Crazily Acquainted w/Liz!

Welcome back to another Crazily Acquainted!  Today I have an amazing guest who has an amazing lifestyle blog.  Our guest is from California and enjoys many things, especially photography.

Please help me welcome….


As you know, my questions/thoughts are in bold and Liz’s are nice, plain, and simple…at least I think they are! xD  Here we go!

Why did you decide to have a blog?

I was actually reading a book and one of the main characters Megan started a blog.  I started thinking, “That’s sounds really fun, I want to try that!” So, I did.


Why did you chose the name? 

Well, I had just recently gotten really into photography and I had taken some pictures of hummingbirds at my Grandma’s house.  I was really excited that they turned out good, so I decided that I would name my blog after them 🙂
Great reason.  I wish my name had a reason that cool!
What do you write about/plan to write about?
Mainly my life, what I’ve been doing lately and photography….. Actually I am planning on doing a post featuring my Aunt’s rabbit Oreo. My family has been pet-sitting him for the past couple months.
I love bunnies!  I’ll have to go check it out.  Bunnies are SO cute!
Do you prefer writing seriously or crazily?
It depends on my mood.  I guess crazy but so far I’ve done more serious than crazy
What was the hardest part about starting your blog?
Getting inspired to write posts was hard for me at first. I didn’t really know what to say or how to say it.  Once I started following other people and reading their posts it really helped me conquer Writer’s Block. Now, I really love and enjoy writing on my blog!
Yes!  Other folk’s blogs help a lot. (Hint if you’re a newer blogger.  Go follow other people’s blogs!)

Is Liz your real name or a pseudonym?
Liz is a nickname that I prefer to go by. My full name is Elizabeth.
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Probably Neapolitan, I always say that’s my favorite but to be honest I love them all. 😉That must include coffee! 😉
Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
I don’t follow a ton of blogs, but my top five favorites are Maddy from Maddy’s Digital Diary, Megan from A Barefoot Gal, Clara from Clara and Co, Amie from Crazy A . (I promise I’m not just saying because you let me do this interview, you really are one of my favorites!), and Allison from A Farm Girl’s Life
Awe!  Again I’m one of the favorites.  Guys, I must be doing something right as a blogger!

Which state out of the — you’ve been to has been your favorite?

I’ve been to 10 (I think!) out of the 50 states. I’m not sure which is my favorite.  Probably California because I’ve seen the most of it and because I live there. 

What kind of camera do you use?

My own personal camera is a Nikon Coolpix S31 but sometimes I use my parents Canon T2i
Great cameras!

How many chickens have you had at one time?
I think maybe 7.
I love chickens!  They’re so cute…sorta.

Do you like having brown hair and brown eyes?
Yeah, I like it. When I was little, maybe four, I must have this them in a movie or something, but I used to wish I could have purple eyes.  Weird, I know. I was a crazy toddler.
Haha!  I used to want grey eyes but brown’s pretty cool.  It’s said that underneath the pigment of brown eyes, you have blue pigment.  So, if you ever want blue eyes and you have brown, burn them!  No, just kidding.  Get color contacts.  It would be less painful.
Thank you so much for doing this, Liz!  I had lots of fun reading your answers.  Stay tuned for the rest of “A Merrily Medieval Christmas”!
If you would like to be interviewed for Crazily Acquainted, just comment down below or conatact me.

LLIL Update! (Plot)

Okay, so I promised an orderly plot update for Lovely Links in Literature.  There was a lot of brainstorming last Tuesday and Wednesday.  I want to thank you all for your interest and thoughts concerning this simple story.

In Abbeyton it’s time for the election!  The mayor (he’s unnamed) doesn’t seem worried about his rival.

During that time, the Worth’s meet Kyrie.  Together they are digging in the attic(or somewhere else.  Depends whose writing this part)  of Kyrie’s house.  They find this journal of a young lady by the name of —–.  I know, she’s unnamed.

Unnamed happens to write about something very important.  That clue leads to the children falling into scrapes, finding out why the mayor isn’t worried, who Kyrie’s mother is…and more!  It’s a pretty flexible plot so you don’t find it annoying.  We are in this together!

Sorry it’s so short but I just wanted to update you!  Here’s the list.  Hab was moved down so you should make sure you like where you’re placed!



Olivia Bell a.k.a Livy

Amanda G. D.

Sam Bowling








And now for the rules!  We only have five more days to sign up!  GUYS!  ONLY FIVE MORE DAYS!

You have until December sixth to take your name off, not that you’d want to!  If you want more info, just look in the LLIL category of my blog!

Hurrying out of here,


Crazily Acquainted

Hey guys!  Today I’m posting on Monday.  I know, it’s odd but it’s because I’m a little behind due to Thanksgiving last week and because I want to bring you into this total amazing thing I’m doing on my blog.  (Oh no!  Not another feature at Crazy A!)

It’s called Crazily Acquainted.  In other words, Crazily Introduced. (I looked it up in a thesaurus.  What would we do without thesauruses?)  I will be introducing other bloggers in these posts.  If you want to participate, you can contact me and we can discuss the details.IMG_6186

All right, now for the first ever blogger on Crazily Acquainted.  I want you to all give a round of applause to…

Mandalynn@Books, Baking, and Writing!

All right guys, the rules for this game is, My questions and thoughts are in bold and Mandalynn’s answers and thoughts are in the plain type.  (I know, just plain old plain.)

Why did you decide to have a blog?

I helped my older sister with her blog… (Nope, you aren’t allowed to know what her blog is.  She’ll have to do Crazily Acquainted herself.) and I found out it was fun and interesting.  I began to wonder why I wasn’t doing it myself, I mean, it was fun.  So I started designing my own.

Why did you choose Books, Baking, and Writing for the name?

Well, those are what I enjoy and they’re my hobbies so it was easy.  (Too easy x D)

What do you plan to write about in the near future?

I plan to do book reviews, writing tips, and what I’m up to.

Do you prefer writing seriously or crazily?

In between.  I’m not sure I prefer either.

What was the hardest part about starting your blog?

It was defiantly the About Page.  (I think every blogger can agree with that!)

Is Mandalynn your real name or a pseudonym?

It’s my real name.  Why wouldn’t I use my real name? (Some people have their reasons. 🙂 )

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Oh, that’s hard!  It’s a the between butter pecan, mint chocolate chip, and chocolate.  (Ah, you left out the best flavor!  What about coffee?)

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

Amie, (Aw!  How sweet!) and Allison.

Which state out of the 46 you’ve been to is your favorite?

Maine and Colorado because they are beautiful, Alabama because I live here, Georgia because of the people who live there, and California because they have the best food ever! (Good picks!)

Now for a random question.  Do you prefer dresses or skirts.

Dresses, hands down.

IMG_6187Thank you, Mandalynn, for participating in Crazily Acquainted!  It was fun to see what you answered.

If you’re interested in being interviewed by me, just contact me up there.  Why can’t you make an arrow with the keyboard?  Or maybe I’m just not that ingenuous.

IMG_6186And, don’t forget to check out LLIL!  All the instructions on that post there.  If you’re interested…Three cheers.  If not…Ah well.

Thanks for reading and I’m out of here!


Lovely Links in Literature

Hey!  It’s finally Tuesday.  I know you’ve all been up just wondering who the characters of LLIL are.  No?  You were just patiently waiting?  Oh.  Then never mind.  I’ll just go on with the post whether you were waiting for it or not.IMG_6186

Today I promised to introduce the main characters but first I’m going to clarify a few things.  I know, you have to wait longer.  Actually, you have my permission to go read the characters first if you come back and read this.

Okay, #1 is…The chapter length.  I’m not even really sure about this myself but since you’re only doing one chapter, you should be full of ideas that are about to burst.  I would like each chapter to be at least 1,000 words.  What?  Why are you guys gaping?

#2 is a question of how you are supposed to know it’s your turn.  I’ll give you an email (It just so happens I have all your emails) or message you if you have a blog.  Regardless, you do not have to worry about it.  I’ve got it under my belt.

#3 is how long do you have to write it?  Well, two weeks.  You have two weeks and if it takes you longer you will —-.  If it takes you longer, you can just contact me and I totally understand.

#4.  I’m going to make sure every one knows that there is to be NO romance or fantasy.  This is to be a fun and cute story (fantasy is fun and cute but…) not full of romancey disgustingness.

#5.  You are allowed to introduce other characters.  Guys, this is your story as much as mine.  I’m just the coordinator who gives you ideas.  I want this, when you read it, to be something we are all proud of.  Something we can all say, “This is our story.”  I don’t want you to say, “This is Amie’s story I just happened to help with.”

And that is all!  Oh, wait.  I forgot one.  Wait a moment…

#6.  You are allowed to use Scratch, Word, Pages… the list goes on… if you notify me before you use it.  It’s going to be awesome whatever form you use (or even if you post it on your blog) but I need to know what you are using.  I mean, if you’re a blogger, I’m going to assume you’re using your blog.IMG_6187

And now that is officially all the clarifications.  I’ll place the list so far and the rules at the very bottom of this list.  Now, all who did not skip, I’m giving you a high-five!  I’m proud of y’all.  Anyhow, now to the characters.



Kyrie Noel Brink

Kyrie is a lonely orphan that lives with her old grandmother and prim and proper aunt.  She’s never had any adventures worth recounting (there is that time she was in the middle of a food fight…) but that soon changes.

She enjoys mostly books, shopping, and getting good grades.  She’s good-humored and doesn’t often get ruffled.  Her main fear is displeasing her aunt, who is very strict.  She isn’t one to say she won’t do something and just goes with the flow.

She’s fourteen with blonde long hair, green eyes, and a rather sour look.  She’s just used to sitting still and doing nothing.



Christian Alexander Worth

Christian, or Alec as he’s known, is the oldest of the Worth quartet.   He is the leader of the escapades and hasn’t seemed to grow up.  He lives next door to Kyrie with his family.

Alec enjoys sports but his favorite is track.  He is a born runner.  He’s the one that goes sniffing around for adventure and dashing into it recklessly.

He’s seventeen and considers himself a man. (Much to Jill’s annoyance!) He has red hair,freckles, and blue eyes.



Jill Morgan Worth

Jill is the oldest daughter and probably the most responsible.  She is as much of a leader as her brother, so they often butt heads.  She sometimes worry about the thoughts of her peers, but mostly she’s as eager for adventure as all her siblings.

Jill tends to be on the bossy side, with a bit of caution mixed in.  She enjoys music, photography, and fashion.  She likes her camera so much, that her brother’s have titled it her “BCF”  or otherwise known as best camera forever.

Jill is fifteen with darker hair, light eyes, and freckles.



Edmund Timothy Worth

Ed was named after his mother’s favorite book series. (*sighs in happiness*  Guys, I want to name my kid Edmund!)  Ed is always prepared, carrying around what Alec kindly refers to as his ‘man purse’.  (Two of the articles in the purse are a knife and flashlight.)

Edmund is the witty one of the family; every ready for a quick come back.  He tends to be a bit of a sass king but at heart is brave and full of determination.  He isn’t as athletic as Alec, but he still enjoys outdoor activity.

Ed has dark hair like his older sister and blue eyes.  He’s fourteen, but according to Jill acts younger.



Philadelphia Elise Worth

Phil often wishes she had a nicer name.  NO ONE is named Philadelphia or Elise, but it turns out Philadelphia is where her parents met.  She’s the youngest Worth and often feels neglected or slighted.  She hardly ever finds her voice listened to.

She enjoys animals of any kind.  She has her own bunny and they have a family dog.  She also really likes any boyish sport, especially baseball.  She is ever ready for a tumble in the mud or a fist fight, evidence of her temper.  She’s outgoing and kind, nonetheless.

Phil has red hair and green eyes with freckles.  She’s eleven and often complains eleven is old enough to be treated like a grown-up.


So, how did you like them?  Are they worth writing a story about? (Lol, are the Worth’s worth writing about?  Wait, I only thought that was funny?  Never mind.)  Which one is most like you?  Which one do you think you’d like writing for the best?

IMG_6186Okay, here’s the list of who’s writing so far.  Remember, if you want to write, all you have to do is comment down below.  It’s easy and simple.  Also, you are allowed to take your name off the list until December 6th, three days after the signing up ends.




Olivia Bell a.k.a Livy

Amanda G. D.

Sam Bowling




If you want to be on this list, you must comment or contact me before December 3rd!!!!!!!

Do you understand?  Good, I’m, glad you do.  I hope some more sign up, because even though this is an amazing list, I’m selfish and want more people to join.  If any of you know of some writer friends that might want to join, go ahead and tell them!

Remember.  The more the merrier.IMG_6187

Okay, know for the rules (of course you all have memorized them!)

  1. There is to be no witchcraft.
  2. There is to be no bad words (this is for all ages to read.)
  3. and lastly…I have the right to request you to change some of the content of your part of the story.

See, I only have a few rules.

IMG_6186Next Tuesday, I will be giving a rough idea and some prompts for you guys to look at and think about.  I know what I want this book to be, but it’s y’all’s book as much as mine, so I want you to add your own creative touch.

See ya!  Oh, and remember to comment 😉


Operation: Green Serpent

Hey, guys!  Today I’m announcing the title of my book!  Can you guess what it is? If you guessed Operation: Green Serpent you are correct!  I am so excited about this book.  It’s coming along perfectly with only minor writer’s block.

And today I’m even giving you a teaser of my book!  Aren’t I nice? I’m so excited (I already said that, didn’t I?) And I’m not going to keep you waiting much longer. Alright, I’m not going to keep you waiting at all!

Cassy walked to the wooded area and started to reach down for the sticks.  She was reflecting at what a lovely summer day it was, not too hot but not too cold.

She saw a lovely stick, just the right size.

As she went to pick it up, she was struck by what lovely colors were on the ground.

She had almost grasped it when she heard a startling rattle.

Yes!  They do deal with a rattler but that isn’t even the best part I’m going to share.  If you haven’t already read my characters, you can do so here.

“He’s here somewhere,” Cassy said.

“Yeah, right behind you,” Cam said as a loud whoosh of air went onto Cassy’s neck.

“What?” she gasped, turning and grasping Ruther’s halter.

“Cassy, do you see those lights,” Cam’s voice was suddenly strained and scared.

“Where?” Cassy turned to look.

“Right there,” Cam gasped.

What?? Lights?  Where?  Oops, I forgot to put the best part in there.  Where do the girls see lights?

The children looked at each other.  Now, it seemed almost silly to ask but Cassy wasn’t easily daunted.

“Jonathan was going to ask,” Cassy smiled.

“All right, son, ask away,” Mr. Adams commanded.  Jonathan looked up and said,

“We were wondering if we could sleep near the graveyard.  Then, if we see any lights we’ll know something’s wrong.”

“You know, that’s not a bad idea.  What do you think, Susan?”

Mrs. Adams smiled on her children as she said, “I don’t think that’s a bad idea.  Let the children camp outside if they want.”

Ah, I just gave away where they saw the lights.  Well, at least you won’t be kept in suspense.  I should have kept you in suspense.  Uh, ignore that part.  Anyway, let’s go on to the next part.

She swiftly jumped on Temper’s back.  She realized her mistake even more swiftly.  Everything would have gone just fine if they weren’t in a closed building.  In all her careful preparation, she had forgotten she was still in a barn with a small open door.

Haha!  I’m dying!  Poor Cam, I’m sorry to do this to her but you have to agree, that mistake is a bit funny 😉  Also, who would name their horse Temper?  That’s just plan weird.

Cassy found herself in bright light. Raven started plunging, upset at being confined inside a small place.  Cassy gripped Raven’s neck and waited for her to calm down.  Cassy felt her foot slip out of a stirrup and to her alarm, Rave bolted.  Cassy slid off and felt the overwhelming feeling of falling.

*Gasp!*  What happens to Cassy?  Is she seriously hurt?  Oh, the poor girl!  What happens next?

Hehe, I’m the only one that knows. (Not even the people I’ve let read the story have read that far!)  Well, if you stay around, I’ll eventually let out some more.  But, seriously, what do you think about it?

What do you think about the title? Would you read a book with that name?IMG_6186

Okay, I’m also doing a shout-out for Pegasus Expert.  She has her amazing blog here and she’d like you to check out her amazing horse filled idea here.  If you do check it out, you’ll find my two amazing horses I’ve made up.

Okay, now, I’m not as self-conceited as I sound.  Actually, I am.  Anyway, I thought you might be interested in Operation: Green Serpent for its own sake, not mine.  Also, I wasn’t going to say anything about Pegasus’ thingy but she requested a shout-out, so here it is.

IMG_6187Also, I’m hosting my very first Lovely Links in Literature or LLIL for short.  I would love it if you joined in!  It’s going to be a lot of fun.  Check it out here.  Also, for all of you who asked questions about it, I will be doing a clarifying post with the characters on Tuesday.

See you all later!


P.S.  If you steal any ideas out of this blog post…you will be hunted!

P.P.S.  If you are a veteran and you’re reading this, thank you so much for all you have done!  I really appreciate it.