Crazily Acquainted w/ Sam!


Welcome back to another Crazily Acquainted.  Today we have Sam, from Dolls N’ Cupcakes!  I actually have a soft spot for this blog.  Why?  Probably because one of my stories won the writing contest on here.  😉  Since this is my blog, if you want to read the story go here.  I promise it’s nothing good, but it is something!

Anyway, if you’re into dolls or cupcakes, dash over to Sam’s blog before you even read this interview.  If you’re just reading this because you’re my subscriber, sit tight.

You know the rules (unless you’re new).  Comment below if you’re a blogger and you’re interested in being interviewed.  My questions and comments are in bold, the answers in regular type.  Here we go!

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Why did you decide to have a blog?
I decided to create a blog so that I can meet new people and try new things!
Why did you chose the name?
I choose the name Dolls ‘N’ Cupcakes because I love AG dolls and I love cupcakes!

What do you write about/plan to write about?

When I write stories, I usually write love stories but when I write on my blog it’s usually AG photostories, crafts, and photo shoots.
Hmm, love stories?  Why don’t you ever post them?

Do you prefer serious or crazy writing?

I like crazy writing because I think it’s more like me.
Finally someone likes my style of writing with no buts! (Just playing 😉 )

What is/was the hardest part of your blog?

The hardest part of my blog is having time to post.

Is Sam your real name or a pseudonym?

Yep! Sam is my real name. My eldest sister named me after Samantha the American Girl Doll!
No way!  I’ve been tried to name my last two younger sisters after the Felicity American Girl doll!  Sadly, my parents aren’t into letting their older kids name the younger kids.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

My favorite flavor of ice cream is cookie dough!

What inspires you?

I think my mom inspires me because she only has less than a year left due to cancer and she lost her hair, yet she’s still so organized and puts on a brave face for her children.
This is precious.  I don’t even know your mom, but now she inspires me too.  🙂

Would you rather be inside or outdoors?

I definitely love the outdoors better than the indoors due to growing up in the boondocks of Georgia.
You’re kidding?  I’m guessing you’re muddy a lot then 😉

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is turquoise!

What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies are drawing, painting, crafting, reading, writing, and blogging.

Why do you like dolls?

I can’t really explain why I like dolls… Maybe cause I was named after the Samantha AG doll? Mabye because I grew up playing with my sister’s dolls until I got my own.

And lastly…What is your favorite song?

That’s a hard question… I’m just going to say that I like the old country because I could never choose!
Country is amazing.
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A round of applause for Sam!  I had fun reading her answers.  Y’all better go check out her blog because it’s pretty cool.

Crazily Acquainted w/ Buttercup!

First, life update:

After getting better from the flu, I feel like life is so exciting!  I have so much more energy, (or do I????) and I think that it’s almost (almost) worth being sick to feel so much better!  The sun is so bright and life is good.

Now for Crazily Acquainted:

Please help me welcome Buttercup!  Her blog is fun, and I actually just had a Q&A with her recently!  So, without further ado, I shall start the interrogation.  (My questions are bold and Buttercup’s answers are plain.

Why did you decide to have a blog?
I thought it’d be cool and a really good way to share relatable things with teenagers! 💕

Why did you chose the name?

Um… because I’m not in any way “average” or typically but I’m always that way, and of course I’m a teen. “Typically Untypical Teen”
What do you write about/plan to write about?
Teen life and entrepreneurship (ya know, ways to improve your blog, tricks to the trade and teen business stuff)

Do you prefer serious or crazy writing?

Both. If it’s a serious topic, I write seriously, but everything else? Crazy (funny, etc.)! Why not be transparent? It shows people you’re real and it’s okay to not be perfect because I (the writer/person you adore) isn’t either!
Ah!  My ideas exactly!

What is/was the hardest part of your blog?

Spellcheck. Is that a valid response? 😂
Of course it is! 😉
Is Buttercup your real name or a pseudonym?
Psudeo name. Check out my YouTube (Cinnamon Glitter Studio) to find out my real name! #ShamelessSelfPromo 😂

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Mint and Cookies and Cream.  You must have it easy at the ice-cream store!
Who, me?  Of course I do!  And people complain about me always getting coffee 🤨
Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
I can’t say that!! What if I don’t mention someone? What if they’re, um, my bestie but they can’t write, so I don’t say them???? (Kidding, but really, I can’t say)

Which state(s) out of the — that you have been to have been your favorite?

Oowee, definitely Georgia (USA).
Yeeeesssss!  Georgia all the way! *fist-bump*

If you were to describe your personality in a color, what would it be?

Pink: Loyal, Compassionate, Caring, Strong, Confident.  (And it’s my fave color!)
How would you describe the color gold?
Overrated. Okay, okay, it’s beautiful when used sparingly (with white) and in the right shade.

What is your favorite social media platform?

Totally!  How could someone live with out Pinterest?  Okay, maybe they could if you had google…
What is your life purpose?
Dunno. I’m still trusting God for that. But in general, to be a wife, mom, and servant at heart!


That brings us to a close!  Thanks so much, Buttercup, for agreeing to do this!  If you’re a blogger interested in an interview, just comment down below to get the ball rolling!  Thanks again, Buttercup!  Y’all should totally check out her blog (and my interview on it here).



Crazily Acquainted w/ Arachnid Weaver

Welcome back to another Crazily Acquainted!  Today we have Arachnid Weaver as our guest.  Arachnid’s blog is a hilarious blog that addresses different topics at random (or so it seems).  Let’s get on with the interview!


Why did you decide to have a blog?

I started my first blog because I was told to. I started my second blog, which was a book blog and has since disappeared, because I passionately hated a particular book and I had to do something about it. The current blog was started to promote our book, Slugventures: The Adventures of a Slug.


Why did you choose the name?

The WebWeavers was decided upon because it sticks with our whole spider theme.


What do you write about/plan to write about?

We write about a whole manner of things and the topics are completely random, therefore nothing is really planned. Our blog is mainly a comedy blog, although that was not the initial intention. We have received comments along the lines of the following:

“Love your humor.”


“You must be a comedian’s dream.”

“Will you marry me?”

Well, I must say the last one is a bit different, but the first three are true!


Do you prefer writing seriously or crazily?

Seriously. Totally. Very, very serious. This isn’t sarcastic at all.

(P.S. If you missed this, which I doubt you did as I was being very obvious, the previous section was very, very sarcastic.)


What was the hardest part about starting your blog?

Figuring out how to work a blog.

That covered it all. 😉

Is Arachnid your real name or a pseudonym?

Arachnid Weaver is definitely my real name and not a pseudonym. I have no idea why people don’t believe me. I insist it’s true.


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate truffles and chocolate syrup with an extra dash of chocolate. I also like whipped cream (which is basically warm ice cream).

No coffee again!! 


Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

MainePaperPusher, authorsinspirations, and It’s Just a Restless Feeling.


Which state out of the ___ you’ve been to has been your favorite?

My favorite state is plasma, but I’m partial to liquids as well. Can’t say I’ve been to either. Solid is sort of boring, though.

I think I’m dying with laughter.  Guys, this is the best!! (In case you didn’t notice, I didn’t specify that it had to be a State in the USA.)


Do you two share a blog?

Technically, yes. But that’s not the verb I would’ve chosen.

For example, if Little Freddy’s mother forced him to share his toy fire truck with Tommy, it’s still Freddy’s toy and he doesn’t want to have Tommy play with it.

With our blog, it’s more like coexisting on the same plane. It’s like a symbiotic relationship with the blog.


What is your favorite part of blogging?



What is life like living around unicorns?

Well, I don’t actually live around unicorns. If one were to go to Unicornia, one would never return to Earth, nor would they ever want to. But Unicornia is lacking in certain amenities that Earth possesses, including The Internet, and without The Internet, I would not be doing this interrogation. I do go over the details of living around unicorns on

Hmm, I feel bad for interrogating you.  But it was such fun!


Are octopi cuddly?

This is something you’d have to ask Spinette. I refrain from touching them.

Ah!  I wanted to know!


So guys, what did you think of Arachnid?  I know I enjoyed ‘interrogating’.  If you are interesting in being hosted at Crazy A’s Crazily Acquainted, comment down below!  I’d love to have you.

Signing off,