Description Saturday #3


Today is Saturday!  *does a dance*. And today I’m coming home from Nashville!  That’s right!  I’ve been in Nashville almost all week, so I’m sorry if your comments haven’t been answered.  I’ll be back today, so your comments will be answered.

Can you believe it’s time for another description challenge? I am so ready.  What’s the challenge/prompt this time?

Write about your worst injury

Ewww, gruesome!  Just kidding, this won’t be gruesome.  I’m actually not a rough and tumble person, so I only get one major injury a year, and minor ones every other week.  Let’s hop into it.  (Wait–You have never had a major injury????  You mean, you’ve never sprained a limb?  Or suffered frostbite?)

Wait!  I can’t decide?  Should I do highest pain?  Or most gruesome?  Or most recent?  Ya know, let’s not do blood…so let’s do highest pain.

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Amber grimaced at her feet–well, her foot.  Pressing the toes, she flinched.  They were red and hard.  Chapped, Amber told herself.  Squeezing about half a thing of lotion on them, she stuffed them in her socks and climbed into her bed.  That night, like the last two weeks, she flopped and turned in bed, trying to think of anything besides the burning sensation in her feet.

(Fast forward two months)

“Well, you frostbite is looking better,” Amber’s mom said, poking her toes.  “Why didn’t you tell me you had it?”

“I didn’t know!” Amber protested.

“You didn’t feel your feet?”

“No, but I thought they were chapped.  I mean, how many people in the South get frostbite?  And I knew everywhere else on your body could become chapped.”

“Well, go to sleep.”

That night, unremembered by Amber, she fell of her bunk bed ladder.  She assured her mom she was fine and went to sleep.  All night, her foot would hurt.  She would wake up, massage it, and fall back into a restless slumber.

(The next morning)

“Mom, my foot really hurts,” Amber told her mother at six in the morning.

“All right, put some ice on it.”

(The next day)

“Are you still in a lot of pain?” her mom asked.



“From my foot all the way to my hip.”

“On ibuprofen?”

“Uh yeah.”

“Would you like me to get you anything?” Her mom asked, full of concern.

“Yeah, maybe a doctor and a black hole.  I want to sink into oblivion.”

When they finally got to the doctor, they ran hundreds of test (it seemed) and it turned out she was having vascular spasms from icing her frost bite in less than a year from it first occurring.

The End.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

What was your worst injury?  (It cannot be an illness or surgery!!! There is a difference in the medical world). Are you going anywhere soon?