Christmas recap

So… I’ve been told today is Boxing day???  I am not into holidays, but happy Boxing day anyway!  Today is our shopping after Christmas day, since all of the stuff is on sale.  You are all sitting down waiting for what I’m going to say, instead of Boxing day nonsense.  But, Boxing day nonsense is important!  Right??

I had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you all did too.  It was a nice Christmas Eve, full of expectation, games, and singing.  My younger brother and I were probably the craziest people in our family.  I spent the afternoon practicing my amazing gymnastic talent.  (Don’t believe the last sentence.  I have none of the above.)

Yours truly has not an ounce of gymnastic talent.

My two youngest sisters love it when their older (and supposedly soberer) sister becomes a human jungle-gym for them.  You should have heard their laughter.  Comment down below if you have sisters (or brothers) under four.

We went to bed by ten, after visiting our hero, Anne Shirley.  Apparently, my love for Anne is shared by three of my sisters and my younger brother.  I fell asleep right away.  I was so tired, which usually happens after gymnastic practice. 😉

At five thirty on Christmas morning, I was awaken by a voice singing at the TOP of his lungs in the bathroom. (Of all good and decent places!)  It seems that my younger brother had been up since two ten and decided to sing in order to wake everyone up.  I can attest that half of us were not ready to wake up, but my brother is insistent.


It was lovely, opening gifts and spending time oohing and awing over the other gifts my siblings got.  I can never imagine life without nine people opening gifts and laughing over them.  I have a sneaking sympathy for those who don’t have little children opening gifts with you on Christmas.  It’s so much fun to hear your little sister clap her hands and gasp, “For me?”

We spent the day eating (the best food ever!  Guys, I might not like Turkish Delight but I LOVE baklava)  and playing games.  My younger brother got Guessters for Christmas, so we had fun playing that.  I started an AMAZING book and I’m almost finished. (Comment down below if you want a book review.)


Our friends (a.k.a. cousins) came to our house.  It was a Christmas surprise for them, as it was supposed for us as well.  Sadly, my dad spilled the beans.  It was so much fun to see them and hear their surprise.  (Prehaps you should check out Mandalynn’s blog because she might listen to my advice and post about it!)

Every year we have fondu for dinner, so we had that with our friends.  We’ve had our cousins over for fondu before, so they sliped back into it like profesionals.  It was a time of fun fellowship and laughing.  What’s a better way to spend your Christmas then laughing?


I stayed up until eleven thirty playing games.  It was amazing Christmas.  I think this was one of the best Christmases yet.

Tell me about your Christmas.  Did you stay home?  Or did you go out of state?  What are your Christmas traditions?