People You Admire (+more)

Well, now.  Isn’t it wonderful to be back in the studio of Crazy A with nothing to talk about, except what I decide to talk about.  *smacks myself on my forehead* Ugh, I forgot about taking that picture for the contest.  Well, I’ll do that.  Wait, I’m publishing this Saturday…So perhaps future Amie will delete this intro.  That is probably for the best.

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AH HMM.  Welcome, one and all, to the spectacular post where Amie tries to be a writer and fails succeeds.  For the last week Amie has been procrastinating writing very diligently on her work in progress, and has been very happy with her growing word count.

Okay, and now I’m going to be me.  Just plain Amie, and ramble and try not to be professional, because at times we all need to unwind and ramp and rave, and so that’s what I’m doing.  (I only do this after I’ve been taken from my natural habitat for the day.  In other words, my house.)

How many of you writers just hit this dry spot after NaNo?  Only me?  Oh.  Well, I thought it was a pretty normal thing to have problems with.  Anyway, since it’s normal for me, I’m just going to bore everyone to death by talking about it.  Really, the only thing that helps me become inspired after the creativity lapse I get after NaNo is a week of sleep and a few friends.  (Not to mention other creative outlets.  Like, music and art, anyone?)

So, I feel sorry for you if you don’t have any writer friends.  Wow, I’m really rambling.  Maybe I should stop talking about writing.  I always feel like a writer/author should let their writing talk for themselves.  And then you have Kellyn Roth, and I just read her blog to read about her writing adventures, because, guys.  That’s what I wish my writing life looks like.

I had an idea for this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM.jpeg

So, in life we all admire people.  Kellyn Roth is the person I totally admire when it comes to writing.  I often look at her posts, and her books, and I’m like, “Man, why can’t I be so put together?”  I compare myself to her (and it’s no fault of Kellyn.  Guys, Kellyn is amazing, and she’s awesome.  Like, really.) and then I begin to feel really bad because, um.  I just named my novel…After finishing it in September, and editing it and letting people read it.  She always has her novels named, AND COVERS MADE FOR THEM before she really starts writing them.  Guys, only one of my books has a cover done.

So?  I curl up in my bed with my chocolate and coffee, and wish I was a better writer.  (These feelings really help for melodramatic scenes I have to write, but otherwise…Hehehe.)  And then I don’t write for a few days because I look at my book, and I keep hearing my mind say that I’m a complete failure.

Now, before I get any farther, I must tell y’all.  This isn’t Kellyn’s fault.  It’s mine.  It’s my fault that I feel bad about my writing, or my art, or my music because I compare them to other people.  And it doesn’t help I’m one of the most competitive people I know.

Growing up, my mom would always tell me, “It’s not a competition, Amie.”

Smart Alec me would say, “I know, but it’s a competition to me.”  That’s (Sadly) my mindset.  And so?  I get discouraged.  But if you’re the same as I am in this area, I want to tell you something.

Just because you don’t (fill in the blank) like the person you admire, doesn’t mean you’re a failure, or that you’re doing things wrong.  My writing works for me.  I know in my head (well, half of it) that Kellyn’s way of writing would never work for independent Amie.  In fact, it would drive me crazy.  God has made each of us very unique, with unique ways to (fill in the blank).

And so?  I’m going to tell you to be the best self you can be, and find the way that works for you.  Don’t compare yourself to others, because you aren’t supposed to be like others. You’re supposed to be the unique you. ❤

(Okay, future Amie here)


Rambling again, I shall say that the picture for the contest came off without a hitch, thanks to my very obliging father, and the wonderful morning sunlight.  Now, I must tell you what has happened to me.  It has to do with the library.

*coughs* The library and I have a strong relationship.  I love it, truly I do, but then…Oh boy.  It drives me insane as well.  Please, please tell me the sense in having NO Sherlock Holmes books in all my state.  WHY?  And then, I requested Les Miserable to read, and like usual, I picked the oldest copy they had, because usually that’s the best.  It came today, and WHAT?! It was in French.  I’ve been learning French online, but NO WAY am I good enough to read a whole book in French.  Like, what?  Why would an American library have no copies of Sir Arthur Canon Doyles books, but have a French copy of Les Miserable that was published in 1930?  *shakes head* And that ’tis life.

The other day I was at work, and at my work there’s this long, winding hallway where you can’t see beyond the corner.  I was walking down it and when I turned a corner, I was face to face with a person that said, “Hello!” rather loudly.  I didn’t have time to prepare myself for a hello.  Because, seriously, there’s this whole mental process in order to produce a courageous hello.  Instead, I let out a mousy speak that somehow sounded a little like “hi.”  Yeah…The person just looked at me. 😞


Okay, and since this is future me, I had initiative from writing my own post, and I actually made myself another cover for one of my books.  But I’m not showing it to y’all, because I’ll probably change my mind and redo it.

And now for the Amie Quote of the Year pole.  I’m so behind with this, because I just am.  (I actually keep forgetting about it, but not today, guys!)

(Oh and if you’re reading this in WordPress Reader, you’ll need to go to my actual blog for the pole.)

Even more future Amie *reads post, chuckles, hits publish* 

And this is what my posts usually look like if I don’t edit them.  Hope y’all enjoyed it. 😉