y’all.  But, the weather was so cold, and I only brought a rain jacket.  Why does it always happen to me that I go on vacation when it’s freezing, and only bring light coats?  I don’t know, maybe it’s because I always go on vacation during spring when it’s supposed to be WARM.

Hmm, that’s an idea.


With my aunt again.  We went to Yellow Stone National Park, and decided to go to a rodeo.  Guys, I’m hooked.  Seriously.  This cowboy was the winner of the bull riding, so we had to get a picture.  My little sister at first totally refused to stand next to a sweaty man she didn’t even know, but my aunt somehow got her in the picture.

*Sigh* I’m dreaming about riding in a rodeo.  Hah, only in my dreams though.  Hey, anyone want to sponsor a hopeful rider?  No?  Oh, okay.  😦


I reached the double digits!  Yeah me!  And can you believe it?  I’m strawberry picking again.  😂 Yes, I really do love strawberries.  Strawberries, pickles, coffee, and sour cream are some of my favorites.  And, of course, beef!

I was so proud because I had jut gotten my ears pierced.  I think my holes have closed since then.  Earrings are SOOOO bothersome.  If you’re considering piercing your ears, DO NOT DO IT!  Please, just spare yourself the cost of money.  It’s a bad idea, and for what?  So you can spend more money on jewelry?  Blah, jewelry just isn’t my thing.  Anyway, next picture!


Ah, I had picked up the guitar by this time.  Wasn’t I cute?  Hmm, I’m judging I was only 5’8″ here.  Ah, those nice days of being short.  Anyway, I was taking this picture for a pen-pal.  It’s a pretty nice picture of me, considering I’m not goofing off.  I’m known for some pretty strange pictures.

What else about this picture?  I can’t think of anything interesting that happened this day.  Was this the day we went out to eat?  I’m not sure….Next pic!


All you pen-pals remember this picture of me.  My aunt decided she needed pictures of us in her house, so she hosted a huge photo shoot.  Before this picture, we argued about cutting my hair, and she won.

At least 2″ fell off, and she brushed, and combed, and finally proclaimed me “fine.”  This was her least favorite picture of me, but her favorite was after I had done a hair-flip, and I looked…Uh, terrible?  SO, this was my favorite, and since this is my blog, it’s a-going up there.  *sigh* I still miss that hair I cut off.  But, my hair’s longer now than it was before that hair cut.


The latest picture of me!  So, now you know I was the cutest baby on the block, and I purposefully skipped toddler age because I was the ugliest kid on the block.  You saw how I changed from blue-eyed, strawberry blonde to browny-hazel eyes and dark hair.  Yep, the only thing that I’m told hasn’t changed is my face.  I doubt my face will ever change much.

Here I sit, Amie just one year older.  😉



Description Saturday: #1


I’m starting something new today!  Y’all better tell me what you think after you read this post.  I came up with a hundred writing prompts about myself (not really but sorta).  Each Saturday if you enjoy this, I’ll write about myself in the third person.  In other words, I’ll write like it’s not me.  Today’s prompt is….

Describe one of your earliest childhood memories.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

A little girl with strawberry blonde hair and hazel green eyes gripped her father’s hand in quiet excitement.  She had already been hushed once as they walked down the hospital walkways.  Her two older brothers walked next to her; Thomas and Peter were holding hands as well.

Today, they were going to see their newest little sister.  Rose had been born earlier that morning.  The little girl, known as Alma, looked up at her dad again.

“Is Mommy all right?  What does Rose look like?”

“You’ll find out,” her dad smiled.  Peter pushed her elbow.

“Alma, babies look like squished up red balls with eyes,” he hissed.  Being two and a half years older, Peter obviously knew what he was talking about.

“Be quite you two,” Thomas hushed them.  Poor Alma was concerned.  Did babies really look that bad?  Their dad stopped at a door and pushed it open.  Alma, Thomas, and Peter walked into the dimly lit room.  Their mom sat smiling on the bed.

Alma pulled her hand out of her dad’s and flew to her mother.  “Mommy, did they crack you open like an egg?  Are babies ugly?  Why did you have to come to the hospital?”

Her mother’s brown eyes smiled.  Instead of answering, she motioned next to her.  “Would you like to see your sister, Alma?”  Alma nodded her head quickly.  Her mom spoke to her dad.  “George, please pick Alma up and show her Rose.”

Alma was then picked up and showed the baby.  She was a red face wrapped in pink blankets.  The worst part was that she was in a plastic tub with wheels!
“Mommy, why do they put the baby in a plastic tub?”

“I don’t know…that’s just what they do…”

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

After that my memory gets hazy.  That’s my earliest memory.  I was over two and a half when my younger sister, Rose, was born.  And some of the question I did really ask.

Did you enjoy it?  Should I continued this series?  What is your earliest memory?  Can you relate to an older sibling telling you something?