Christmas Ten O’clock

Hey guys!  Guess what?  Rose and I finally managed to get around to videoing another Ten O’clock, which is a shocker, right?  I bet you weren’t expecting that from the title.  😂

So, if you have twenty minutes, get started!  It went a bit over time, but hey, that’s how I roll.  🙂


Photography Contest #1

Hey y’all.  Just dropping in to post this picture.   The theme was Candle, Candy Cane, Card, Carols, Celebrate, Chestnuts, and Chill.  I tried to get all seven in my picture.



Thanksgiving 2018

Whew, is it already over?  I slept late this morning, something I NEVER do, but…I didn’t get up until eight. XD  Yes, I had so much fun that I was worn out.  And no, I actually barely at anything.  I ate was four sugar cookies with frosting because, y’all, I LOVE FROSTING!

*cough* But, that’s beside the point.  For Thanksgiving we went to our awesome friend’s house, who we like to call our cousins.  It was so much fun hanging out with Jaclynn, Mandalynn, and Miranda, and just fellowshipping and laughing.  (We laughed, like, A LOT.) XD

Jaclynn making her famous rolls. 😛

We got to their house about two, and they gave me the rundown on what’s been happening in their busy lives.  I must admit that I loved the car ride there.  I’m the kind of person that loves earphones and music, and the soothing movement of the car.  I tried to write letters on the way, but the road was just a bit too rough.


The girls were busy cooking for some of the time before dinner, so I explored outside and made sure the littles weren’t killing each other.  I thought this was the cutest thing ever. ❤


Rose and Sara had lots of fun talking as well.  They’re best of friends, and suddenly become quiet when I approach them. XD I think secrets of some sort were being shared.


Baby Sis and Little C were so cute together!  Little C loved tackling everyone that came his way, and his smile was so cute!  Yes, he was totally ADORABLE.


We had to take our typical selfie together.  Last year we took a selfie right in front of my family’s van and so we had to again this year.  After dinner we decided to set out for a photoshoot.  Sadly, I don’t have a DSLR at the moment, so we just had to borrow my dad’s phone. 😀


We found some crab apples, and so I was able to try them for the first time.  THEY WERE SO GOOD!  When I have my own house, I’m planting four crab apple trees, because they’re just that good.  The perfect mixture of sour and sweet.


We saw THE CUTEST donkeys on our way, and so we stopped to pet them and some super friendly goats.  The donkeys were so soft, and sweet, and now my heart is totally stolen by donkeys. ❤ Can you guess what pet I want next? XD


I mean, seriously, what can be cuter than that little face?  (Okay, this post seems to be me gushing about cute toddlers and adorable donkeys, LOL.)


For some reason I just think this picture is so pretty.  The lightening and then us?  Yep, Jaclynn did a wonderful job taking this picture.  I wish I could remember ever last thing we said to each other.  We talked and joked so much, that all my thoughts seem to run into each other.


Sometimes, I wish that a day could suddenly become 48 hours, and that I had a memory that would last forever.  Yesterday was one of those awesome days that you’ll forever treasure because you’re with people you love, and that love you.  It was lovely. ❤


We love trees for photo props, for some reason.  They’re really neat, except by the end of the photo shoot we all had dirt and bark in our hair. 😛  The three sisters posing. 😀


We all had to take turns taking the pictures.  Jaclynn and Mandalynn were the chief photographers because they wanted me to be in the pictures. XD  This picture came after a row of pictures of us goofing off.  It’s really hard for me to stay serious in front of the camera.


Who said we had to be serious?  It’s thanksgiving after all, time for us all to be a turkey.


We each took a picture of us by ourselves.  Miranda wanted to climb in the tree for hers.  The evening light was sometimes a bit tricky, but it was still so pretty!


Mandalynn.  She was sniffing the air and saying, “Ah, it smells just so fresh!” XD Yes, the air did certainly smell fresh.  I didn’t realize how cold it was outside until we went back to the house, but it was definitely a brisk and fresh afternoon.


We tried to take a picture of Jaclynn throwing her hair back, but…It didn’t exactly work out. XD So we went with this picture. 😀


Apparently I’m ruining a really good shot. XD Miranda definitely looks the coolest.  I’m afraid the food had gotten to me, and so I could only pose a bit unnaturally. XD


This was one picture that failed.  I was supposed to be doing pull ups while they were looking at me impressed, but the only person that was doing what they were supposed to was me. 😛 Jaclynn looks like she’s scared I’m going to break the branch, while I’m not sure what Mandalynn is looking towards.


The sisters look so sweet together!  I enjoyed taking this picture for them. 🙂


Apparently when I stood my full height, I made them look too short, so I had to shorten myself.  After this picture, we continued our walk.


We found a cow trailer, and thought it would be a very good place to take some more pictures.  But…Well, we kinda goofed off the whole time, so a lot of the pictures didn’t turn out.  XD


Mandalynn and I started talking about short stories we’re writing, which ended with us laughing, and joking.  It was hard to keep our faces straight while we posed.


We came up with funny jokes and phrases.  Somehow they seem to stick with us.  Most of us all have an inside joke about our future, or something along those lines.


We thought it would be a good idea to all jump at the same time and take a picture.  The only problem was that Mandalynn thought we meant jump off the trailer instead of just jump up.  XD So this is what the picture looked like.


We can be serious.  Believe me, we really can.


Or not…

The rest of the night was spent in singing, and listening to stories read or told by their dad.  And then came the cookie decorating, but I didn’t take any pictures of that.  You know my style of cookie decorating.  Who cares if it’s pretty?  The more fluffy icing, the better!


And that’s the end of this post!  We had the best time ever, and it was full of friendship and laughter.  I’m already looking forward to next time…

How was your Thanksgiving? Do you like donkeys?  What is your favorite photo prop?


Interview with Characters

Hello!  Today I have Parker’s characters from his book series joining me in the Crazy A studio.  They very kindly agreed to travel on the Imagination transport, and now they’re here at Crazy A.

The Bryder’s are very interesting children, and I’m so happy to have them here.  Before I let them speak, I have to tell you to go check out Parker’s blog, and his interview with my characters from my book.

Now, help me welcome Jared, Jennifer, Jesse, and Joy Bryder.

Thank you, Jared, Jennifer, Jesse, and Joy, for joining me on Crazy A today.  Would you each introduce yourselves?
Sure! I’m Jared Bryder. *extends hand* I’m nineteen.
I’m Joy and I’m nine! *she smiles brightly*
My na–*Jennifer is interrupted.
I’m fourteen-year-old Jesse!
*Jennifer smiles at Jesse* I’m Jennifer. Oh, and I’m sixteen.
As siblings, do you often argue during the adventure?
Jared: Well, I think we’re usually too caught up in it to argue.
*Jennifer nods* True!
I argue with the bad guys! *Jesse pipes up*
*Joy frowns* Won’t that get you killed, Jesse?
Jesse: Nope!
Joy: It won’t?
Jesse: No!
Joy: Oh! I’ve never been taught that.
Who is the most adventuresome?
*everyone says Jesse in unison*
Me! *Jesse beams*
*Joy frowns* But I like adventure. More than Jennifer, at least.
Jared: Yes, but Jesse likes it the most.
Joy: Okay.
Are you all equally close, or do you each have a “closest” sibling?
*Jared furrows brows in thought*
*Jesse grins* I’m closest to Jared.
*Jennifer nods* Yeah, that’s true. I’ll say I’m closest to Jared and Joy. Though, Jesse is
*Jared also nods* Yeah, Jennifer’s right. And Jesse is very close to me.
*Joy looks up at her brother* But, Jared, you take me out for ice cream sometimes. Doesn’t that make us close?
*Jared smiled* Well, I guess.
Jared, is it hard being the oldest, and seeing your younger siblings in danger?
I would say yes and no. Yes, I don’t like to see them going through things like this. I don’t think any brother in his right mind does. But at the same time, it’s a blessing and encouragement to see my siblings living out their faith.
Jennifer, do you tend to be a leader or a follower?
Jennifer: Hmm. I guess it depends. If it’s children, I tend to be a leader. But with other people my age or older, I let them lead. It’s just easiest.
Jesse: I thought it was easier to lead.
Jennifer: I don’t think so.
Jesse: Well, kids wouldn’t go on very many adventures if I didn’t lead them.
Jennifer: Jesse, maybe you just like adventure too much.
*Joy nods* I agree.
*Jesse sighs* I doubt it.
Jesse, what is the dumbest thing you’ve done?
What? This is my question? Why couldn’t it have been given to someone else?
*Jared grins* Because you’re the best one for it.
*Jesse shakes his head* Oh, well. Um…maybe when I jumped from a moving car and got knocked out. Wait, Jared, did you just call me dumb?
Jared: No, but you may have done some of the dumbest things out of all of us.
Jesse: But remember when Jennifer–
*Jennifer raises her hand to stop him* I think it’s time we move on.
Jesse: You just don’t want me to tell.
Jennifer: I want us to move on.
*Jesse shakes head*
Joy, what is it like being the youngest during these missions?
*Looks down in thought* It’s a little good and bad. Since I’m little, they might leave me alone. But sometimes the bad guys try to use me so the others will obey the bad guys. I don’t like that.
What are each of y’alls favorite colors?
Jared: I like lime green.
*Jennifer is silent*
*Jesse frowns* Jennifer, what’s your favorite color?
Jennifer: I was waiting on you.
*Jesse raises an eyebrow* Why?
Jennifer: Because you interrupted me last group question.
Oh! *Jesse blushes* Anyway, I like royal blue.
*Jennifer smiles* Everyone tells me it’s obvious what color I like. Pink!
Joy: I like wild violet!
Do you prefer hills, plains, or mountains?
Jared: Hills.
*Jennifer allows Jesse to go first*
Jesse: I think plains ’cause that’s more cowboyish.
Joy: I thought hills and mountains were too!
Jesse: I don’t think so.
Joy: Well, we know cowboys here in Tennessee.
Jesse: Oh.
*Joy smiles* Anyways, I like hills.
*Jennifer nods* I like mountains. They’re just so scenic.
Jared, what is your greatest fear?
Hmm. I don’t fear too much, but probably my biggest fear would be that my family would be killed or detained forever on one of these adventures. That would just be horrible.
Jennifer, what was your greatest accomplishment?
Jennifer: Hmm, this is a hard question. Maybe learning to play Maple Leaf Rag. It was so hard, and I couldn’t get in the time easy. Plus, I don’t like playing rags or classical too much.
Jesse: I remember when you were trying to play that. It was so out of time.
*Jared gives Jesse a reproving look*
Jesse, what was your most embarrassing moment?
Why do I get these questions?
*Jared grins* Because they’re the best for you.
*Jesse punches him good-naturedly* Hmm. Maybe when I was at Evan’s wedding and I tripped going down the aisle with Karen. It was horrible!
*Jared, Jennnifer, and Joy burst into laughter*
*Jesse shakes head*
Joy, what do you consider your biggest blessing?
The Lord helping me through our latest adventure. Though, I’m scared we might enter another because Jared has been investigating some mysterious stuff with the detective.
What are y’alls favorite kinds of music?
Jared: I really like hymns done with family harmony. It sounds really good when families sing with all the parts.
*Jennifer waits on Jesse*
Jesse: Bluegrass and country!
Jennifer: I like the older hymns. There’s something about them that causes you to meditate.
*Joy shrugs* I really don’t know.
*Jesse leans forward* Just say bluegrass and country.
Joy: Bluegrass and country.
Do you prefer to write on paper or type?
Jared: Type!
*Jennifer is silent*
Jesse: Um…paper? I don’t write hardly.
Joy: Writing is fun! Especially if you write stories. I like paper right now.
Jennifer: Stationary which is paper. I write people letters and love fancy cards and stuff.
What is one of your talents that most people don’t know about?
Jared: I don’t know about me.
Jennifer: Jared, you’re an excellent solo singer.
*Jared looks skeptical* What? How do you know?
Jennifer: I hear you sing to yourself sometimes.
Jared: Oh.
Jesse: I’m a professional tree climber.
Joy: I can draw. Dad is good and he’s taught me some.
Jennifer: I really don’t have much talent.
Jared: You tend to have wise advice and you play piano, which people do know about.
Jennifer: I give wise advice? And I can’t play piano. Valerie Taylor plays way better than me.
*Jared nods* Of course, you have wise advice. Joy told me about what you told her when you two were on a walk through the apple orchard!
Jennifer: Thanks!
Joy: Who’s Valerie Taylor?
Jared: That girl down there in South Carolina.
Jesse: She’s not a girl. She’s eighteen now.
Joy: Oh!
Pepperoni, cheese, or combo pizza?
Jared: Pepperoni!
*Jennifer allows Jesse to go first*
Jesse: Combo!
Jennifer: Pepperoni.
Joy: Cheese
Jesse: That’s really boring, Joy.
Joy: I know. But it’s the best!
Jesse: No, it isn’t.
Joy: Yes, it is.
Jared: Let’s keep going.
What do y’all think of yodeling?
Jared: I hate it!
*Jennifer waits on Jesse*
Jesse: It can be done right and sound good.
Jennifer: I think it’s unique. I don’t like it, but it takes skill which is cool.
Joy: I love it!
Amie: I am ashamed of you, Jared.  It’s a talent that’s lovely.
And finally, what are y’alls favorite books?
Jared: Hmm. Probably Crossroads by Paul Willis. It’s got a lot of action which I like and it’s fast-paced.
*Jennifer waits for Jesse*
Jesse: I don’t really like books.
Joy: I like the Baker Family Adventures series.
*Jennifer looks up dreamily* The Star Under the City by Maggie Joy. It was so awesome! And Lenz was an amazing character! I could talk about him all day And then the Baker Family adventures series by C. R. Hedgcock.
Jesse: Jennifer, it sounds like you think Lenz is real.
*Jennifer blushes* He is to me.
Jesse: So I guess we know what kind of husband you want.
Jennifer: I never said I’d marry him.
Joy: You kind of said that the other day.
*Jennifer looks horrified* What?!
*Jared chuckles* Let’s get this over with.
Amie: Don’t worry, Jennifer, he’s real to me, too. 😉
Thanks for joining me on Crazy A!  
Jared: It was a lot of fun!
*Jennifer smiles brightly* Thanks for having us!
Jesse: I’d do it again. But on one condition: You don’t ask me crazy questions.
Jared: Jesse, would do it again no matter what.
Jesse: No, I wouldn’t. And, please don’t let anyone know some of these questions.
Jared: Jesse, this is on Amie’s blog. People are going to read it.
Jesse: Oh no!
*Joy’s tone is loud and cheerful* Well, bye. Thanks! I really had fun.
Jennifer: And if you visited just to hear about us, please subscribe to this crazy amazing blog. It’s my favorite!
Amie: Aw, thanks, Jennifer, and Jesse, sorry.  You’re doomed.  Thanks guys for reading this, and go check out Parker’s interview.

A Peak into a Project


The stealthy sound of socks sliding across carpet was heard by the cat on the bed.  It was so silent, that the cat looked startled, especially when she couldn’t see who was walking through the room at night.

The cat’s ears were pricked, her sense keen–as keen as they could be with the heavy scent of paint in her nostrils.  She knew something wasn’t right, but what was it?


A movement caught her eye. There!  In the middle of the room on the beanbag sofa.  It was a mini human that was made out of plastic?  And it was moving on it’s own?  What diabolical plans did it have?

Knowing the cat had to protective new room of her master girl master, she turned over and fell into a deep slumber.  A slumber that allowed the intruders to finish their plans.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Strangely, it was fun to get my dolls out again for that intro.  Poor things have been neglected for the last six months.  ANYWAY.  Did you catch one thing the cat thought?  Maybe?  Maybe?

If so, Rose and I have moved into a “new” room.



I still cannot believe it. I mean, we’ve only slept in it for about two weeks now. XD  But, I’m going to take you through the whole process of the week before we moved in.  *nods* Why?  Because you’ll see why I still have paint in my hair!  (I think there is still some on my toe nails, too. XD)


We moved into the room that once was the nursery, but was used as the playroom before we moved in.  It’s rather big, with a low slanting roof that I keep hitting my head on.  (Oh, the pains of being tall.)  My mom thought it would be cute…


To have pink baseboards, blue and pink walls, yellow roof, yellow window sills, and blue doors.  All in all, it was cute…For a eighteen-month-old.  But when two teenage a teenager and a tween move into a room like this, they don’t want it to look like that.


So?  Someone had extra paint that they gave us, and I got underway.  I taped off the baseboards, and got to work.  I worked Friday (partly.  I had to go to my real job for most of the day. 😉 ) Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and finished up on Thursday.  Actually, no.  I didn’t work Tuesday or Wednesday, I don’t think.  Or did I?  Ugh, all those dreadfully hot days are blending together. XD

The most tragic things all happened on Saturday night.  (LET ME TELL YOU.  You would not have liked to be around me Saturday night. XD)  I was rushing to finish on more wall.  I had gotten five walls done, and I wanted to get just one more done.  But we only had three rollers, and I had already used them.  WELL.  No one told me you weren’t supposed to use a wet roller.

Haha, it was so not funny that it’s humorous.  I was about to cry, and there was grey paint/water all over my freshly painted baseboards, and it was traumatic.  But the bigger problem was that I had starved myself to get this all done. (I hardly ate anything that week.  😬 ENFP syndrome, maybe?)  So, I was like the grinch, except it wasn’t Christmas.  To finish a terrible ending, after my shower, my hands swelled twice their normal size with an allergic reaction to something.  Haha, talk about miserable.

ANYWHO.  It was so worth it when on Thursday I finished the ceiling and moved in some of our furniture.  Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself.  I did everything but the finishing touches myself.  I let Rose do that.


Rose doing finishing touches.  OH!  And I forgot to tell you about my drywall repair adventure.  It looks amazing, and I actually have another one to do where my brother somehow tore a hole in the wall when the curtain rod fell.  🤨

But, now to what it looks like now.


This is what my side of the bedroom looks like from the door.  The only thing we agreed on matching with is the bedspreads.  (Because, no matter what people said, I was NOT about to have a bed like Rose’s and Rose didn’t want a bed like mine. *nods*)


This is Rose’s side of the room.  She isn’t as neat as I am, at least, not at the moment.  Our older brother, Phil, enjoys hanging out in here.  They both were reading when I took this picture. XD


So, this is my bed.  Above my bed, I have two paintings I did recently.  I plan to put my pictures up there as I create them.  The sign is personal.  *smiles* And, of course, one of my darling violins.  That little pillow on my bed I quilted, and the white comforter is “my” comforter I sleep with ALL the time.  My siblings can’t believe I sleep with a comforter in 90 degree weather, but it’s just so comforting.

(Oh, and my camera bag that’s not usually there. 😉 )


I actually have two bedside tables.  One is stuffed full of fabric, the other has all my notebooks, old magazines, art pencils, envelopes, you name it, and it’s probably in there. Anyway, on top of my bedside table I have two books from 1917, and 1920.  Two gems I picked up at a yard sale for 50 cents each. 😳 On top of those I have two mason jars that you might recognize from this post.

Moving on, I have a book in front of that I just finished reading and OH WOW.  EVERYONE, go buy it.  “A Star Under the City” is OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Maggie, you seriously need like, A MILLION pats on the back for that one!

I actually have two pictures on there, but you can only see the envelope art that Allison made me.  Do you recognize what picture she modeled it after? 😉 And, my extremely annoying, and yet adorable alarm clock.  Ugh, I hate it and love it at the same time.  I doubt I’ll ever decide which way I really feel about it. XD


WHAHOO!  If you turnaround, you get the best scene ever.  Our hallway!  (Just playing.) Actually,you get to stare at my lovely bookshelf, and my guitar and banjo.  Have you figured out what’s important to me, yet?  And you also see my HUGE beanbag sofa that is rapidly becoming Rose’s.  She claims that she can sit in it whenever she wants.  *Scowls* Even when I want to sit in it.

ANYWAY, to stop thinking about Rose, I’ll tell you what’s in the case that’s peaking out from behind my dresser.  That, my friends, is my other violin.  It’s actually my favorite, and that’s why it’s safe in it’s case, and not on the wall. 😂


And here is my hat wall, with my scarfs, and my music holder.  Behind that is my dresser, but I didn’t take a picture of it, and under that is my doll chest.  Now, for one peak into Rose’s side of the room, only because I’m sitting on the hard floor while she’s in the beanbag chair at the moment.


HEHE.  *older sister grin of delight* Love ya, little sis. ❤

What is your room like?  Have you ever painted, or repaired walls before?  What do you think of my decorating skills?  Do you enjoy seeing American Girl dolls every blue moon?

Toodles, y’all.  I have a book calling my name. 😉


Flash Fiction: In the Hay

So, I read Anna‘s amazing post, and then I read Kate‘s amazing post, and then I said I would write a flash fiction with a friend.  So what happened?  Jac agreed to join me on my crazy adventure, and we both wrote a quick story.  Well, her story was quick.  My story?  Well, I’ll let you read it, but it’s like the beginning of a book.  I’m bad at writing short stories.

BUT!  Before I get any farther I need to promote myself.  Last post I forgot to do this, so…Yeah.  Anyway, check out my giveaway!  It ends on August 31, and y’all don’t want to miss the opportunity to get this AMAZING mystery book.  Who doesn’t want to read something that’s called haunted?  So, check out the giveaway here.

And now…For the prompt.


And now…

In the Hay

The cheerful sound of whistling filled the air as a tall, muscular lad walked towards the barn.  He held two buckets full of feed, and the evening sun made his sandy brown hair sparkle. He whistled loudly as his boots accompanied him with a rhythmic clip clop.  

“Hello, guys,” David spoke cheerfully to the horses, who stood in their stalls.  It was his job to give them some feed before dark. He did his job with energetic goodwill, speaking to each animal in turn.  To finish off, he had to go up to the loft to get some hay.

“We’ll roll the old chariot along, we’ll roll the old chariot along,” he sang softly as he ascended the ladder.  When his head peaked over the hay, he nearly fell backwards at what he saw.

“Great Scot!”  And his hand flew to his hat to keep it in place.  Lying stretched out in the hay was a  girl in her early teens.  Her hat was pulled down to cover her face, and she was dressed in rather plan, but warm, clothes.  

David stood there for a moment, wondering what to do.  She appeared to be asleep, but how could anyone sleep through all the noise he had just been making? Deciding what to do, David rapidly descended the ladder and ran back to the sleepy farmhouse where his family lived.  He burst through the door, interrupting a quiet family circle in the kitchen.

“Dad, Mom, Kit, Jonathan, Joanna!” He burst out.  “Come see what I’ve found!”

The older people in the room were sitting at the table, leisurely sipping coffee, while two young girls were washing the dishes.  

Kit, who looked about seventeen, looked up at David in disbelief.  “Please tell me that it isn’t kittens again.”

“It’s not,” David replied.  “Jonny, tell them it’s not kittens!”

Jonathan, who was lying on the floor, looked about eleven.  “It’s not kittens,” Jonathan said passively.

“C’mon, guys!” Joanna, who was glad of an excuse to skip washing dishes, threw down her rag.  “Let’s go see what David found.”

Mr. and Mrs. Fowler exchanged glances before standing up and following David and Joanna.  Jonathan jumped up and threw the wood he had been whittling and his knife on the table.

“Well,” Kit said aloud, “I suppose I shall come, too.”  The whole party made there way into the stable, and one by one they climbed up the ladder.  There, in the loft, lay the girl.

“Good heavens!” Mr. Fowler exclaimed.  “It’s a girl!” That exclamation seemed to wake the girl from her deep slumber.  Everyone else had been so surprised that they had been unable to say a thing. Now, Kit spoke.

“What are we going to do with her?”

The girl sat up, and slid her hat to the back of her head as she looked at the family with wide eyes.  She had a thin face with large blue eyes and a small nose. Delicate and determination seemed to clash in her face, for her chin was rather square, her eyebrows were rather thick, and her lips had a determined way to them.

“What in the world are you doing here?” Mr. Fowler asked abruptly.

“Charles!” Mrs. Fowler rebuked.  “He means, would you like some tea, dear?”

The girl looked from Mrs. Fowler’s worn, wrinkled face, to Mr. Fowler’s weathered scowl, and back again.  The children subconsciously stepped out of the limelight.

“Sir, I really am sorry,” the girl began, and stopped.  She stood up, and looked like a frightened hare. She took a few steps back to a small window that they had in the loft.  The shutters were closed like usual, but the girl unlocked them, and threw it open.

“Thank you for the bed,” she whispered, before jumping out of the window.  It was just big enough for her to slip through.

“Holy Smokes!” Mr. Fowler exclaimed, as Jonathan ran to the window.  David flew down the ladder, with Joanna behind them. Both regularly trained for races, and were known to be fast.  They dashed around the corner of the stable, and saw the girl’s black hair in the distance.

The race was on, and David threw all his energy into it.  He suspected that slip of a girl wasn’t the fastest runner.  In his hurry, he forgot about setting his pace to match Joanna’s.  Soon, he left her far behind.

Up in the loft, Jonathan was staring at the running forms.  Kit was standing there, her hand had flown to her neck in surprise when the girl had dropped from the window, and there it had remained.  Mr. Fowler was pacing back and forth in the loft, and Mrs. Fowler clutched her apron corner.

“How did that girl do it?” Mr. Fowler demanded, running his fingers through his sandy hair.

“Oh, I hope the girl hasn’t injured herself,” Mrs. Fowler said softly.  

“Injured herself!  I hope she hasn’t injured any of my property!” Mr. Fowler bellowed.

“Oh, dear,” Kit said, finally regathering her wits.  “If I did that, it would scare me heebies-jeebies!”

“You were already scared stiff just thinking about it,” Jonathan remarked.  

“I just hope David catches her,” was Mrs. Fowler’s final thought.

David’s breath was ragged as he neared the girl.  She had hopped fences, and dashed around trees. Now, she was tiring, and David spurred himself onward.  He watched her stumble, and slow.

Picking up his speed, he reached out and grabbed her arm.

“Ow!  Let me go, I tell you!” The girl stood, and faced him with a frustrated pucker to her brow.  “Unhand me!” She stomped her foot, and scowled fiercely.

“I’ll unhand you as soon as you come back to our ranch.  Ma has a bit of tea ready for you to sip, and we’ll all just have a chat.”

“I don’t need to chat, and I do not like tea.” She held up her small nose haughtily.

“Well, we have coffee and cocoa, too.  I’m David, by the way.” David said, walking her slowly back in the direction they had come.  David was glad when he could see the farmhouse. The whole walk home had been uncomfortable, as the girl had said nothing the entire time.  She seemed to stiffen as the neared the house, but David tried to ignore that. He just hoped she wouldn’t bolt.

He opened the door, and led her into the kitchen.  Everyone was in the same positions as earlier. Kit and Joanna were almost finished with the dishes, and Jonathan lay on the floor with what he was whittling.  Mr. and Mrs. Fowler were at the table discussing the unusual happenings of the night.

“Here she is,” David announced, and that sent everyone scrambling.  Jonathan again dropped his wood and knife. Thankfully, the knife missed his foot.  Mr. and Mrs. Fowler stood, scooting the chairs across the floor. Joanna left go of a plate, sending it shattering to the ground, and Kit did nothing but stare.

“Excuse our manners, deary,” Mrs. Fowler said hastily.  “You see, we live so far out from civilization we forget what another human being looks like.”  Mrs. Fowler ended her sentence with a nervous chuckle.

“Here,” Mrs. Fowler pulled the chair out before nudging Mr. Fowler.

“Hello, Miss,” Mr. Fowler quickly pulled off his hat, and motioned to the chair.  “Please, be seated. David, let her go.”

David released the girl, and she slowly (and rather reluctantly) sat down.  Mrs. Fowler was already making tea.

“I hope you don’t mind black?  Joanna, clean up this plate.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Joanna said, walking to find the dustpan and brush.  The girl said nothing, simply sitting mutely at the table. David and Jonathan stood near Kit, who was draining the dishwater.  Mr. Fowler stood by the table, fiddling with his hat.

“Now, there you go, dear,” Mrs. Fowler set a teacup in front of the girl, and sat down across from them.  “Everyone, come sit down and stop standing around like fish out of water.” Mrs. Fowler’s family obeyed her, all except Joanna, who was still cleaning up the dish fragments.

“May I ask what your name is?” Mrs. Fowler smiled pleasantly.  Her smile made her face look younger, and sparkled in her eyes.

“You may ask,” the girl nodded, “But I might not answer.”

Mr. Fowler suddenly found a catch in his throat, and turned around with a bit of coughing while Mrs. Fowler smiled.

“What is your name, dear?”

“You can call me Tan.  That might stop you from saying dear so much.”  The girl stirred her tea with her spoon, and avoided all eye contact.  

“Tan, that’s a nice name.”

“You can say that,” the girl snorted, but then David caught her eye.  She immediately turned away, but David hoped she had seen the sternness in his eyes.

“What are you doing here, Tan?  It isn’t often a young girl is caught this far from the real world.” Mrs. Fowler kept up her smiliness.  

“I needed a place to sleep,” Tan shrugged her small shoulders.

“In my barn?” Mr. Fowler spoke up, as Joanna joined the family.

“Well,” Tan had the grace to blush.  “It was rather hard for me to find anywhere else this far out of the way.”

“And that brings us to another question, Tan.” Mrs. Fowler paused to sip her tea.  Her eyes had a sharp look to them, but her mouth continued to smile. “Why were you running away?  And from what were you running?”

“I don’t know nothing about running away,” Tan looked deep into the black tea.

“Tan, we would like to help you.”  Mrs. Fowler reached her hand across the table and patted Tan’s.  “Please, explain why you’re here.”

“I needed help,” Tan’s bright blue eyes looked down, and her determined lips turned in a frown.  “I didn’t know where to go, or what to do, so I came here.”

“Can you tell me your troubles?  The rest can go, if you don’t wish them to stay,” Mrs. Fowler got up, and pulled some pastries out of the pantry.  “I made these tarts today.”

“Thanks,” Tan said, taking one of the pastries and taking a bite. After she had chewed, she started her story.  “I lived with my step-father, and mom. Mom was always sick. She was just sick, and so she married him.” Tan’s eyes narrowed at the last word.  “He was kind to her, but he didn’t want me.  I didn’t want him, either. So…” Tan’s lips puckered, and her eyes sparked hatred.  “When I got old enough, I left.”

David looked supicsiouly at Tan.  Something about everything just wasn’t right, but Mrs. Fowler looked sympathetically at Tan.

“I’m so sorry, dear.  Tonight you’ll stay here, and share a room with Kit and Joanna.  Kit’s full name is Katherine, but we call her Kit for short. They have a lovely room, and I’m sure some of Kit’s clothes will fit you.”

Tan said nothing.  She simply stood up, and followed the girls out of the room.  Once they were out of earshot, Mr. Fowler put his legs on the table.

“I know that girl.”

“You do?” David asked incredulously.

“Yep, sure do,” Mr. Fowler reached towards the plate of pastries and was soon munching on a blackberry tart.

“Well, who is she?” Jonathan and David asked together.

“Well, I haven’t seen her since she was a wee thing, but about a few miles that way–” Mr. Fowler stopped to point in the direction he was indicating.  “Is where she lives. She said mostly the truth.”

“Then she lied?” Jonathan asked, his eyes almost popping out of his head.

“Well, I can’t know for certain, but some mysterious things happen in that neck of the woods.”

“Ooh…” Jonathan looked confused, but Mr. Fowler didn’t explain.  He slapped the table, and put his feet on the floor.

“Time for you bedtime, sonny.”

“Yes, sir,” Jonathan sighed, and he walked up the rickety wooden stairs, soon to be followed by David.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

So…Should I continue it?  What do you think?  Have you ever written a flash fiction?


It’s Ten O’clock Again!


Hello, y’all!  A few days ago I posted an announcement saying you got to ask Rose and I questions.  Well, the questions started piling in, and so we thought we’d do this in two parts.  We wanted to make it different from last time (and I wanted to save my fingers, and time), so we decided to film our answers instead of write them.

Since the video is rather long, we’re doing it in parts, so here’s part one!  If you have fifteen minutes to spare, just start watching.

WARNING: Both girls in the video below are known to make people laugh.  If you don’t want to laugh, don’t watch.

Here’s the links I mentioned in the video.

My friend, Anna’s blog.

My dream husband.



It’s Ten O’clock

Hello!  It’s Amie at ten o’clock at night with my little sister, Rose (She’ll talk in italics).  Right at the moment we’re hyped up with some REALLY black coffee (thanks to me, of course.  I’d probably put the army to shame.) and I had the bazar idea to write a blog post instead of writing my book.  Rose is giving me her time instead of reading, so please clap for Rose.

Amie on the left, Rose on the right.

Okay, we need to answer some of the weirdest questions online.  Let’s look up weird questions.  Okay, Rose, do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Yeah, as long as it has nothing to do with boys.

Don’t worry, I’m not into boys.  They can stay outside at ten o’clock at night.

Okay, I’m fine with that. 

All right, time to look up these questions.

What is the funniest name you have actually heard used in the real world?

Anita Bra.

Ah, that’s so just lame.

Wha? Did you just call me lame?  YOU JUST CALLED ME LAME?  Are you serious?  I can’t believe that!  You’re so nice.  If you call me lame one more time, I’m leaving this post.

I didn’t call you lame, I called the name lame.

What do you mean?  The name’s not lame, it’s strange.  Who would humiliate their child like that?

I think the funnest name I’ve heard in real life is…Tootie.  It’s just a little strange.

No, no no!  You should do Matthew’s name.

But that’s not a real person named that.

Oh, well, too bad.  Flowing Sewer is a lot funnier.

Okay, next question.

If your five-year-old self suddenly found themselves inhabiting your current body, what would your five-year-old self do first?

What do you mean?  I’m not understanding.  Oh my goodness.  I don’t know!  Give me a minute.

Would you like me to answer?

You answer first, and I’ll think about it.

Okay, I would be very disappointed with myself at the moment because I haven’t been partying, and I don’t have a boyfriend.  For some unknown reason, I thought my age at the present to be really old, and I wanted to have a devoted boyfriend by the time I was this old.  But, I do not want a boyfriend, and I’m not even old enough for one.  So our ideas change, and our ideals.

Oh my goodness, Amie!  Are you serious?  I didn’t think you were that bad.  You wanted to party with boys and get in trouble?  I am ashamed of my older sister.

Hey, you haven’t told your story yet, and mine’s not that bad.  I need more coffee.

I have no idea.  I seriously don’t know.  I never thought of that before.  I can’t think.  Maybe just go roll down a hill?

That’s not even a confession like mine.

Oh, you didn’t say a confession!  You didn’t say I had to tell a confession.

Apparently I’m the worse out of us two.  Okay, next question.

What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?

Looks stupid doing?  *thinks* I can’t say anything that will offend people.

Don’t worry, I say all that already on this blog.

Mm!  Stupid looking?  So…Stupid looking…Probably wearing their PJs in Walmart.  They look so stupid, and who would be stupid enough to do that?  They’re just wearing tank tops, PJs, and slippers.  That would hurt my feet.  I know that’s not funny, at least not as funny as yours is going to be, but they do look stupid.

Okay, um…I’m embarrassed to say what I’m thinking…


Okay, I’ve only seen people do this a few times, and it’s not something I would do.  But–I can’t say this.

You got to!  At least say something else.

Okay, fine.  It’s not my fault.

Don’t get offended people who read this.  This is a ten o’clock thing we’re doing, and people say weird things at night.

Okay, so it’s weird and stupid looking when–*laughs*–Um, when teenage girls put their hands on their hips and do a little dance.  And sometimes they have their friends help them…Does that make sense?

Um hmm.  I can see it.  You’re right.  That’s really stupid.  If you’re a Christian girl, you shouldn’t be doing that…Or even if you’re not a Christian, its just not right.  It’s so immodest.

All right, next question!

What is something that is really popular now, but in 5 years everyone will look back on and be embarrassed by?

I’m not sure!  But either tattoos or um, wearing bikinis.

Wow, Rose, you didn’t give any slack.  Okay, mine are going to be more generic.  Either the eyebrow trends on Instagram, or the droopy lip make-up art.  And, if we’re saying for the guys, it’ll be the pants that go down to their knees.

No, down to the ground

Usually it’s not that low.  But at least it’s going out of style.

Remember what I told you I saw on Pinterest?  How in 2090 guys will be dragging their pants behind them in a wheelbarrow.

NOOO!  You didn’t tell me that!  Let’s see if we can find it on Pinterest.


Apparently the fateful day is even sooner than we thought.  But!  We were successful in finding!

Oh yay!

Okay, next question.

If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?


Gasp!  Rose!  We actually AGREE!  Hold, everyone pause and notice the extreme rarity of this moment.  My younger sister and I actually both think the rudest animal would be CATS!! It’s a miraculous moment!

I love kitty-cats and all…But, just the way they act.  *Shakes head*

Hmm, we don’t have much debating on this question, since we both agree it would be cats.  Comment below if you dare disagree with us two sisters.  IF YOU DO….Dun dun dun!

Oh, Amie.  

What are some things that are okay to do occasionally but definitely not okay to do every day?

Hmm, ah, this is a hard one!  This is really hard!  Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm….Uh, Amie, you go first!

Not drinking coffee everyday.

Yeah, but I don’t drink coffee everyday.

Thou art not human.

Ah, c’mon, some people hate coffee.  Isn’t that better than hating coffee?

Those that hate coffee are from planet mars.  Sorry.

Ah, that might offend someone.

What can I say?  I am not politically correct.

This is ten o’clock news, and that’s why Amie’s not in her right mind.  Ignore her.  What’s the question again? 

Um, I’d say eating out, dancing, partying, having a grand ole’ time, and dancing in the rain.

Hey!  Having a grand ole’ time you can have everyday, but all the rest are good, so I’ll go with them.

Such are the pains of being the older sister.  The younger sister always follows.

Oh, c’mon.  That’s not true!  Calling all younger sisters!  you don’t always follow your older sister, do you?

Okay, before they can answer, let’s move to the next question.

What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home?

Oh, that thing at Aunt Bertha’s house!  It was kinda like a bust without a head, but it was VERY immodest, and it was supposed to be a guy.  It was so terrible, I won’t say anymore.

Okay, besides what Rose has said, I always find it weird when people have fake ivy in their house, and baskets everywhere.  I just don’t see the use.  I would have musical instruments everywhere, and lots of comfy chairs.

And coffee stuff?

And coffee stuff.  I’d probably have twenty million dirty coffee cups lying around.

Don’t exaggerate so much.

Okay, I stand corrected.  Maybe just one million.


*Chuckles in delight*

I can understand a hundred.  That would take up a whole cupboard, but you are that messy.

I am not messy.  Just a little unorganized.  *cough*

You’re not the only one.  Look at my desk.  I clean it up and it just clutters itself up.

Yeah, maybe we should move to the next question before we start talking about our bedroom.

Oh yeah.  Let’s move on.  I’ll be glad to avoid the bedroom.

Who do you know that really reminds you of a character in a TV show or movie?

Oh oh oh!  That Reed dude (you know who) who looks just like…Oh, what’s the actors name?  William…William…What’s his last name?  Mosley!

Oh!  He was different.

But didn’t he look like the actor?

Yeah, sorta.  I still think William Mosley looks a lot nicer.

Ooh, I hope he’s not reading this blog post.  Ouch.

Oh, me too.  Don’t tell him about this blog post.

I promise not to tell our mutual friend.  Okay, anyone else?

Let me think…

I’m thinking too.  Uh…

I don’t know.  If you would call Mr. Ed an actor, he looks a lot like Cody.

Let’s see if I have a picture of Cody, and we’ll ask our dear followers their opinion.

Mr. Ed

Um, Cody’s missing the blaze, though

I just noticed that.

Anyone else?  Like, they don’t have to look like them, just act or sound like them.  I can’t think of anyone.

I can’t either.

You want more questions?

Sure, if this post isn’t getting too long.

No danger of that.  😉

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn?

You go first.

Okay, so we used to pretend we weren’t good girls, and so we’d dress up in naughty outfits.  I think the most embarrassing one was when I put on a dress three times too small for me length wise, but I was always so skinny, that it fit like it should at the top.  But it was so incredibly short, that it isn’t even funny.  But something I’ve worn in public would probably be a dress that we got from the thrift store.  It was from the 60s, I think.  Anyway, I might have a picture of me in it, but I’m not publishing it.  I stopped wearing it once my brother told me I resembled a banana slug in it.  I’ve been told many things by my brother.  Once he kindly (not) told me to consult the color wheel if I ever wanted to look good in clothes.  I’m obviously not good at fashion.

I don’t know.  I’m not sure how things look on me.  Maybe a short dress I’d wear with fake high-heels and earrings.  It was pretty bad looking, but I thought it was really cute.

Remember how we used to pretend we were homeless–

Remember the time when mommy wasn’t home and we got into the box of shorts and skirts we weren’t supposed to be in?  


Well, it really was a bucket with sewing projects.  We bought short skirts and shorts to turn into skirts with longer bottoms.  Anyway, they were really short and we would play bad things with them.

They weren’t bad things, we just pretended we went to college.

We made a video, but we deleted it because we didn’t want mommy to find out we had put those things on.

Ahh, now we finally confess.

It was pretty embarrassing now that I think about it.  

Okay, next question?

Next question!

If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

Uh, I don’t know, what do you think?  You’re the one that would assume what I had done.

Uh, I’d probably think it was a mistake, just because you’re so good.  I’d be the one to go to jail, not you.

Seriously?  I can’t believe you.  You’re not that bad…But when you were little you were.

Man, thanks a lot, Rose.

She didn’t want me to become a Christian, so there.

That was only because I didn’t understand that Jesus could be a Savior to all people.  I wanted Him to be only mine.

How selfish!  but you were only like, seven?

Nope, I was six.

Oh, okay.  I was close!

Yeah, but back to the question.  Do you want me to answer first?


All my family and friends would think I accidentally murdered someone.  Because I’m not careful with sharp objects, and I love playing with movie prop knifes and swords.  And movie props are still sharp.  Usually I’m not entrusted with sharp objects.

She flings them about and pretends to kill imaginary foes!  

Yep.  That’s the truth.  The hard, cold, steely, I’m going be put in jail for murder, truth.

Don’t be silly.  For some reason I think people would think I went to jail for a party.

Nope, I’d think you went to jail for driving drunk.

OH MY!  I can’t believe you!

I was just joking!

I’M NOT THAT BAD!  I don’t ever want to drink!  HELP ME!

I’m not killing you.

So, next question.

Okay, two more questions and then I think my followers will have enough of us.

Amie, it’s almost eleven o’clock.

Exactly.  Anyway, next question.

What would the world be like if it was filled with male and female copies of you?

That’s terrifying.  I think I would try to get out of the world as fast as I could.

Well, what would it be like?

Uh, I said terrifying.  Now, what’s a long word that’s pretty much terrifying?  It would probably be me running around screaming, “get away from me!” I’d bolt the door, and windows, and chimney.  It would be terrifying, especially if they were all males.

Okay, Rose, that’s different.  Well, I think the world would be a hot place.

What do you mean hot?

Well, both in looks and in temperature.

Oh, c’mon.

I’m dying from laughter.  I can’t stop.  It’s not even that funny of a joke.  Oh, my, my sides ache.  But, seriously, I think it would be full of arguments, because I’m one that will argue to my last breath for what I think is right, or wrong, and so there would be a lot of murder, and war, and the world would be terrible.

That’s terrible!  But they’d all be thinking the same thing.

No, they’re like me, but they aren’t me.  They have similar processing.  I think the male copies would be in fist fights every day, because I literally sadly actually fight.  Like, physical fights, whether I’m asleep or awake.  But the female copies would disdain everyone else.  And everyone is cocky.

People, Amie seriously fights herself in her sleep.  She wakes up with scratches and stuff she didn’t have before.  She used to fall out of the bed all the time before we got a bunk bed.

Don’t tell embarrassing stories.

Well, this is supposed to be an embarrassing post.  She was a terrible sleep walker too.  She almost fell down the stairs tons of times.

Yeah, let’s move to the next question.

Good idea.

Wait, it’s going to be the last question.  *Tears up*

Yep, sorry to break the news, guys, if you’re been enjoying this post.

I don’t know if I can bring myself to do it.

C’mon, don’t be emotional.  Get to the next question.  I’m the emotional one.

Tell me about it.  Next question!

If you were held at gun point and told that if you didn’t impress them with your dance moves you would be killed, what dance moves would you bust out?

Oh my!  This is serious!  Amie, go first.  This is crazy.

Okay, so I’m huge for coming up with the craziest dances.

Tell me about it.

So, I have this really weird rap almost dance that I do for my family.  It starts real slow, and I do the music to it, and then it goes really fast and kinda turns into a dance like the Peanuts do.  It’s on the strange side.  It ends with a Dab (dance move).  It’s pretty crazy, and I’d probably be shot, but I’d be kinda glad to die.

Okay, Amie, that sounds weird.

I’m getting into my philosophical mood.  It’s the fifth mood after coffee.

Okay, I need to tell them my dance.  If I knew how to do backflips, handstands, summersaults, and…What’s that thing called, Amie?

UMMMM, I know what you’re talking about.

But they might not know.  Cartwheel!   If I knew how to do all that, I could do a really cool dance.

You know, I might just do the worm.

Oh, Amie!  That would be hilarious!  I might do that at the end of mine.

And we would probably be shot.


Amie on the left, and Rose on the right.  Shows she’s always right. 😉

Well, that’s the end, folks.

If you would like to have another one like this, please leave a comment below.  We really want to do anther one.


See y’all

Goodbye!  Farewell!  Auf Weidersehen, adieu!  To you, and you, and you!

She’s had too much coffee.  She’s singing her favorite song again….




“Do you think we should edit this?” Amie asked her younger sister.

“Nah, your followers will love it.  I know I would,” Rose smiled.

“Hey!  It might even get the Best of 2018 award…” Both girls looked at each other before laughing and shaking their heads.

“Nah,” the exclaimed together as Amie hit the publish button.

What’s on my Bookshelf (p. 3)


And welcome to another blog post about my bookshelf.  Today is the last and final shelf.  Before I begin, I wish to apologize if I offended anyone by including the final snip-it on the last blog post.  As an admission, real people do kiss in the real world.

If you haven’t read my last two blog posts about my book shelf, you can find them here and here.  Let’s get started!

Memory with the Meadows by Anna Pustai

Anna is a really good friend of mine, so of course I have her novel.  A sweet story for a younger audience, you can follow the Meadow children as disaster strikes, and the Meadows have to trust God.  This is an excellent book if you’re looking for a story for your 7-9 year old.

The Princess Adelina

Oh, this book was published be Vision Form.  Bringing me back to the old days.  Lol!  Anyway, this story takes place early in history (I don’t know the date.), and it is about a poor, Christian girl living in a Heathen land.  Adelina is a fair girl, and one day Prince Hedan sees her, and falls desperately in love with her.  He commands that she becomes his wife, and that begins the struggles of a Christian girl in her pagan husband’s court.

Knowing Scripture by R.C. Sproul

My dad is a huge Sproul fan, though I must admit I am not.  To me, it is rather too simple.  I mean, so simple that it’s boring.  After reading Augustine, Athanasius, and A’Kempis*, Sproul is like a picnic on a summer after noon.  Anyway, this is a needed Christian classic about the importance of knowing the Word of God, ’cause even the Devil knows the Word of God.  How can we fight if we don’t even know our own sword?

*I did not read those willingly.  Thanks, Mr. Swanson, for an amazing school course.

Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper

Someone in our church really admires Mr. Piper.  I’m not much of a fan of him, though. If you want a really good book on this subject, read Do Hard Things by the Brett brothers.  But, anyway, about this book.  Piper warns all people never to waste their lives.  If you feel you are wasting your life, this might be the book for you.

Life Lesson from a Horse Whisperer by Lew Sterrett

If I ever met an amazing man, it would be Mr. Sterrett.  I was privileged to be able to eat dinner with him, and talk to him.  He is a man burning with a passion for the Lord, and this shows in his book.  He weaves his life story into what he knows best, horses.  If you’re never seen A Sermon On the Mount demonstration, you absolutely have to.  For all horse-lovers like me out there, this is Biblical wisdom placed with horses, in an arena right in front of your eyes.  I can’t even review this book well enough!  It’s one of those books you just HAVE to read yourself.  So what are you waiting there?  Go order yourself a copy!

The Family Daughter by Sarah L. Bryant

Is anyone else in the audience KBR subscribers?  Anyone as DEVASTATED as I am about it ending?  Oh, I’m supposed to be reviewing this, not talking about the *sniff* ending of KBR.  This book is about becoming pillars of strength in our father’s houses.  In this day and age when men aren’t real men, and women are pressured to take the lead, we need to live by the word of God and show the world what true Biblical womanhood looks like. It’s not just for men…Girls, we’re doing this for God.  It will affect the rest of our lives, these decisions we make now.  Will you do the hard thing and live life for God?  Will you submit to your father? Read this book to learn how.

The A-Z of C.S.Lewis by Colin Duriez

Anyone else a fan of C.S.Lewis?  Okay, maybe I’ll fangirl alone.  This book is absolutely necessary for any Lewis’ fan library.  It just makes your library seem so complete.  And it’s so much fun to flip through and read about each thing in this book.

Christy by Catherine Marshall

Oh, do you have that one book where you just absolutely hate the ending?  The story is superb, but the ending?  Oh, the ending!!!!!!  This book is about a sheltered Southern gal in 1912 heading to the rural Smokies in Tennessee.  The cultural shock isn’t the only thing that toughens poor Christy as she begins to minister to these people.  She becomes not only the school teacher, but a nurse, a friend, and a missionary to these people.  This book is NOT for a younger audience.  I’d say 12 is the youngest that this should be read.  To give you a hint at the ending, it’s pretty much she wakes up, and the guy that loves her is there, and he goes, “Christy!” and the joy of a child was in his voice.  THE END!  Oh my, after 501 pages you end with “Christy”?  GRRR! Such an anticlimactic ending!  What a rip off.  What a….I don’t even know the right word.  But this is still an awesome story.

The Original Mildred Classics by Martha Finley

Anyone an Elsie Dinsmore fan?  I AM!  Oh, was that a little too loud?  I practically lived off Elsie when I was younger.  I read all 28 books twice, and my favorites up to four times.  Yes, when I’m obsessed, I’m obsessed.  Well, I found out about the Mildred books by mistake.  You have no clue how many good finds you stumble across at the thrift store.  But these books are so much better than Elsie.  I love her love story, and then her children!  The last book is THE BEST.  And I’m not talking about the Life of Faith Millie, y’all.  I’m talking about the real Mildred.  Anyway, this is a really good book series!

Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry

One of my favorite books.  Who couldn’t love Paul and Maureen?  And their love of horses is certainly contagious.  This is a thrilling story about two children who dream about capturing the “Phantom”.  Phantom is the wildest mare on Assateague island.  One day, the world is in for a surprise when Paul not only brings in the Phantom, but the Phantom’s newborn colt as well.  Can the children actually earn enough money to buy them both?

The Black Stallion Returns by Walter Farley

I have no clue where the other books of this series are.  My brothers probably borrowed them and didn’t put them back.  Anyway, I am a huge fan of Walter Farley’s books.  Who doesn’t love the mysterious Arabian horse that is thrown into Alec Ramsey’s life?  Well, in this book, The Black is back.  Join Alec’s sorrow as The Black is claimed by his real owner, Abu Ja’ Ku ben Ishak. (Try saying that five times fast. :0) Will Alec ever see The Black again?  Has Alec’s life of horses ended?  Will his dreams ever become true?

Millie’s Unsettles Season by A Life of Faith

Sorry to break it to you, Life of Faith fans, but Millie has BROWN hair.  And no, she’s not called Millie AT ALL in the real books.  A lot of the names are changed, and even the story line is changed.  Basically, this is a book where they took the main character of the Mildred Series, and stuck her in this book.

Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

Ahhh!  Anne!  Lol, some people call me Anne of my city.  It’s pretty funny, but I personally don’t think I’m that much like Anne.  Anyway, this book is actually not my favorite book in the eight books Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote about Anne.  My favorite is probably the Seventh and Eighth books.  Anyway, this book is such a charming story that is a true classic!  I love it.  ❤

Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery

Okay, before I review this book, if you’re a true Anne fan, you absolutely HAVE to read “The Chronicles of Avonlea.”  It helps the Anne books make a lot more sense, since Lucy Maud Montgomery talks about the different stories in the various Anne books.  In this Anne book, you continue to hear of my absolute favorite characters, Davy and Dora!  Oh, my!  How I love Davy.  Maybe he’s the reason I like this book so much.  But, you also meet Phillipa, and who doesn’t just love good ole’ Phil.  She’s a hoot.  Anyway, this book is so good, that if I said anything I know I’d give a spoiler.  So, next book!

The Runaway by Patricia St. John*

I have a lot of St. John’s books.  She’s a good writer.  In this book, a young Gentile hears about the teacher in Nazareth.  Maybe, just maybe, that teacher can help his family.  His family home is covered by the cloud of darkness.  Will this teacher be able to help them?

Twice Freed by Patricia St. John*

A slave boy’s thoughts are full of one idea…Freedom.  Finally, he makes a mad dash for freedom, and makes his way to Rome where he meets a man who forever changes his life.  How can you become twice freed?  Who is this man?

The Tanglewood’s Secret by Patricia St. John*

I loved this book when I first read it.  Maybe it was because I liked the characters names…Or maybe just because it’s a magical story.  Ruth is tired of always being the bad child.  Her life is full of do this, do that.  She envies her older brother’s apparent ease with her aunt, and she wants the love that her aunt gives to her brother.  One day, Ruth tell her aunt, “I shan’t go.  I shall run away, and I shan’t come back.”  With that, she runs out the door.  What happens to Ruth?  What is the tanglewood’s secret?  You should find out!

The Secret of the Fourth Candle by Patricia St. John*

I found this book rather boring, but that’s just me.  It’s three short stories about Christmas, and I’m not a fan of short stories, so that’s my review.  Get the book and read them for yourself.

Rainbow Garden by Patricia St. John*

This is my favorite book by St. John.  It’s even better than The Secret Garden!  Elaine has never had a godly example in her life.  When her mother takes a job in France, and decides to leave Elaine in the country, Elaine is selfish, bitter, and afraid.  Elaine often escapes to a secret garden where she discovers some exciting things.

Survey of Historic Costume by Phyllis G. Tortora and Keith Eubank

Oh, this book is one of my favorites!  I’m into history (if you couldn’t tell) and what’s more exciting than the way they dress?  Plus, you need to know if you’re writing a historical fiction.  This book covers from 3000 B.C. to 2003 A.D.  It has so many cool pictures, sketches, fashion plates, and of course, descriptions.  It is an amazing book!

Costume in Detail by Nacy Bradfield

Another book like the one before, except this only covers 1730-1930 A.D.  It has much more sketches.  In fact, it’s only sketches.  This book gives you a better in-depth idea of what the dress looked like, and how sharply the men dressed. 😉

Homesteading by Abigail R. Gehring

My dream is to farm.  But if I can’t grow up and farm, why not grow up and homestead?  So, this is my go-to guide about lots of different things.  It’s a good book.

Compiling of Journal Entries by Amie

Haha!  Lastly we have my old journal that I never consistently wrote in.  I’m not good at journaling at all.  It’s kinda sad, but that’s the point?  Who wants to read my thoughts when I’m dead and buried anyway?  Well, here’s a few snippets.

Ooh, the first page is intimidating.  😂  It says, “Top Secet Amie’s Prayer Diary keep out please Return to Amie.”  Okay, let’s see what I say next.  Ooh, juicy.  This is about my younger sister Rose.  “Rose is 5 today.  (So I would have been 7.) And a bitty baby she is had a little she Ikes unicorn she loves dolls baby dolls.”  Hey, I’m better at spelling than I thought!  But my punctuation? 😬

Here’s a good one!  ” Today we went to wander world and made a new brig.  I’m tired of Rose laughing at me! I went to my room to get you.  I or got that Vi was in there and she scared me.  [In where?  I am making no sense.] Daddy worked late today.”  Well, I guess Rose laughed at me even back then.  Why did I let it bother me, though?

Okay, here’s another one.  “Hi!  Its me again! [Like anyone else would be writing here, young me?] I know I haven’t written in a while.  My life is the same [I’m sorry, but I started dying here.  This was so me!  Oh, my.] but I have to tell you how much I want to be an actor for aventers in odesseay.”  If you made sense of that, I applaud you, and I ask you to please tell me what I was talking about.

Okay, I’m older here…I guess I’d be eleven in this part.  “I don’t know what to tell you.  I mean, If someday you were published, I dought [????] anyone would read you.  Maybe the cover should be “Woman from 2000″!  or something else.  In a hundred years maybe somebody would read it.” Uh, yeah.  Not me.  LOL!

After I turned twelve, it isn’t as funny.  Oh, I just found a song.  Here it is, “Raise in song thanksgiving give, Up to God sing praises.  The world is painted bright, By God’s beauty falling right.  Sing his praises high, Daring this our thanksgiving tide.  Sing his praises, praises sing For ever more eternally!”  Hmm, not too bad.

Oh, LOL!  This is just what I found.  Sounds so much like me. (Well, I guess it should since it was me.) “I’m writing cold facts so you don’t have to put up with me being all emotional…My personality, which you will learn later, is cheerful on the outside, and wild on the in.  I am wild!”  Okay, you’ve heard enough out of this.

Thanks for reading this post!  Let me know what you though about all the different books on my shelf.

Have you read any of these books?  What do you think about them?  Are you good at journaling?


*I was unable to find links.