Luis Spiderweb

‘Hi!  I’m Luis, the Garden Spider.  I am bored, since no prey has come to my web since two days ago.  But thankfully, I am not hungry.  I’m writing this so someone somewhere knows about my life.

I live in this nice garden with my two siblings next door.  George, the oldest is fixing his web now.  Oh, about all that human nonsense about us writing love letters in our webs, why, it’s preposterous!  We just like a little decoration.  Can’t humans realize that?  All right, enough talk about humans.

My sister, Matilda, lives next door as well.  She is a cranky old spider that doesn’t like chatter.  I can’t help it if sometimes I get lonely and must talk.   I even talk to my prey before I kill it, but George tells me that is inhuman.  I assume it is but it keeps me updated with the world.

I enjoy visiting the Orb spiders, they are nice, quiet spiders.  Their webs are bigger then ours but they do not like decorations.  They keep there web simple.  The spiky spiders, or known as Spiny-back Orb Weavers, are contentious neighbors.  They eat your webs when you have a disagreement.  Poor Alvin, one of my other brothers, had to move for that reason.

Another danger for spiders are interested giants, A.K.A, humans.  They think yellow banana spiders (as the insult us by calling us that!) are some of the coolest spiders out there.  But there are those humans who scream like a cat in heat when they come near us.  The saying, ‘they’re more scared of you then you are of them’ are obviously not true for these people.

I think I see a moth coming.  George will probably get it but I must put this paper away.  Maybe someone will publish it and I’ll be famous.  Scratch that thought.  This print is too small for human eyes.  Anyway, I’ll throw this to the wind and see where it takes it.–Luis Spiderweb’

Luis threw the piece of paper and watched it dance away with his eight eyes.

Later that day, a girl skipped over the lawn to get the mail.  On her return trip she knelt to grab a piece of paper.  “Littering!” she grumbled but she paused as she read this remarkable story on the soiled piece of paper.  She smiled as she hurried inside to read it to her siblings.

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