Birthday Haul ~2019~

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In my last post, I inquired if y’all would enjoy a birthday haul, and the votes were unanimously in favor of that venture, and so today I’m here with that post.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not putting this up to show how much I was blessed with.  I typically enjoy these kinds of posts, and I thought you would as well.  I’m not trying to brag.

So, let’s dive into this post!


To start with, my older brother gave me a knife, which I REALLY wanted, and was very happy to receive.  Honestly, it’s a very handy tool, especially when you’re gardening or something like that.


My two really good friends bought me this book for my birthday.  As you can see, it’s already been well loved.  *coughs* I wasn’t the one that did that, though.  My siblings borrowed the book, and it came back looking like we’d had it for two years.  😐


My other really good friend got me this book, and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  THE FEELS.  *tries to keep from sniffling* It’s SO GOOD.  I spent a whole day out of our vacation reading it.  It was one of those books that was so good that I had to put it down or else I would start crying.  Totally recommend it. 😉



The same friend also gave me these nail things, which I haven’t used yet.  They kinda confuse me, you know?  But I’ll figure out the there’s eight fingers, and how they work soon enough.


My sweet friend Allison sent me this package full of bunny stuff!  I was thrilled to see the envelopes, which have literally been in my Etsy cart since they were released, and bunny Washi tape!  Also, Snowball enjoys his little crackers greatly, though the rice puffs he doesn’t like.  I gave one to Star, and she ate it…So they might be her treats.  😂


Because I love the Washi tape so much, I had to do a close up picture of it all by itself.  It’s even cuter on an envelope.  AH!!! and the bunnies hopping on it are ADORABLE.  It’s so cute.  ❤


And then my friend Megan gave me one of her penpal kits, some hello Washi tape, and cow socks!  THE SOCK ARE SO CUTE.  I was beyond happy to see them, as well as the penpal kit.  I’ve also had one of the kits in my cart for awhile.  😂


Because Megan’s penpal kits are so amazing, I decided to spread it all out and take a picture of every included in the kit.  It’s SO worth the money, so you should check out her Etsy shop here.


And my brother also gave me this book, since I love poems and songs, and I love the Civil war.  I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll read it soon.


My little sister gave me this book, and again, I haven’t read it, so I don’t have much to say on it. 😉


I received this sketch book from one of my younger sisters, and I can’t wait to start using it!  I don’t have a sketch book at the moment, so it was wonderful to receive one.


My other sisters gave me a lot of stationary and cards to color, which I use and I enjoy doing.  Dayspring has the best cards and stuff EVER.  (In my humble opinion.)


And then my dear friend Elizabeth sent me this really neat coloring book, full of horses!  It’s very neat, and it’s color by numbers. (Wow, the title actually said that, Amie.)


And then my really sweet friend, Hannah, sent me these AWESOME gel pens, LOTS AND LOTS of tea, and then she also gave me one of Erin Paine’s album.


*rubs hands together in excitement* And this beauty is what Aria sent me for my birthday.  It’s full of makeup, which was exciting and surprising for this person here.  I’ve never ever dabbled with makeup, but for awhile I’ve wanted to, so yeah.


IT’S SO PWETTY!  I just like staring at the colors of the bottles, honestly.  I’m still figuring it out on my face, but yeah.  It’s lots of fun, and I’m so thankful for it!


And then my friend, Laura, sent me an awesome coffee cup that says, “I write, what’s your super power?” The funny story behind it is that it came straight from the company, and so I didn’t know who it was from.  It’s kinda neat to get mysterious packages, you know?  But I asked Laura, and it turned out to be from her. ❤

I did receive a few other things, but I didn’t feel like taking pictures of them.  😂 Wow, I just clicked emojis, and I didn’t have to choose which one I wanted!  The one that I always use came up first.

ANYWAY, thanks for sticking around and looking at this stuff.  And thanks to everyone that sent me birthday wishes!


Christmas Gift Ideas #1

Today I’m going to be helping y’all window shop, since obviously that’s all anyone has money to do after Black Friday.  Maybe we should all go raid monopoly and see if the stores will take the money from there. 🤣

I’m going to be giving you ideas for your sisters, mother, aunts, and (girl) friends.  I’m planning for another gift idea post for brothers, father, uncles, and (boy) friends in the future, but at the moment I thought it was best to start with things I would get myself. (Haha.)

You can get this and more here.

First up we have these absolutely beautiful necklaces made by Allison.  I’m a strictly no jewelry person, just because I forget about it.  (hehe.) But most of my friends find a piece of jewelry a wonderful addition to their wardrobe, and who doesn’t love these hand-lettered necklaces?  I was seriously tempted to get one for myself.  XD

You can find these here.

Everyone uses envelopes, right?  Well, why not use pretty envelopes?  My friend, Allison, sells some envelopes on her Etsy shop that are just the thing.  If you’re giving some to your mom, chose the (less) interesting ones above, or if it’s your pen-pal or friend, chose the cooler design she also offers.  This is a really neat gift idea.  *nods head quickly*

You can get this here. 

You’re not sure exactly what to get?  This nativity scene is the cutest thing ever!  It’s not too big, but just enough to decorate with.  (Seriously, it’s so amazing.)  I don’t know if I could say enough for it!  Last year, I got my mom something similar to it, and she loved it.  This is a great gift for mom or grandma.

You can order this here.

If your friend, sister, cousin is an Austen lover, what could be better than giving them an Austen twist?  I’m not a romance reader, or lover, but this book was written so well!  I usually can see right through romances, but I didn’t in this book, which was a wonderful surprise to me.

You can order this here. 

I like mermaids, I like blankets.  I like being warm.  What if you could put those three things together?  I think this blanket is so cool!  I thought about getting one for one of my sisters…Maybe next year?  Doesn’t it look so soft?

You can order this here.

Inch worms are kinda gross little things in the real world, but what if you could have an inchworm that shared your favorite hobby, like, maybe reading?  My friend, Megan, makes the cutest little inch worms on her Etsy shop, which I think you really should explore.

You can order this here.

If your friend is a musician, what could be better than getting them a pretty strap for their instrument?  You can never have too many straps for your guitar (or was that picks?) You could also get them a pack of strings.  Believe me, a musician goes through strings faster than you can imagine.  Or, if your friend is a photographer, get her a pretty camera strap.

You can order this here.

October blew me away.  It made me cry, laugh, and really, I couldn’t sleep after I finished it.  (Yes, it was around 11:30 pm, but hey.  That’s what books are for.)  For some reason, October reminded me so much of me, and yet, then I would see a bit of Emily, and I was Emily.  But I’m supposed to be convincing you to buy this, not rave about it. XD  It’s a story for 12+ but so masterfully woven and heart touching.  I think any friend you’d give it to would thank you over and over for it. 😀

You can order this here.

Am I the only one that still loves beanies?  Please tell me I’m not all alone.  Everyone should keep their head warm, and why not do it in style?

You can order this here. 

Maybe it’s just because I’m a coffee-loving tee-shirt wearer that I love this shirt so much!  A fun gift for anyone is a tee-shirt that matches their interests.  I gave my mom a tee-shirt that said, “Blessed” and. scripture verse for her birthday.  (Tee-shirts are my go-to gift when I have no ideas.  I mean, everyone has to wear clothes, right?)

Of course, you could also just go the easy route and buy tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and some candy for your friend/relative.  I don’t blame you.  It’s too much work to come up with cool ideas for gifts.  *gives an exhausted sigh*.  Welp, I’m off to the next thing on my to-do list.


Christmas recap

So… I’ve been told today is Boxing day???  I am not into holidays, but happy Boxing day anyway!  Today is our shopping after Christmas day, since all of the stuff is on sale.  You are all sitting down waiting for what I’m going to say, instead of Boxing day nonsense.  But, Boxing day nonsense is important!  Right??

I had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you all did too.  It was a nice Christmas Eve, full of expectation, games, and singing.  My younger brother and I were probably the craziest people in our family.  I spent the afternoon practicing my amazing gymnastic talent.  (Don’t believe the last sentence.  I have none of the above.)

Yours truly has not an ounce of gymnastic talent.

My two youngest sisters love it when their older (and supposedly soberer) sister becomes a human jungle-gym for them.  You should have heard their laughter.  Comment down below if you have sisters (or brothers) under four.

We went to bed by ten, after visiting our hero, Anne Shirley.  Apparently, my love for Anne is shared by three of my sisters and my younger brother.  I fell asleep right away.  I was so tired, which usually happens after gymnastic practice. 😉

At five thirty on Christmas morning, I was awaken by a voice singing at the TOP of his lungs in the bathroom. (Of all good and decent places!)  It seems that my younger brother had been up since two ten and decided to sing in order to wake everyone up.  I can attest that half of us were not ready to wake up, but my brother is insistent.


It was lovely, opening gifts and spending time oohing and awing over the other gifts my siblings got.  I can never imagine life without nine people opening gifts and laughing over them.  I have a sneaking sympathy for those who don’t have little children opening gifts with you on Christmas.  It’s so much fun to hear your little sister clap her hands and gasp, “For me?”

We spent the day eating (the best food ever!  Guys, I might not like Turkish Delight but I LOVE baklava)  and playing games.  My younger brother got Guessters for Christmas, so we had fun playing that.  I started an AMAZING book and I’m almost finished. (Comment down below if you want a book review.)


Our friends (a.k.a. cousins) came to our house.  It was a Christmas surprise for them, as it was supposed for us as well.  Sadly, my dad spilled the beans.  It was so much fun to see them and hear their surprise.  (Prehaps you should check out Mandalynn’s blog because she might listen to my advice and post about it!)

Every year we have fondu for dinner, so we had that with our friends.  We’ve had our cousins over for fondu before, so they sliped back into it like profesionals.  It was a time of fun fellowship and laughing.  What’s a better way to spend your Christmas then laughing?


I stayed up until eleven thirty playing games.  It was amazing Christmas.  I think this was one of the best Christmases yet.

Tell me about your Christmas.  Did you stay home?  Or did you go out of state?  What are your Christmas traditions?