Pros and Cons of…Homeschooling.


And welcome to Crazy A!  Today I am starting a Saturday series called…10 Pros and Cons.  Today I’ll be talking about being homeschooled!  (Wow, I’m sure you all guessed that!)  I’ll have 5 pros, and 5 cons.  I’ll start with a con, since you always want to end on a positive note, right?  So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Con #1

Your teacher is always with you.

Yep, you can’t get away from your teacher, and they’re on top of you at all hours of the day asking if you have done that dreaded math.

Mom: Amie, are you doing school?

Me: That depends…

Mom: Amie, what are you doing?

Me: Blogging…

Mom: And what educational things have your little blogger friends been talking about?

Me: Uh, one posted a new diy.

Mom: I think you need to do some school.

Pro #1

You can pick your own curriculum.

At least, I get to…Sorta.  I’m always with my mom when she goes curriculum shopping, so I get to add my two cents in there.  Whenever I see a medicine or anatomy or history book I like, I’ll say,

“Hey, Mom, this book is really need in my curriculum.  It looks hard.”  And then I’ll see if it has tests, and if it does, my mom’s more likely to buy it.  This is the kinda school I like.  😎

Con #2

Your school is like the real world.

Yep, you (sometimes) don’t get Saturdays off…And summers?  What is summer break anyway?  Well, this is only true of my family.  Most homeschoolers I know stick to the usual school hours religiously.  Don’t worry, if you come by my house on a Thursday morning, we aren’t doing school.  😂  But you have to tell your friends that Saturday mornings are school mornings, and you get their sympathy.

Seriously, I’m going to order a shirt that says, “Yes, I’m schooled through the summer and I like it.”  Or one that says, “Yes, I know it’s Saturday, but I live in the real world.”

Pro #2

You get breaks in the middle of the school year!

Who doesn’t like taking all December off?  Come on, y’all.  What can you do in the heat anyway?  In fall and winter you can have fun, but in summer you’re just sweltering the whole time.  We’re schooled the cool way, in both senses of the word.

Con #3

You don’t socialize.

I used to be a social butterfly when I was little.  I always wanted to be out of the house, making new friends.  Haha, staying at home for weeks on end with the exception of church has made me a homebody.  I kinda get stressed out when I leave my home.  😬  But when I was little, I was simply in misery because I couldn’t see my (nonexistent) friends.  Now all my friends are on paper.  (Yep, I’m talking about you, pen-pals.)

Pro #3

You get to stay at home!

No, I don’t stay in my PJs all day, but I still love my home.  See, if I was at school I’d have to deal with girls my age, and I really don’t like normal girls my age.  It’s the sad truth.  (Maybe that’s why I’m so crazy.)  But, since I’m at home, I get to hang out with Snowball, and I get to see my sweet baby sisters, and I get to write letters, and become an author, and work. Plus, I can play four instruments and still read and not live at a crazy pace.  Isn’t that such a pro?  The cons aren’t even really cons.  😂

Con #4

You’re the only one in class.

Yep, that means you have to answer all the questions right, and you get all the attention.  I don’t know what else to say about this.  It’s more of a…

Pro #4

You’re the only one in class!

You’re automatically valid victorian!  Congratulations, you haven’t even graduated, but you’re already positive of this fact.  You get all the attention to yourself, and you don’t have to be bothered by people asking questions, or not understanding.  If you don’t understand, the teacher is only teaching you in this class, so she has time for you.  If you do understand, you can just move on.

Con #5

 You have to read strange books.

My parents are all for reading, and so am I!  I used to hate the idea that I had to read so many books.  From Lex Rex to The Top Sermons of 1776-1850, I have learned so much!  I’ve never read most of the books most kids read for literature, but I love the fact I’ve learned about a lot that most people don’t know.  I don’t see any of these cons as cons, honestly.  I love my schooling.

Pro #5

You’re always with your family.

I love my family!  They’re my best friends, my partners in crime, my sidekicks, the people who tease me, the people who love me, and the people who put up with the Crazy.  I love being with my family.  Honestly, if I’m ever away from my family, I feel so alone, and I get stressed out.  😂  I need my family more than my family needs me.  I’ll never be good at adulting, because that means I have to leave my family.

What do you think?  Are you homeschooled?  Do you enjoy it?  What is your favorite part about your school?



Description Saturday #2


It’s another Saturday!  How’s everyone’s weekend so far?  Relaxing? Today’s prompt is…

Write about what you see as one of your best qualities.

Hehe…conceited, I know, but here we go!

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

A small thought crept into her mind…in the shape of a laugh.  What shape is a laugh you ask?  Warm, fluffy, and rainbows colored; laughs came in lots of shapes.  Sometimes they have more silver to them…sometimes more gold.

Ava’s mind was of two different shades…yellow and bubbly her agreeable side appeared–the side she called Ava.  The other shade was a rich dark purple–the side she called Ava-Marie.  The purple side was full of drama, anger, and something close to teenage rebellion.  The yellow was full of laughter, smiles, and compliments.

Only one thing over lapped both sides.  That one thing was called humor.  It was the small thought that came whether she was using her Ava Marie side, or her Ava side.  Either way, Ava could make most people laugh with her humor.  She was good at breaking up seriousness with levity, and making someone laugh through their tears.

Ava brushed the hair behind her ear and grinned.  She was facing her younger sister.

“Knock knock.”

“Please no,” her younger sister’s eyebrows rose.

“Fine,” Ava’s brow wrinkled in concentration.

“Did I tell you about yesterday?” Lucy asked.  Ava shook her head.  “Well, can you believe it?  Katy stole my hamburger while I went to get soda.”

“Really?” Ava asked, her ears pricked.

“Yeah, and when I asked for it back she said I hadn’t even noticed at first.  Of course I had,” Lucy rolled her eyes.

“Noticed that she asked?” Ava giggled.

“No, noticed that it was gone.”

“But it obviously wasn’t gone because Katy had it.  You must have been deceived.”

“I don’t find you funny,” Lucy frowned.

“You don’t have to,” Ava laughed at herself.  Ava moved on, walking into the kitchen.  She picked up a hot cookie and yelped as it burned her.

“Are you all right?” her younger brother asked.

“That hurt a good deal,” Ava replied, her brow drawn together as her tone turned to a deep Scottish brogue.

“What ever,” her brother rolled his eyes.

Later, when her older brother was reading a farm book to their younger sister, Ava heard him go “Cah-caw!”

Assuming a Southern drawl, she said, “And I thought Dan was bad.”  That brought a round of laughter from all her siblings.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Yep!  I find my humor to be one of my best qualities.  I enjoy it (thought I think I’m the only one that does). Sometimes, though, it gets outta hand. Anyone else been accused of levity?

What is one of you better qualities?  What would you describe humor as?  Are you bubbly or dramatic?  Are you enjoying your weekend?


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