Happy Happy Happy!!!!

Today is my birthday!  And, since it’s my birthday, I have permission to post pictures of my past, along with some stories.  Are you ready for a trip down memory lane?


My older brother and I have always been close.  He was my leader, idol, and friend when we were younger, and now we compete a lot.  At least, I compete with him.  Now, I’m taller than him, and may I say prettier?  But, Phil and I will forever be buddies, and I’m still counting on him to build me my house.  (Plans were made when we were younger.)

One of our favorite games for years was to play in the laundry baskets.  We even tried to ride them down our sixteen steps.  Don’t I look like a happy camper?


I’ve always had problems with my eyelids.  As a baby, my tear ducts would get plugged.  Now, I often am plagued with a stye.  Anyway, they never bring me down.  Look at my smile.  *heart melts*  I wish I could meet baby me.  We’d probably get along. 😉


Practicing my all important dinosaur roar.  But, here’s the weird part…

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 3.05.07 PM

I can strangely still make this face.  Yikes.  I don’t even look like the same person.  Some major change has happened since I was seven months old.  What do you say?  Do I even look like the same kid?  But my face…*rolls on the floor laughing*

To explain my dinosaur roar.  My brother and I were major dinosaur fans, and we could name all the dinosaurs ever named.  And, my brother often practiced his “Sue the T-rex” roar.  I admired my older brother to no extent, so I had to roar too.

The second picture is me laughing at a donkey that was rolling in the dirt.  I mean, it was kicking, and rolling, and he-hawing like crazy.


Who doesn’t think this one-year-old is cute?  And my blue eyes?  Awe!  I was one of the cutest bald one-year-olds I’ve ever seen.  But maybe I’m prejudiced.  Anyway, I’m sure I had the best birthday any little kid ever had.  If only I remembered it…


Skip a few years and I’m four!  I just love this picture because it’s all me when I was little.  I’m wearing what was my favorite shirt, carrying my sleeping buddy, and eating strawberries.  I was really into My Little Ponies until I was nine or ten.  It was my fandom.  😂

On this birthday, I was gifted with…My Little Ponies!  Surprise!  😉 But, the funny thing was I took them into the bathroom (for some reason unknown to me now,) and accidentally dropped them into the toilet.  I remember being SO embarrassed.  When I was little, I was really sensitive and easily embarrassed.  I hope I’ve grown out of that…


Ahh, when my love for performing first kicked off.  I remember this.  I dragged my mom up on stage, even though she insisted she didn’t want to get up.  I was just so pumped to actually get to hold a REAL mic.  It’s a good memory, that’s for sure.  I even remember that that dress was scratchy, and I didn’t want to wear it.

But, I also remember that I couldn’t read, and I didn’t know the song.  I was just singing “Ooh,” the whole time.  😬  I was probably way off tune.


Yep, now we move on to my next passion.  Horses.  This was my second?  No, third time riding.  It was a horse named Barnie, and he was probably fourteen hands?  I don’t know exactly, but I’m pretty sure he was small.  Okay, REALLY small.

I remember that they let me ride without much help, and the next time I rode, I was allowed to gallop.  Oh, the joys of childhood!


My first trip without my parents.  I was FURIOUS!  My aunt took my brother and I to some desert in Utah to go canoeing, and I was expected to work.  Oh, I was SO mad the whole trip.  I did NOT bargain for this.  And my very funny (🙄) uncle tried to cheer me up by throwing me into FREEZING mountain water.

But, all that said, I wish I could go back in time and tell little complainer me to plug my mouth.  It really toughened me up, and changed my outlook on life.  If I could go back, I’d have a fun time even if I had to drink bad tasting water, and it was hot, and I got sunburned, and I had to WORK during vacation.

A note to little me.  I wasn’t that bad off, and as you can see in this picture, it didn’t curb my competitive spirit.  I was definitely going to win rock ball.


Happy go lucky me.  That’s who I’ll always be.  Sitting by the pool, using my smile as a tool, to cheer me and you…(Do do da do…)

Okay, forgive my terrible try at a song.  I hope you could hear the music with that.  I am so cute here!  And I look just like my little sister.  Man, we could be identical twins.  (Yikes!  Poor girl, she’ll look just like me.)


This is how I’ll always remember myself.  This was a Father Daughter Retreat my sister and I went on.  I definitely have my own style.  But look at my little sister.  She’s SOOOO beautiful!  And she still is.  #proudsistermoment And Dad’s the same, adding a beard.  That trip was so much fun, and I got to meet a lot of people.  (I think I’m only still friends with one though…)

And later, we met people that were at the same retreat, and I remember seeing them.  (Yes, I’m looking at you, Mandalynn.)


Here I am at my aunt’s again.  I’ve always had this thing for strawberries, and I’m here to show my uncle who is actually the best domino player.  (Everyone knows it’s obviously me, right?)  Alas!  If only my uncle didn’t use Rose to spy on us.


On vacation at Savanah, eating at Paula Dean’s restaurant.  It had the BEST banana pudding I’ve ever had, y’all.  But, the weather was so cold, and I only brought a rain jacket.  Why does it always happen to me that I go on vacation when it’s freezing, and only bring light coats?  I don’t know, maybe it’s because I always go on vacation during spring when it’s supposed to be WARM.

Hmm, that’s an idea.


With my aunt again.  We went to Yellow Stone National Park, and decided to go to a rodeo.  Guys, I’m hooked.  Seriously.  This cowboy was the winner of the bull riding, so we had to get a picture.  My little sister at first totally refused to stand next to a sweaty man she didn’t even know, but my aunt somehow got her in the picture.

*Sigh* I’m dreaming about riding in a rodeo.  Hah, only in my dreams though.  Hey, anyone want to sponsor a hopeful rider?  No?  Oh, okay.  😦


I reached the double digits!  Yeah me!  And can you believe it?  I’m strawberry picking again.  😂 Yes, I really do love strawberries.  Strawberries, pickles, coffee, and sour cream are some of my favorites.  And, of course, beef!

I was so proud because I had jut gotten my ears pierced.  I think my holes have closed since then.  Earrings are SOOOO bothersome.  If you’re considering piercing your ears, DO NOT DO IT!  Please, just spare yourself the cost of money.  It’s a bad idea, and for what?  So you can spend more money on jewelry?  Blah, jewelry just isn’t my thing.  Anyway, next picture!


Ah, I had picked up the guitar by this time.  Wasn’t I cute?  Hmm, I’m judging I was only 5’8″ here.  Ah, those nice days of being short.  Anyway, I was taking this picture for a pen-pal.  It’s a pretty nice picture of me, considering I’m not goofing off.  I’m known for some pretty strange pictures.

What else about this picture?  I can’t think of anything interesting that happened this day.  Was this the day we went out to eat?  I’m not sure….Next pic!


All you pen-pals remember this picture of me.  My aunt decided she needed pictures of us in her house, so she hosted a huge photo shoot.  Before this picture, we argued about cutting my hair, and she won.

At least 2″ fell off, and she brushed, and combed, and finally proclaimed me “fine.”  This was her least favorite picture of me, but her favorite was after I had done a hair-flip, and I looked…Uh, terrible?  SO, this was my favorite, and since this is my blog, it’s a-going up there.  *sigh* I still miss that hair I cut off.  But, my hair’s longer now than it was before that hair cut.


The latest picture of me!  So, now you know I was the cutest baby on the block, and I purposefully skipped toddler age because I was the ugliest kid on the block.  You saw how I changed from blue-eyed, strawberry blonde to browny-hazel eyes and dark hair.  Yep, the only thing that I’m told hasn’t changed is my face.  I doubt my face will ever change much.

Here I sit, Amie just one year older.  😉



Description Saturday: #1


I’m starting something new today!  Y’all better tell me what you think after you read this post.  I came up with a hundred writing prompts about myself (not really but sorta).  Each Saturday if you enjoy this, I’ll write about myself in the third person.  In other words, I’ll write like it’s not me.  Today’s prompt is….

Describe one of your earliest childhood memories.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

A little girl with strawberry blonde hair and hazel green eyes gripped her father’s hand in quiet excitement.  She had already been hushed once as they walked down the hospital walkways.  Her two older brothers walked next to her; Thomas and Peter were holding hands as well.

Today, they were going to see their newest little sister.  Rose had been born earlier that morning.  The little girl, known as Alma, looked up at her dad again.

“Is Mommy all right?  What does Rose look like?”

“You’ll find out,” her dad smiled.  Peter pushed her elbow.

“Alma, babies look like squished up red balls with eyes,” he hissed.  Being two and a half years older, Peter obviously knew what he was talking about.

“Be quite you two,” Thomas hushed them.  Poor Alma was concerned.  Did babies really look that bad?  Their dad stopped at a door and pushed it open.  Alma, Thomas, and Peter walked into the dimly lit room.  Their mom sat smiling on the bed.

Alma pulled her hand out of her dad’s and flew to her mother.  “Mommy, did they crack you open like an egg?  Are babies ugly?  Why did you have to come to the hospital?”

Her mother’s brown eyes smiled.  Instead of answering, she motioned next to her.  “Would you like to see your sister, Alma?”  Alma nodded her head quickly.  Her mom spoke to her dad.  “George, please pick Alma up and show her Rose.”

Alma was then picked up and showed the baby.  She was a red face wrapped in pink blankets.  The worst part was that she was in a plastic tub with wheels!
“Mommy, why do they put the baby in a plastic tub?”

“I don’t know…that’s just what they do…”

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

After that my memory gets hazy.  That’s my earliest memory.  I was over two and a half when my younger sister, Rose, was born.  And some of the question I did really ask.

Did you enjoy it?  Should I continued this series?  What is your earliest memory?  Can you relate to an older sibling telling you something?


Snow Nightmare pt. 2


It’s time for my next part of Snow Nightmare!  I hope you all like the ending.  I’m (I think)   pleased with the outcome.  Oh, and what do you think of my hello?  I’m in (almost) love with it.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Sneak peak from last time:

“Raven!” Caleb called after me as I walked down the hall.  “Watch your back, or I’ll have to do it for you!”

Yeah right, I thought as a walked out of the bustling school.  I made a dash for my car and slipped inside.  I had only gotten my license a few months before.  Morgan has enough to do besides making life miserable for me.

How I was wrong!  It seemed she would critique every move I made in theater now.  Every time I would sit down, she’d walk by and spill my water.  Life couldn’t get worse, or so I thought.

I looked down the hallway, my jaw moving in anger.  I couldn’t believe she would stoop to it…again.  I just needed some peace.  Peace—ah, what a sweet idea…


“What?” I spun around and knocked my head on the locker-door.  “Awe,” I moaned.

“Riley, are you all right?” Caleb asked in concern.  I rubbed the future goose-egg on my forehead.

“I was until I hit my head,” I moaned.  I had told the truth…almost.

“You should never do lying for a business.  You’re really bad at it,” Caleb remarked casually.  “What’s wrong?”

“My life,” I said, shutting the locker-door.  “I just wish I could trade lives with someone.”

“Don’t wish anything lightly,” Caleb remarked.  “Coming to theater in a bit?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Well, I think that note thinks you do.”

I snatched the note up that I must have dropped when I hit my head.  I laughed nervously as I stuck it into my notebook.  “Oh, it’s noting—I mean nothing.”

“I told you that you don’t lie well,” Caleb pushed.

“Fine, Mr. Insistent, you can read the note,” I handed the note to Caleb before he began read the fine hand writing.

Raven, don’t show up this time.  You’ll be in trouble, and life will make you wish you had died young.  And…the poison apple might not be fake.

“No wonder you want to trade lives with someone,” Caleb whistled softly.  “Keep your chin up, Raven,” Caleb smiled kindly.  “Things will get better.  Do what you’re always talking about.  Pray to your God.  I’m sure He’ll hear you.”

He was right!  I hadn’t prayed; in fact, I hadn’t even been reading my Bible of late.  I tried to shrug it off.  Everyone has a life, right?  I supposed God did too…But my conscience prickled under that assumption.


“You’re Riley Conners, right?” I turned to see a girl walking behind me.  It was a few days after the last note, and I was not in the mood to talk.

“Yeah, and who are you?” I asked, looking steadily ahead.

The girl skipped a bit before looking at me.  “I’m Allison Landers.”

“That’s nice,” I mumbled.  Didn’t I look busy?  I watched the gravel crunch under my feet.  Allison walked beside me in silence for a bit.

“I feel for you.”

“What?” I looked at Allison like she had two heads.  “Why?”

“You aren’t as good an actor as you thought,” Allison’s grin flashed in her freckled face.  “But I’ll give you credit; you put up with more than I would.  See you later!”  Allison waved before she dashed toward a car that had pulled up.

Weird kid, I thought to myself before climbing into my car.  There was a note on the chair.  I grimaced before reading it.

Raven, wanna meet up later?

Phew!  It was from Caleb.  I still didn’t want to hang out but… bing! Went my phone.  That also was Caleb wondering if I wanted to hangout.  Why not?  I answered that I would before driving home.


I walked up to the front door to see a note stuck on it.  Raven, you’re done.  You will feel my wrath tonight.

I looked behind me to see if anyone was there.  No, they weren’t.  I unlocked the door and walked in; wondering why I couldn’t be a normal teenager.  Mom was in the kitchen, getting my after-school snack like usual.

“Tough day?” Mom asked sympathetically.

“Talk about it,” I said, grabbing the cookies and milk.  My snack wasn’t usually cookies, but I think Mom was spoiling me today.  “Caleb’s coming over in a minute.”

“You mean Caleb Dallas?  All right, just remember you aren’t to invite him to dinner.”

I nodded before rushing up stairs, and throwing my backpack onto the floor.  The front door opened and Mom called,

“Caleb’s here.”

“Send him up,” I said walking into the hall where we kept a little sitting area.  Caleb ran up the stairs, and plopped onto a couch.  “I’m tired of theater.” He grinned mischievously.

“Why?” I asked, sitting across from him.

“I have like two lines this time,” He looked at me in disgust.

“But you have one of the best parts,” I reminded.

“Yeah—“ Caleb was cut off.  We both looked at each other as we heard a scream.

It sounded muffled, like it was from outside.  Together, we rushed over to the window, and pushed it open.  A scream echoed outside my window again. Slowly all the houses’ lights turned off. My house is next.  I thought, wondering what was going on.  Fear griped my side as I started shaking my head.  I didn’t think this would actually happen!  I thought the warnings were just pranks!

Morgan couldn’t be behind this! I thought.  Caleb turned to me, his eyes wide.  “Riley, I think it’s time to pray to your God.”

My heart suddenly stopped.  I look at Caleb with tears in my eyes.  I knelt down right there, my heart about to burst.

“Heavenly Father,  I am so sorry for not talking to…For not delighting in my faith in You!  I got carried away in the trials and forgot You!  Please, if this is anything that is of the other world, of the spiritual world, will You send them away?  And replace them with Your angels in their place instead.

“Help Caleb to learn about you…to put his faith in You!  For You are gracious and faithful.  In Your Son’s Name, amen.”

When I opened my eyes the house was dark, but I could see Caleb was next to me on his knees as well.  “Amen,” Caleb agreed, before opening his eyes.  The wind blew the curtains at the window as we sat there, looking out at the setting sun.  The ringing of the phone seemed to ruin the scene, but nothing can be perfect, right?

We both started when Mom rushed up the stairs.  “Caleb?  Riley?  That was the neighbor.  A truck hit the power lines, so we might be without power for a little while.”

“Okay, Mom,” I said, feeling a bit silly.  “Thanks.”

“Boy, do I feel stupid,” Caleb ran a hand through his hair after Mom left.  “But, maybe could you tell me a little more about your God and Jesus?”

“Sure,” I smiled, before grabbing my Bible.


(Three months later)

Caleb is now a new Christian, going to church, and learning more about Christ.  The spring play went off without a hiccup, even the poison apple was sweet.  Yes, I’ve gotten some compliments about acting, but I’ve learned at least one thing from this adventure.  Never stop praying.

We get caught up in life, and forget what is important.  We forget the only way to keep us from going crazy in this life is to “pray without ceasing” as the Apostle Paul tells us.  Pray in faith, and great things just might happen.

The End

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Thank you so much, Sam, for hosting this!  It has been tons and tons of fun!  Let the best writer win…Me or Kaylen!


P.S. Do you think I need a sign out?

LLIL Update! (Plot)

Okay, so I promised an orderly plot update for Lovely Links in Literature.  There was a lot of brainstorming last Tuesday and Wednesday.  I want to thank you all for your interest and thoughts concerning this simple story.

In Abbeyton it’s time for the election!  The mayor (he’s unnamed) doesn’t seem worried about his rival.

During that time, the Worth’s meet Kyrie.  Together they are digging in the attic(or somewhere else.  Depends whose writing this part)  of Kyrie’s house.  They find this journal of a young lady by the name of —–.  I know, she’s unnamed.

Unnamed happens to write about something very important.  That clue leads to the children falling into scrapes, finding out why the mayor isn’t worried, who Kyrie’s mother is…and more!  It’s a pretty flexible plot so you don’t find it annoying.  We are in this together!

Sorry it’s so short but I just wanted to update you!  Here’s the list.  Hab was moved down so you should make sure you like where you’re placed!



Olivia Bell a.k.a Livy

Amanda G. D.

Sam Bowling








And now for the rules!  We only have five more days to sign up!  GUYS!  ONLY FIVE MORE DAYS!

You have until December sixth to take your name off, not that you’d want to!  If you want more info, just look in the LLIL category of my blog!

Hurrying out of here,


Lovely Links in Literature

Hey!  It’s finally Tuesday.  I know you’ve all been up just wondering who the characters of LLIL are.  No?  You were just patiently waiting?  Oh.  Then never mind.  I’ll just go on with the post whether you were waiting for it or not.IMG_6186

Today I promised to introduce the main characters but first I’m going to clarify a few things.  I know, you have to wait longer.  Actually, you have my permission to go read the characters first if you come back and read this.

Okay, #1 is…The chapter length.  I’m not even really sure about this myself but since you’re only doing one chapter, you should be full of ideas that are about to burst.  I would like each chapter to be at least 1,000 words.  What?  Why are you guys gaping?

#2 is a question of how you are supposed to know it’s your turn.  I’ll give you an email (It just so happens I have all your emails) or message you if you have a blog.  Regardless, you do not have to worry about it.  I’ve got it under my belt.

#3 is how long do you have to write it?  Well, two weeks.  You have two weeks and if it takes you longer you will —-.  If it takes you longer, you can just contact me and I totally understand.

#4.  I’m going to make sure every one knows that there is to be NO romance or fantasy.  This is to be a fun and cute story (fantasy is fun and cute but…) not full of romancey disgustingness.

#5.  You are allowed to introduce other characters.  Guys, this is your story as much as mine.  I’m just the coordinator who gives you ideas.  I want this, when you read it, to be something we are all proud of.  Something we can all say, “This is our story.”  I don’t want you to say, “This is Amie’s story I just happened to help with.”

And that is all!  Oh, wait.  I forgot one.  Wait a moment…

#6.  You are allowed to use Scratch, Word, Pages… the list goes on… if you notify me before you use it.  It’s going to be awesome whatever form you use (or even if you post it on your blog) but I need to know what you are using.  I mean, if you’re a blogger, I’m going to assume you’re using your blog.IMG_6187

And now that is officially all the clarifications.  I’ll place the list so far and the rules at the very bottom of this list.  Now, all who did not skip, I’m giving you a high-five!  I’m proud of y’all.  Anyhow, now to the characters.



Kyrie Noel Brink

Kyrie is a lonely orphan that lives with her old grandmother and prim and proper aunt.  She’s never had any adventures worth recounting (there is that time she was in the middle of a food fight…) but that soon changes.

She enjoys mostly books, shopping, and getting good grades.  She’s good-humored and doesn’t often get ruffled.  Her main fear is displeasing her aunt, who is very strict.  She isn’t one to say she won’t do something and just goes with the flow.

She’s fourteen with blonde long hair, green eyes, and a rather sour look.  She’s just used to sitting still and doing nothing.



Christian Alexander Worth

Christian, or Alec as he’s known, is the oldest of the Worth quartet.   He is the leader of the escapades and hasn’t seemed to grow up.  He lives next door to Kyrie with his family.

Alec enjoys sports but his favorite is track.  He is a born runner.  He’s the one that goes sniffing around for adventure and dashing into it recklessly.

He’s seventeen and considers himself a man. (Much to Jill’s annoyance!) He has red hair,freckles, and blue eyes.



Jill Morgan Worth

Jill is the oldest daughter and probably the most responsible.  She is as much of a leader as her brother, so they often butt heads.  She sometimes worry about the thoughts of her peers, but mostly she’s as eager for adventure as all her siblings.

Jill tends to be on the bossy side, with a bit of caution mixed in.  She enjoys music, photography, and fashion.  She likes her camera so much, that her brother’s have titled it her “BCF”  or otherwise known as best camera forever.

Jill is fifteen with darker hair, light eyes, and freckles.



Edmund Timothy Worth

Ed was named after his mother’s favorite book series. (*sighs in happiness*  Guys, I want to name my kid Edmund!)  Ed is always prepared, carrying around what Alec kindly refers to as his ‘man purse’.  (Two of the articles in the purse are a knife and flashlight.)

Edmund is the witty one of the family; every ready for a quick come back.  He tends to be a bit of a sass king but at heart is brave and full of determination.  He isn’t as athletic as Alec, but he still enjoys outdoor activity.

Ed has dark hair like his older sister and blue eyes.  He’s fourteen, but according to Jill acts younger.



Philadelphia Elise Worth

Phil often wishes she had a nicer name.  NO ONE is named Philadelphia or Elise, but it turns out Philadelphia is where her parents met.  She’s the youngest Worth and often feels neglected or slighted.  She hardly ever finds her voice listened to.

She enjoys animals of any kind.  She has her own bunny and they have a family dog.  She also really likes any boyish sport, especially baseball.  She is ever ready for a tumble in the mud or a fist fight, evidence of her temper.  She’s outgoing and kind, nonetheless.

Phil has red hair and green eyes with freckles.  She’s eleven and often complains eleven is old enough to be treated like a grown-up.


So, how did you like them?  Are they worth writing a story about? (Lol, are the Worth’s worth writing about?  Wait, I only thought that was funny?  Never mind.)  Which one is most like you?  Which one do you think you’d like writing for the best?

IMG_6186Okay, here’s the list of who’s writing so far.  Remember, if you want to write, all you have to do is comment down below.  It’s easy and simple.  Also, you are allowed to take your name off the list until December 6th, three days after the signing up ends.




Olivia Bell a.k.a Livy

Amanda G. D.

Sam Bowling




If you want to be on this list, you must comment or contact me before December 3rd!!!!!!!

Do you understand?  Good, I’m, glad you do.  I hope some more sign up, because even though this is an amazing list, I’m selfish and want more people to join.  If any of you know of some writer friends that might want to join, go ahead and tell them!

Remember.  The more the merrier.IMG_6187

Okay, know for the rules (of course you all have memorized them!)

  1. There is to be no witchcraft.
  2. There is to be no bad words (this is for all ages to read.)
  3. and lastly…I have the right to request you to change some of the content of your part of the story.

See, I only have a few rules.

IMG_6186Next Tuesday, I will be giving a rough idea and some prompts for you guys to look at and think about.  I know what I want this book to be, but it’s y’all’s book as much as mine, so I want you to add your own creative touch.

See ya!  Oh, and remember to comment 😉


Operation: Green Serpent

Hey, guys!  Today I’m announcing the title of my book!  Can you guess what it is? If you guessed Operation: Green Serpent you are correct!  I am so excited about this book.  It’s coming along perfectly with only minor writer’s block.

And today I’m even giving you a teaser of my book!  Aren’t I nice? I’m so excited (I already said that, didn’t I?) And I’m not going to keep you waiting much longer. Alright, I’m not going to keep you waiting at all!

Cassy walked to the wooded area and started to reach down for the sticks.  She was reflecting at what a lovely summer day it was, not too hot but not too cold.

She saw a lovely stick, just the right size.

As she went to pick it up, she was struck by what lovely colors were on the ground.

She had almost grasped it when she heard a startling rattle.

Yes!  They do deal with a rattler but that isn’t even the best part I’m going to share.  If you haven’t already read my characters, you can do so here.

“He’s here somewhere,” Cassy said.

“Yeah, right behind you,” Cam said as a loud whoosh of air went onto Cassy’s neck.

“What?” she gasped, turning and grasping Ruther’s halter.

“Cassy, do you see those lights,” Cam’s voice was suddenly strained and scared.

“Where?” Cassy turned to look.

“Right there,” Cam gasped.

What?? Lights?  Where?  Oops, I forgot to put the best part in there.  Where do the girls see lights?

The children looked at each other.  Now, it seemed almost silly to ask but Cassy wasn’t easily daunted.

“Jonathan was going to ask,” Cassy smiled.

“All right, son, ask away,” Mr. Adams commanded.  Jonathan looked up and said,

“We were wondering if we could sleep near the graveyard.  Then, if we see any lights we’ll know something’s wrong.”

“You know, that’s not a bad idea.  What do you think, Susan?”

Mrs. Adams smiled on her children as she said, “I don’t think that’s a bad idea.  Let the children camp outside if they want.”

Ah, I just gave away where they saw the lights.  Well, at least you won’t be kept in suspense.  I should have kept you in suspense.  Uh, ignore that part.  Anyway, let’s go on to the next part.

She swiftly jumped on Temper’s back.  She realized her mistake even more swiftly.  Everything would have gone just fine if they weren’t in a closed building.  In all her careful preparation, she had forgotten she was still in a barn with a small open door.

Haha!  I’m dying!  Poor Cam, I’m sorry to do this to her but you have to agree, that mistake is a bit funny 😉  Also, who would name their horse Temper?  That’s just plan weird.

Cassy found herself in bright light. Raven started plunging, upset at being confined inside a small place.  Cassy gripped Raven’s neck and waited for her to calm down.  Cassy felt her foot slip out of a stirrup and to her alarm, Rave bolted.  Cassy slid off and felt the overwhelming feeling of falling.

*Gasp!*  What happens to Cassy?  Is she seriously hurt?  Oh, the poor girl!  What happens next?

Hehe, I’m the only one that knows. (Not even the people I’ve let read the story have read that far!)  Well, if you stay around, I’ll eventually let out some more.  But, seriously, what do you think about it?

What do you think about the title? Would you read a book with that name?IMG_6186

Okay, I’m also doing a shout-out for Pegasus Expert.  She has her amazing blog here and she’d like you to check out her amazing horse filled idea here.  If you do check it out, you’ll find my two amazing horses I’ve made up.

Okay, now, I’m not as self-conceited as I sound.  Actually, I am.  Anyway, I thought you might be interested in Operation: Green Serpent for its own sake, not mine.  Also, I wasn’t going to say anything about Pegasus’ thingy but she requested a shout-out, so here it is.

IMG_6187Also, I’m hosting my very first Lovely Links in Literature or LLIL for short.  I would love it if you joined in!  It’s going to be a lot of fun.  Check it out here.  Also, for all of you who asked questions about it, I will be doing a clarifying post with the characters on Tuesday.

See you all later!


P.S.  If you steal any ideas out of this blog post…you will be hunted!

P.P.S.  If you are a veteran and you’re reading this, thank you so much for all you have done!  I really appreciate it.

Twenty- five Subscribers…Actually, Twenty-six!

Guys, I’m so happy!  I could dance and dance and dance…and then fall to the floor exhausted.  I have over twenty-five subscribers!  Whoo-hoo!  Wait, before I make the most amazing announcement yet, I’m going to…

Thank y’all!

You guys made this possible!  Therefore, I am going to thank you.  I know some of you told friends or just finally noticed a teeny blog called Crazy A.  So…thanks.  It means a lot to me.IMG_6186Now…for the announcement that you have been staying up late for…Okay, I’m going to make you all wait.




All right, here it is.  I’m starting a thingy called, “Lovely Links in Literature” or LLIL for short.  The idea is like a chain story.  I’ll start the story and then I’ll have a list of people to continue it.

Wait, I don’t have a list of people.  That’s right!  How could I forget?  This is YOUR chance to get involved.  All you passionate writers out there, come and sign up to this humble little challenge.

You have until December third to sign up.


Did you hear that?  Okay, I just want to make sure you heard.  I’ll be announcing the characters (there’s five…) next Tuesday.  Guys, this story is going to be amazing since you can join in!IMG_6187

Okay, the rules are (oh man!  Rules…)

  1. There is to be no witchcraft.
  2. This book is not going to be fantasy (sorry!  I love fantasy too but…)
  3. There is to be no bad words (this is for all ages to read.)
  4. and lastly…I have the right to request you to change some of the content of your part of the story.

Okay, now the rules are finished, I’ll tell you how to enter.  All you have to do is comment down below.  Voila, presto!  So easy, right?  But you must make sure your comment has a valid email so I can contact you.

IMG_6186And how are you going to send me the story?  Well, if you’re a blogger, just tag me when you publish your part of the story and comment on a later blog post. (I’ll tell you which one when the time comes!)

If you’re not a blogger, that’s totally fine.  This is still open to you!  You can just put your part on a word document and email it to me through the Contact Me thingy up there.

So…if you’re as excited as me, let me know!  I’m so happy to finally release my idea.  It’s been cooking for a while (As you can see here)  and I was about to burst when someone pointed out that I had twenty-five.  Since Saturday, I’ve gotten twenty-six. 😉

IMG_6187So…I can’t wait for next Tuesday!  I’m so glad my imaginary characters will soon take being.  It’s going to be so exciting!

Remember…you have until December third.  There’s no need to hurry. (That much…)

See y’all,


A Simple Story

One of my really good friends started a chain story, so I’m going to publish my part of it on here.  I got second place. (Which I’m glad for!) If you’re one of the first, you can shape the way the story goes, so it’s a great place to be.

Here’s the background for the story.  Maria Elizabeth Charlotte Yerby is on a ship with her older brother Charles, or Charlie, her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin Emma in 1838.  Maria Elizabeth…oh, she’s called Liz.  *ahem*, Liz and Charlie are called into their Aunt’s presence and are told they are going to be separated, which sent Liz into a swoon.

So, without further ado, I shall plunge into the story.


I grabbed Liz around the waist as she lurched forward with the boat’s rocking.  I didn’t even know she had passed out until her head came back and hit my chest.

It was probably a good thing that Liz had fainted.  She always overreacted (point proven!) and she had a tendency to cry when gruffness would work better.  Plus, I was the more responsible of the two, and the wiser by far.

“You…you uncompasionate, rich, rude, ugly woman!  You do not even deserve to be called aunt!” I yelled as I dragged Liz to the door.

“Charles, those words were socially unacceptable.  I hope you repent of them later,” Aunt said sternly.

Me?  Repent of the truth?  Never! I thought as I dragged Liz into the hallway.  As I was going through it, I ran into Emma.  Her flaxen curls were arranged to perfection.  Emma actually looked more like my sister than Liz.  Her big grey eyes were heavily fringed with long, dark lashes.

“Well, what do we have here?” she asked in her high voice.  She cocked her head to one side, which made her long curls bounce.

“Leave us be, Em,” I huffed.  Emma hates being called Em.

“I am not privilege to know an Em,” Emma smirked.

“Do not be snarky,” I said, stopping and glaring at her.

“Do not be snarky, Charles,” she grinned tauntingly.  I was about to slap her when Captain Thomas came down the hallway.

Captain Thomas was a perceptive man.  He soon discovered Liz’s and my position.  He was nice and polite to everyone, but he was also stern.

“What do I owe this pleasure to, my lady Bentenck?”  Captain Thomas gave Emma a short nod.  “Mr. Yerby, could you  use my assistance?”

I nodded my head as Liz slipped a bit from my grasp.  Captain Thomas came and scooped Liz up in his strong arms.

I never knew how heavy Liz was!  I mean, I knew she liked her biscuits but I didn’t know she liked them that much!  I followed Captain Thomas as he went to our cabin, but not before we both nodded to “My lady Emma Bentenck, daughter of the Early of Portland.”

My uncle and aunt were the owners of Marylebone, one of the biggest plots of land in all London.  The Bentenck and the Germain family, who were the Dukes of Westminster, were some of the wealthiest people in all London.  Since they were so wealthy, they were dubbed the governors, even though London had no form of government.

We came to our cabin number thirty-six.  I opened the door and let Captain Thomas in.  After he played Liz down on a bunk, he turned toward to me.

“You look like you could use some help,” Captain Thomas said.

“I think I could,” I said, kicking my trunk.

“Then why do we not talk in my cabin?”


 My eyes fluttered open as I felt an overwhelming wave of nausea.  What happened? I wondered, as I tried to sit up.  Then, suddenly, I remember.

I did only thing I could do; I laid down on my pillow and sobbed.  My tears came fast and furious as I considered my bleak future.  Leave my homeland, England, forever?  And then go to an old couple who lives in America, one of the rebellious colonies that won its independence?  I also would never see Charlie ever again!

I couldn’t do it!  No!  I couldn’t.  But what could I do to stop it?  We get off the English Gem tomorrow.  When would I get on another ship?

I was surprised and alarmed when I heard a knock on the door.  I tried to smooth my curls and wipe away my tears before I cried, “Come in!”

I was even more surprised to see Uncle walk into the cabin.  He was indeed a handsome man, as his presence was commanding and his form was straight.

He wore a highly tailored black tail coat, under which was a plain, white, ruffled muslin shirt.  His studs at his wrist and his watch at his waist glistened as they caught the light.  His fawn colored trousers touched the tops of his laced boots.  To finish his outfit, he had a cravat tied around his neck and a top hat which he fiddled in his hands.

“Elizabeth.”  Uncle always calls me Elizabeth.  My mummy was named Elizabeth and she was Uncle’s little sister.  That’s why Uncle calls me Elizabeth.  “I do not wish to do this to you or Charles.”  Here he paused.

Charlie was notorious for getting into trouble.  If anything was out of the ordinary, it was most likely Charlie’s fault.

“But it seems necessary.  You shall leave in a weeks time on this very ship, the English Gem.”  He cleared his throat before continuing.  “Charles shall leave in two days.”

“Uncle!” I cried.  “So very soon?  But, Charlie is all I have!  You cannot separate us!”

“Elizabeth,” Uncle said sternly.  “I can and I will.”  With a stiff bow, my Uncle, the Earl of Portland, took his leave.

Two days?  Only two more days to spend with Charlie? echoed through my mind.  Only two more days!

I was startled awake as the cabin door opened.  Charlie came in and looked at me.  He was beaming and rosy with health and happiness.

“You are to go to Mr. Roger’s in two days,” I said miserably.

“Oh,” Charlie said carelessly.  What was going on?  Why didn’t he care?


I gave Liz one last hug.  She was crying like a two-year old.  I backed away and nodded to my aunt.  I stuck my tongue out at Emma.  Emma ignored it and smiled proudly at me.

I got into the wagon with Mr. Roberts.  He was lean and thin like a weasel.  His face even resembled the creature.  His voice was low and rough as he said, “Have a good day, my lord and lady.”

Mr. Robert’s tipped his cap and chirped to the large Shire horse in front of the wagon.  As soon as we were out of sight of uncle’s house, Mr. Rogers told me the rules in his gruff baritone.

“You get two meals a day, no more.  You shall work from sun-up to sun-down.  If I ever find you swaddling, you shall be whipped.  You shall not touch the colts, or you shall be whipped.  Do not interrupt, mind your manners, do not touch my gals, keep the chickens happy, and eat what your given.  If you do all this, we’ll get along.”


I cried for a whole week.  I would never see Charlie again!  At times, I almost wished I had run away, but now I didn’t care what happened to me.

“Maria!  Why are you not ready?” Auntie demanded.  I sat quietly on my bed, not saying a word.  Auntie’s hair was in the newest style.  She wore the modern Victoria sleeve on her dress.  The sleeves were tight everywhere except the elbow, where it formed a balloon of sorts.  Her bodice was tight-fitting and low-necked, coming to her shoulders.

“Maria!  I spoke to you, answer me.”

“Yes, Auntie.”

“Here, get into this dress,” Auntie picked out the dress I was to wear.  The neckline was low, but not off the shoulders.  I slipped my arm into the en sabot sleeve.  I put on my shoes while Auntie placed a dimity cap over my curls.

“You are such a troublesome child!” Lady Bentenck huffed.  I mutely followed Auntie out of my room and through the corridors.

I was sure I would never miss this house.  It was much too grand.  I also did not care for those who dwelled in the house.

We got into the carriage and I endured the silently ride.  When we arrived at the harbor, my stomach lurched at the though I would soon be leaving England.  We stepped out of the carriage and a servant carried my trunk aboard mid complaints of its weight.

I endured Auntie’s silent kiss and Emma’s dramatically woeful goodbye.  Lastly, I turned to Uncle.  He gathered me in his arms and whispered,

“I am sorry, Elizabeth, truly I am.  Please write to me.  Someday, I shall see you again.”  I was surprised to find tears in my eyes.

“Goodbye, Uncle,” I gave him a squeeze before I turned and climbed the gangplank.  I waved goodbye to my family on land before I went to my cabin.

My cabin seemed too spacious.  I missed Charlie more than ever now, and as I lay down on the pillow, I sobbed.  After the passion of my grief passed, I lay silently on my bunk.


I sat up and stared at my trunk

It was hopping…

And thumping…

Against the wall!

My hands shook as I walked toward it…

My heart thumped as I undid the latch.

I slowly opened the lid.

To my astonishment, my clothes went flying through the air and Charlie’s head popped out of the trunk.

“Finally!  I thought you’d never get the lid off!” Charlie gasped as he nimbly stepped out of the trunk.  I stood there, shocked.  A lurch of the boat brought me back to reality.

“Charlie, how did you get in my trunk?” I demanded.

“Well, that is a long story,” Charlie replied as he sat on my bunk.

“Tell me now!” I cried as I sat next to him.  He ran his hand through his hair, and began to relate his adventure….


And I don’t know how the next person continued it!  I hope you enjoyed the snip-it of that story.  It was a lot of fun to write and research about London in the reign of queen Victoria.

And that’s all for today, folks!


Series V. Scarlett King

Dear Diary,

Life has been awful! Well, not that bad but my godmother, Wia, is something else.  It’s been hard to get used to. She kinda took over everything.

Our other guest, Sir Catwood, is the best guest ever. He is smart and doesn’t bore you with conversation or boss you around. The only thing he requires is total undisturbed 1-3 in the afternoon. He borrows our computer and types his books.

I have asked mother if we may keep him and mother says she doesn’t mind. Only Gwendoline objects, saying that we have enough ‘animals of the feline form’ around the house.

That through Sir Catwood in a fit of passion. Being the gentleman he is, he let that comment pass with only mild cussing. Later he apologized in splendor, even kissing Gwendoline’s hand but she didn’t appreciate it.

Everyone else (Deitrick, Elfie, Georgie, Ed, and Sierra) enjoys Sir Catwood’s presence. Cantankerous doesn’t even mind (which says something!) Sir Catwood. Stinky enjoys discussions with the Sir even more than Cranky.

Now, I shall move back to Wia. Just to show you what I have to deal with, I’ll record this conversation.

(I was brushing Candor)

“Oh ho, Scarlett!?!”

“*sigh* Yes?”

“Where are you?”

“In Candor’s stall, Wia!”

“Goodness child! You aren’t brushing that cow right!”

“Uh, Wia, it isn’t a…”

“Give me that! You brush old Bessy like this….”  Wia said, brushing Candor (!!!!) wrong.


“Goodness, what do they teach kids these days? You really should talk to old folks, Scarlett.”

Let’s just say it didn’t end well. I have to hide you diary, for fear Wia will find and read you.

Bon jour!

V. Scarlett King