Today we went to a beautiful lake to fish.  I enjoy fishing, in theory, but nobody’s ever taken the time to teach me.  I know two things that might help if other people weren’t around.  Number one, you HAVE to be quiet which my siblings never are.  Number two, you put a worm on a hook and you throw it into the water.

Anyway, back to what I was saying.  I tried to fish, but I never caught anything.  Instead, my book caught me! (Sorry for the awful pun.)  But before I became involved in the world of mystery, I took quite a few pictures and even bribed my mom to take some of me!

The lake was lovely!  I was super surprised at how awe-inspiring it was.  I’m afraid I use that word too much but how do you describe that feeling you have when you see something and go, “Yeah, you certainly made it ‘very good'”?

There it is with the trees!
Hello, Mr. Egret!


I found this strange fluffy stuff, so I took a picture of it.  In my mind, the stranger the better, right?IMG_9456.JPG

Okay, today I went on a mission to find all the colorful leaves I could, and I think I did pretty well.  I went on and on how green things are and I think I’ve realized its only in our yard XD 😉

Can I consider this orange?
And this is yellow.

I spent a while on this picture of the fern.  I thought it was amazing how the separate leafy things were different colors.  Man, I can’t remember what those are called!  I’m going to have to get my botany book…


The clouds were so fluffy.  I just had to take pictures of them.  Who couldn’t?  I mean, it’s inspiration.  What if somebody wrote a story about living in cloud world?  Uh oh, I’m giving away ideas. 🙂



I had no idea my mom was taking these photos.  So, the lesson is never leave your camera in reach of your mother XD No, not really.  She did take some really good shots with editing.


Trying to improve my cast XD

Is it just me, or does this look like a crocodile smiling?  I saw it and had to take a picture, it was so cute!  Well, I’m not sure I’d call a crocodile cute but this portrayal of one is.fullsizeoutput_5919.jpeg

GUYS!!!! There was a BALD EAGLES nest there!!!!!! AND WE SAY THE EAGLE!!! but, I didn’t get any pictures of it 😦  I mean, the eagle, not the nest.  I even got a shot of a great blue heron on it. (proof down below)

Proof.  See, heron on a bald eagle’s nest.

This is sad, but it seems I always find a sad pile of feathers where ever I go.  These look like duck feathers 😦 (That’s an even sadder face Lol!) 😉IMG_9567.JPG

My brothers and Dad happened to catch fish though!  They were all big mouth bass, so my youngest brother was thrilled.  He’s always wanted to catch one of those big mouths.IMG_9562.JPG

Here are the pictures my mom took of me.  Comment down below which one you like best.  I’m going to use one for my About Me page but I’m not sure which.

Or C?

And finally, proof that I was there.  If you ever find a notebook, book (especially mystery or action and adventure), and camera case, Amie’s bound to be around there somewhere.IMG_9578.JPG


Okay, I have some thing to say.  If I get twenty-five subscribers, I’m going to do something fun.  This is a hint go tell your friends about my blog and get them to subscribe! If you haven’t subscribed and you’re reading this, I’ll give you ten seconds to subscribe.










10… I hope you subscribed!!!  If you did, please comment down below “I did it!!” and we’re now one person closer to twenty-five then we were before.  Stay tuned and keep watching, when I’ve got twenty-five, we’ll have some fun.


Riding the Storm

This Monday we hunkered down in our basement as the remains of hurricane Irma whipped through our trees.  After an extremely boring and lazy day, we woke up to a dreary and drizzly cold day today.  My mom decided we would go out and clean up the yard but as soon as I walked out the door, I knew I was going to do anything as long as I didn’t have to work outside.

I agreed to take pictures and then clean the basement and ground floor instead of working out in the cold, drizzly weather.  I think that was a pretty good deal.  At least I stayed warm and dry.  Any way, here are the pictures I was required to take.  It was actually fun to take these pictures when I wasn’t standing in the wind.


My sister found this little guy.  He was hiding in the pots we placed in our garage.  She took him in and now he’s in a cage on our counter.  She has christened him Jose, after one of the hurricanes.  She said she couldn’t name him Irma, because he was a boy.  I’m not exactly sure how she knows it’s a boy but she said she does.fullsizeoutput_5820

Look how bright the moss and stuff is!  It’s so pretty.  *Sigh*fullsizeoutput_5823

I love droplets.  It’s amazing how you can see through them and sometimes you get a reflection or a rainbow.  God is a marvelous God!IMG_9121

This tree that we had fallen over a while back but it’s kept on living.  I went over to it today and found all this sap on it.  It was cool enough to need a photo.IMG_9131

The bird bath is nice and full, waiting for the birds to bathe.  IMG_9135

Here are some acorns that will never be oaks.  The poor things will never get big and brown.  They’ll never grow up, their career was stopped short.  Poor acorns!IMG_9133

Here’s a poor wind shredded rose.  It’s career was stopped short too.  Well, I don’t feel as bad for it as the acorns.IMG_9139

Here’s the trunk of the tree I was talking about.  It’s still in the ground.  Doesn’t the ivy look cool on it?

Well, that’s all folks.  I didn’t put the pictures of all the stuff my family raked up but I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of pictures like that already.  See ya!–Amie

BIBPC #5 category #5

Hello!  It’s time for another contest entry.  This week’s category is fresh, which is a very broad category.  You could be talking about fresh fruit or freshly ironed clothes.  It took me awhile.  I thought about spider webs, how each one is fresh every morning.  Or of morning dew.  But this morning I found the perfect picture, or it found me.IMG_9089.JPG

The fresh morning sky.  There is nothing more fresh than that blue color.  I liked how the crate myrtles hung into the picture and the steeple stood up there.  I only took one picture, because it only needed one.  It’s just beautiful, in my mind at least.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at it, and remember team coconut, we need to win! (Haha!)–Amie