Totally Awesomely Eclipsey?

We went to South Carolina this weekend to stay with some friends.  They lived where the eclipse would be in totality.  So, Monday at 2:40ish we all stood in a school yard near there house to watch this amazing work of God.

It was so awe-inspiring.  Nothing can even be compared to it.  I enjoyed taking pictures.  All right, maybe my friend and I got a little carried away with the shadows but you have to say they were really cool.  All the shadows were crescent-shaped because the sun was only a crescent.

So here’s some pictures that are cool.  But remember, they don’t even do it credit.  It was something you really had to see for yourself.


The sun at 1ish in the afternoon.  Aren’t the beams cool?IMG_8745.JPG

All of us kids wearing our glasses.  I’m in the pink shirt on the left corner.fullsizeoutput_56b8.jpeg

Okay, I got a little hungry and there was a scuppernong vine.  Who could resist?IMG_8790.JPG

The sun less than 7 minutes before the total eclipse.IMG_8804.JPG

Yeah!!!! It’s in totality!!!!!!IMG_8799.JPG

Okay, the weird part was the crickets started to sing when it reached totality, and all the lights turned on.  It cooled off (boy, was it hot!) and people set off fireworks.  It was really strange.IMG_8803.JPG

The sunset at 2:40ish!  It was crazy (but that’s kinda why it’s on this blog XD).IMG_8806.JPG

I saved the best for last.  Well, this one’s not the best but the shadows were awesome.  Check out how they’re crescents!IMG_8788.JPG




It was so cool, like SOOOOO cool.  I wish you could have all experienced it.  If you did, please leave a comment below about your experience.  Thanks for looking at my pictures!–Amie