Merry and Bright! (Christmas haul, ect.)

Hey guys, it’s me again.

Snowball: Who else would be blogging here?

Me: Um, I don’t know.  You?



Me: Okaaaay…I take that as a no.  Let’s move on and I’ll leave you alone.

Snowball: Thank you.

*cough* Well, since he’s gone, I guess we can continue.  I’m here to give you the days leading up to Christmas talk, and then of course to finish off with what I got for Christmas.  But, before we get started, I want to say this.

I did not write this post because I want to show off my gifts.

Snowball: Yes, you did.

Me: Dude, you came back?

Snowball: Readers, she is only doing this to make you envy her.  Do not let her succeed. Instead, tell her that she got lame gifts.

Me: Snowball, you’re in huge trouble.



Me: Okay, okay, okay.  You’re right.  Now, let’s get back to this post.

On the Friday before Christmas, we put up the second Christmas tree.  I honestly detest Christmas decorating, and almost all decorating, so I just looked on and let everyone else do it.


But not everyone else helped. 😂  I mostly just took pictures of the family adventure, and then let my mom take pictures whenever she wanted.  That’s the best way to do it, right? But to stress my point of not being a decorated.  Down below is what my decorated tree would look like if I lived all alone.


Yeah, pretty sad, huh?  This is my sisters reaction to the above photo.  (She’s a born decorator.)


I told her she was the Grinch of Christmas.   We all enjoyed putting up the tree.  On Saturday, we spent the day cooking and getting ready.  I’m not much of the cook, but I did make a cake (which is baking, right?  WHY DO WE BAKE CAKES?  We should cook them.) and cut things up and mixed things together.  I’m not a huge help in the kitchen, but I’ll do it anyway.

Sunday was so busy!  We had church, a funeral, and singing at a nursing home.  It was really busy, but it was also really refreshing day.  I like those kinds of days.

Then, it was Christmas Eve!  It was exciting, but also…We had a lot of cleaning to do.


When four o’clock finally rolled around, we all piled into the big van and drove to church.  After church, we had friends come over, and opened some gifts.  When the guests left, we cleaned up in a hurry, and placed the Christmas gifts under the tree.  And then we waited.

Us children have a tradition where we have special stockings.  We have stocking that our parents stuff, but we also have stockings at the foot of our beds that we stuff for each other.  It’s always funny, because some of us stuff them before everyone is asleep.  I was the last one to stuff them at eleven something.

I was sneaking into my brother’s room, which is next to my parent’s room.  Suddenly, behind me someone said,


I swiveled around, and there was my mom.  We both laughed, because she does this to me every year when I stuff the stockings.  (For you information, Jay is my little brother that enjoys waking everyone up early, early, early.) (And I have no clue how my mom always thinks I’m him because I’m like a foot taller than him, but whatever.)


Mom woke us up at 5:30 to open gifts.  No, I was not ready.  No, I did not want to get up.  Yes, I did get up, and I did sit on the sofa like the Grinch I am.

Grinch me.

So, after two rounds of opening gifts, I realized I was STARVING.  So I insisted on breakfast.  Everyone else ate biscuits, but I ate fried eggs and pimento cheese.  Delicious! *licks lips*


My little sister was given sparkly shoes, a dress, and a ukulele for Christmas.  She spent the whole day performing for everyone in the absolutely cutest way!

Now it is time for me to show you what my dear friends and family gave me for Christmas.  I left out the fabric, pattern, bracelet, and chapstick.  (And some candy, LOL.) But everything else is here.


I told everyone I REALLY wanted washi tape.  I mean, a lot of my friends had the cutest designs, and I had four.  Actually, five.  Chevron, puppy prints, a dog, sunglasses, and some purple blotches.  So…My siblings got me some!  (Go siblings!) And my sister also gave me the best thing ever, a chocolate orange! O.o


A friend of the family gave me this antique Russian thing.  It’s cute?  Bu I think the main reason was that they were playing instruments, and it was blue. XD


I was a part of an ornament/Christmas box exchange, and this was my favorite thing I got out of the package.  It’s a hand crocheted bunny rabbit!!!!! And it’s so incredibly soft, amazing, and cute!


Of course, stationary and stickers.  Two things I’ll use super fast. XD


I was so excited to see all these pens.  They’ll be great for sketching, and who doesn’t like gel pens?  I was super super happy. XD


My awesome friends gave me this book, and I can’t wait to dive into it.  It looks so promising.


I’m being a good girl right now and writing this post instead of reading this book.  I’m half way through, and it’s SOOOOO good, but that’s to be expected.  Catherine Marshall is one of my absolute favorite authors.  I have Christy, and A Man Called Peter.  I want all of her other books.  😀


This book has been on my most wanted list for…Well, since my birthday.  I’m so glad that I finally have it, and I’m dying to read it.  (I mean, after reading all of Kate Willis’ books, I have high expectations for her brother. XD)


Another Lamplighter book, another treasure. 😀 (I have no idea what this one is about.  *shrugs*)


YAY!  Another Amy Lefeuvre book.  She’s another one of my favorite authors, so I was thrilled to see “A Puzzling Pair” in my pile of gifts. 🙂


Okay, so this one might be the one I was most excited about.  I’ve been telling you all that I’m terrible with water-color, so I’m hoping this will help.  I’m readying to get started now! (After I read a book…)


And lastly, the best candle ever made.  IT SMELLS SO GOOD, AH!  It smells like coffee, and it’s in that amazing cup.  I can’t wait to start burning it.

How was your Christmas?  What was your favorite gift?  What was the favorite gift that you gave?


White Christmas

Christmas is a very unusual time, and so I decided to do something unusual.  I have been taking piano since I was seven-years-old, and this Christmas I felt it was time to share my skill.  I’m not very good, and I get really nervous any time I try to video myself.

This video is not me just sitting down deciding to play.  I played piano, and when I was about ten or eleven, I realized that if I ever wanted to succeed in this line, I would have to work, work, work, and work.  It wasn’t easy, and I’ve spent hours on the piano bench.  A lot of time, many failed attempts, and a few set backs have brought me to this video.  And now I’m still afraid to post it.  It seems terrible, horrible, and just miserable.

But my friends tell me I need to quite beating myself up, and I know I need to face my fears.  So?  Here’s my way to wish you a merry Christmas.  Enjoy.


That Christmas Eve


The cold rain seemed to never leave.

Why was it always there, reminding him of better years?

Days gone by to never come back,

Days that brought frightening fears.

And indescribable cheer.

The wind was cold, and howled loud and fierce,

and yet the fire seemed to bring with it happy tears.

 Life wasn’t quite as blue,

if you had a dog and eggnog, too.

The old man stood, and reached up high,

bringing a book to his side.

He dusted the cover full of care,

and sat down with a heavy sigh into his chair.

 The chair welcomed him back with a cheerful creak,

reminding the man of that one Christmas Eve.

Long back, in memory’s path,

a certain night was cold and drear.

Christmas was said to be full of cheer,

and yet that house had nothing near

a tree, or a leaf, or holly high.

Instead, it was full of pitiful cries.

No one knew of the Christ Child king,

or else they would have bowed the knee.

 No one knew of the happiness,

that does indeed come with obedience.

No one knew what it was like

to know that for you a child was born,

and that for them a king came.

He was nothing impressive,

no not at all.

He was put in some hall near a cattle stall.

 His mother was young, tired, and weak,

his earthly father was poor with roughened hands and feet.

But to them that are meek,

the Lord gives the earth, heavens, and creeks.

The young child Jesus lay in peacful sleep

While the world stood in turmoil steep,

As it wondered what kind of king the Messiah would be.

The old man smiled as the answer he knew,

He knew the disappointment and shame

He knew what it took for him the savior became.

Son of God, Emmanuel,

come to show God’s plan to us.

Prince of peace, King of Kings,

welcomed by men among the sheep

What time of year is fit enough

To celebrate his trip to earth?

What gift to give a baby boy

Who’s birth angels proclaimed with joy?

The old man slowly mused

How sorry a gift we would chose!

The Christmas Child would never want

Anything besides a willing heart.

Full fledged love, and dutifullness

In a man that pledged full obedience.

The old man wondered with thoughtfullness,

Of all the Christmas festives, the cheer, the feasts!

What all did they really have to do

With the One that came to hang on a tree?

The old man sighed, wishing he could tell

Like the shepherds of old the beautiful tale

Of one that lay ever so sweet

In the manger, fast asleep

To men lost in a sinful world

Where peace is only found in the news the angels had to tell.