I Wasn’t Wanted

baby lying on brown surface
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Adopted children sometimes wonder,

What they did wrong,

They wonder why they weren’t wanted,

And I agree with their song.


My mother didn’t want me,

 I would have caused a mess.

So she thought that I was less

And left me with the waste that was deemed hazardous.


I never even cried,

I was not wanted,

My blood was spilt on the floor

Of an abortion clinic.


My father didn’t want me,

He might not have ever known

That he had a baby

That was sacrificed to Mammon’s throne.


I never had a voice,

I never could tell

Them how much they meant

Or if I was a boy or girl.


My family didn’t want me,

The time just wasn’t right.

I wouldn’t be happy,

And so they silenced my life.


I am not the only one,

There were many more

All silently crying out to God

Who saw us on the floor.


We might not be wanted

But God knew our distress

We might not have been considered,

The same as all the rest,


But God knew who we were,

He’s given us all names,

And someday He will take action

To restore our shattered brains.


We might not have been wanted,

But we would like to say

Keep speaking up for the babies

Who might be killed today.


Stand up, and cry!

For we never had our chance.

Stand up, and speak!

Our voice was stopped before we could even eat.


Someday God will hear

The cries of our blood.

Someday God will hear

The prayers of His saints.


And then, and then!  

Oh woe to them that did it!

And then, and then!

His wrath will be on them in a minute.


I was not wanted,

My father and my mother,

They now think back to the child

And wonder what it could have been like.


I was never wanted,

But now my mother cries.

Her precious angel child

Never had life.


I never was delivered,

And now my father wonders,

Would he have had a son,

Or was it a little daughter?


I was made by God,

And given to my parents

They neglected their charge,

And now I’m in Heaven’s places.


Mother, don’t weep,

Father, don’t cry.

Stand up and be firm

And stop others from dying.


30 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Wanted

  1. Rosy Marr says:

    Oh wow. This just made me cry. 😭😭😭😭😭 It’s just so sad and unbelievable that people could do that! 😭😭 But it’s also comforting to remember that God WILL REMEMBER all those sweet little baby children. Thanks for posting.

    Liked by 6 people

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