Sixteen is launched


And I could just laugh at the way my life is a ball of chaos. For those of you with me when Fifteen launched, you remember that the book wasn’t available on Amazon on the launch day. For this launch, I SWORE that if it was the last thing I did, I would have it up on Amazon on launch day. 

The world is laughing at me. For those of you in beautiful Australia, you should be able to buy the ebook. For the rest of you? If you want to buy the book, you’ll still have to buy it off Etsy. 

I could be mad. Or frustrated. Not only is the book NOT on Amazon, but the beautiful @ had to step down from joining our launch party tonight. But it’s okay. 

Sixteen is still out there. The launch party will still happen. I have still reached a milestone in my writing career, and it is good. 

Because I choose today to be a good and beautiful day. 

Happy Launch day, beautiful Sixteen. Touch people’s lives and create a change. 

If you want to order Sixteen today, you can do so through Etsy. If you order today through Etsy, you’ll still be able to get the pre-order goodies. (Which include some coffee, an eye shadow palette, an extra poem, and a sheet of stickers.) Hurry, though, because there’s only 12 preorder goodie packages left! 

I hope you all have a lovely May 6th, and I hope you choose for today to be good and beautiful as well. ❤


Sixteen Preorders

I have to say, I’m not on the ball when it comes to this whole book launch thing.

And I have no one to blame but myself for that. But for some reason, I don’t blame myself. I’m at a time in my life where I have lots of different plates spinning, and I’m trying to find what I’m okay with dropping, and what is a priority to me.

But, for all of you who have been following me for years and enjoy my poetry, I’m super excited to announce that Sixteen has preorders AND preorder goodies!

To be honest, Sixteen probably holds all of my favorite poems to date. They are poems I wrote to help others, to understand what on earth happens in this world. Why people treat each other the way they do, and how we should respond about it all. I love the cover, I love the whole aesthetic of the book, and I know you guys will, too.

You can go here to order Sixteen off of my Etsy.

And now for the preorder goodies! If you order the book, for the first 25 books sold, there will be a pre-order packet you can claim. The goodies include: 1 bag of medium roast coffee, 1 eyeshadow palette in purples, 1 package of stickers, and 1 extra poem.

I AM IN LOVE with these preorder goodies. They are so much nicer than Fifteen’s preorder goodies, and I mean, you guys HAVE to go snatch them up.

Click here to claim your preorder goodies.

And now for the last part of business for this post. Once again, I’m hosting a blog tour! And I’m beyond thrilled for this. If you want to help spread the good news, be one of the first people to read Sixteen, or you’re in need of something to post about, join the blog tour.

I’ve always loved blog tours, because they helped other people find out about my blog. People who wouldn’t usually learn about it. So it’s great for views, and also great to just build community.

Click here to join the Blog tour!

I can’t even begin to say how excited I am about launch week. Only two more weeks to go! 😱 Time is certainly flying for me, and I can’t wait to see this lovely little gem on your bookshelves.

All the hearts,



Normal, nonwarring

A state so profound

The nations

The creations

They utter not a sound.

Abstain and remain

The cease fire called

The antagonist

The protagonist

Cease their rounds.

Mutual harmony

Unaltered melody

The relations

The nations

They’ve all come ’round.

Freed freedom

Violated violence

Communities quaver

Public order wavers

It all falls to the ground.

And we whisper

Our hands held tight

We whimper

Asking the moon’s light

Bless us with not another round.

Peace passes

We try to catch it

It’s serenity’s sound

Stillness glistens

But it won’t stay around.

Coffee chats with Amie (e.3)

What has become of Amie, you might ask?

What a great question, considering all she does is occasionally pop onto her once lifestyle blog to barf poetry or vaguely motion to some aspect of her life. That is why it’s time for another episode of Coffee Chats with your host, Amie.

*sits down and gets comfortable* Ready for an interesting fact? I only drink coffee once a week now, so this should really be Tea Times with Amie, since I drink like, three cups of tea per day at the moment. 😂 Why have I stopped drinking so much coffee? Well, I shall start this coffee chat by talking about my health. My body is very sensitive, and even though I have tried to attribute it simply to hypochondriac tendencies, I am actually allergic to a lot of things. For example, anything grass related (i.e. wheat, buckwheat, grass, pinesol), anything dairy related (i.e. Milk, yogurt, cheese, whey), and so many other things. (Fragrances, mold, cats . . . ) But I don’t like going without things, so I struggle to keep myself away from the things that make me sick. When I was reviewing my lifestyle, I realized that if I rationed coffee, it made it easier to ration other things. So while coffee isn’t “bad” for me, I’ve put tea in it’s place.

Anyway. That was a long ramble, but it’s something that has taken me away from this blog. When you’re exhausted all the time and sick all the time, you certainly don’t feel like blogging.

The other health related thing I’ve been doing a lot is exercise. I know there’s a lot of debate on exercise, and some people just don’t enjoy it, but at the moment, my exercise is my favorite part of the day. Yes, it is very sad, but hey. It is what it is. I’ve been doing a lot of pilates and weight training at the moment. I’ve wanted to get into running but I’m waiting for my asthma to calm down a bit before I do anything crazy.

At the moment, I’m studying for the ACT, and I have now realized why people in school are always so tired. Studying takes so much mental energy from you. It’s like. . . a vacuum of the cruelest kind. But my improvement has been so encouraging to watch, so I won’t resent the time it takes to study.

Another thing that has taken my time is . . . I’m publishing another book! 😱 And I thought I had already announced it on here but oh well. 🤦‍♀️ It’s a companion poetry book to Fifteen, and yes. It’s named Sixteen. I intend to have a four book poetry set by the end of my teenage years, respectively named Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, and Eighteen. 😂

I also have continued to run my business, Painted Prose. It is now a subscription box. If you want more info, go here.

But I’m not here to talk all about my . . . . work, I guess. I’m here to ramble about my thoughts. What is going on in the head of Amie?

I will be honest, I’ve been stressed. Yesterday I had a crying fit after this week has been riddled with migraines. There’s just always so much to do, you know? And even if I don’t have to do everything, I still have to do a lot. And just thinking about what I have to do, I get stressed, because it’ll take so much mental energy, won’t it?

And then I realized something hilarious.

If I stopped stressing about how much mental energy life will take, then I’ll have more mental energy to give to life. 😂

I like to avoid pain at all costs, like average humans. But my problem is that I like to think I have high pain tolerance, to justify me skirting the painful things. My painful things hurt so much more than so-and-so’s, so I’m justified in not pushing through the pain to get the reward.

But to be truly happy in life, we have to push through the pain. Example: I love being strong. I love the high that comes after exercise. But in order to get that high, I have to push through the pain of the actual workout routine.

Like everything in life, you have to do this with balance. So if you put yourself through pain all the time, and refuse to take time to rest, you’ll be in a bit of a tight space. Which is the place I often force myself. I struggle to balance, always have. My knees used to be bloody all the time from my lack of balance.

So now it’s my soul that’s bloody and I don’t know how to practice balance.

I just know I have to try.

Enjoy your coffee, my loves.



Superstition is a baffling rhyme

Twisting the moon in it’s own time

Sheltering ignorance while wising a few

Superstition certainly has it’s own tune.

Tongues wag as times progress

Maybe they’ll all have a regress

When the night begins to howl

And their children begin to prowl.

Wolfish ears and wild desires

Superstition watches from it’s tower

As chaos descends to devour

Young and old at midnight’s hour.

Its tune is yet incomplete

Some still have it to reap.

Shake your head at this warning

Superstition is watching this morning

Waiting until the full moon

Then she’ll come for you.

Broken Lens

To be a human is to view life through a broken lens.

Amie Woleslagle

Where is your lens broken?

Where does it shift?

Does it create rainbows?

Or does it cause a cosmic shift?

Eyes made of diamonds

A prism of clouds

The lens reveals more

Than your lips allow.

Where is your lens broken?

How does it tilt

The light waves of sodom

Or the glories of Titan’s hill?

Choose to paint with light

Or dye with glass stains

Build the world with glass

Just to see it shatter away

Our lens is a home

It’s colors our tower.

Being human is to view

Life through a lens

Broken with age,

With other human’s powers.

To be human

Is to view life through a lens.

And it went like . . .


To you, my darling,

You appeared as just a year

Your presence in just ink

Tempered into something more.

To you, my darling,

You took me and made me new

You held my hand as I went through

And healed my bleeding wounds.

To you, my darling,

As you look over your shoulder

As your hazel eyes wonder when

We’ll meet once again.

To you, my darling,

I write this letter, so you will never leave

So that when I wonder where you went

I’ll have these blessed memories.

When I had no more to give

You simply let me live

When I had no more strength to stand

You stood and watched over me.

So when I say goodbye tonight

And watch the calendar change,

I’ll always remember that you showed me

Good years are a thing.


I had given up on good years when 2021 showed up last January first. I’d decided life was just one suffering battle, something to be endured, something that you just want to end. But 2021 and God showed me that life isn’t like that. That yes, there’s awful years you simply have to slug through. But there are wonderful years like 2021.

2021 Highlights

Starting Painted Prose Designs!

There’s not many things I started or did in 2021, but I’ve fallen in love with my little Etsy shop. There’s still so much to do and so much growth it’s waiting for, but I’m still really thankful and proud of every piece of hard work and love that went into it. Especially since it’s my second small business.

Which leads me to the second highlight.

Learning how to fail

This one is hard for me, as a person who hates failure, breaks, and any kind of self care. But it was time for me to learn, time for me to take time and breathe, or else I was bound to get myself in some pretty bad places. And I had a lot of opportunities on learning how to fail this year.

First off, I “failed” in a small business attempt. And I’m not even upset about it anymore. It taught me that failure is often the forerunner of success, and that hard work will never go unrewarded, even if at first glance, the reward looks like failure.

Then, in the summer, I “failed” at a law office job. It just wasn’t the right fit for me, and it was running me dry. I learned that I am not at all a desk job type of person, and if you leave me in a cold room with barely anything to do, I will sleep the day away. 😂 Quitting that job taught me that it’s okay to say no. It’s okay to not have things work out. People won’t hate you, and you certainly won’t hate yourself.

Seeing my sweet friend twice in one year.

First trip to visit her was a blast. I surprised her for her graduation, she had no idea I was coming! And that ended up being the best part of my 2021. Late Starbucks run, beach fun, amazing conversation and singing at the top of our lungs in the car. It was magical. And then this December I was able to visit her again, and it was a lovely time. ❤

My first full-time job and being promoted to manager

Taking so much of my time, it’s a good thing I love this stinker. I found a place where I belong as a barista, and now a manager. It’s like a second home, and I may or may not spend as much time or more time there than I do at home. The people I work with are amazing, and I love my customers so much. This was one of the largest and coolest blessings God gave me in 2021. To go from total isolation to being able to see people EVERY DAY? It was a dream come true, a dream I didn’t even know I had.

2021 has been a lovely year, full of healing. In 2020, I started the year with a post that stated I didn’t know who I was anymore. And while it’s true, I don’t have a detailed synopsis on myself, I do know myself now. I know who I am.

I’m Amie, a wild yet cautious being who has more ideas than time, reads more than she speaks, and yet treasures people and stories as the greatest things on earth.

I am ready for the New Year.

Are you?



“Do some fun writing.” (Helpful advice)

Don’t you know that my soul can’t handle fun

It’s off limits for my mind and it makes me undone

Trying to find the thing labeled fun.

I write because my fingers twirl

Words rotate and rotate as I swirl

The world is not real and neither am I

Unless words create my alibi.

I never had a childhood, I never knew on moment or two

Where there wasn’t the weight of something on me

A weight that I wouldn’t give up to be free

Write for fun would be sacrilege

I write to let others know I live

I write so my mind doesn’t take control

I write so that others will have the reasons to know

They aren’t alone in this universe

They aren’t unseen in the world’s many seas

Their words will echo inside my writing

Their mind resounding the ink loud and clear.

Write for fun, take a break?

My soul can’t handle the time it wastes

Let me have a pen in hand

Let me show you and make you understand

Let me become the mysterious ease

That fills your soul when you finally see

Words that echo thoughts you never heard,

Words that touch your soul on solid rock

Melting it into a piece of flesh

Something we’ll both love and grow to see

As a miracle that words breathed.

What do you do?


What do you do when you’re older than all your peers around you?

What do you do when you’re the one that isn’t seen?

What do you do when you change masks?

Always running, chasing anonymity.

Hair colors flicker, changing designs

All to hide all of the lies

That your mind believes.

What do you do when you’re too responsible for adults?

What do you do when you’re the only one with the knowledge?

What do you do when you have to change tunes

Ever playing whatever soothes the snake

Charming the haters and soothing the lost.

You’re the healer, the charm long lost

The chosen one burned by the spells that you’ve had to create.

What do you do when you’re not you anymore?

What do you do when the madness that caused sanity slipped through the cracks?

What do you do when you have no more cushion?

Only reality to remind you

That you have nothing to choose

Just life.

Life, the stage you play your part.

Life, the prison in which you fall apart.

Life, an opportunity for freedom

Life, a chance to grow your kingdom

No longer are you mad anymore

The irate withers away as you grow

Your eyes on the magic of the leaves

and for once you feel . . .



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