Random Life Update


Folks, and now it is time for me to ramble about my life at the moment.  It’s been beautifully fall like, with the leaves teasing us by not changing colors, as of yet.  There are a few, but only a few.  I’ve been enjoying my sweatshirts again, and wearing my beanies.  Life has been good.

My dad was on vacation last week, and whenever he’s on vacation, we get a break from school, and get to do a lot of fun things.  Not only was Dad off work, but my older brother celebrated his birthday, which was a blast.

Since I don’t have a working camera at the moment, I borrowed my dad’s phone, so I apologize if some of the photos didn’t turn out.  Now, on to the first stop on our fun week. 😉


The zoo!  We always have fun at the zoo.  At least, until it becomes lunch time, or I’m done. XD  I enjoyed the birds of prey a lot.


We also went to the petting zoo, and I adore those animals.  Sadly, (Or maybe not sadly) they’re my favorite animals in the zoo.  Rose and Mr. Goat had a good time together.  (Aren’t goats SOOOO cute? 😍)


I adore Nubian goats, and this dear goat didn’t mind posing for me.  Isn’t she the sweetest looking thing ever?


My younger sister decided she would give up horseback riding, and ride Komodo dragons instead. I think it’s a bit risky, but you never know, she might be good at it.

This is a statue, just so you know. 😉

It was a fun day, and we brought a friend along, who made my little sisters very happy.  I had decided to wear my only black boots, which are rather, um, not conducive for long walks?  So, my feet were just a tad blistered after walking EVERYWHERE in the zoo.  I liked the flowers they had at the zoo.


For lunch, my mom packed her delicious usual of sandwiches, salami, and strawberries.


We saw a lot more animals, but I’m positive y’all don’t want to trail around the zoo with me. XD  I also enjoyed seeing the Diamond Back Rattlesnake again, but I think I was the only one.

The day after that was Senior citizens day at Goodwill, so we dragged my dad along, who’s actually that old. XD  I had a wonderful time putting Kate’s post into action.  I had a pile of books a mile high, but I limited it down to three books for myself, and some for my brother.

I bought “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”, “Unbroken”, and “The Hiding Place.”  I’ve read the first two, and they were both AMAZING.  *booklover swoon* Ah,   I’ll give you Rebecca’s review later on in this post, but “Unbroken” is now one of my top favorite books.  If you’re sensitive, I would not suggest this book.  It’s about POWs, and just general awesome nastiness that makes you appreciate Veteran’s Day ten times more.  I (soft-hearted me) almost didn’t finish the epilogue because Pete ends up dying, and that made me have a regular crying match hidden away.  BUT IT’S SO SWEET, and such a wonderful testimony.  I totally recommend it.

The next morning, my dad, brother and I loaded up in the car and drove for an hour.  It was a nice car ride, and I read “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.”  I’ve actually never read that book before, and it was delicious.  A better “Anne of Green Gables,” honestly.  Now, it’s not as good as some of the Anne books after the first one, but the first one it surpasses.  The beauty of the story was captivating, and made me laugh, and giggle, and oh dear.  I’m just going on and on. XD Usual, when it comes to good books.

Some people from our church met up with us at the gun range, and out we walked.


I was the scope-er for most of the day.  I got two burns, and goodness!  Do those hot cartridges burn!  I learned to sit on my hands, and stay out-of-the-way rather fast.


Honestly, the .22 was my favorite.  It was modeled after a carbine used in WWII.  Sadly, we didn’t shoot the M1 Garand, which I really wanted to shoot.  We did shoot the Enfield, though.  My brother shot a shotgun, but honestly, I wasn’t interested.

All together, it was a wonderful day, even though I didn’t get lunch and was a monster because of that. XD

On Sunday of that week, I was playing football, like usual, with my brother, when my dad tackled my brother and threw me the ball.  I wasn’t ready to catch it, but I tried anyway, and it collided head on with my left ring finger.  As soon as I felt it, I knew something had just happened to my finger.

I grabbed some ice, and we scurried into the car, since it was almost church time.  When we got to the church, though, my mom told my dad that I needed to go to the ER.  We went home, and left my family there while mom took me to the ER.  The doctor there was hilarious!  He looked like a mad scientist, but he was really cool.  They did X-rays, and told me that it wasn’t broken.  (The Doctor also told me I was the perfect girl–A writer, musician, and six feet tall! O.o That was a first. XD)

They buddy taped it, and told me that if I wasn’t able to bend it by Tuesday, call a hand specialist, because something might be torn.  Tuesday was my brother’s birthday, and he had a ton of fun.  I didn’t, probably because I was in pain even when taking pills. :/


We went to a garden, and it was very green, and there weren’t very many flowers.  Besides that, it was pretty nice.  Wednesday we called the specialist about my finger, and they told me I would have to wait a week until I could have an appointment.

Thankfully, over that week the swelling began to go down, as did the pain.  On Monday, the day before we went to the specialist, my siblings and I went to a Civil war prison.  It had the coolest POW museum, and I enjoyed it.  I’ve been doing a lot of research for my book for NaNoWriMo, and POWs have been a huge part of that.  So, yeah.  If you don’t like grossness, things worse than nightmares, and that general stuff, POW research isn’t for you.  BUT it makes you appreciate our liberty, freedom, and the cost of that even more.

Anyway, we went to another museum, and outside of it they had those fun things that you can put your face to.


I’ll let you guess which on is me.  (Yep, we’re general Rebs. 😉 ) (Man, I didn’t know they had glasses back then. XD) (Our arms are showing, hahahah!)

So, at the specialist, the did another X-ray, and looked all over my hand.  I’ve torn my top tendon, and so?  I have the most wonderful BRIGHT blue splint that I’ll have to wear for three weeks.  But!  The good part is that I can still play piano…I just have a club on one finger. XD

That’s what’s been happening in my life.  Now, I must stop so I can do the last-minute things before NaNoWriMo begins.  Are y’all ready?


I just finished a 50,132 word novel! (and photography)

GUYS!  I did it.  Can you believe it?  Okay, I actually spent lots of nights up late typing, but I still did it.  And I did before midnight on November the thirtieth!  Boom.  I just accomplished NaNoWriMo, even though I’m not doing it. xD  Yep, I started November first and I finished today, November thirtieth.

Okay, so I just went around bragging to you all, but I thought you’d like to know since I already bragged about the book while it was in process.

Today is not going to be a writing post, I just had to add that.  It’s going to be a three in one post, but mostly my photography.  I haven’t done a photography post in forever!  So, let’s move on.

We’re going in dates taken, so from oldest to youngest photos.


The leaves where just changing, and I couldn’t wait to take a photo of them.  Don’t you like the sunlight?


More leaves and sunshine!


Little Quincy berries!  Aren’t they cute?


A red mushroom.  It’s so bright in all the dead grass.  And its holding water!  Can’t you just imagine a little fairy dipping it’s hand into it to drink?  No?  Oh, well then never mind.



Guys, I don’t know what kind of flowers these are, but they are the haven for honey bees! If I go outside right now, I’ll find one on that flower.  It’s strange.


I love the ruggedness of this picture.  The barbed wire, the dried flowers, and everything else just makes it perfect.


So many different colors!  I love barns.  *happy sigh*

So pretty and happy!


Sometimes you have that annoying twig in life.

So, let me explain the following pictures.  We went to a butterfly sanctuary?  I don’t know what you would call it, but needless to say it’s like a greenhouse that feels like the tropics.  To be honest, I and my camera were not made to live in that kind of humid heat, so the result was these really cloudy pictures.


I love this one!  It’s so cool!




Which butterfly picture was your favorite?  Do you like butterflies?

My favorite leaf picture!

Camellias are one of my favorite flowers.  All the camellias are in bloom right now.  They’re so pretty, you could eat them.



I got a bit carried away with the reflection of the trees on the water.  Here are three out of a dozen I took.

I love the orange!
All those colors!  The blue is so brilliant.
Hehe!  You can see me!

This next one is so cool!  It’s like a magical pathway or something less awesome.


This one beneath here looks like a magic beam is coming out of the flower xD 😉

It looks magical!

And lastly another Camellia!


Oh, and this picture also.  Hmm, wonder who that girl is?? 😉 ;p



And now for the promised third part of this post!  How many of you out their enjoy ornament/gift exchanges?  A lot?  Am I seeing some hands raised?  No.  Well, if you do, I’m participating in a secret sister gift exchange, so if you want to learn more, contact me.

If anything seems odd about this post, tribute it to my staying up to midnight last night.  The story had to be finished! xD



Update on Operation!

Hey!  It’s Amie again.  (Duh, who else would be posting on her blog?  Oh!  Someone might hack in and…)  Today, I’m going to update you on my progress with Operation: Green Serpent.  According to my younger sister (who is very hard to please, especially when it comes to something I’ve done) says that it’s one of the best book I’ve ever written.

I’m going to introduce two new characters!  Oh my!  I’m so excited.  They aren’t main characters but they’re still really important and needful if you’re going to understand any sneak-peaks I give away.

Oh, and I know Crazy A seems like it’s only a writing blog but November is only fit for writing in, right?  Don’t worry, I’ll bring some diversity in a bit.  Today, you’ll just have to sit tight and listen to me brag about my book.

Beau Cordance

Age: unknown

Job: detective

Description:  Brown hair untrimmed, not well shaved.  Overall sloppy look, except in his bright brown eyes.IMG_6186

So, who do you think Beau is?  Why is he named Beau?  What’s his job in this mystery?

Eric Pates

Age: over twenty-five.  Closer to thirty.

Job: detective

Description: A well-groomed with white-blond hair that’s well slicked.  Very important presence.

How do you like Pates?  He’s different, right?  Maybe I’m biased.  Hehe, I am.

IMG_6187Now, I’m going to make you wait for the sneak-peaks I’m doing.  First, I’m going to give some advice for those writing mysteries. (like I have any place to talk!)  You NEED a plot. Don’t jump into a mystery.  It ends in DISASTER.  It does, to be certain.

Also, don’t involve cute stuff in mysteries.  That’s just plain weird.  Mysteries are supposed to keep you up at night, not make you feel warm and cozy.  Don’t add bunnies, rainbows, or unicorns until the very end IF you must have them.

IMG_6186Stick to your plot.  I’m way behind it.  *Holds head in hands*  I’m supposed to be on chapter thirteen but I’m already at chapter seventeen.  Sometimes, you just have to expound.

Leave every chapter at a cliffhanger.  I’ve been told I’m not bad a cliffhangers and that’s a compliment.  Who wants to read a book without any cliffhangers?  It won’t keep you up at night or be surprised when your parent’s catch you at twelve drinking tea.IMG_6187

Secondly, make certain catch phrases your readers can trace through the book.  You don’t want it to be obvious, but when the reader puts the book down they’ll always remember this phrase.  Maybe they’ll even start saying it.  Needless to say, the funnier, stranger, or catchier the saying the better.

I’m sure you’ve read a book that you’ll always remember they say something.  (Take Aslan for an example.  He always says, “Dear heart”.)  I’m found to be saying certain things after reading books and my brother will accuse me of stealing it.  (What nonsense!  You paid for the book!)

IMG_6186Now, ladies, elves, and hobbits, it’s time (oops, I forgot gentlemen! hehe…) for the sneak-peaks!

“She jumped the fence on that there horse,” Zika pointed to Raven, who had come closer.  “Then she fell off and conked her head on the ground.  It was a lovely landing.  I heard it all the way in the…”

Can you make any sense out of that one?  Maybe you want a refresher?  Go look at the first post right here.

“That didn’t stop you last time,” Benji snickered.  Lily looked at him angrily and then took Sunshine’s bridle.  “Just ride up there like you know how.  Be cute and pretty.  Most of all, look like an angel.  Nobody every suspects an angel, though, you know, they really should.” Benji meditated.  “If I ever see an angel, I’ll highly doubt it’s really an angel.”

“Psst, there’s Chelsea’s car,” Lily tried to snap Benji out of his revery.

Whose Chelsea?  What is that there about angels?  Why are they using Lily?  What didn’t stop her last time?

He walked to her quickly, his eyes huge and strained.  “How did you get out?” he hissed.  Cam blinked at him.

“Excuse me sir?  I’m not sure why you’re here but I didn’t get out of anywhere.”  Cam sifted her weight as the horse tried to pull away.

“Oh?  I’m sorry,” the man apologized, flashing Cam a white smile.  “I got a bit carried away.  Perhaps you know where your father is at?”

What?  What does he mean how did she get out?  This is getting confusing!

She twirled into the woods and ran as fast as her legs would carry her.  She tried to talk to her family but for some reason the ear piece wasn’t working.  Before she knew what happened, a strong hand and arm reached out and grabbed her.

WHAT?  I’m about to give anything for this book! (I have it, hehe!) Okay, are you ready for a question?  Would you buy this book if it got published?

The graveyard was empty; neither Eric or Cam was anywhere near.  Benji noticed where there was a break through of the under brush.  He followed it into the forest until it suddenly ended.  There, he found Cam’s wire.  It was bent and broken.

Cam’s missing too?  What has happened to the twins?  I’m dying to know!  Guys, this book is turning into an amazing mystery.

“Pinky-pie is our friend, not whoever you’ve been talking about.”

“Pinky-pie is coming with our brothers?”

“Exactly.  We can count on Pinky-pie.”

Pinky-pie?  What are the girls talking about?  Are they just being silly?  Am I only asking questions? 😉

“Where’s Pates?”

“He’s going to his truck,” Benji said, ducking behind a bush.  “What should I do?”

“Grab another truck,” Beau instructed.

“Grab another truck?  Beau, are you crazy?  I can’t drive!”

“And I can’t fly.  Benjamin, you have to get the truck.”

Are they breaking the laws?  Is that legal, even in emergencies?  Guys, this is getting hectic!

“And then you can pretend you’re in a mystery movie and use the glass cups to eavesdrop on the enemy in the other room.”

“Cassy!  You’re a genius!” Cam exclaimed, getting up.  “That’s just it!  We can!”

Cassy?  A genius?  Cam, I think you’ve been up a little too late.  Anyway, maybe Cassy has just suggested a solution to a large problem.

“Sunglasses?” Benji scoffed.  “I don’t need sunglasses.”

“You’ll need these,” Beau handed them to Jonathan and then to Benji.  Benji grimaced at them but put them on.

“What the?  Oh my!  Jonathan!  Help!” Benji pulled off the glasses.  “If I imagined enough, I’d see your underwear, Beau!”

*gravely shakes head*  Benji, what will we do with you?

IMG_6187Guys, that was the last sneak-peak.  *GASP* I know!  I’m so bad, I’ve left you there.  I could have left you at an even more nerve-racking place but I was considerate.

Would you buy Operation: Green Serpent if it was published and in print?  What would you rate the sneak-peaks?


Operation: Green Serpent

Hey, guys!  Today I’m announcing the title of my book!  Can you guess what it is? If you guessed Operation: Green Serpent you are correct!  I am so excited about this book.  It’s coming along perfectly with only minor writer’s block.

And today I’m even giving you a teaser of my book!  Aren’t I nice? I’m so excited (I already said that, didn’t I?) And I’m not going to keep you waiting much longer. Alright, I’m not going to keep you waiting at all!

Cassy walked to the wooded area and started to reach down for the sticks.  She was reflecting at what a lovely summer day it was, not too hot but not too cold.

She saw a lovely stick, just the right size.

As she went to pick it up, she was struck by what lovely colors were on the ground.

She had almost grasped it when she heard a startling rattle.

Yes!  They do deal with a rattler but that isn’t even the best part I’m going to share.  If you haven’t already read my characters, you can do so here.

“He’s here somewhere,” Cassy said.

“Yeah, right behind you,” Cam said as a loud whoosh of air went onto Cassy’s neck.

“What?” she gasped, turning and grasping Ruther’s halter.

“Cassy, do you see those lights,” Cam’s voice was suddenly strained and scared.

“Where?” Cassy turned to look.

“Right there,” Cam gasped.

What?? Lights?  Where?  Oops, I forgot to put the best part in there.  Where do the girls see lights?

The children looked at each other.  Now, it seemed almost silly to ask but Cassy wasn’t easily daunted.

“Jonathan was going to ask,” Cassy smiled.

“All right, son, ask away,” Mr. Adams commanded.  Jonathan looked up and said,

“We were wondering if we could sleep near the graveyard.  Then, if we see any lights we’ll know something’s wrong.”

“You know, that’s not a bad idea.  What do you think, Susan?”

Mrs. Adams smiled on her children as she said, “I don’t think that’s a bad idea.  Let the children camp outside if they want.”

Ah, I just gave away where they saw the lights.  Well, at least you won’t be kept in suspense.  I should have kept you in suspense.  Uh, ignore that part.  Anyway, let’s go on to the next part.

She swiftly jumped on Temper’s back.  She realized her mistake even more swiftly.  Everything would have gone just fine if they weren’t in a closed building.  In all her careful preparation, she had forgotten she was still in a barn with a small open door.

Haha!  I’m dying!  Poor Cam, I’m sorry to do this to her but you have to agree, that mistake is a bit funny 😉  Also, who would name their horse Temper?  That’s just plan weird.

Cassy found herself in bright light. Raven started plunging, upset at being confined inside a small place.  Cassy gripped Raven’s neck and waited for her to calm down.  Cassy felt her foot slip out of a stirrup and to her alarm, Rave bolted.  Cassy slid off and felt the overwhelming feeling of falling.

*Gasp!*  What happens to Cassy?  Is she seriously hurt?  Oh, the poor girl!  What happens next?

Hehe, I’m the only one that knows. (Not even the people I’ve let read the story have read that far!)  Well, if you stay around, I’ll eventually let out some more.  But, seriously, what do you think about it?

What do you think about the title? Would you read a book with that name?IMG_6186

Okay, I’m also doing a shout-out for Pegasus Expert.  She has her amazing blog here and she’d like you to check out her amazing horse filled idea here.  If you do check it out, you’ll find my two amazing horses I’ve made up.

Okay, now, I’m not as self-conceited as I sound.  Actually, I am.  Anyway, I thought you might be interested in Operation: Green Serpent for its own sake, not mine.  Also, I wasn’t going to say anything about Pegasus’ thingy but she requested a shout-out, so here it is.

IMG_6187Also, I’m hosting my very first Lovely Links in Literature or LLIL for short.  I would love it if you joined in!  It’s going to be a lot of fun.  Check it out here.  Also, for all of you who asked questions about it, I will be doing a clarifying post with the characters on Tuesday.

See you all later!


P.S.  If you steal any ideas out of this blog post…you will be hunted!

P.P.S.  If you are a veteran and you’re reading this, thank you so much for all you have done!  I really appreciate it.

National Novel Writing Month

Guys…It’s November!  The month when it starts to get chilly and the leaves FINALLY change color…if you live in the south XD  Anyway, that was not how I wanted to start this but I’ll keep going.

I am doing a challenge (and you’re all going, “Big surprise!” lol.)  and writing a 50,000 word novel in thirty days.  The challenge came from NaNoWriMo but I didn’t sign up.

`I’m going to keep you guys informed on my writing as the month progresses.  I might even post a chapter or two…but today I’m here to introduce you the main characters.  I am so in love with all of them!!!  I can’t decide whose my favorite yet. Maybe I won’t have a favorite this time…That is an idea!!IMG_6186

Okay, let’s dive in and I’ll work on deciding my favorite later.  Not like I need to do it now.  Let me introduce…

The Adams children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Adams is sixteen years old.  Tall, athletic, and a bit lanky, his father is sure that when ever Jonathan is in charge things will flow smoothly.  He is orderly, concerned, and always on time.  His one great interest is ranch concerned.

Cameron (Cam) Adams is a thirteen year old identical twin.  She is gangly with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes.  She tries to please her family and keep her twin in line most of the time.  Her never-dying passion is horses and anything horses related, which is a good thing she’s an Adams.

Cassidy (Cassy) Adams is Cam’s identical twin, and her complete opposite.  She is ever ready for an adventure, with crazy ideals and expectations.  She is known for taking the highest jumps, and plunging in the deepest depths.  If it wasn’t for Cam, she probably would have a dozen broken bones.

Benjamin (Benji) Adams is twelve years old.  He seems to be wherever trouble happens.  He is known for his ingenious trick riding and his ability to bring home every lost and dying animal, including a vulture.  He is short and stocky, with sandy hair that sometimes appears brown and sometimes blond.  His eyes are a striking hazel that changes different colors.

And now for the youngest (and probably least import…:O) Adams child.

Lily Adams is an important six-year-old.  She helps her mother indoors and in the garden and is proud of her accomplished riding abilities.  Her small pony, Sunshine, is her chief delight.  IMG_6186

So, how did you like the Adam’s children?  What do you think my story will be about?  Saturday is…My first ever Q&A, so if you have any questions, ask away!  Also, on Saturday, I will be announcing my books genre, so hold your kittens, it’s on its way!

Now, excuse me as I go write 1,666 words.