Description Saturday: #1


I’m starting something new today!  Y’all better tell me what you think after you read this post.  I came up with a hundred writing prompts about myself (not really but sorta).  Each Saturday if you enjoy this, I’ll write about myself in the third person.  In other words, I’ll write like it’s not me.  Today’s prompt is….

Describe one of your earliest childhood memories.

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A little girl with strawberry blonde hair and hazel green eyes gripped her father’s hand in quiet excitement.  She had already been hushed once as they walked down the hospital walkways.  Her two older brothers walked next to her; Thomas and Peter were holding hands as well.

Today, they were going to see their newest little sister.  Rose had been born earlier that morning.  The little girl, known as Alma, looked up at her dad again.

“Is Mommy all right?  What does Rose look like?”

“You’ll find out,” her dad smiled.  Peter pushed her elbow.

“Alma, babies look like squished up red balls with eyes,” he hissed.  Being two and a half years older, Peter obviously knew what he was talking about.

“Be quite you two,” Thomas hushed them.  Poor Alma was concerned.  Did babies really look that bad?  Their dad stopped at a door and pushed it open.  Alma, Thomas, and Peter walked into the dimly lit room.  Their mom sat smiling on the bed.

Alma pulled her hand out of her dad’s and flew to her mother.  “Mommy, did they crack you open like an egg?  Are babies ugly?  Why did you have to come to the hospital?”

Her mother’s brown eyes smiled.  Instead of answering, she motioned next to her.  “Would you like to see your sister, Alma?”  Alma nodded her head quickly.  Her mom spoke to her dad.  “George, please pick Alma up and show her Rose.”

Alma was then picked up and showed the baby.  She was a red face wrapped in pink blankets.  The worst part was that she was in a plastic tub with wheels!
“Mommy, why do they put the baby in a plastic tub?”

“I don’t know…that’s just what they do…”

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After that my memory gets hazy.  That’s my earliest memory.  I was over two and a half when my younger sister, Rose, was born.  And some of the question I did really ask.

Did you enjoy it?  Should I continued this series?  What is your earliest memory?  Can you relate to an older sibling telling you something?


Series V. Scarlett King

Dear Diary,

Life has been awful! Well, not that bad but my godmother, Wia, is something else.  It’s been hard to get used to. She kinda took over everything.

Our other guest, Sir Catwood, is the best guest ever. He is smart and doesn’t bore you with conversation or boss you around. The only thing he requires is total undisturbed 1-3 in the afternoon. He borrows our computer and types his books.

I have asked mother if we may keep him and mother says she doesn’t mind. Only Gwendoline objects, saying that we have enough ‘animals of the feline form’ around the house.

That through Sir Catwood in a fit of passion. Being the gentleman he is, he let that comment pass with only mild cussing. Later he apologized in splendor, even kissing Gwendoline’s hand but she didn’t appreciate it.

Everyone else (Deitrick, Elfie, Georgie, Ed, and Sierra) enjoys Sir Catwood’s presence. Cantankerous doesn’t even mind (which says something!) Sir Catwood. Stinky enjoys discussions with the Sir even more than Cranky.

Now, I shall move back to Wia. Just to show you what I have to deal with, I’ll record this conversation.

(I was brushing Candor)

“Oh ho, Scarlett!?!”

“*sigh* Yes?”

“Where are you?”

“In Candor’s stall, Wia!”

“Goodness child! You aren’t brushing that cow right!”

“Uh, Wia, it isn’t a…”

“Give me that! You brush old Bessy like this….”  Wia said, brushing Candor (!!!!) wrong.


“Goodness, what do they teach kids these days? You really should talk to old folks, Scarlett.”

Let’s just say it didn’t end well. I have to hide you diary, for fear Wia will find and read you.

Bon jour!

V. Scarlett King

Series V. Scarlett King

Guys, I have a feeling this series is boring, but since I’ve made it a series, I’ll continue.  This time, searching through Scarlett’s stuff, I found a letter!  Her letters are always funny.

Dear Wia,

You certainly have one strange animal, Godmother.  I don’t know why he wouldn’t like Snoopy, he certainly is the best part of Charlie Brown.  Anyway, back to the important stuff.  I bet it’s hard to have a cat that can talk but won’t.  I think it would be cool if you got his writing published.  Everyone would buy it, including myself.  It might even become a New York bestseller.

Would you want me to actually wear it on Christmas or at the Christmas ball?  Dear me! How envious Gwendoline will be!  Any way……

You even look into Gwendoline’s journal? I didn’t know godmothers were so snoopy.  I guess she is a pretty bad girl but I never read her diary so I have no clue what she puts in there.  Is there anything bad about me in there?

Gulp! How did you know that?  Then you must know that yesterday I cut up the Gwendoline’s last love letter and I snipped Edmund’s hair in his sleep.  Boy! He was mad.  Anyway, what bad things will I do today?  I don’t know, do I really care? But it’ll be fun keeping everyone on their toes.

That’s good I’m not very vain.  I hope I don’t become vain.  Can you prevent that?

I’m fifteen! Just old enough to go to those stinky balls where all the boys whisper how pretty you are and the girls giggle behind their fans about the old-fashioned way of your dress.  Humph, Gwendoline thrives in that environment but I wilt, like a neglected flower.

I’m an entertaining god-daughter?  Why, thank you!  I thought I was just a naughty one, at least Mother says so.  She keeps asking who I’m sending these letters to but I keep my lips tightly sealed.  No one will know about my letters to my beloved godmother.

It wasn’t my brother that broke my arm, that was my leg he broke.  This time I was riding Candor and then I tried a trick that worked last time (To be honest, I think Edmund cut the leather strap off!) and I fell down and broke my arm.  Mother says no more riding for a bit.

Send the cat anytime, I’m waiting for it.  I bet it is a dear and I like country music but prefer bluegrass.  Anyway, send him down.

To bad you can’t teach Candor to speak, I doubt she would be rude but you never know!  Well, I hope I keep you entertained, you sure keep my entertained.

Love your,


Haha, well, I think I’d cut up my older sisters love letter too! (oops, maybe I shouldn’t say that…) And balls?  Hmm…

If you enjoyed Scarlett’s letter, please comment down below!  And if you want to hear more about Scarlett, comment as well–Amie

Series V. Scarlett King

I found an entry to Scarlett’s diary!  It’s a pretty interesting one, at least I think.  So…jump right in.


Dear Diary,

I am sorry I haven’t written in so long.  Just been busy being bored!  It’s amazing how you can get so tired just doing NOTHING!  Let me advise you, Diary, never to have a broken arm!  You might as well have a broken head.

I guess it isn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be.  I just really miss Candor and being outside.  I still wake up at five on a Saturday but I can’t go ride Candor!  That’s what makes me upset.  I miss the warmth of Candor’s horse breath and the soft clop of his feet.  I miss my horse!

I haven’t gotten another letter from Wia yet.  Her last letter was interesting.  I never knew all that about fairy godmothers.  I didn’t even know they really exist, but I guess the letter is living proof.

Georgie and I have been coloring a lot.  A lousy thing to exchange for horse back riding, I know.  But it is fun.  We make up these crazy stories to go with our coloring pages and it’s pretty silly.  Mine was about a girl being locked in a garden but she was saved by a bird.  Georgie’s was about some hummingbirds.

Sierra is getting so big!  She is running around and pulling Cranky’s tail.  Cranky’s snatched her quite a few times but Sierra still get’s a kick out of Cranky jumping three feet in the air.  You have to admit, cats do act funny when you pull their tails.

Hmm, nothing else has happened.  Gwendolyn has been bossy as usual.  Oh, Deitrick is working for a neighbor.  I wish I had a job but then I wouldn’t have as much time with Candor.  Also, I was annoyed to find that Grumps had chewed through some of my leather tack!  How does that taste good?  I have not the slightest idea.

I have nothing else to write.  I suppose I might as well close and go to bed.

The only,

V. Scarlett King





Series V. Scarlett King

Okay, today I’ve decided to start a series for my blog.  It’ll be my first one so I hope you like it.  It’s about a girl by the name of Virginia Scarlett King and it’ll be her letters to her godmother and diary entries.  I hope you enjoy them.


Dear Wia,                                                                                                                4/29-30/2017

I never knew I had a fairy godmother! How cool. Call me Scarlet, please! Everyone except for Mother and Gwendoline call me Scarlet. They call me Virginy-gal. Ugg! How awful! If you called me that, I will burn every last letter from you, I swear. Hmm, do fairy godmothers protect you? If they do, you ain’t doing a good job. I’ve broken my arm and I’m not doing anything for a long time.

Wow! Now I know a hundred year old fairy. Do you think I’ll live to be a hundred? Well, I know I won’t if I don’t quite breaking bones. Mother says I’ve broken to many already this year but how else am I supposed to learn trick riding?  Or ride cows? Come on! You’ll have to agree with me!

No, W. I. T. C. H. stands for wacky, intense, terrifically, charitable, hoot. I made it up when I was eight, remember? Still, I don’t know why you read it out of my journal! Boy, my hand writing was bad.

Yes, fairies must be vain. Am I vain? I don’t know, you read my journal so you might know. Wait, my brother, Deitrick and I have the same Aunt. What?!? I’m to young to have suitors! I’m only fifteen. Goodness, I’d have Gwendoline giving me a tick in the ear of she even guessed what you thought! Of course, Gwendoline doesn’t have any suitors and she’s eighteen! How awful!

I saw you at the ball? What do you look like any way? It was you who sent me that, umm, dress? How…thoughtful! Yes! How thoughtful of you, Wia! It was a, umm, nice dress and I might have worn it if Mother hadn’t slaved over the dress I did wear.

Yes, I’m sure my red hair would have been simply smashing in that magenta dress.  Wow, it would have been a doozer for sure. I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, godmother. It was truly by accident. Next time I get a dress from anonymous (gulp!) I’ll wear it to the next ball.

Well. I told you about my arm and so I’ll tell you about being stuck at home. Ugg! Gwendoline keeps pampering me. I hate to be pampered. Elfie has been giving me ‘updates’ on the outside world. Mother doesn’t want me to wear myself out. Humph.

A talking cat?!?! How amazing! I want to meet him. Can you teach my horse to talk, Wia?  If ya can, I’ll be thankful! Candor is a smart horse, I’m sure it won’t take long.

Have I told you all my siblings names, godmother? Well, there’s Gwendoline, Deitrick, Elfie, Georgia, Edmund, and lastly Sierra. Yep, there’s seven of us young Kings. And then there’s Stinky the dog and Cantankerous the cat. Oh yeah, and Grumps the rat. Then there’s the livestock. There’s too many of those to name. Cantankerous won’t keep me company when I need it! Stinky follows Elfie around like a dog. Well, I guess it’s good he’s a dog then!

As a fairy godmother, can you for tell the future? It would save me a ton of time if you could. I would for ever be in your debt. Hmm, I’m going to sleep. Night.

Good morning!  I’m going to church today. Will I see you mysterious godmother? Well, I’ll mail this tomorrow.

Love, your god-daughter,

V. Scarlett King