Board of Blogging Ideas…

I stared at my board of blogging ideas before slamming my head against the table.  “What should I blog about?” I ask sadly.

“I don’t know,” Emma says, as she returns to her animal cracker.  “You should make a blog about me and my questions.”  She laughs and grins at me.

“Um, I don’t think so.”

“Why?  Please?”

“I don’t know,” Rose says, shrugging and interrupting Emma.

“Teasing Rose,” Bilbo, my younger brother, declares.

“Okay, Rose, I need help.  What do you think?” I ask Rose, ignoring Bilbo’s idea intirerly.  I don’t tease my younger sisters!  (That much…)

“Nothing.”  Rose stuck her nose further in her book, and turned her shoulder on me.

“What do you think I should blog about, Bilbo?” I asked, deciding to ignore Rose.

“You should blog about someone getting hurt.  Maybe tell them you sprained your arm.”

“But that’s not true!” Rose objects.  “It would be a lie.”

“Agreed,” my older brother says, before returning to his book.

“Well, Emma, back to you.” I sigh, looking at the empty page in front of me.

“You should say you and me like to play violin together,” Emma says, as she takes another bite of cracker.

“Mmmmm, no.  What else?”

“Yes!”  Emma declares, continuing to devour her cracker.

“Okay, Rose, are you sure you don’t have any ideas?”  I don’t give the silent treatment very well…and I happen to be very free with second chances.


“All right.  What about you, Bilbo?” I asked, feeling rather shunned.

“I think you should write about your competition!” Bilbo says.

“Then thousands of people will want to enter, and I don’t want to judge a thousand people,” my older brother says.

“You should blog about someone who burps so loud their head falls off,” Rose says, as she shuts the book she was reading.

“I don’t want to blog about any of that.  Hmm, where’s the other board members?”

“One’s asleep, and the other’s doing art,” Bilbo informs.

“Okay, next idea, Emma?” I decided to return to the one that had the best ideas so far.

“Hmm,” she deliberately thinks hard.  “What about pictures?  Maybe on a wagon?”

“We don’t have a wagon,” I remind her.

“The red wagon,” she patiently says.

“Any more ideas?” I ask, not interested.

“Maybe a post about me and Rose wrestling!” Bilbo says.

“Eh,” I shake my head.

“How about jump ‘n play?” Emma asks, as she still is working on her cracker.

“Um, any other ideas?”

“Nope,” Emma says, getting up.

“Um…” Bilbo thinks hard.

“Well, I guess I’ll just do another writing post.  What should I say in my writing post?”

“Um, I don’t know!  How about cats, and dogs, and bunnies!” Emma exclaims, sitting back down.

“Mm, okay!  That’s a good idea.”

“And hamsters,” Emma adds.  “I’ve never seen a hamster before.  Have you seen a hamster before?”



“At a friend’s house.”

“Oh, and add more small rodents, okay?”

“All right.”

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

Today I’m doing a writing post on how to write animals in your books!  It really all depends on you, and how you want your character to respond to animals.  If your animals aren’t—

“What can we do together, Amie?” Emma interrupted my typing.  “I want a hamster.  Do hamsters have teeth?”

“Yes,” my older brother says.

“Do they bite?” Emma asks with a bit of fear.

“Yes,” my older brother continues reading.

“Well, then I don’t want them!” Emma cried.–

If you’re animals aren’t mean, make them cute.  It they aren’t cute, make them mean.  Maybe add a talking animal every now and then in there to add a bit of excitement.  It might just—

“Amie, can you buy me a hamster?” Emma interrupts again.

“Uh, Mom probably won’t let us have one.”

“Oh, well, I want one.”—

It might just make your book famous.  You probably will have an easier time writing the book if you make the talking animal be funny, or snarky.  Either way, it’s all up to you.

laurels+flowers_0001_Vector Smart Object

A round of applause to my siblings who kindly were in this post as board members.  Only amazing bloggers have a board of blogging ideas. 😉

Do your siblings inspire you? Do you enjoy hanging out with your siblings?


18 thoughts on “Board of Blogging Ideas…

  1. Sam(antha) B says:

    *Applause* 👏👏👏 Yay blogging board! And Emma, you shouldn’t get a hampster. They’re NOT very nice! 😂

    Great post Amie! Y’all sound just like my siblings and I. 😊 Is you know who mad at you for calling him Bilbo?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Olivia Bell says:

    This was so funny, and I loved reading it! Siblings are so much fun. Why have I not thought of adding animals to my writing??? I need to now. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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