Announcement + Fifteen Sale! 🎉

I hope you’re finding amazing Black Friday sales in the midst of today through Monday. I know I’m staring at pairs of boots and wishing to see them appear on my feet at the moment. Also, so many books on sale. 🥺

But that’s besides the point. Today I have three things to tell you. Firstly . . .

I am so excited about these adorable little goodie bags. They include one (1) hand lettered card, one (1) vinyl sticker, one (1) scrunchie, one (1) Literary Treasure keychain of Fifteen, and lastly, one (1) handmade felt plush creature of your choosing.  We have twelve different scrunchie designs, and so many plush animals, so go take your pick! (I personal love the lace scrunchies and the unicorn plush)

I know a lot of you did get the pre-order goodies, but if you missed out on pre-order goodies, or you have Fifteen on your wishlist, or you are apart of a secret Santa, or even if you just want it for yourself, now you can get them! 

I’m so in love with these goodie bags, and I hope you are too! They’re $6.99 (though keep checking them. I hear from a little birdie there will be some flash sales in the future . . . ) and you can order them through the button below. On to the next announcement!

Now to the next announcement! 

☕️ Espresso Notes: your daily dose of mental caffeine ☕

Not many people know something about Fifteen. Each and every poem comes with a paragraph explaining my thoughts behind it in a (if I do say so myself) Pinterest worthy quote style. All throughout December, I’ll be sending you those quotes, and short letters from me, to encourage you through the last month of 2020.

I know 2020 has been hard for everyone, and so this is just one more pick me up through the holiday season. Each day you’ll get a free printable, and on December 31, you’ll have 31 printable that you can print out and hang along your wall, or put on your mirror to remind yourself of all the things you learned.

You’ll also get all of the news for flash sales on both the stocking stuffers and Fifteen, as well as being told about other fun events going on. You can sign up for your cup of espresso below.

Lastly, but not leastly, Fifteen is 99 cents on Kindle today through Monday, so go snag yourself a copy. I’d love to hear if you do, so reply to this email or DM me over Instagram. I would love to hear about your favorite poems, or what stood out to you.  ❤

Have an awesome day!


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