It’s Ten O’clock Again!


Hello, y’all! ¬†A few days ago I posted an announcement saying you got to ask Rose and I questions. ¬†Well, the questions started piling in, and so we thought we’d do this in two parts. ¬†We wanted to make it different from last time (and I wanted to save my fingers, and time), so we decided to film our answers instead of write them.

Since the video is rather long, we’re doing it in parts, so here’s part one! ¬†If you have fifteen minutes to spare, just start watching.

WARNING: Both girls in the video below are known to make people laugh. ¬†If you don’t want to laugh, don’t watch.

Here’s the links I mentioned in the video.

My friend, Anna’s blog.

My dream husband.



Character Q&A


And welcome to my very first character Q&A.  Today I have Jonathan, Cam, Cassy, and Benji Adams in studio with me!  Hello, and how are you?

Jonathan: Well, thank you.

Cassy: Ready to get on with this Q&A! ¬†It’s¬†so exciting!

Benji:  Can you tell me how you got that camera in your head?

Cam: *Quite smile*

Well then! ¬†Let’s get on with this Q&A!

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Jonathan’s Questions…

Hope asks…

What’s your favorite color?

Blue or orange.  Probably orange.
What’s your favorite food?

This is hard. ¬†I’m not exactly sure. ¬†I think I like pizza best, but anything with tomatoes, apples, or garlic bread is good. (But not all together!)
What do you want to be when you grow up?

I don’t know. ¬†I think I’ll just take over the family ranch. ¬†If we didn’t have a ranch, I might choose a puzzle type job. ¬†Maybe a decoder?
Do you like your name or would you change it if you could?

Jonathan’s fine. ¬†Why? ¬†Is something wrong with my name?

Liz asks…

What are your hobbies?

Um, I don’t really have any hobbies besides crossword puzzles and anything that makes me think. ¬†Is learning languages a hobby? ¬†If so, that’s mine.

Sam B. asks…

What is your favorite book?

Well, that would have to be J.R.R.Tolken’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. ¬†I actually prefer the first book, but you need the ending.

Have you looked into personality typing?  If so, do you like it?

Uh, Cam? ¬†Oh, she says I have to answer my own questions. ¬†Ahem. ¬†Cam has told me about it. ¬†I don’t know enough to actually have an opinion on it. ¬†Is there a problem with that?

Who is your very best friend?  Why?

Jesus is my very best friend.  Why?  Because He has paid the price for my sins, and wants a relationship with me.

My best earthly friend would be my dad or Benji.

How do you act when you are mad?

I don’t know. ¬†Cam?

Cam: You usually get a set expression and try to fix it.

Cassy: You blow up quietly and tell us what to do or not to do. ¬†It’s very hindering, to be honest.

Benji:  You remind me of an enraged ox.

Is that a good thing?

When you’re happy?

I think I’m pretty level-headed? ¬†I’m not asking my siblings.

Mandalynn asks…

Do you like to swim?

Yes, I suppose.

Have you ever done horse shows?

Me?  Personally?  No.  But you should ask Cam and Cassy that question.

Do you often watch movies?

No, but my favorite movie is Gettysburg.

Cam’s Questions…

Hope asks…

What’s your favorite color?

Red.  Well, it used to be purple, but it changed to red when I got older.
What’s your favorite food?

Potatoes or ice cream if we’re talking about food. ¬†If we’re talking about dessert, I like snickerdoodles, and for drink I like tea.
What do you want to be when you grow up?

An artist and stay at home mom. ¬†Someday it would be nice to have kids. ¬†If I don’t do that, I’d like to be a horse trainer.
Do you like your name or would you change it if you could?

Well, maybe. ¬†Cameron is a bit strange for girls. ¬†I’d probably just change it to Cambria, since it’s similar but more feminine.

Liz asks…

What are your hobbies?

Sketching, reading, and riding horses.

Sam B. asks…


What are your favorite books?
Um, I don’t know. ¬†I really like¬†The Wide Wide World by Susan Warner,¬†A Lost Pearle by Georgie Sheldon, and any old book.
Have you read about personality typing? If so, do you like it?
Um, I actually have. ¬†It’s intriguing, but I think it might be over used. ¬†I wouldn’t want to judge someone by their personality.
Who is one of your very best friends? Why?
Cassy, though I don’t know why.
What do you tend to act like when you’re mad?
I am the first to say I’m sullen and disagreeable when I’m mad. ¬†Guys?
Jonathan: You’re not bad. ¬†You usually can’t tell unless you probe.
Cassy: ¬†You’re a seething volcano.
Benji: You remind me of a…Hmmm….I’m not exactly sure. ¬†Are you ever mad?
When you’re happy?
I usually just grin. ¬†I’m not known to be loud.
Mandalynn asks…
Do you like to swim?
I would rather read a book or ride a horse.
Have you ever done horse shows?
Yes, I have.  I actually won second place in one.
Do you often watch movies?
No.  I like to watch historical movies.  The Miracle Worker about Helen Keller is a great movie.  (Watch the 2000 remake)
Do you like your hair up?
Yes.  Who (besides Cassy) likes it down?
If so, what styles?
Braids or ponytails.  Which ever is easier at the time.
What does your regular outfit look like?
We live on a farm, so I usually wear blue jeans.  Over that I pair a short dress/long shirt and sweatshirt depending on the season.

Cassy’s Questions…

Hope asks…

What’s your favorite color?

Yellow!!! ¬†I just¬†love yellow. ¬†It’s so bright and happy. ¬†Can you guess my favorite flower then? ¬†It’s daffodil, if you did guess. ¬†Not saying you did, but you know.
What’s your favorite food?

Ooh! ¬†I like cake, food, and anything to eat! ¬†I think I like meat best, though. ¬†I don’t get vegetarians. ¬†I’m staying with my meat, if you know what I mean. ¬†I really like popcorn too. ¬† When I was a kid I just loved to sit by the microwave and hear it pop. ¬†Cam and I would pretend we were popcorn when we were riding. ¬†That’s how Cam broke her finger. ¬†She fell of the saddle, and her finger caught and it broke.
What do you want to be when you grow up?

OOOOOH! ¬†I totally want to be a photographer. Maybe for the newspaper, anybody??? ¬†Or I want to be a secret agent. ¬†I suppose it’s not that secret since I just told you!

Do you like your name or would you change it if you could?

Cassidy? ¬†It means curly-haired, and I’m not, so that’s a bit strange. ¬†Other than that, I can’t think of a name I would change it with, so no.

Liz asks…

What are your hobbies?

Photography!!! And traveling…and horses…and drinking lemonade…and having lots of fun.

Sam B. asks…

What are your favorite books?
Anything action and adventure! ¬†I really like the¬†Mysterious Benedict Society by Lee Trenton and¬†Caption Bailey’s Heir¬†by G.A. Henty. ¬†I have a lot more, though I don’t read as much as Cam. ¬†I just can’t sit still.
Have you read about personality typing? If so, do you like it?
Cam talks about this¬†all the time. ¬†It’s fine if it’s your thing, you know? ¬†It’s just not mine.
Who is one of your very best friends? Why?
Cam! ¬†I think that’s an easy question. ¬†Nobody can have a closer friend than a twin!
What do you tend to act like when you’re mad?
I’m never mad. ¬†(Awe Contrare, mon fair! ¬†You are like a hippo infuriated or hawk picking at your brain. ¬†[credit to Benjamin Adams])
When you’re happy?
I don’t know! ¬†I think I’m like a boat, going merrily down the river! ¬†Or maybe–(cut short because of length)
Mandalynn asks…
Do you like to swim?
Of course! ¬†Who doesn’t?
Have you ever done horse shows?
Yes, and they are¬†the best! ¬†I totally encourage you to do it–if you’re looking into it.
Do you often watch movies?
Depends who you are comparing us to. ¬†I’m dying to watch¬†Gone with the Wind and a few other classics. ¬†Oh, the agony of waiting!
Do you like your hair up?
No, I like it down.
If so, what styles?
Well, I’ll answer this anyway. ¬†I have shoulder length hair, so I like to do ladder braids or fishtails with just the front hair and style it like a half up.
What does your regular outfit look like?
Do you mean when I’m on the farm or off it? ¬†‘Cause they differ drastically. ¬†My preferred outfit would be a snazzy dress (maybe red or yellow) with cute pumps, a handbag, and lipstick. ¬†(My parent’s won’t let me wear it yet!) (Cam’s comment: Oh, the injustice!*note: It was sarcastic*)

Benji’s Questions…

Mandalynn asks…

What is your favorite meal and have your driving skills improved ūüėȬ†?

Benji’s reply: ¬†My favorite food is Cowboy Beans. ¬†(If you haven’t heard about them, don’t let Cassy make them for you. ¬†She stinks at any cooking…even making canned beans.)

My driving skills? ¬†Don’t you know I am the best driver in the family? ¬†(Don’t ask my siblings that question.)

Do you like to swim?
Yes! ¬†I really like to swim. ¬†I can almost beat my dad in a race. ¬†Sadly, Jonathan beats me by ten seconds. ¬†(Dad’s only by three)
Have you ever done horse shows?
Once.  But I became so nervous, I went back to my old days of trick riding and hid under my horses belly.
Do you often watch movies?
Nah. ¬†I don’t really like movies. ¬†However, if you watch one about history, it can’t be too bad. ¬†(If it doesn’t contain too much history)
Do you want a dog?
We already have a farm dog named Mabel. ¬†I don’t really want one myself, but I wouldn’t be against the idea. ¬†In fact, I kinda like it.

Hope asks…

What’s your favorite color?

I don’t know. ¬†Colors are kinda strange, you know? ¬†If I could argue that colors don’t matter in life, I would.
What’s your favorite food?

Like I said *sighs*, I like Cowboy beans preferably.
What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to own a ranch in Montana or be a detective. ¬†I’m not quite sure. ¬†I’ve been told I’d make a good comedian, but that isn’t really something you can “be”.
Do you like your name or would you change it if you could?

Do I like my name? ¬†I like Benji. ¬†Its pretty original, but how many Benjamins do you know? ¬†I demand an answer on that! ¬†Comment down below and I might be able to convince my parents of their error. ¬†Come on! ¬†Why aren’t you commenting????

Liz asks…

What are your hobbies?

Horses, animals (I have saved a fish’s life, a frog’s, a turtle’s, a fawn’s, and a kitten’s so far.) Cowboy stuff, and swimming.

Sam B. asks…

What are your favorite books?
I don’t really read. ¬†I guess¬†Prince¬†Caspian from the Narnia books, but I like all the Narnia books.
Have you read about personality typing? If so, do you like it?
Uhhhhhhhhhhh(stopped because it would take too much space) ¬†What in the world is that? ¬†Is it a new way to brand people? ¬†Maybe give them tattoos? ¬†“Hello, this is my newest tattoo, ‘lemon type’ of the newest personality typing!”
Who is one of your very best friends? Why?
Um, I don’t know. ¬†I guess Cassy. ¬†She’s fun to be around. ¬†We’re all really close siblings.
What do you tend to act like when you’re mad?
Mad? ¬†That isn’t even in Benji’s vocabulary. ¬†(Hurry through this question before my siblings give their two cents!)
When you’re happy?
I am happy.  How am I acting?

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Benji: Haha!  I got more questions than all of you!  I must be more famous!

Cam: ¬†It’s famous. ¬†Not more famous.

Cassy: ¬†Hey! ¬†They just haven’t realized my awesomeness yet.

*Round of snorts from the three other kids*

All right guys, cut it out. ¬†We need to end this post. ¬†Let’s do it professionally.

Jonathan:  Thank you so much, Amie, for allowing us to raid your blog.  It was very nice of you.  Also, thank you to the three people who left us questions.

Yes, thanks!

Cassy:  Can we please have our own blog?

No way.  Too much work for the author.  Hehe.

Anyway, yes, thanks for leaving the questions!  I hope you enjoyed getting to know the Adams kids a bit better.



This is Benji!  Comment below how many Benjamins you know!!!

Crazily Acquainted w/Liz!

Welcome back to another Crazily Acquainted!  Today I have an amazing guest who has an amazing lifestyle blog.  Our guest is from California and enjoys many things, especially photography.

Please help me welcome….


As you know, my questions/thoughts are in bold and Liz’s are nice, plain, and simple…at least I think they are! xD ¬†Here we go!

Why did you decide to have a blog?

I was actually reading a book and one of the main characters Megan started a blog. ¬†I started thinking, “That’s sounds really fun, I want to try that!” So, I did.


Why did you chose the name? 

Well, I had just recently gotten really into photography and I had taken some pictures of hummingbirds at my Grandma’s house. ¬†I was really excited that they turned out good, so I decided that I would name my blog after them ūüôā
Great reason.  I wish my name had a reason that cool!
What do you write about/plan to write about?
Mainly my life, what I’ve been doing lately and photography….. Actually I am planning on doing a post featuring my Aunt’s rabbit Oreo. My family has been pet-sitting him for the past couple months.
I love bunnies! ¬†I’ll have to go check it out. ¬†Bunnies are SO cute!
Do you prefer writing seriously or crazily?
It depends on my mood. ¬†I guess crazy but so far I’ve done more serious than crazy
What was the hardest part about starting your blog?
Getting inspired to write posts was hard for me at first. I didn’t really know what to say or how to say it. ¬†Once I started following other people and reading their posts it really helped me conquer Writer’s Block. Now, I really love and enjoy writing on my blog!
Yes! ¬†Other folk’s blogs help a lot. (Hint if you’re a newer blogger. ¬†Go follow other people’s blogs!)

Is Liz your real name or a pseudonym?
Liz is a nickname that I prefer to go by. My full name is Elizabeth.
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Probably Neapolitan, I always say that’s my favorite but to be honest I love them all. ūüėČThat must include coffee!¬†ūüėČ
Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
I don’t follow a ton of blogs, but my top five favorites are Maddy from Maddy’s Digital Diary, Megan from A Barefoot Gal, Clara from Clara and Co, Amie from Crazy A .¬†(I promise I’m not just saying because you let me do this interview, you really are one of my favorites!), and Allison from A Farm Girl’s Life
Awe! ¬†Again I’m one of the favorites. ¬†Guys, I must be doing something right as a blogger!

Which state out of the ‚ÄĒ you‚Äôve been to has been your favorite?

I’ve been to 10 (I think!) out of the 50 states. I’m not sure which is my favorite. ¬†Probably California because I’ve seen the most of it and because I live there.¬†

What kind of camera do you use?

My own personal camera is a Nikon Coolpix S31 but sometimes I use my parents Canon T2i
Great cameras!

How many chickens have you had at one time?
I think maybe 7.
I love chickens! ¬†They’re so cute…sorta.

Do you like having brown hair and brown eyes?
Yeah, I like it. When I was little, maybe four, I must have this them in a movie or something, but I used to wish I could have purple eyes.  Weird, I know. I was a crazy toddler.
Haha! ¬†I used to want grey eyes but brown’s pretty cool. ¬†It’s said that underneath the pigment of brown eyes, you have blue pigment. ¬†So, if you ever want blue eyes and you have brown, burn them! ¬†No, just kidding. ¬†Get color¬†contacts. ¬†It would be less painful.
Thank you so much for doing this, Liz! ¬†I had lots of fun reading your answers. ¬†Stay tuned for the rest of “A Merrily Medieval Christmas”!
If you would like to be interviewed for Crazily Acquainted, just comment down below or conatact me.

My very first…Q&A!

Hello guys! ¬†Today is my very first Q&A and I’m very excited! ¬†I was a little afraid you wouldn’t ask me any questions, but thankfully, you did! And for that I am very grateful. ¬†I guess I should just get started. ¬†Why wait any longer? ¬†Okay, the first question is by…
And she asks…

What is your favorite blog to read?

Haha, I’ll be honest with that one. ¬†I enjoy Allison’s or Kendra’s the most. ¬†They are amazing bloggers and their topics are so interesting. ¬†I wish mine were half as good ūüėČ

Mandalynn’s other question is…

If you could go to any country where would you go?

Oh my, this is such a hard question! ¬†I really don’t know why it’s so hard. ¬†Um, I think I’d go to Germany or Austria first. ¬†I guess I could always change my mind. ¬†Am I only allowed to pick one country?

Thank you, Mandalynn, for your questions!IMG_6187

Amanda G. D.


 What is one piece of advice you would like to give to bloggers?

Ah! ¬†I’m the one that’s supposed to be asking this question. ¬†I’ve barely been blogging, so I don’t have much advice…Okay, one thing piece of advice is to make sure your blog posts are fun. ¬†Who wants to read a dry, boring blog post that doesn’t even have one jest?

Also, having a color scheme helps. ¬†I’m working on my color scheme. ¬†Can you guess what colors I’ve chosen?

Thank you, Amanda, for your question!  It was a very good one.

Pegusas Expert


 What’s your favorite horse breed?

Oh, that is so an Arabian. ¬†I love their delicateness and their loyalty. ¬†They also have a bunch of endurance, so I’m a huge fan. ¬†I also like Thoroughbreds, Quarters, Morgans, and more. ¬†I mean, if someone offered me a free horse, I wouldn’t turn it down just because it was a Clydesdale or a Quarter.

What’s your favorite thing about horses?

Ahh!!! How am I supposed to decide just one thing? ¬†That’s so hard. ¬†Well, I’ll just go ahead and say more then one. ¬†I like the feel of the wind in your face as the horse gallops beneath you. ¬†The sudden flying feeling of jumping (I’m not sure I like the landing though), and the funny faces they give you. ¬†I like the smell and the sounds they make. ¬†All in all, I like horses because they are horses.

Thanks,¬†Pegusas Expert¬†for the questions. ¬†They were great! ūüėČ


Olivia Bell


 What is your favorite animal?

Hah, I have so many it’s hard to decide. ¬†Okay, it’s tied between cows and horses with dogs for a close second. ¬†Horses would be first if I didn’t like beef so much. ¬†Cows are nice dead or alive.

What is your favorite part about blogging?

What is my favorite part of blogging? ¬†Hmm, I guess it’s either coming up with ideas or having you guys comment. ¬†That’s always great.

What is your favorite craft?

That would be calligraphy or sewing. ¬†I also like anything with felt. ¬†If you’d like to see a felt leaf DIY, comment down below!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Okay, this question was already asked by Mandalynn, but I’ve had more time to consider. ¬†I’d also REALLY like to go to Iceland and New Zealand, where they filmed ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and the Narnia movies.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

All my friends know it’s coffee. ¬†I love anything coffee. ¬†Coffee ice cream and coffee for dessert are SO good! ¬†Aw, I’m wanting some right now.

Candy or chocolate?

Um, probably candy.  My favorite candy is Twizzlers, but Reese are a very close second.  Chocolate is not that bad though.

Thank you so much, Olivia!  Those were some very good questions.

IMG_6186Sam B.


How do you decide what to blog about?

Um, it’s pretty easy for me. ¬†I mean, lots of people talk about blogging journals and all that, but I haven’t found the need. ¬†I do have a list of ideas just in case I totally run out. ¬†How do I actually decide? ¬†An idea just pops in my head about what I’ve been doing or I’d like to read on my own blog if I was reading it. ¬†I hope that make sense!

What’s your favorite Bible verse?

Oh, God’s Word is so full of precious promises! ¬†It’s very hard to narrow it down to one. ¬†I suppose Psalm 45:1 is probably my life verse, since it talks about writing ūüėČ

Have you ever played at a recital?

Yes! I have. It was a very nice and fancy recital.

If so, were you scared?

Um, no, I wasn’t scared. ¬†I don’t have stage fright at all, which is very nice for me. ¬†In fact, I was extremely excited and wished to stay on stage a bit longer.

Thank you, Sam!  I liked those questions.


Now, for the announcement I’ve been waiting for! ¬†I announced here¬†that I’m writing a novel for National Novel Writing month. ¬†The genre of my book is… (Drumroll, please!)

Action and Adventure/Mystery

I suppose it’s mostly mystery but it has a lot of action and adventure in it. ¬†I’m up to 5,022 words now, so that’s 44,978 more words to go! I’m very excited about it! xD

Thank you for reading this post and I’m off to enjoy my Saturday!