The way my heart stutters

A woodpecker against a tree

The way my mind resists it

A net around all three.

The way my smile blooms

Like a sunflower planted deep

The way I want to run

Even though I won’t be free.

I way I crave every moment

Chocolate burned in my memory

Yet try to shun it

As if that will make it leave.

As if to turn away and forget

Will be a solution without regret

As if I stopped looking at your face

I’d forget my heart’s frantic pace.

If I knew a moment in life

Could create such a daze

Maybe I would never

Have opened this page.

But now the words

Are written in stone

And now there’s no turning back

From this connection I know.

So I treasure

Each smile you inspire

While know full well

To be mine you never will

You’ll leave my life quite quietly

Just as you entered

An unnoticed leaf.

In the end

All I will own

Are the memories

In which you are throned.

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