For Animal Lovers

I love animals, and I cannot lie.  I love baby animals just a bit more than human babies, and I tend to obsess over cute animals.  I don’t fangirl very often about fandoms, but if you get me started on animals…I may not stop sending you pictures and all caps. 😉

So, today I am going to fulfill my animal loving spirit, and just show you all the pictures I have taken of animals I have seen recently.  Which is a lot.  Anyway, let’s dive into this ramble. 😉


So not long ago we went to the zoo (again) and I got a few adorable pictures.  The sun bear was SO CUTE. 😍 Like, he’s not allowed to be that cute, and so I snuck a few pictures of him.  This one was the best that I got. 😉


Of course, we saw the tiger, too.  I honestly love tigers.  What’s not to love about them?  I WISH MY HAIR WAS THE COLOR OF A TIGER.  That orange, y’all.  It’s to die for.  Anyway, we also saw the pandas.  *smiles for all you panda lovers*


AND DA PANDA WAS ASLEEP.  (Okay, too many caps, but the panda?  Please ❤ ) I just want to hug the little cutie.  Anyway, the zoo was okay, I’m not fond of looking at animals in cages.  Once you’ve seen them, you’ve seen them, and you can move on.  So yeah. 😉


So nearby where I live, there’s a nature preserve which we love going to.  They let you have a golf cart, and I’m allowed to drive it.  (The only thing I’m allowed to drive…)   Anyway, one Wednesday my dad took the little kids out, and my older brother was working, and I said that it was just the day for a hike.

My mom agreed with me, and so we went on an adventure.  (I wish we could go on more spontaneous adventures, but sadly life doesn’t work that way.)


We found this beautiful area that was full of moss.  It was so much fun to take pictures!


Moss is such an interesting thing.  I love how it looks close up.

Of course, after moss, it was time to take pictures of my family.  Moss obviously isn’t as important as they are. 😉


Rose is so much fun that take pictures for!  She’s the best. ❤


Little Sis told me what to do, and so I did it.  I think she wanted pictures to send to her penpals…🤨


And, of course, we need a simply magical picture of my sisters running to attack me.  😂  I was at the go-cart, and I was about to drive away, so apparently they didn’t want to live in the woods forever.


And then we went to an animal rescue, and so if you haven’t noticed a theme, we seem to like animals, LOL.  And nature.  ANYWAY, I saw donkeys, and I knew I needed to take pictures of them. 😉


AHHHHH!  Donkey noses are THE cutest, and they’re so very soft.  Though not as soft as a pony’s mouth.  Anyway, if I had land, I’d have a donkey, because they’re so sweet and cute.


Look at the beautiful cow! Something about red cows just makes me so happy.  (Something about cows period makes me happy.)


Now, I’m not a sheep lover in any sense of the term.  Sheep, chicken, and pigs are about the only animals I don’t have an intense love for.  I like eating them, but my love stops there.  But this brown sheep was absolutely ADORABLE! 😍


Of course, everyone needs a good picture of these not-so-smart birds.  Honestly, to me chickens and sheep are the dumbest, stinkiest, dirtiest animals God created.  Maybe that’s why He gave them to us to eat. 😛


Our friend’s goat just had triplets, and so I had to take pictures.  Kids (baby goats) ARE THE CUTEST things that ever came to earth.  They run around bleating, and they aren’t as scared as lambs.  (Blah.  Lambs.)


Honestly, it is so cute to see the momma goat taking care of her little kids.  AWE!




And then we move on to the cows.  We had just let the cows into a new pasture, and so they were eager to start eating fresh, green, grass.  The calves were so cute!


I mean, what’s not cute about that?  IT’S LICKING IT’S NOSE, Y’ALL!


Jersey’s are honestly the prettiest cows ever.  They’re such a pretty fawn color, and they just look like cows should look.


And they have such diverse colors, and markings.  I love the dark face of this cow. (I think its name is Diana, but I might be wrong.)


And then, of course, we have the horses.  Cannon and Fire-and Ice are two sweeties if horses ever were sweet.


Funny story.  It was muddy one day when I decided to get on Cannon bareback.  I’m terrible at climbing up on horses (And Cannon and Fire aren’t small horses).  A friend boosted me up, but I went a little too far, and fell into the mud underneath Cannon.  😂


Cannon wasn’t as photogenic as Fire.  This was a picture I snapped of him as he indignantly ran away from the strange, clicking box.


And lastly, a beautiful picture of Fire, just because he’s amazing. ❤

Would you consider yourself an animal lover?  What is your favorite kind of animal?  Whose prettier, Fire or Cannon? (Fire’s the Pinto.) (And you better be nice about it. 😛 )


Artist’s Goals

Hello, it’s Cam again.  I’ve been thinking about how to make this more interesting, but I wasn’t able to.  I decided it would be a bit boring for myself to show you everyday ranch life, and so I decided that I should talk about the other thing that takes up most my time.

One of my dreams is to be an artist when I get older.  At the moment, I’m trying to focus on school and horseback riding, and chores but art is my passion.  A passion that grows with every failure and masterpiece I create.

Cassy has remarked that I only draw horses and humans.  That isn’t true, and I’m working on a landscape at the moment, but my best works are people and horses. That’s what I enjoy watching and interacting with, and so that’s what I paint/draw.  Are you ready to see my art work?


I was doodling one of the horses in the pasture, and I just added some writing to it.  Cassy and I took a hand lettering class, but I’m not very good at it.  I’m better at the actual drawing.


Someone from our church wanted a portrait of their little girl, and so I drew this sketch.  They seemed to like it, and they said that some time they might want a painting.  (I enjoy drawing little children.  Their reactions when they see their portraits are priceless.)


This painting took a long time, and I still need to frame it, but I’m rather proud of it.  I like the different shades of blue that make up this picture, and of course, it’s HORSES.  What’s not to love?  And the yellow highlights…And green???? I can’t wait to frame it and get it on the wall!


I also spent a very long time on this portrait of Abraham Lincoln.  It’s done with Willow charcoal, and I spent a long time over the graft and just erasing and redoing.  I’m very proud of it, and I can’t wait to do it again with another picture.  Maybe I should do my friend Amie…What do you say?  Who’s portrait should I try next?


Cassy dared me to do some “modern” art.  She said that Abraham Lincoln looked like he was from the 1800s, and I should try being a fourteen-year-old girl, and so I drew this.  It was pretty simple and boring, but Cassy loved it and said I should do more drawings like this.  *shrugs* It’s not very impressive.

And now we shall end with a picture that makes me feel very happy.  I mostly wear work boots on the ranch, but whenever we go into town or go to church, I’m wearing my Chuck Taylors.


Thank you for reading this!  Are you an artist?  What was your favorite drawing/painting in this post?  What do you want to do with your life?


Series V. Scarlett King

Dear Diary,

Life has been awful! Well, not that bad but my godmother, Wia, is something else.  It’s been hard to get used to. She kinda took over everything.

Our other guest, Sir Catwood, is the best guest ever. He is smart and doesn’t bore you with conversation or boss you around. The only thing he requires is total undisturbed 1-3 in the afternoon. He borrows our computer and types his books.

I have asked mother if we may keep him and mother says she doesn’t mind. Only Gwendoline objects, saying that we have enough ‘animals of the feline form’ around the house.

That through Sir Catwood in a fit of passion. Being the gentleman he is, he let that comment pass with only mild cussing. Later he apologized in splendor, even kissing Gwendoline’s hand but she didn’t appreciate it.

Everyone else (Deitrick, Elfie, Georgie, Ed, and Sierra) enjoys Sir Catwood’s presence. Cantankerous doesn’t even mind (which says something!) Sir Catwood. Stinky enjoys discussions with the Sir even more than Cranky.

Now, I shall move back to Wia. Just to show you what I have to deal with, I’ll record this conversation.

(I was brushing Candor)

“Oh ho, Scarlett!?!”

“*sigh* Yes?”

“Where are you?”

“In Candor’s stall, Wia!”

“Goodness child! You aren’t brushing that cow right!”

“Uh, Wia, it isn’t a…”

“Give me that! You brush old Bessy like this….”  Wia said, brushing Candor (!!!!) wrong.


“Goodness, what do they teach kids these days? You really should talk to old folks, Scarlett.”

Let’s just say it didn’t end well. I have to hide you diary, for fear Wia will find and read you.

Bon jour!

V. Scarlett King

Series V. Scarlett King

I found an entry to Scarlett’s diary!  It’s a pretty interesting one, at least I think.  So…jump right in.


Dear Diary,

I am sorry I haven’t written in so long.  Just been busy being bored!  It’s amazing how you can get so tired just doing NOTHING!  Let me advise you, Diary, never to have a broken arm!  You might as well have a broken head.

I guess it isn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be.  I just really miss Candor and being outside.  I still wake up at five on a Saturday but I can’t go ride Candor!  That’s what makes me upset.  I miss the warmth of Candor’s horse breath and the soft clop of his feet.  I miss my horse!

I haven’t gotten another letter from Wia yet.  Her last letter was interesting.  I never knew all that about fairy godmothers.  I didn’t even know they really exist, but I guess the letter is living proof.

Georgie and I have been coloring a lot.  A lousy thing to exchange for horse back riding, I know.  But it is fun.  We make up these crazy stories to go with our coloring pages and it’s pretty silly.  Mine was about a girl being locked in a garden but she was saved by a bird.  Georgie’s was about some hummingbirds.

Sierra is getting so big!  She is running around and pulling Cranky’s tail.  Cranky’s snatched her quite a few times but Sierra still get’s a kick out of Cranky jumping three feet in the air.  You have to admit, cats do act funny when you pull their tails.

Hmm, nothing else has happened.  Gwendolyn has been bossy as usual.  Oh, Deitrick is working for a neighbor.  I wish I had a job but then I wouldn’t have as much time with Candor.  Also, I was annoyed to find that Grumps had chewed through some of my leather tack!  How does that taste good?  I have not the slightest idea.

I have nothing else to write.  I suppose I might as well close and go to bed.

The only,

V. Scarlett King





My photographic efforts

I’ve been posting photos for the BIBPC but I haven’t been showing you the other pictures I’ve been taking.  I thought you might like to see the other ones.  I really enjoy taking pictures of scenery, so that’s what the pictures are mostly of.  I like cows also, so there’s a few of them and my friend’s horse.fullsizeoutput_580e.jpeg

The swing picture turned out pretty well.  I just so happened to have my brother in the background though.  Well, all pictures can’t be perfect.IMG_9055.JPG

I love the little yellow flowers.  Everyone tells me they’re weeds but if they’re pretty, who cares? IMG_9064.JPG

The moss is so cool!  It always intrigues me how it grows.  Do you enjoy botany?  Comment down below if you do!IMG_9082.JPG

I enjoy gaps between trees.  Can you get through?  Or can you not?  And the beautiful grass is beyond the gap!IMG_9074

The setting sun adding just the right lighting to this picture.  I love how the rainbows happen (That is NOT the right term but I’m trying not to lose my audience!) with the sunlight.IMG_9078

Another picture of the sun ❤IMG_9083

The cows are sharing secrets.  They’re probably complaining about my picture-taking! IMG_9073

A far away picture.  Don’t you just love the lighting?IMG_9045

The darling horse is surrounded by…chickens! LOL XDfullsizeoutput_57ff

The eyes are the window of the soul…or something close to that.

Well, that’s all folks.  I hoped you enjoyed looking at my pictures.  I had fun taking them.  Please comment down below and make sure that the comment honors both God and man.  Thanks–Amie