I Was Wondering…

Hello, folks!  I have so much to ask you, that I’m a bit overwhelmed.  Honestly, it’s awesome to be a blogger and writer, but when you have so many ideas, it can get overwhelming.  First up is an announcement and a cry for help, LOL!

I’ve been an editor for this magazine for quite a while now, and I finally created a website for it.  ALSO, it has a blog that is for people who want writing help.  My writer friends and I have banded together to give you helpful articles once a week.

And so?  It’s time for a blog tour for Christ’s Ready Writers. I love blog tours, they’re so much fun!  So, sign up below!

Sign Up Here!

And then I have two surveys I want people to answer.  One’s about my blog, and you take that one here.

The other one is about what you would buy from an Etsy shop, which you can take here.

Thanks so much!  ❤


7 thoughts on “I Was Wondering…

  1. kassieangle says:

    Woohoo! I signed up for that Saturday. 😉 This month is crazy busy and we’re on an opposite time zone for a bit *wink* but I REALLY want to do this, so bear with me!! Can’t wait for the blog tour!!

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