Welcome, 2018!

Guys, I’ll only be able to say that once!  So, let’s just sit and marvel at that.

Okay, that was enough marveling.  You are all sitting on the edge of your seats because I am releasing the first part of…..LLIL!!  But that isn’t the most exciting thing I’ll be doing.  However, here’s a sneak peek.

If you had been walking down Elm Grove Street in Abbeyton, you might have heard the hoarse voice in number 73.  Old Mrs. Landers was nearly deaf and blind, and wasn’t much help to her spinster daughter in the raising of her granddaughter.  One thing she did help with was making sure Kyrie did her school work.

Yep, it’s going to be great.  First, however, you must endure with me as I introduce….


Yes!  I started a blog with my little sister, Rose!  We are doing a collab blog, and finally started it just in time for the new year!  But, as a result, I won’t be posting on Thursdays anymore.  At least, not after this Thursday. 🙂

Just click that button up there or this link here.  You’ll be transported to a blog where our dolls rule…much to our chagrin *grimaces*.  I think you’ll enjoy it as much as…

Lovely Links in Literature!  Yep, just click that link or look up at my menu up there.  It’s finally out and you can read it!  I actually finished it before Christmas! *gasp*  How many of you are always scrambling because you put things off?  Well, that’s usually me, but not this time!  Folks, go check it out!

And one quick side note.  For you who are bloggers and are participating in LLIL, please tag your post using the tag LLIL. Thanks!

Also, I’m announcing the very first…

Amie Quote of the Year

Yep! So, what you as my followers have to do, is go and find your favorite quotes of me this year.  Once I have them all (which is be next week)  I’ll do a poll.  Or, I could just find quotes I like if no one participates.

Once you have chosen the quote from a blog post/page, copy it, and comment down below with it.  It’s simple…sorta.

Either way, happy New Years and happy reading!